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									Latest Dam Safety News, April 2011

Dams, levees in the East and Midwest strained by widespread flooding; Iowa property owners
expected to appeal FEMA's denial of funds to rebuild Lake Delhi Dam; more...

National News

Water infrastructure budgets to see massive cuts in 2012. 4/4/2011, Homeland Security Newswire
Next year water infrastructure projects and programs are expected to see massive budget cuts as
President Obama has proposed slashing infrastructure spending at the EPA and USACE. The Corps will
lose almost $1 billion, primarily from reductions in water infrastructure programs. States worry that
cuts will make it difficult to fund future infrastructure upgrades, and reports have shown that the US
faces a $500 billion shortfall for water infrastructure funding over the next twenty years.

Leaky Missouri levee highlights national problem, AP, 4//27/2011
A 2009 USACE survey identified 114 levees in 16 states that were "unacceptable for operations and
maintenance. The US is home to nearly 100,000 miles' worth of private levees. Congress passed the
National Levee Safety Act in 2007 and directed the Corps of Engineers to account for all private
levees, but no money was provided for the task.

State-by-State News

State to drain Sweet Pond. 3/30/2011, Brattleboro Reformer
State forestry officials have laid out plans to drain a Guilford pond after the site's dam was deemed a
potential hazard. The department has not arrived at an answer as to whether it should be removed or
replaced. Officials with the state's Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation, which owns the dam,
will begin draining the pond soon. Parks representatives have already begun the process of seeking
potential funding. According to the DSS Facilities Engineering Division, recent projects ranged from
$30,000 to $50,000 for the actual deconstruction.

Property owners to fund spillway. 3/28/2011, Northern Virginia Daily
Officials estimate construction of spillway at appx. $8 million to be paid for by property taxes. The
Lake Holiday Sanitary District was established in 2009 in order to borrow money to pay for the

Elwha River dam removal project cost estimate shrinks. 3/22/2011, Peninsula Daily News
National Park Service reduces cost estimate for removing 108-foot Elwha Dam and 210-foot Glines
Canyon Dam from $351 million to $324.7 million. Authorized by Congress in 1992, the 3-year removal
project will begin in September.

[Dam removal bill, others] scheduled for Wednesday legislative hearing. 3/29/2011, Milwaukee
Journal Sentinel (blog)
Several conservation-related bills were introduced and will have their first public hearings Wednesday
at the Capitol, conducted by the Committee on Natural Resources. Included is a hearing for AB43
related to removal of abandoned dams, which "would require the DNR to consider the results dam
removal will have on the safety, health, and welfare of the persons who will be affected by the

Tempe Town Lake pedestrian bridge taking shape; Span will shade dam's west-end rubber bladders.
4/21/2011, Arizona Republic
New $5.1 million bridge will provide shade and a sprinkler system to help prevent deterioration of the
dam's rubber bladders, temporary replacements for those that collapsed in July 2010. A permanent
replacement option for the dam has not yet been selected.

Bethel Island leaders worry about condition of levee as money runs dry. 4/2/2011, San Jose Mercury
Appx. 2400 ft of the Bethel Island levee, the only protection the Delta island has from flooding, is
either 8 ft tall or only 12 ft wide at the top. CA requires levees to be 11.2 ft above sea level and 16 ft
wide at the crown. The managing district in charge of the levee will most likely try a second time to
persuade voters to approve a parcel tax to repair it. Measure X, which failed earlier, called for an
annual tax of $252.29 on every parcel except those that are located completely underwater. Of Bethel
Island's 1822 parcels, 222 would have been exempt.

L.A. County seeks $20 million for dam improvements . 4/3/2011, San Gabriel Valley Tribune
Flood control and seismic improvements for Santa Anita Debris Dam estimated to cost $40 million.
Project includes construction of a new riser structure to withstand quakes and maximum flooding, and
enlargement of spreading grounds to improve capacity and recapture water.

Three local dams under state restrictions. 4/4/2011, San Diego Union Tribune
State imposes capacity restrictions on Lake Wohlford, Lake Cuyamaca and a drainage basin in San
Marcos (dam 854 or South Lake), all determined seismically deficient. Lake Wohlford dam may be
rebuilt within next few years; estimated cost: $20 to $25M. Another 50 of 1250 state-regulated dams
operate under restrictions.

Capturing river water with dams in California faces problems. 4/8/2011, ScrippsNews
The price of water from new dams carries much of the burden to repay construction cost, as critics
fear water will be prohibitively expensive. This is the concern with two large projects: Temperance Flat
on the San Joaquin River; and raising Shasta Dam ($ 1 billion) on the Sacramento River. There are
however, exceptions such as Vaqueros Dam ($118 million), a project funded by ratepayers.

More money sought for San Clemente Dam removal. 4/18/2011, Monterey County Herald
California Coastal Conservancy and Wildlife Conservation Board will soon consider approval of funds
for San Clemente Dam Removal project. Estimated cost for dam removal and river rerouting is $84
million. Construction is expected to be complete in 2016. Objectives: public safety and river/habitat

Success Dam safety questioned. 4/20/2011, Recorder Online
USACE continues limiting storage of Success Lake, built to hold 82,000 AF, at 40,000 AF.

Corps issues situation report on dam. 4/27/2011, [USACE Press Release]
A baseline risk analysis for Lake Isabella Dam was completed in March and the final report is being
produced. The Kern Canyon Fault, which underlies the dam, was previously thought to be inactive but
scientists now say the fault is capable of triggering strong quakes with magnitudes of 6 or even 7.
Updates: www.spk.usace.army.mil/projects/civil/Lake_Isabella_Dam/Index.html.

Water levels at leaking Antero Reservoir to be drawn down. 4/22/2011, Denver Post
Water in the Antero Reservoir will be reduced by 2 ft beginning the first week of May to reduce water
pressure and seepage and ensure the dam does not pose a safety risk to area to others. The release
of water will take 4-5 weeks.

Stonington dam owners part of a trend. 4/11/2011, TheDay.com - New London
Owners in Stonington will remove a dam on their property with the help of state, local and national
groups that work on river and wildlife restoration projects. According to American Rivers, more than
450 dams have been taken down nationwide since 1999, including 60 in 2010. As dam removals
continue, the focus has shifted from environmental restoration to public safety. Other dams
mentioned: Avalonia, Kennebec River, Rutan dam, Penobscot River, Eightmile River, East Haddam,
Zemko dam, Lower Shannock Falls dam, Naugatuck River, Moosup River.

Repairs to cracking water reservoir could top $140 million. 4/18/2011, Tampa Tribune
Proposed costs to fix cracks in the layer of soil cement covering sides and bottom of 15-billion-gallon
reservoir range from $120 million to $170 million. Tampa Bay Water is pursuing a lawsuit against the
designer and contractor to recover some repair costs.

Funding for dams and reservoirs should be restored. 4/24/2011, Honolulu Star-Advertiser
Opinion piece calling for the restoration of $1 million to the state's budget representing inspection and
oversight of dams and reservoirs by the vice president and gov't affairs chairman of the Hawaii Farm

Idaho: Dam Safety. 4/15/2011, Boise State Public Radio
A radio broadcast interview with John Falk, head of Idaho's dam safety program. Falk, who is part of a
team working on Idaho's infrastructure report card, discusses safety of state and federally regulated
dams in Idaho. The broadcast includes an news audio clip recorded during the 1976 Teton dam failure.
RT: 6:25.

Fort Wayne officials take step toward dam repairs. 4/4/2011, FOX19 - Cincinnati
Fort Wayne is moving ahead with repairs on St. Joseph River Dam, which provides water for drinking
and fire protection. City utilities officials will seek bids for its concrete repair, deteriorated by recent
flooding. Estimated cost: $2.5 million, with $2 million coming from a federal grant and the rest from
city utilities.

Plans Change for Levee Fix. 4/8/2011, WTHI - Terre Haute
Last month's Bennington Levee break sent the White River flowing over 8,000 acres of farm ground.
The county has been unable to get any federal or state assistance to fix it; officials say county's $1.4
million "rainy day fund" will be enough to fix Bennington Levee and another break along the Prairie
Creek Levee, but not to cover an additional $1-million for temporary repairs that would allow farmers
to plant this year's crops.

Floods force evacuations in Indiana, Kentucky and Missouri. 4/22/2011, WTHI - Terre Haute
Water rolls in through a break in the Bennington Levee that the county has been unable to get
repaired. Officials say the break in the southern part of the levee should serve as a relief valve and
limit the amount of flooding upstream. The river is expected to run a foot and half higher than it did
when the levee gave way last month and officials here have already given warning to the people in the

Sensors monitor flood threats. 4/5/2011, WCF Courier
Sensors developed by the Iowa Flood Center use sonar to measure the distance from a bridge to the
surface of a body of water running beneath. The sensors, installed on 50 Iowa bridges in a joint
project between the Center and the Iowa DNR, send reports every 15 minutes to a database at the
center's headquarters on the University of Iowa campus. The sensors supply more limited data than
those overseen by USGS, but at $3500 apiece (plus a $30 monthly cell phone charge) are less
expensive and require almost no maintenance.

FEMA decision on flood recovery aid for Lake Delhi property owners is still months away. 4/11/2011,
Daily Reporter
Residents to appeal FEMA's denial of funding for rebuilding Lake Delhi dam, which failed in July 2010.
More than $800,000 has been raised locally for the project, estimated to cost as much as $24 million.

Delaware County Dispatch Honored for Lake Delhi Emergency. 4/24/2011, KCRG-TV
Delaware County Communications Center recognized as team communicator of the year by Iowa
chapter of the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials for its handling of the emergency
caused by the breach of the Lake Delhi dam on July 24, 2010. Dispatchers coordinated more than 20
boat rescues and went door to door alerting downstream residents of danger.

Wilson dam to get more study . 4/10/2011, Hays Daily News
USACE assures public that they are closely monitoring Wilson Lake dam. Some concerns stem from
1993 when record high levels in the lake caused higher than expected seepage rates.

Engineers assessing dam in danger of failing . 4/26/2011, WKYT - Lexington
Engineers assessing Lake Jericho dam; emergency officials to decide whether to continue evacuations.

Henry Co. Evacuations Due To Possible Dam Failure. 4/26/2011, WLEX - Lexington
Residents of Sulpher in Henry County evacuated after erosion and cracks found on Lake Jericho dam.

NWS reports initial failure of Lake Jericho dam. 4/26/2011, WAVE - Louisville
NWS reported Lake Jericho dam was in the initial stages of breaching at 6:16 a.m on April 26, about
12 hours after residents of Sulphur were urged to evacuate.

Henry County officials end evacuation after dam inspected. 4/26/2011, The Desert Sun- Palm Springs
State inspection determines large area of erosion confined to dam's surface. Residents of Sulphur,
located a few miles downstream of the 137-acre lake, return home.

Funding sought for dam work . 4/21/2011, The Republican
Report commissioned by Belchertown Land Trust and produced by the Pioneer Valley Planning
Commission lists potential grants for demolition of the Upper Bondsville Dam and strategies for
combining different funding sources for its repair and maintenance. The state has ordered the land
trust to either remove or repair and maintain the dam. Estimated cost of either option: about

Danvers shores up Mill Pond Dam . 4/23/2011, The Salem News
Danvers is making appx. $350,000 in improvements to Mill Pond Dam, which was damaged during the
2006 Mother's Day floods. The project involves stabilizing the embankment with large boulders and
riprap, rebuilding the sluiceway, and sidewalk and guardrail work. Work should be completed in June.

Pigeon River dam removal plan sparks controversy. 4/15/2011, Petoskey News-Review
State taking public comment on permit application to draw down impoundment where a fish kill
occurred in 2008 following a sudden sediment-laden release. If granted, the permit would allow
permanent drawdown of the impoundment by 12 ft; dredging and disposal of dredged materials on
site; and removal of dam’s spillway gates, powerhouse turbine, and equipment.

Letter - Stupid politics creates needless crisis. 4/20/2011, Alexandria Echo Press
Letter says lack of funding for infrastructure repairs, including nation's 4400 deficient dams, due to
"needless greed"; calls for increasing tax rates of wealthiest American.

Levees can't hold back the years. 4/21/2011, Minneapolis Star Tribune
Temporary levees from flooding in 1960s remain the primary line of defense against floods in
communities across Minnesota. New Montevideo levee would cost $3 million, which city cannot afford.
Legislature considering whether to approve between $30 million and $50 million for flood mitigation
this year.

Levee Board forced to cut $1 million from budget. 4/20/2011, Clarksdale Press Register
National economic downturn and sharp decline in tourism revenue force the Yazoo Mississippi Delta
Levee Board to cut its budget by $1 million by laying off 15 employees.The Board President also told
members not to anticipate any federal funding for flood control efforts for at least the next 2 years.

Floods force evacuations in Indiana, Kentucky and Missouri. 4/25/2011, Reuters
NWS warns of the imminent failure of a levee on the Black River in southeast Missouri, prompting a
mandatory evacuation. If the levee breaks, parts of Poplar Bluff will be inundated by water.

Missouri's Black River levee fails. Where floodwaters could hit next.. 4/26/2011, Christian Science
Fifteen inches of rain in four days causes levee failures at Poplar Bluff, MO.

Table Rock dam safe; 165 closed for repair. 4/27/2011, Springfield News-Leader
MO 165 across Table Rock Dam closed after 40'-wide mudslide occurs on dam's earthen portion;
USACE has determined that the slide was surficiall and is not increasing releases from the dam.

Repairs almost complete on Madison River dam damaged by bus-sized boulder. 4/5/2011, KBZK
Bozeman News
New gates and supporting structure in place at dam damaged last Oct. when a bus-sized boulder split
off of the nearby cliff and fell on the dam, causing water levels to drop quickly. PPL has stabilized the
cliff face above the dam. PPL declined to quote a cost for the repairs but called the project significant.

Rock Bottom: A first-hand look into the depths of Crow Dam's problems . 4/18/2011, Polson Lake
County Leader
Reporter experiences rehab of Crow Dam first-hand. Engineers work to repair gates before funding
runs out, but find more damage than expected. The cost for a complete gate replacement is in the $1-
2 million range, but limited budget may force BIA to repair lower gate only.

New Jersey
Lake Solitude Dam repairs in High Bridge might start soon . 3/31/2011, Hunterdon County Democrat
Construction company will likely be selected to repair and strengthen Lake Solitude Dam on April 14.
The borough is under order from the state Bureau of Dam Safety to improve the dam or breach it.
Last year, it accepted a $5.6 million state loan, with a 2% interest rate, to repair the dam. Work is
expected to begin in April or May.

Repairs to begin in May on Solitude Dam in High Bridge. 4/22/2011, Hunterdon County Democrat
Contractor hired to repair Lake Solitude Dam; work expected to begin in May. The state ordered the
dam breached or repaired several years ago; High Bridge Borough Council accepted a $5.6 million
state loan (2% interest) to repair the dam, but expected to use only about $3.6 million.

New Mexico
Break in levee buries Peralta neighborhoods in mud . 4/4/2011, KOB - Albuquerque
Residents reported up to 7 in of water in some areas after April 4 levee break. Conservancy district
workers spent hours repairing the break in the levee, pumping water from roads, and clearing mud.

New York
After pond emptied into Loughberry Lake, turbidy spiked and city water treatment plant performed
'like a champ'. 4/29/2011, Saratogian
Lewiston Pond dam failed in the early hours of April 27, sending huge volume of sediment into
Loughberry Lake. Water quality was unimpacted and no homes were damaged. Ownership of the dam,
part of an old railroad bed, not immediately known.

North Carolina
High water takes toll on small North Dakota dams. 4/20/2011, (AP)
Incidents at Burlington Dam No. 1 and Clausen Springs dams highlight dam safety challenges in ND.
State Water Commission general water management budget of $26 million funds up to 50% of
projects recommended by state Water Coalition, which represents about 30 groups.
Dam could fail in Moore County. 4/25/2011, ABC11 - Raleigh-Durham
Local officials report that a 10-12 ft wide breach has developed along the spillway pipe and failure at
Carolina Lake Dam is imminent. Areas affected will be primarily forest land south and east of the dam.

Flood Warning Issued For NC Dam Breach Canceled. 4/29/2011, (AP)
Flash flood warning for area around Carolina Lake dam, where a 10- to 2-ft wide breach had
developed along a spillway pipe.

North Dakota
Emergency repairs completed at damaged Clausen Springs Dam in southeast North Dakota. 4/1/2011,
The Republic - Columbus
Emergency repairs have been completed at Clausen Springs Dam's eroded spillway to protect against
spring flooding. Excavating Inc. of Fargo was awarded the $150,000 emergency contract. First phase
of $1.8 million renovation was slated to have been completed months ago but underground springs
reportedly delayed work. Rock placed as emergency measure will have to be removed before
permanent work resumes. Town of Kathryn's 55 residents evacuated when spillway began to erode in
April 2009.

Dam safety in North Dakota. 4/13/2011, KFYR-TV
Most ND dams are not high risk; public can help monitor dam safety by reporting issues to emergency

Troubled dam still threatens North Dakota town. 4/14/2011, (AP)
Residents of about 30 homes in Burlington advised to evacuate when NWS issues flash flood watch,
saying that failure of 1930s-era Burlington Dam No. 1 could lead to a 3' rise in the Des Lacs River.

Second Line of Defense. 4/17/2011, Valley News Live
Sheyenne River less than an inch from record stage; Valley City residents piling sandbage on levees
and USACE increasing releases from Baldhill Dam.

High water takes toll on small North Dakota dams. 4/20/2011, BusinessWeek
The near-failure of Burlington Dam No. 1 has put the focus on similar structures elsewhere, many
likely needing repair after another wet spring. The county may apply for financial help from the state
Water Commission, which funds up to 50% of projects, but it is not clear how much total repairs will
cost. The Commission has a general water management budget of $26 million to deal with projects
like this. Other dams mentioned: Clausen Springs, Absaraka and LaMoure.

Portage Lakes’ West Reservoir Dam slated for repairs. 4/5/2011, Suburbanite
ODNR plans to rehabilitate Portage Lakes State Park’s West Reservoir dam and spillway as part of an
ongoing capital improvement program to ensure that the dams and associated structures are safe.
The dam will be armored with a concrete structure, and the existing spillways will be replaced along
with a pedestrian bridge. Work is scheduled to be completed June 2012.

Plans for West Reservoir dam repair work change. 4/22/2011, Akron Leader
ODNR rehabilitating 1840s-era dam that has deteriorating concrete spillway, sluice gates and
operators, and inadequate shoreline erosion protection. Use of a hydraulic pile driver will allow existing
water levels to remain longer than previously thought. Planned improvements include reinforcing the
dam with a concrete shell covered with soil and planted in grass, construction of a new concrete
spillway, and replacement of the pedestrian bridge on the dam's crest. NatureWorks grant funds will
help pay project costs, previously estimated at $2.3 to $2.5 million and now being revised due to
changed plans. Expected completion date: August 2012.

Zoar: Fixing the levee to save the village. 4/23/2011, WKYC-TV - Cleveland
ACE is looking at options to fix the historic Zoar levee. During 2008 flooding, $2 million in emergency
repairs were made to relieve pressure, but since then the levee has worsened. As part of a levee
modification study, Corps employees will be available every Tuesday through the end of May for

Repairs under way on dam spillway gates. 4/17/2011, The Register-Guard- Eugene
USACE has produced and posted videos online to explain repairs to Willamette Valley dams. The
videos explain how the dams and the spillway gates work, what prompted the need for the repairs,
the work that’s been completed, what remains to be done, and what people can do to stay updated
about water flows. While some gates and their systems have been repaired, the rest of the work is on
hold due to lack of funds; total estimated at $100m to $150m. Also included is a list of local USACE
dams and gate repairs completed by the agency.

If disaster should strike. 4/17/2011, The Register-Guard- Eugene
USACE allows limited public access to inundation maps that show where flooding would result from a
worst-case failure of Hills Creek, Lookout Point and Dexter dams on the Willamette River.

Ryerson park dam still shifting. 4/19/2011, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
PA DEP withdraws November 2010 order requiring Consol Energy to repair Ryerson Station State Park
Dam and restore Duke Lake after study shows earth is still shifting. Consol conducted longwall mining
near the dam from late 2004 through 2006. After cracks appeared in the 50-year-old concrete dam in
2005, the state breached it and drained 62-acre Duke Lake. The DCNR filed a civil lawsuit against
Consol in 2008, alleging that mining caused the damage. Cost of repairs to dam, lake, and park
estimated at $58 million.

South Carolina
Report finds dams poorly regulated in SC. 4/1/2011, The Herald - Rock Hill
Threat of failure from a 51-year-old high-hazard-potential Irmo dam has focused attention on dam
safety. South Carolina has a $200,000 dam safety budget and only 1 full-time employee and 2 part-
time staffers devoted to regulating 2,300 dams. Other dams mentioned: Saxe-Gotha Mill Pond,
Whitehall neighborhood (2), Harbison community (2), Summit neighborhood (2), Lake Katherine,
Forest Lake.

Invest in dam safety to protect people, property. 4/3/2011, The State
Guest editorial urges support for strengthening state dam safety program.

SC Dams Regulated By DHEC Could Be Inspected More Often...With More Funding. 4/29/2011, WSPA-
SC Department of Environmental Control strapped for money and only has one full time staffer who
inspects state's dams.

Seismic upgrades to improve dam safety in Utah. 4/2/2011, Deseret News
Seismic upgrades have been made to Deer Creek, Pineview (reinforced with earthen berm) and to
spillways at Hyrum and Scofield reservoirs. Soil sampling underway at Echo and Willard Bay
reservoirs; 46-year-old, 14.5-mile-long AV Watkins Dam on priority list for seismic evaluation.

Who is monitoring Utah's levees and canals?. 4/20/2011, KSL-TV- Salt Lake City
Cleanup continues in Plain City from a levee break on April 19. There is currently no state agency that
regulates levees and canals in Utah, even though Utah Sen. Gene Davis tried to introduce a bill last
year that would have allowed Utah to inspect canals and levees.

Town wants state of Vermont to rebuild dam to save pond. 4/13/2011, (AP)
State officials say immediate removal of Sweet Pond dam necessary to ensure public safety. Local
officials want the state to rebuild the 89-year-old former mill dam, which impounds an 18-acre pond
that provides the focal point for Sweet Pond State Park and supplies water for the local fire
Guilford rallies to save pond. 4/22/2011, Brattleboro Reformer
State officials begin to draw down Sweet Pond in Guilford; town conservation commission and
residents explore options to replace the failing high hazard dam, which could slide off bedrock in a
flood. No recommendations at state level have been made; citizens hope to restore pond after dam is
removed within 2 years.

National dam safety group urges Va. lawmakers to deny gov's amendment on farm dam oversight.
4/4/2011, (AP)
ASDSO opposed to governor's amendment that could exempt 97% of Virginia dams from regulation.

Sultan lake empty because of dam leak. 4/23/2011, HeraldNet- Everett
Lake 16, which provides 95% of Sultan's water, is empty. Workers discovered there was a leak at the
bottom of the Sultan dam when they found mud coming out of the main water pipe. To keep water
flowing to the city's taps, Sultan is getting water from nearby Everett.

The great Sultan dam leak. 4/25/2011, Sky Valley Chronicle
After leak in Sultan dam depletes local reservoir, city turns to Spada Lake Reservoir for water supply.
Spada Reservoir is impounded by Culmbak dam, a 25-year-old compacted earthfill embankment
located 16 miles and 1250 feet above Sultan. Computer models that that if Culmbak were to fail, a 45
ft wall of water and debris would inundate Sultan within one hour. The adequacy of the current
warning system appears to be questionable.

International News

Cambodia (Also included: Laos, Myanmar, Thailand & Vietnam)
Activists fight to stop dam across Mekong. 4/8/2011, AP
A plan for the first dam across the Mekong River (Xayaburi dam) has set off a major environmental
battle in Southeast Asia. Construction would lead to the resettlement of up 2,100 villagers and impact
tens of thousands of others. Estimated cost $3.5 billion.

China (Also included: Japan)
Lawrence Solomon: Dams are worse. 4/2/2011, Energy Probe
Executive director of Energy Probe claims the most dangerous source of electricity belongs to major
hydroelectric dams (not nuclear power), mentioning the catastrophic failures of the Banqiao and
Shimantan dams in '75. While deaths from nuclear accidents are rare, those from dams are not. Italy
lost 2000 people in a '63 dam failure, France 400 in '59. The Chinese government claims 40% of its
dams are at risk. If the Three Gorges dam failed, the tsunami created could precipitate the world’s
largest man-made disaster, with a death toll in the millions.

Laos (Also included: Thailand & Cambodia)
Southeast Asian Nations to Discuss Laos Dam. 4/18/2011, Wall Street Journal
Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos are expected to meet in Vientiane to debate and possibly
decide whether Laos should proceed with the $3.5 billion Xayaburi dam. Laos hopes to use revenue to
drive economic growth in one of the world's least-developed countries. Environmentalists and some
government officials say the project will damage downstream fishing areas—a major worry given the
rising anxiety over food security in Asia—and force some residents to abandon river communities. It
could also set a precedent for further development on the Mekong. Other dams mentioned: Nam
Theun 2 (Laos).

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka dam safety confab gets Dutch expertise. 4/4/2011, Lanka Business Online
Dutch expert will lead forum on disaster risk organized by LirneAsia, a regional policy research body
that has been active on improving dam safety policies in Sri Lanka, which has 12,000 small dams and
350 medium and large dams. LirneAsia says more needs to be done in funding dam maintenance and
safety. Authority over dams is highly diffuse with multiple ministries and entities having responsibility
for dams in the same river system. In 1986, a large dam in Kantale was breached costing 176 lives.
Options to manage risk include making inundation maps public and using insurance. In Holland
climate change is also being factored into Dutch policy.

Twenty five years after Kantale: Have we learned?. 4/6/2011, Daily Mirror
Kantale dam breached in April 1986, costing 176 lives, $590,000 in relief, and almost $1.7 million in
repairs. Sri Lanka has 12,000 small dams and 350 medium and large dams. Of these, 200+ small
dams breached in the successive floods of 2011 and greater tragedies were avoided by emergency
action on larger dams. On April 27th, an expert on dam safety policies in the Netherlands, Dr Aad
Correlje, will lead discussion at the 2nd LIRNEasia Annual Disaster Risk Reduction Lecture and
Response Session.

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