Key to Attain Sound Outsourced Engineering Services

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					                  Key to Attain Sound Outsourced Engineering Services

In this highly volatile market, enterprises that are capable of combining outsourced engineering services
along with their own internal capacities are the ones that make the most profit. Organizations all over
the world are presently facing the need to speed up their respective engineering capacities to keep up
with the ever-increasing consumer demand for various products such as computers, smart phones,
hybrid cars and many others. It is estimated that organizations spend approximately between 4 to 10
percent of their revenue on engineering.

The engineering departments of several enterprises in majority of industries, like aerospace, automotive
mobile communications and industrial equipments are experiencing a growing pressure to design,
launch and manufacture new products in a short time. Apart from this limited product lifecycle, lack of
experienced staff and need to deliver the product in the market fast are also putting a strain on the
existing engineering processes, and the resources.

As a result, for decades there has been a wide range engineering support services that are being
outsourced. Majority of these outsourced assignments deals within near-shore or on-shore
vendors/partners. Offshore outsourcing is a new development that has taken place in the recent times.
Further, on this, only small sections of services are being outsourced offshore.

Today, this segment has evolved with numerous organizations waking up to the various engineering
services and practices that can be outsourced. Some of them are as follows:-

        Engineering Services Outsourcing
        Electrical & Electronics Engineering
        Product Lifecycle & Data Management
        Prototyping, Advanced Simulations, Styling & Testing
        Enterprise Asset Management & Plant Automation
        Development Engineering & Embedded Design
        Mechanical, Design, & Manufacturing Engineering

However, the present situation is slightly complicated as there is a need to combine outsourced
engineering services with other domains such as warranty management, procurement, and supply chain
management for greater efficiency in the market place. As the end users and consumers expectations
for better products grow, the situation will become more and more challenging. Global engineering
service providers are using innovative technology in their processes keeping these reasons in mind.

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