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									                                        Teen Time - Main Features
                                     (September 2005 - August 2006)

               3-Jul-06    Teen Time Hot Picks: Hot Picks introduces the movie "She's the Man" and the book "Can you keep a
               4-Jul-06    Young Volunteer: Teen Time Reporter chats with a young volunteer who talks about different sorts of
                           volunteering services in Hong Kong.
               5-Jul-06    Lenny Kravitz: Artist Profile traces the career of Lenny Kravitz.
               6-Jul-o6    Legislative Sophie Leung: Ms Leung talks about `Entrepreneur Spirit' and encourages young people to
                           make miracles.
               7-Jul-06    Hairstyle: StyleFyle talks about the latest trends in hairstyle for this summer.
              10-Jul-06    Teen Time Hot Picks: The sound track of " Grease" and the book "Letters to Young Artists" are
              11-Jul-06    Celebrities and Babies: Artist Profile talks about Celebrities and Babies.
              12-Jul-06    Paulo Mattioli: Teen Time Reporter has a chat with Paulo Mattioli, the creator and facilitator of Fit
              13-Jul-06    Nelly Furtado: A CD review of Nelly Furtado's latest album.
              14-Jul-06    Public Speaking: Robert Timkow, publisher of The Alternative, talks about the ins and outs of public
              17-Jul-06    Teen Time Hot Picks: Hot Picks introduces the movie "Cars" and the book "Piratology".
              18-Jul-06    Golf Tournament: Around Town interviews the three teen organizers of St James' Cup Charity Golf
              19-Jul-06    Marc Anthony: Artist Profile traces the career of Marc Anthony.
              20-Jul-06    Fatboy Slim: Fatboy Slim's greatest hit album is reviewed.
              21-Jul-06    Sunblock: StyleFyle tells more about sunblock for beaches.
              24-Jul-06    Teen Time Hot Picks: Hot Picks introduces the movie `Superman Return'.
              25-Jul-06    The Phantom of the Opera: `Backstage' interviews the casts of the Phantom of the Opera, which is
                           currently being staged in Hong Kong.
              26-Jul-06    Business Orientation Programme: The Programme features four university students from top schools in
                           China, Macau, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
              27-Jul-06    Dixie Chicks: A CD review on the latest album of Dixie Chicks.
              28-Jul-06    Starting up a Magazine: Teen Time Reporter finds out the workings behind starting up a magazine
                           from the Editor of SEE Magazine.
              31-Jul-06    Teen Time Hot Picks: Hot Picks introduces the movie "Monster House" and the book "Frogs and
                           French Kisses".
              1-Aug-06     Skincare: An interview with the manager of Paua group of Spas to learn more about skincare against
              3-Aug-06     Daniel Powter: A review of Daniel Powter's eponymous CD.
              4-Aug-06     Chinese medicine: Student reporter interviews the manager of an oversea Chinese medicine factory.

              7-Aug-06  Teen Time Hot Picks checks out the movie Pirates of the Carribean - Dead Man's Chest , the DVD
                        Michael Flatley's Celtic Tiger , a T-shirt with a sound-sensitive graphic equalizer stitched to the front
                        and the book Mid Summer's Night Dream (By William Shakespeare).
              8-Aug-06 A young Hong Kong violinist: Wilson Chan was asked to play at the Queen's birthday party in the
                        United Kingdom.
              9-Aug-06 U14 Youth Representative Football Team: Three 14-year-old teenagers talk about the success story in
                        football and their trip to Germany.
              10-Aug-06 Information for HKCEE candidates: The presenter provides useful information for HKCEE candidates.

              11-Aug-06 Air Cadet Exchange Programme: Teen Time reporter interviews 7 students from different countries
                        who come to Hong Kong for the Air Cadet Exchange Programme.
              14-Aug-06 Teen Time Hot Picks: Hot Picks introduces the film As it is in Heaven , the book Only in Heaven and
                        DVD Shaggy Dog.
              15-Aug-06 Teresa Carpio: Around Town meets up with Teresa Carpio, the talented singing guru.
              16-Aug-06 Backstage features Cee Lo and Danger Mouse from Gnarls Barkley talking about their no.1 smash
                        "Crazy" and the music from their "St Elsewhere" album.
              17-Aug-06 CD review features the latest offering from Sergio Mendes Timeless and the Radiohead frontman
                        Thom Yorke talks about his solo outing Eraser in Backstage.

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                                       Teen Time - Main Features
                                    (September 2005 - August 2006)

              18-Aug-06 Teen Time reporter finds out what the latest video games and gadgets are and the StyleFyle introduces
                        various ways to keep one's feet smooth.
              21-Aug-06 Teen Time Hot Picks introduces the animated movie Antbully , the book Over the Moon (by Jean Ure) ,
                        an LCD name badge and a DVD release American Dreamz (featuring Huge Grant) and Paris Hilton
                        talks about what it is like to be a pop singer in Backstage.
              22-Aug-06 Teen Time Student Reporter Polly Chong talks to Ms Mary Lee, the author of the recently published
                        1918 - My Life at Lady Ho Tung Hall, 2001-2004 and James Morrison reveals his thoughts about his
                        success in Backstage.
              23-Aug-06 Teen Time Student Reporter Emily Zhang talks to the Public Information Advisor at the UNHCR
                        about refugees in Hong Kong and Backstage features the British group Kasabian.
              24-Aug-06 CD Review features the debut album by Ne-Yo, In My Own Words, and, in Backstage, Nelly Furtado
                        talks about the creative process behind her album Loose and her collaboration with the producer of the
                        album, Timbaland.
              25-Aug-06 Teen Time reporter Vivek goes "Around Town" to interview teenagers on how important is household
                        work for them, and, in StyleFyle, Alyson Hau talks about the five essentials of Eugene Morisawa, a
                        designer for digital devices for Sony.
              28-Aug-06 In Hot Picks, Alyson and Jen introduce the book Girl, Going on 17: Pants on Fire , the movie Snakes
                        on a Plane , the latest DVD release Poseidon and a game console vision camera; in Backstage, Alyson
                        talks to Justin Timberlake about his sophomore album.
              29-Aug-06 Teen Time student reporter Vivek gets the lowdown on the latest MP3 players and Jen talks about
                        Men, Women, and Children in Artist Profile.
              30-Aug-06 Alyson goes Backstage with Roisin Murphy, the lead vocalist of the dance outfit Moloko, who talks
                        about her debut solo record and SongBite features Lily Allen's recent UK no.1 hit "Smile".
              31-Aug-06 CD Review features Keane's sophomore set, Under the Iron Sea, and, in Backstage, Quantic, a
                        Brighton-based DJ, talks about his varied musical influences.
               1-Sep-06 Around Town features jewellery designer Nicole Moja, her idea about recycled jewellery and the latest
                        jewellery trend for teens; in StyleFyle, Alison gets the lowdown on Detox.
               4-Sep-06 In Hot Picks, Alyson and Jen introduce the movie Stormbreaker , the teen survival cookbook, Cooking
                        Up a Storm (by Sam Stern and Susan Stern), a cuff pouch and the DVD The Wild ; Backstage features
               5-Sep-06 Around Town features Ivana Wong and Hins Cheung, two talented local singer/songwriters; Jen traces
                        Scissor Sisters' rise to fame in the Artist Profile.
               6-Sep-06 Alyson goes Backstage with Alesha, formerly of the UK R&B trio Misteeq; Jen looks at Evanescence
                        in the Artist Profile.
               7-Sep-06 Simon Wilson reviews the latest release from Christina Aguilera Back to Basics ; SongBite features I
                        Write Sins Not Tragedies by Panic! At the Disco.
               8-Sep-06 The CEO of Celestial Pictures (a film distribution company focusing on Asian films and television
                        content), Mr William Pfeiffer, talks about the film industry and how to get into the show biz; Top
                        Essentials features hot tips from makeup guru Gemma Kid; Artist Profile features the Radiohead
                        frontman, Thom Yorke.
              11-Sep-06 Hot Picks features the movie United 93 , the book St. Iggy (by K.L. Going), the DVD Take the Lead
                        and the i-pod adaptor ; Westlife takes questions from Alyson and their fans during their press
                        conference in Hong Kong.
              12-Sep-06 In Around Town, Jen is joined by Elanie Choi, the Group Communications manager of a local spa
                        group, to discuss how to deal with teenage acne; Backstage features Diddy, formerly known as P.
                        Diddy; in Artist Profile, Jen introduces Teddy Geiger, an American singer/songwriter.

              13-Sep-06   Artist Profile features Everclear; in SongBite, Jojo's "Too Little Too Late" is given an analytical
              14-Sep-06   CD Review features Rhianna's "A Girl Like Me"; Alyson goes Backstage with Matt Willis, formerly of
                          "Busted" fame, and learns more about his days as a solo artist.
              15-Sep-06   In StyleFyle, Alyson provides some guidelines to Yoga, introduces the meanings and postures; Alyson
                          heads Backstage with a new American garage rock group, Eagles of Death Metal.

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                                       Teen Time - Main Features
                                    (September 2005 - August 2006)

              18-Sep-06   Hot Picks features the DVD RV , starring Robin Williams and Jojo, the book Specials (by Scott
                          Westerfield), the movie The Devil Wears Prada and the latest game console, the Vee; Jennifer checks
                          out Pussycat Dolls' new single I Don't Need A Man in SongBite.
              19-Sep-06   Alyson brings a special feature on Talent Show Stars, showcasing the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Will
                          Young and Shayne Ward.
              20-Sep-06   Alyson goes Backstage with Basement Jaxx; Jennifer checks out Diddy in Artist Profile, and the new
                          single Long Way 2 Go by Cassie in SongBite.
              21-Sep-06   CD Review features Snow Patrol's sophomore set, Eyes Open; Jen introduces India.Irie in Artist
              22-Sep-06   Teen Time Reporter June Ng chats to celebrated Latin-Jazz drummer Horacio 'El Negro' Hernandez
                          and percussionist Richie Flores when they were in town; StyleFyle checks out the autumn collection in
                          fashion and gives guidelines on what's hot and what's not.
              25-Sep-06   Hot Picks features the DVD Scary Movie 4 , the movie, The Prairie Home Companion , the book
                          Runaway (by Wendelin Van Draanen) and the gadget a temperature management system (that blows
                          chilled air into the shoulder pads of American football players); In Backstage, Alyson talks to the lead
                          singer of Qiu Hong, the winner of 2005's World Battle of the Band, about how the win has changed the
                          group's fortune.
              26-Sep-06   Scott Murphy chats with Meatloaf and Marion Raven (formerly of M2M) during their Asian Tour;
                          Alyson gets up close and personal with Nelly Furtado in Backstage.
              27-Sep-06   Artist Profile features Tom Novy, a club DJ behind some of the biggest hits in the last ten years;
                          Backstage looks at the music from Razorlight's eponymous second CD.
              28-Sep-06   Simon Wilson reviews India.Arie's latest CD Testimony: Vol.1 ; SongBite digs into the meaning of
                          Jesse McCartney's "Right Here Where You Want Me".
              29-Sep-06   Alyson goes Around Town to talk with business executives and school teachers about the use of
                          technology in the management of learning and teaching; StyleFyle checks out skin care tips in the
                          upcoming winter season.
              3-Oct-06    Hot Picks features the movie DOA: Dead or Alive , the DVD Miracle Match , the Book U2 by U2 and
                          the latest bathroom gadget, a soap that dispenses ink; Alyson talks about how the Mid-Autumn Festival
                          all began and gives advice on the best time to see the Moon this year; Backstage features the British
                          soulstress Jamelia talking about how to juggle her music career with raising a family and the evolution
                          of her musical style.
              4-Oct-06    Alyson catches up with Noel Gallagher from Oasis to talk about their Best Of release; Jen looks at the
                          musical career of Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls in Artist Profile.
              5-Oct-06    CD Review features Massive Attack's greatest hits package Collected ; Songbite gets inside the lyrics
                          to Scissor Sisters I Don't Feel Like Dancing ; Artist Profile looks at how the Swedish electronic duo
                          Similou all began.
              6-Oct-06    Teen Time Report June Ng goes Backstage with Dear Jane, a local rock group, to chat with them about
                          their recent release 100 and their future plans; Jen checks out the Anglo-Italian group Kasabian in
                          Artist Profile.
              9-Oct-06    Hot Picks features the DVD X-Men: The Last Stand, the book Born Again (by Kelly Kerney), the
                          gadget Onion Goggle and the movie My Super Ex-Girlfriend; Jen breaks down the lyrics to Paolo
                          Nutini's "Last Request"; Alyson goes Backstage with Scissor Sisters.
              10-Oct-06   Teen Time Reporter Scott Murphy checks out the movie The Departed , the Hollywood version of
                          Hong Kong's Infernal Affairs ; Backstage features UK soul boy Lemar talking about his The Truth
                          About Love CD.
              11-Oct-06   Alyson goes Backstage with DJ Shadow, the pioneer of experimental hip-hop music, to find out more
                          about his long musical career and the recording process of his latest record The Outsider.
              12-Oct-06   Simon Wilson reviews Sandi Thom's debut album Smile, It Confuses People ; Artist Profile charts the
                          rise of the View, a four-piece indie rock outfit from Scotland.
              13-Oct-06   Alyson gives an interesting lesson on how to determine what is the right amount of daily intake of
                          calories in StyleFyle; Artist Profile introduces Damian Marley, the son of the legendary Bob Marley.

              16-Oct-06   Hot Picks features the DVD The Break-up , the movie The Departed , the book London Calling (by
                          Edward Bloor), and a gadget that functions as an indicator telling smokers who plan to quit smoking
                          when they are allowed to smoke again; Alyson catches up with Ian Brown, who headlined this year's
                          Rockit Festival in Hong Kong, in Backstage.

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                                        Teen Time - Main Features
                                     (September 2005 - August 2006)

              17-Oct-06   In Around Town, primary and secondary students from various local schools share their drama
                          experience; MC LowQui joins Alyson in Backstage to talk about his Rockit Festival performance,
                          Drum & Bass music and his hectic schedule.
              18-Oct-06   Backstage features local singer Anthony Wong Yiu-ming talking to Alyson about his appearance in the
                          Rockit Festival.
              19-Oct-06   CD Review features Evanescence's The Open Door CD; Alyson goes Backstage with the Pussycat
                          Dolls and learns more about their lead singer Nicole's collaboration with rapper Diddy.

              20-Oct-06 Teen Time Reporter Ivy Ng covers the Rockit Festival, a music festival showcasing local rock talents;
                        Scott Murphy reviews Jackie Chan's latest movie Robin B-Hood.
              23-Oct-06 Hot Picks recommends the DVD Da Vinci Code , the movie World Trade Centre , an interactive book
                        entitled Cathy's Book: If Found, Call 650-266-8233 by Sean Stewart and Jordan Weisman and the
                        gadget PS3 Controller ; Alyson chats to Ronan Keating in Backstage about his collaboration with local
                        songstress Kelly Chen.
              24-Oct-06 In Around Town, Alyson talks to teachers involved in a drama project about how drama can help
                        students achieve personal growth; Jen looks at the Killers in the Artist Profile.
              25-Oct-06 Backstage features Corinne Bailey Rae, who talks about her rise to fame and the inspiration to her
                        music; SongBite features Kasabian's Empire , a song about the group's view on media intrusion into
                        their life.
              26-Oct-06 Simon Wilson reviews Lily Allen's debut record Alright, Still ; and Razorlight's former UK number 1
                        hit America is featured in SongBite; Alyson goes Backstage with the Killers, who talks about the
                        recording process of their sophomore set Sam's Town.
              27-Oct-06 Teen Time Reporter June Ng talks about the essential accessories for the 2006 fall/winter season;
                        Songbite looks at the lyrics to James Morrison's Wonderful World.
              31-Oct-06 Hot Picks features the movie Lucky Number Slevin , the book Quincy, The Hobby Photographer (by J.
                        Otto Seibold), the DVD Cursed and the gadget Stress-o-meter ; Alyson checks out Beck's latest album
                        The Information in Backstage.
               1-Nov-06 All Saints come onboard Backstage to talk about their reunion; Artist Profile features Leigh Nash,
                        former Sixpence None the Richer.
               2-Nov-06 CD Review features Scissor Sisters' Ta Dah! ; Jennifer talks about Brian McKnight, a US R&B
                        crooner, in Artist Profile.
               3-Nov-06 Scott Murphy reviews the movie The Prestige ; Backstage features the UK group Muse.
               6-Nov-06 Hot Picks features the movie The Prestige , the book How I Write - Secrets Of A Best-Selling Author
                        (by Janet Evanovich), the gadget Surround Sound Speakers , the DVD Mission Impossible III and the
                        CD Rudebox (by Robbie Williams); Jennifer checks out Timbaland, the producer behind Justin
                        Timberlake and Nelly Furtado's latest smash hits; Alyson goes Backstage and chats to Hong Kong's
                        very own The Academy during the Rockit Festival.
               7-Nov-06 Jennifer looks at Cass Fox, the voice behind the 2001 dance smash Touch Me , in Artist Profile; Alyson
                        goes Backstage with rapper Lady Sovereign.
               8-Nov-06 Artist Profile features British folk artist Seth Lakeman; SongBite looks at the lyrics to the Kooks' Ooh
               9-Nov-06 CD Review features the Killers' Sam's Town ; Jennifer talks about Brazilian Girls, a New York quartet,
                        in Artist Profile.
              10-Nov-06 Alyson provides winter health tips in StyleFyle; Backstage features British roots artist Lake Sethman
                        talking about the subjects tackled by his music.
              13-Nov-06 Hot Picks features the DVD Life in Pop (by the Pet Shop Boys), the book The Boy Book - A Study of
                        Habits and Behaviours, Plus Techniques for Taming Them (by E. Lockhart), the gadget the Lipstick
                        Pen, the movie Step Up and the CD 25 (by George Michael); In SongBite, Jennifer examines the lyrics
                        to Keane's Nothing in My Way.
              14-Nov-06 In Around Town, Alyson meets up with Hong Kong's most famous Caucasian actor Ho Kwok Wing
                        and finds out his passion for singing and his advice for those interested in getting into the acting
                        business; Backstage features Amy Winehouse, who talks about her song-writing and live gigs.

              15-Nov-06 Jennifer looks at Nate James, a British soul singer, and his debut CD Set the Tone .
              16-Nov-06 Simon Wilson reviews Janet Jackson's latest release 20 Y.O .; Jennifer introduces Robin Thicke, an
                        American blue-eyed soulster, in Artist Profile.

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                                        Teen Time - Main Features
                                     (September 2005 - August 2006)

              17-Nov-06 StyleFyle looks at events that mix music with art / sports; SongBite breaks down the lyrics to KT
                        Tunstall's Girl and The Ghost; Backstage features American singer / songwriter Ray LaMontagne
                        talking about his new album Till The Sun Turns Back.
              20-Nov-06 Hot Picks recommends the movie Post , the book Invitation Only (by Kate Brian), the DVD Bend it
                        Like Beckham , the gadget a speaker with a built-in motion-sensor, the CD High Times - Singles 1992-
                        2006 by Jamiroquai and the event The Fun of Collecting , held in the Hong Kong Heritage Museum; In
                        Backstage, Alyson talks to U2's Bono and finds out more about their collaboration with Green Day.

              21-Nov-06 Alyson went Around Town to interview China's top golfer, Lian Wen-chong, who scored a Hole-in-
                        One during the UBS Hong Kong Open Gold Tournament; Artist Profile features New Found Glory, an
                        American pop-punk group.
              22-Nov-06 Alyson goes Backstage with Kylie Minogue to learn more about her children's book Kylie the Showgirl
                        Princess; In SongBite, Jennifer breaks down the lyrics to Keisha White's I Choose Life.

              23-Nov-06 CD Review features the latest Enigma CD A Posteriori ; Alyson goes Backstage to learn more about
                        the American quintet My Chemical Romance and the characters in their concept album The Black
                        Parade .
              24-Nov-06 In StyleFyle, Alyson offers guidelines on what to wear to different types of concerts; Backstage
                        features the newly-reformed Take That.
              27-Nov-06 Hot Picks features the movie The Guardian, the CD The Love Album (by Westlife), the book Kylie
                        The Showgirl Princess (by Kylie Minogue), the gadget an Emergence Information Card (which
                        contains one's medical information and allows paramedics to view one's medical history using the
                        card's 2-inch LCD); Jennifer gets up, close and personal with the lyrics to Rogue Traders' Watching
                        You; Alyson goes Backstage with hip-hopper Jay Z and learns more about his "Water for Life"
                        campaign to help combat the global water shortage problem.
              28-Nov-06 In Around Town, Edison Chen, a local singer and the opening act for Kanye West's gig in Hong Kong,
                        talks to Alyson about his friendship and professional partnership with Kanye West; Backstage features
                        Keane, who talks about the band's comeback after the frontman Tom Chaplin's rehab session.

              29-Nov-06 In Backstage, All Saints talks about their break-up in 2001 and the recent reunion; Jennifer breaks
                        down the lyrics to Sandi Thom's Lonely Girl .
              30-Nov-06 Simon Wilson reviews the Beatles' Love , a collection of remixed Beatles numbers used in the Cirque
                        de Soleil's production of the same name; Jennifer checks out Paul Simon's pop career from the days of
                        Simon and Garfunkel to his latest release Surprise .
               1-Dec-06 Alyson talks about dandruff problems in StyleFyle; Artist Profile looks at Brie Larson, the latest in the
                        line of teenage pop artists.
               4-Dec-06 Hot Picks features the movie Scoop, the book The Dog Walker (by Leslie Schnur), the gadget a
                        Tracker with Wrist Display (of distance and heart rate), the DVD Il Divo - Live at the Greek Theatre
                        and the CD Stop the Clock (by Oasis); Alyson goes Backstage with Lupe Fiasco and learns more about
                        his collaborations with Kanye West and the Neptunes; SongBite features the lyrics to All Saints'
                        comeback single Rock Steady.
               5-Dec-06 Alyson gives the lowdown on Ninja Day (which falls on 5 December); Backstage features Jay Kay
                        (from Jamiroquai) talking about the 15-year hit-making career of his group; In SongBite, Robbie
                        William's cover of Lovelight is given an up-close-and-personal treatment.
               6-Dec-06 In Backstage, Alyson talks to the Welsh trio Manic Street Preachers about the re-release of their 1996
                        career-defining CD Everything Must Go ; Jennifer looks at the lyrics to Emma Bunton's cover of
               7-Dec-06 Simon Wilson reviews John Legend's sophomore set Once Again ; Jennifer looks at the musical career
                        of UK trance DJ / producer Paul Oakenfold.
              10-Dec-06 In Around Town, Hugh Chiverton reports on this year's Short Story competition (co-organized by
                        RTHK Radio 3 and the Standard) and talks to one of the judges, Claudia Mo, and the winners; Jennifer
                        breaks down the lyrics to Sugababes' Good To Be Gone.
              11-Dec-06 Hot Picks features the DVD Black Eyed Peas Live - From Sydney to Vegas , the book My Little Yellow
                        Taxi (by Stephen T. Johnson), the gadget a Multi-functional Clock , the movie Flushed Away and the
                        CD The Love Album (by Westlife); Artist Profile features Freestylers, an electronic dance act from the

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                                        Teen Time - Main Features
                                     (September 2005 - August 2006)

              12-Dec-06 Alyson goes Around Town and talks to two university student representatives of Hong Kong at the ITU
                        Telecom World 2006 Youth Forum about their experience in the international event; Jennifer talks
                        about the rise to success of the Thai singer, actor and model Tata Young.
              13-Dec-06 Jennifer gets up close and personal with Scissor Sisters' Land of a Thousand Words ; In Artist Profile,
                        Jennifer checks out the British band Rumble Strips.
              14-Dec-06 CD Review checks out Aerosmith's greatest hits package The Very Best of Aerosmith - Devil's Got A
                        New Disguise; In Backstage, Alyson is joined by the British dance duo Underworld, who talks about
                        their recent soundtrack project Breaking and Entering; Jennifer examines the lyrics to My Chemical
                        Romance's Welcome to the Black Parade in SongBite.
              15-Dec-06 Alyson explores the 5 holiday fashion mistakes in StyleFyle; Backstage features Nelly Furtado, who
                        talks about her version of Gnarls Barkley's Crazy .
              18-Dec-06 Hot Picks checks out the movie Little Miss Sunshine , the book Miracle on 49th Street (by Mike
                        Lupica), the gadget a Mixing Console for ipod , the DVD The Devil Wears Prada and the CD The
                        Sweet Escape (by Gwen Stefani); In Backstage, Alyson talks to singer / songwriter Paolo Nutini about
                        his debut CD These Streets and himself as a musician.
              19-Dec-06 In Around Town, Alyson talks to the Artist Director of the City Festival (organized by the Fringe
                        Club), Mr Benny Chia, to learn more about the cultural differences between Hong Kong and
                        Singapore; Jennifer looks at the lyrics to Lily Allen's Littlest Things.
              20-Dec-06 Backstage features the Las Vegas rockers The Killers; Jennifer checks out the Australian group, Jet, in
                        Artist Profile.
              21-Dec-06 Simon Wilson reviews Meat Loaf's latest CD Bat Out of Hell 3 - The Monster is Loose ; Alyson chats
                        to Lily Allen in Backstage about her success in 2006 and her childhood and musical development.

              22-Dec-06 In StyleFyle, Alyson outlines the 6 steps to buying a new dress; Backstage features Patrizio Buanne, an
                        Italian singer, who talks about his music and his impression of Hong Kong; Jennifer checks out Jools
                        Holland, a pianist-cum-TV presenter, in Artist Profile.
              27-Dec-06 Alyson goes Backstage with Emma Bunton, who talks about her latest CD release Life in Mono, the
                        charity single, a remake of Downtown, and the possibility of a Spice Girls reunion; Jennifer breaks
                        down the lyrics to Freestylers' In Love with You.
              28-Dec-06 Simon Wilson reviews Badly Drawn Boy's Born in the UK ; Alyson goes Backstage with the Grammy
                        nominated Gnarls Barkley.
              29-Dec-06 Hot Picks features the DVD Westlife - Live at Wembly , the book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
                        (by Ron Barrett and Judi Barrett), the gadget Vacuum Shoes (for some home cleaning action), the
                        movie Casino Royale and the CD Reflections - A Retrospective (by Mary J. Blige); Alyson goes
                        Backstage with Huang Meng-la, a Chinese violinist, who performed with 300 local musicians in
                        "Season's Greetings in the Park"; In SongBite, Booty Luv's Boogie 2Nite gets an up-close-and-
                        personal treatment.
               2-Jan-07 Hot Picks features the DVD Step Up , the book The Killing Sea (by Richard Lewis), the gadget a
                        DGPS Receiver and the movie Happy Feet ; Alyson goes Backstage with Orson, the Californian
                        rockers; In SongBite, Alyson breaks down the lyrics to the latest single by Ciara Promise .

              3-Jan-07    Alyson goes Backstage with Jamiroquai and talk about their plans for 2007; In SongBite, Alyson
                          breaks down the lyrics to Keep Holding On , the new single by Avril Lavigne; Simon Wilson talks
                          about Mary J. Blige in Artist Profile.
              4-Jan-07    Simon Wilson reviews Gwen Stefani's latest solo album The Sweet Escape ; Alyson goes Backstage
                          with the Automatic, and check out their version of Kanye West's Gold Digger , with a rock twist; In
                          SongBite, Alyson breaks down the lyrics to Hit Me Up by Gia Farrell, a song taken from the Happy
                          Feet soundtrack.
              5-Jan-07    In StyleFyle, Jennifer talks about how to look slim in healthy and stylish ways; Alyson goes Backstage
                          with My Chemical Romance; In SongBite, Alyson talks about the single Leave The Pieces by the
              8-Jan-07    Hot Picks recommends the DVD Snakes on a Plane , the movie The Holidays and the CD Eminem
                          Presents: The Re-up (by Eminem); Alyson goes Backstage with The Good, The Bad & The Queen, the
                          latest side project of the Blur frontman Damon Albarn, who talks about their music and the initial
                          reception of the group by music fans; Artist Profile features Sean Paul, a Jamaican reggae/dancehall

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                                       Teen Time - Main Features
                                    (September 2005 - August 2006)

              9-Jan-07    In Around Town, Alyson talks to Uncle Dave of Chunky Onion Productions to find out more about
                          how learning English through drama can be fun; SongBite features the lyrics to Lil' Star (by Kelis and
                          Cee-Lo); Simon Wilson looks at Amy Winehouse's music and her recent alcohol-fuelled antics in
                          Artist Profile.
              10-Jan-07   SongBite looks at the meaning behind U2's Window in the Skies ; Simon Wilson checks out Eric Prydz,
                          a Swedish DJ/producer.
              11-Jan-07   Simon Wilson reviews Mary J. Blige's greatest hits package Reflections ; Alyson goes Backstage with
                          one half of the now defunct Orbital, Phil Hartnoll, who talks about his latest band, Long Range.

              12-Jan-07   Jennifer checks out some cool runway looks for both men and women which made their debut in the
                          Hong Kong Fashion Week; Alyson looks at the meaning behind Oasis' The Masterplan ; Simon Wilson
                          checks out Rhythms Del Mundo, a non-profit collaborative which features an all-star cast of Cuban
                          musicians reinterpreting tracks from UK/US artists to raise awareness of climate change.

              13-Jan-07   Hot Picks recommends the movie Déjà vu , the book Cupid, A Tale of Love and Desire (by Julius
                          Lester), the gadget a 7-inch blue tooth photo frame , the DVD Fast Future Generation , and the
                          soundtrack from the musical Dreamgirls ; Alyson goes Backstage to meet Rain, the Korean popstar
                          who came to Hong Kong for three concerts.
              16-Jan-07   Alyson goes Around Town and looks for performances taking place in Hong Kong in the month of
                          January; SongBite checks out the lyrics to Mika's Grace Kelly.
              17-Jan-07   SongBite features the lyrics to Danity Kane's Ride for You; Artist Profile looks at the Union of Knives,
                          a Scottish indie band.
              18-Jan-07   Simon Wilson reviews Foo Fighters' Skills and Bones ; Alyson goes Backstage with the local band Exit
                          to Twelve.
              19-Jan-07   In StyleFyle, Jennifer looks at the Style Horoscope, which offers specific style tips for each of the 12
                          star signs; In Backstage, Alyson checks out what Justin Timberlake thinks about hanging up his mic.

              22-Jan-07   Hot Picks recommends the movie Rocky Balbao, the book What My Mother Doesn't Know (by Sonya
                          Sones), the gadget a mobile phone holder that keeps one's phone safe while it is being charged, the
                          DVD John Tucker Must Die, and Kylie Minogue's Showgirl Homecoming Live; In Backstage Alyson
                          catches John Legend during his recent visit to Hong Kong; SongBite breaks down the lyrics to We're
                          All In This Together (by the cast of the High School Musical).
              23-Jan-07   In Backstage, Alyson talks to Reverend Sharon Constable about an alternative service, the U2 Rock
                          Service, at the St John's Cathedral; In Backstage, Alyson examines the lyrics to Common's A Dream,
                          which samples Martin Luther King's famous "I Have a Dream" speech.
              24-Jan-07   Backstage features Justin, a local male singer, who talks about his collaboration with the Hong Kong
                          Philharmonic Orchestra; Artist Profile introduces Celtic folk singer Moya Brennan, the elder sister of
                          Enya; Alyson breaks down the lyrics to My Chemical Romance's Famous Last Words.

              25-Jan-07   Artist Profile checks out the solo career of Matt Willis, a former member of the UK band Busted;
                          Backstage features Mr Ko Ton-lung, Artistic Director of Chung Ying Theatre Company, talking about
                          "Music in the Green City", an open-air concert that features performers from all over the world.

              26-Jan-07   StyleFyle reports on plastic surgery undertaken by teens today; In Artist Profile, Simon Wilson checks
                          out the growing popularity of Fall Out Boy, an American alternative rock-pop emo band; In Backstage,
                          Alyson chats to Il Divo about their recent Asian tour and the commercial success of their latest CD.

              29-Jan-07   Hot Picks checks out the movie Blood Diamond, the DVD Nacho Libre, the CD MTV Unplugged (by
                          Ricky Martin) and the gadget a Wireless Speaker Mouse Pad; SongBite looks at the lyrics to Beyonce's
                          Listen, from the Dreamgirls soundtrack; Simon Wilson talks about the genesis and artistic evolution of
                          Midlake, an American rock group.
              30-Jan-07   Scott Murphy reviews the movie Rocky Balbao, the last in the Rocky saga; SongBite features the lyrics
                          to Fall Out Boy's This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arm Race".
              31-Jan-07   SongBite looks at the meaning behind Justin Timberlake's What Goes Around… ; Simon Wilson
                          checks out the musical career of American electronica artist Moby, including his feud with Eminem.

Sep05-Aug06                                                      7                                                           8/7/2011
                                       Teen Time - Main Features
                                    (September 2005 - August 2006)

              1-Feb-07    Alyson breaks down the lyrics to Amy Winehouse's You Know I'm No Good; Artist Profile features the
                          fifth American Idol finalist Daughtry.
              2-Feb-07    Jen looks at mood lighting effects for home in StyleFyle; Simon Wilson introduces the London band
                          the Klaxons; In Backstage, Matt Willis, formerly of the Busted fame, talks about the break-up theme of
                          his latest single Don't Let It Go to Waste .
              5-Feb-07    Hot Picks recommends the DVD Little Miss Sunshine , the book Forever in Blue (by Ann Brashares),
                          the gadget PS3 bluetooth remote , the movie Marie Antoinette and the CD Grace (by Simon Webb);
                          Artist Profile features the British artist Sir Cliff Richard; The Chicago punk-metal quartet Fall Out Boy
                          talks to Alyson in Backstage about their collaboration and the extra long titles of their songs.

              6-Feb-07    In Around Town, Kevin Lewis chats with Jockey Club Ti-Yi College students about sailing after this
                          year's Inter-school Sailing Competition; SongBite features the lyrics to the dance track My Egyptian
                          Lover (by Space Cowboy feat. Nadia Oh).
              7-Feb-07    Alyson breaks down the downbeat lyrics to Kingdom of Doom (by the Good, the Bad and the Queen);
                          Backstage features the UK soul-jazz singer Amy Winehouse talking to Alyson about the success of her
                          second CD Back to Black, her vocal style and her tattoos.
              8-Feb-07    Alyson chats to Will Smith in Backstage to learn about his latest movie project the Pursuit of
                          Happiness; SongBite features the lyrics to Snow Patrol's Open Your Eyes; Simon Wilson introduces
                          the US hip hop artist Common, who is famous for fusing love and spirituality in his lyrics.

              9-Feb-07    Jen talks about the Valentine's love horoscope in StyleFyle; Alyson deconstructs the lyrics to Take
                          That's Shine.
              12-Feb-07   Hot Picks recommends the movie Flag of Our Father, the book Book Two, the sequel of Eragon (by
                          Christopher Paolini), the gadget stick-man-shaped twistable lamp; the DVD Madonna's Confession
                          Tour and the CD Grammy Nominees 2007; SongBite features the lyrics to Robbie Williams'
                          collaborative effort with Pet Shop Boys, She's Madonna; In Backstage, north Londoner Just Jack chats
                          to Alyson about his musical career so far and his album Overtime.
              13-Feb-07   In Around Town, Alyson chats with Mr Paul Liu, Director of East Asia Entertainment Ltd., about his
                          views on organizing both successful and unsuccessful concerts in Hong Kong; SongBite features the
                          lyrics to Kaiser Chief's UK no.1 hit Ruby; Simon Wilson looks at Sophie Ellis-Bextor's career from
                          being part of the indie group the Audience to solo stardom in recent years.

              14-Feb-07   Artist Profile features the fifth season American Idol runner-up Katherine McPhee; Alyson looks at the
                          meaning behind the lyrics to Vanessa Hudgens' Come Back to Me in SongBite.
              15-Feb-07   Simon Wilson checks out Emma Bunton's time with Spice Girls and her solo success; The Backstage
                          spotlight falls on the UK group Keane, who talks about their guitar-less sound and the song Broken
                          Toy (taken from their Under the Iron Sea CD).
              16-Feb-07   Alyson checks out the results of this year's Grammy Award; In StyleFyle, Jen provides style tips based
                          on the Chinese New Year horoscope; Gnarls Barkley talks to Alyson in Backstage about the origin of
                          the duo's name and the success of the international hit Crazy .
              21-Feb-07   SongBite examines the lyrics to Joss Stone's Tell Me 'Bout It; Backstage features the Scottish band The
                          View talking about their musical influences.
              22-Feb-07   Simon Wilson gives his verdict on James Morrison's debut CD Undiscovered ; Backstage features
                          Norah Jones talking about the dark tone of her latest CD Not Too Late .
              23-Feb-07   Alyson breaks down the lyrics to Fergie's latest single Glamorous in SongBite; Jen looks at fashion
                          mistakes in StyleFyle; Simon Wilson checks out the UK group Fratellis, including the origin of the
                          band's name and the band's breakthrough in 2006.
              26-Feb-07   Hot Picks recommends the DVD An Inconvenient Truth ; the book Mates, Dates and Cosmic Kisses
                          (by Cathy Hopkins), the gadget leak-proof travel bottle , the movie the rom-com Music and Lyrics and
                          the CD Infinity on High (by Fall Out Boys); Backstage features the widely acclaimed American singer-
                          songwriter multi-instrumentalist Ben Folds, who talks about learning to play the piano and his piano-
                          driven music.
              27-Feb-07   Scott Murphy reviews the movie Music and Lyrics; Simon Wilson looks at the musical success of Joss
                          Stone, the UK blue-eyed soul singer in Artist Profile.

Sep05-Aug06                                                      8                                                            8/7/2011
                                        Teen Time - Main Features
                                     (September 2005 - August 2006)

              28-Feb-07   Alyson breaks down the lyrics to the theme tune to the Dreamgirls movie in SongBite; Simon Wilson
                          checks out the 9-year musical career of the Gaelic electronic chill-out duo Air in Artist Profile.

              1-Mar-07    Simon Wilson reviews Madonna's live CD Confessions; SongBite studies the lyrics to Just Jack's Starz
                          in Their Eyes; Artist Profile features the dance punk act LCD Soundsystem.
              2-Mar-07    StyleFyle looks at acne cures; SongBite breaks down the lyrics to James Morrison's The Pieces Don't
                          Fit Anymore; Backstage features Leeds five-piece Kaiser Chief talking about their new album and
                          their no.1 single Ruby.
              5-Mar-07    Hot Picks recommends the movie Charlotte's Web, the book Dicey's Song (by Cynthia Voigt), the
                          DVD Pink Live from Wembly Arena, the CD Not Too Late (by Norah Jones) and the gadget chatstick
                          USB, which is a USB stick phone; SongBite breaks down the lyrics to Cupid's Chokhold (by Gym
                          Class Heroes feat. Patrick Stump); In Backstage, Alyson checks out Muse's recent Hong Kong visit
                          and their views on all the accolades heaped on them.
              6-Mar-07    Alyson went Around Town to speak to PCCW's Consumer Group Managing Director Mr Tom Chan
                          about the latest photo-sharing technology; Artist Profile features the London-based singer-songwriter
              7-Mar-07    Backstage features Alyson talking to the US anti-folk singer-songwriter Regina Spektor about her
                          Russian background and the shooting of the video Fidelity ; Artist Profile features the Pussycat Dolls.

              8-Mar-07    Artist Profile looks at the UK multi-instrumentalist Imogen Heap; In Backstage, Alyson talks to the
                          UK four-piece The Feeling about their title as the UK most-played band and their review of their
                          success in 2006.
              9-Mar-07    StyleFyle checks out how to dress for success for job interview occasions; Backstage features
                          highlights from Muse's recent concert in Hong Kong; Artist Profile gets up close and personal with the
                          Scottish band The Cinematic.
              12-Mar-07   Hot Picks recommends the movie The Queen , the book Chicken Soup for the Mother and Daughter
                          Soul (by Jack Canfield and others), the gadget Pill Tower, the DVD Prison Break Season 1 and the
                          CD Kaiser Chief's Yours Truly Angry Mob ; Alyson talks to UK singer-songwriter Mika in Backstage
                          about his success and the rumoured tour with Take That.
              13-Mar-07   Alyson goes Around Town to talk to Brett Simon and Faye Leung, cast of the Hong Kong Ballet
                          production Romeo & Juliet about the production; Artist Profile features the UK dance act Faithless;
                          Backstage features part one of the interview with Gwen Stefani.
              14-Mar-07   SongBite breaks down the lyrics to The Creeps (by Freddie Le Grand vs Camille Jones); Backstage
                          features part two of the interview with Gwen Stefani.
              15-Mar-07   Simon Wilson reviews Norah Jones' third CD Not Too Late ; Artist Profile looks at New York-based
                          DJ Mark Ronson, who is well-known for his genre-spanning music; Backstage features Klaxons
                          talking about their history and their sound.
              16-Mar-07   Jen checks out the 18 ways to great health in StyleFyle; In Backstage, Alyson talks to Lovebox, the
                          lead singer of the Brazilian group CSS, about the sound of her group and their recent tour with other up-
                          and-coming bands; SongBite deconstructs the lyrics to Akon's Don't Matter.
              19-Mar-07   Hot Picks recommends the movie Ghost Rider , the book 21 Proms (by David Levithan and Daniel
                          Ehrenhaft), the DVD Bean , the CD Mika's Life in Cartoon Motion and the gadget LED candles; In
                          Backstage, Alyson talks to the legendary Bryan Ferry about his opinions on Bob Dylan.

              20-Mar-07 Student Reporter Thomas Wu (Ho Fung college) reports on the globalization issue; Backstage features
                        part 1 of the interview with Christina Aguilera; Artist Profile introduces Dutch DJ-producer Erick E..

              21-Mar-07 SongBite examines the lyrics to Music Matters by Faithless; Backstage features part 2 of the interview
                        with Christina Aguilera.
              22-Mar-07 CD Review features Fall Out Boy's Infinity on High ; Alyson chats to the French electronica duo Air
                        about their latest CD Pocket Symphony and the Asian flavour in it.

Sep05-Aug06                                                      9                                                           8/7/2011
                                        Teen Time - Main Features
                                     (September 2005 - August 2006)

              26-Mar-07 Hot Picks recommends the movie Pan's Labyrinth, the book This is not the Life I Ordered (by Debra
                        Collins Stephens), the DVD Grey's Anatomy, the CD Introducing Joss Stone (by Joss Stone) and the
                        gadget itch-soother; SongBite features the lyrics to Oh My God (by Mark Ronson feat. Lily Allen),
                        which is a cover of a Kaiser Chief song of the same name; Alyson goes Backstage with Scotsman
                        Calvin Harris, who talks about how his musical career got started.

              27-Mar-07 Alyson baby-sits the cute Hong Kong International School Boy Scouts and talks to their leader about
                        what they do in Around Town; Backstage features Joss Stone talking about the making of her latest
                        record, Introducing Joss Stone .
              28-Mar-07 In Celeb News updates, Alyson talks about Garbage lead singer Shirley Manson's poster campaign
                        against fur; Simon Wilson talks to Shakira in Artist Profile.
              29-Mar-07 Simon Wilson reviews AC/DC's 1980 hard rock classic Back in Black ; Alyson goes backstage with
                        Corinne Bailey Rae, who talks about her childhood, her indie-band experience and her favourite tracks
                        from her debut CD.
              30-Mar-07 Jen look at fashion trends on the streets of the major Asian cities like Tokyo, Seoul and Taipei; Alyson
                        breaks down the lyrics to the UK/US no.1 smash Give It to Me by Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado and
                        Justin Timberlake in SongBite; In Artist Profile Simon Wilson checks out Jamaster A., a Hong Kong-
                        born oriental trance DJ who has produced and remixed records for Sandy Lam, Andy Lau and Alex To.

              2-Apr-07    Hot Picks recommends the move The Pursuit of Happyness , the DVD Happy Feet , the CD Good
                          Morning Revival (by Good Charlotte), the gadget the power organizer, which can be used to hide all
                          the wires or cables behind the desk, and the book Panic by Jeff Abbott.
              3-Apr-07    In Around Town, RTHK's very own Steve James premiers his rugby 7-inspired song, which is based
                          around John Lennon's Imagine; In Backstage, Alyson gets up close and personal with Sophie Ellis
                          Bextor, who talks about her music, her wedding day and her husband.
              4-Apr-07    Alyson goes Backstage with the US rock outfit Good Charlotte; SongBite features the lyrics to
                          Winning Women (by Rihanna and Nicole Scherzinger)
              10-Apr-07   Hot Picks recommends the DVD Night at the Museum, the book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
                          (by J.K. Rowling), the CD Dignity by Hilary Duff, the movie Because I Said So and the gadget
                          Bluetooth Speaker Phone; SongBite breaks down the lyrics to Off the Hook, by the Brazilian six-piece
              11-Apr-07   In Around Town, Alyson speaks to Mr Yuka Yeung, CEO of KFC Hong Kong and learns more about
                          their new Environmental Protection Policy; Alyson also goes Backstage to talk to Natasha Bedingfield
                          about her time spent in the US and the musical direction of her new CD, NB .

              12-Apr-07   CD Review features Mika's debut Life in Cartoon Motion ; Artist Profile looks at Tracey Thorn's
                          musical career, from the days of being part of Marine Girls to being one half of the duo Everything But
                          the Girl, from her collaboration with other artists to her solo work.
              13-Apr-07   Jen checks out tribal fashion around the world in StyleFyle; SongBite gets up close with the lyrics to
                          AFI's suicide-themed tune, The Missing Frame; Artist Profile checks out Sunshine Underground, a
                          Leeds-based indie rock band.
              16-Apr-07   Hot Picks recommends the DVD Babel , the book Platinum Workout by LL Cool J; the movie
                          Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles , the CD NB , by Natasha Bedingfield, and the gadget i-pod plus, which
                          keeps track of one's calories burnt and distance covered; Artist Profile features the Scottish foursome
              17-Apr-07   Phil Whealan speaks to American artists Frank Heath and JJ Peet in Around Town about their video art
                          workshops in Hong Kong; SongBite features the lyrics to Natasha Bedingfield's I Wanna Have Your
              18-Apr-07   SongBite looks at the lyrics to Frankie J's If He Can't Be; Diddy comes on board on Backstage to talk
                          to Alyson about his own careers in 10 years' time and the fuss surrounding his alleged relationship with
                          an actress.
              19-Apr-07   Simon Wilson reviews The View's Hats Off to the Buskers ; Artist Profile features the UK group the
                          Arctic Monkeys.

Sep05-Aug06                                                     10                                                           8/7/2011
                                        Teen Time - Main Features
                                     (September 2005 - August 2006)

              20-Apr-07    Jen gives guidelines on how to clean out one's closet for the summer season in StyleFyle; SongBite
                           looks at the lyrics to Stop Me by Mark Ronson feat. Daniel Merriweather; In Backstage features
                           Murray Bruce Hickman, the Artistic Director of the theatre + dance production "In the Cube" about his
                           dance company and the production.
              23-Apr-07    Hot Picks features recommendations from Elaine, winner of a previous "Question of the Week"
                           competition - she recommends the movie Sunshine, the DVD Open Season, the CD Because of the
                           Time (by Kings of Leon) and the gadget a songbird serenade alarm clock; SongBite features the lyrics
                           to Arctic Monkeys' Brainstorm; Alyson talks to DJ Dan, the world's no.5 DJ and no.1 house DJ, about
                           what it takes to be a no.1 DJ and his passion for dance music.
              24-Apr-07    SongBite checks out Mika's Love Today ; In Around Town, Alyson talks to Fai from Green Peace
                           about their "Organic @ School Lunch.ComE" Campaign to promote a safe and healthy eating
                           environment; In Backstage, French accordionist Richard Galliano talks to Alyson about his schedule in
                           Hong Kong, his opinions on jazz music and his influence in the jazz community.
              25-Apr-07    SongBite deconstructs the lyrics to My Chemical Romance's I Don't Love You; Artist Profile features
                           the Bees, a British indie rock group.
              26-Apr-07    Simon Wilson reviews Paolo Nutini's debut CD These Streets ; Neil Chase talks to an up-and-coming
                           New York band The Films
              27-Apr-07    Jen talks about how to be stylish and environmentally friendly at the same time in StyleFyle; SongBite
                           breaks down the lyrics to Bjork's Space Invaders; In Backstage, the world acclaimed choreographer Lia
                           Hwa-min talks to Alyson about how he stays on top of the game, his recent injury, his dance company
                           Cloud Gate Theatre and their latest production White.
              30-Apr-07    Hot Picks recommends the DVD Jarhead , the book The Children of Hurin (by J.R.R. Tolkien), the
                           movie Miss Potter , the CD Favourite Worst Nightmare by the Arctic Monkeys and the gadget
                           notebook skin, for glamming up laptops; Artist Profile features British soulstress Beverley Knight,
                           MBE; Alyson goes Backstage with the lead singer of the now defunct Cranberries, Dolores O'Riordan.

              2-May-07     In Around Town, Alyson chats with Internet commercial model Bernice Liu, who was recently voted
                           "Favourite Internet Commercial Goddess"; SongBite features the lyrics to Rihanna's Umbrella ;
                           Backstage features the second part of Alyson's chat to Dolores O'Riordan about her producer and her
                           guest role in the movie Click .
              3-May-07     Simon Wilson reviews UK New Rave band Klaxon's Myths of the Near Future ; SongBite looks at the
                           lyrics to Snow Patrol's Signal Fire .
              4-May-07     Jen talks about colours and shapes for the month of May in StyleFyle; SongBite breaks down the lyrics
                           to Lumindee and Tony Sunshine's She's Like the Wind .
              7-May-07     Hot Picks recommends the DVD Copying Beethoven , the book Diary of A Wimpy Kid (by Jeff
                           Kinney), the gadget a smart mug, a thermo dynamic mug that can heat one's drink to the desired
                           temperature, the movie Spiderman 3 and the CD Maroon 5's It Won't Be Soon Before Long ; Artist
                           Profile checks out the Barbados beauty Rihanna; In Backstage, Alyson chats to the New York-based
                           UK DJ Mark Ronson about his upbringing, life in New York and his approach to his Version CD.

              8-May-07  Neil Chase talks to DJ David and Sambarella about how they got into DJ-ing and remixing, and the
                        hottest music in the New York club scene at the moment; Alyson goes Backstage with the UK 4-piece
                        Arctic Monkeys, who talks about their new album Favourite Worst Nightmare .
               9-May-07 Neil Chase talks to DJ David and Sambarella about their choice of music in their set and remixing
                        music using vinyl; In Backstage, Phil Whealan talks to DJ Doze and Samir from Eating Frog about
                        their musical style and their forthcoming show as part of the French May event.
              10-May-05 Simon Wilson reviews Arctic Monkeys' Favourite Worst Nightmare ; Songbite checks out the lyrics to
                        Mutya Buena's Real Girl ; In Backstage, Phil Whealan talks to actor Michael Wong about his pastime
                        as a big band music performer, his involvement with the Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps and their work
                        with local refugees in collaboration with the United Nation High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).

              11-May-07 In StyleFyle, Jen looks at tips on healthy living; SongBite deconstructs Sophie Ellis Bextor's Me and
                        My Imagination ; Artist Profile looks at Ozomati, a multi-ethnic 9-piece from Los Angeles, whose
                        diverse musical influences include Latin, hip hop and rock.

Sep05-Aug06                                                     11                                                          8/7/2011
                                        Teen Time - Main Features
                                     (September 2005 - August 2006)

              14-May-07 Hot Picks recommends the DVD Scoop , the book The Dangerous Book for Boys (by Gonn Iggulden
                        and Hal Iggulden), the soundtrack to Spiderman 3 and the movie The Painted Veil ; SongBite features
                        Enrique Iglesias' Do You Know (The Ping Pong Song) ; Alyson chats to Avril Lavigne in her Hong
                        Kong press conference.
              15-May-07 In Around Town, Phil Whealan chats to Chris Edmund, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
                        Drama School's Guest Director from Australia, about the Cantonese play he directed, Chekov's Cherry
                        Orchard ; Alyson gets up close and personal with Avril Lavigne in Backstage.

              16-May-07 SongBite examines the lyrics to Mandy Moore's Extraordinary ; In Backstage, Kevin Lewis talks to the
                        French nu bossa nova duo Nouvelle Vague about how they choose the songs they take on and why they
                        have 80s' New Wave music as their starting point.
              17-May-07 Alyson breaks down the lyrics to Justin Timberlake's Summer Love ; Kevin Lewis talks to Nouvella
                        Vague in Backstage about the French electronic music scene.
              18-May-07 SongBite studies the lyrics of Amerie's Take Control ; StyleFyle looks at celebrity chic; Artist Profile
                        checks out Sophie Ellis-Bextor's pop career.
              21-May-05 Hot Picks recommends the movie 28 Weeks Later , the interactive book The Lost File of Nancy Drew
                        (by Carolyn G. Keene), the gadget solar power lighter-cum-bottle opener, the DVD Music and Lyrics
                        and the CD Groove Armada's Soundboy Rock ; Artist Profile charts the musical career of American
                        R&B singer-songwriter Robin Thicke.
              22-May-07 In Around Town, Phil Whealan talks to Wing-see from the Hong Kong Sinfonietta; Alyson breaks
                        down the lyrics to Kaiser Chiefs' Everything is Average Nowadays ; Bjork joins Alyson Backstage to
                        talk about her new sounds in her latest CD Volta .
              23-May-07 Artist Profile features Kelly Clarkson, the winner of the inaugural season of American Idol; Backstage
                        features Part 2 of the interview with Bjork.
              25-May-07 In StyleFyle, Jen looks at this month's Style Horoscope; Artist Profile features The Shins, an indie rock
                        group with a hint of pop, alternative and punk.
              28-May-07 Hot Picks recommends the DVD Stormbreaker , the gadget Nespresso coffee machine, the book
                        Animals, Vegetables and Miracles (by Barbara Kingsolver), the CD Minutes to Midnight (by Linkin
                        Park) and the movie Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End ; Artist Profile features Joss Stone, a
                        soul singer hailed from the Devon county, UK; Backstage features Mika talking to Alyson about his
                        tough Russian music teacher and being compared to Elton John and Queen.

              29-May-07 In Around Town, Philip McMaster talks to the pupils from Kowloon Junior School about making Hong
                        Kong China's most sustainable city; SongBite features the lyrics to Gwen Stefani's 4 in the Morning ;
                        Artist Profile looks at Pink Martini, a 12-piece from Portland, Oregon, US; Mika talks to Alyson in
                        Backstage about the anger projected in his pop smash Grace Kelly , a song about the negative side of
                        the music industry.
              30-May-07 Artist Profile features Rascal Flatts, an American Country & Western group; Mika joins Alyson in
                        Backstage to talk about his fashion taste and his views on digital devices.
              31-May-07 Simon Wilson gives his verdict on Avril Lavigne's latest CD The Best Damn Thing ; Alyson gets up
                        close and personal with the lyrics to Monrose' Even Heaven Cries in SongBite; Backstage features
                        Korean-American R&B singer America, who talks about Take Control , the first single off her latest
               1-Jun-07 In StyleFyle, Jen gives useful tips on how to make big savings in shopping and looks at the hottest
                        mobile phone design at the moment; Alyson learns more about Amerie's personal life and the source of
                        musical inspirations in Backstage.
               4-Jun-07 Hot Picks recommends the DVD Hannibal Rising , the movie Bridge to Terabithia , the book IT Girl
                        Novel #4: The Unforgettable , the CD The Boy with No Name by Travis, and the gadget Now-you-can-
                        find-it locator; Simon Wilson checks out the London-based all-girl five-piece New York Pony Club in
                        Artist Profile.
               5-Jun-07 In Around Town, John Wilson spoke with Mark Burns, the event director of the Lamma International
                        Dragon Boat Festival, to learn about the event; SongBite features the lyrics of Shine (by Booty Luv).

               6-Jun-07    Backstage features Mutya Buena talking about the music she grew up with and the beginning of

Sep05-Aug06                                                     12                                                          8/7/2011
                                       Teen Time - Main Features
                                    (September 2005 - August 2006)

              7-Jun-07    Artist Profile features the UK group McFly; Alyson goes Backstage again with Mutya Buena, who
                          talks about her duet with George Michael and her decision to quit Sugababes; Simon Wilson reviews
                          The Fray's How To Save a Life .
              8-Jun-07    Jen travels to the future and looks at skin care, style gadgets and shopping habits in the year 2057; In
                          Backstage, Alyson learns more about Rufus Wainwright's latest release 'Release the Stars".

              11-Jun-07   Hot Picks recommends the gadget glow Frisbee, the book The Last Summer of You and Me (by Ann
                          Brashares), the DVD Pray, the CD My December (by Kelly Clarkson) and the movie Ocean's 13 ;
                          Alyson breaks down the lyrics to The Way I Are (by Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson); Alyson goes
                          Backstage with Gwen Stefani, who shares her thoughts on the title of "the Coolest Lady in Pop" and
                          her view on Britney Spears.
              12-Jun-07   SongBite features the lyrics to Lifehouse's First Time; Backstage features Part 2 of the interview with
                          Gwen Stefani, who talks about her baby, Kingston and her high-maintenance personality.

              13-Jun-07   In Backstage, Alyson brings us Part 3 of the interview with Gwen Stefani, who talks about her tour and
                          personal life.
              14-Jun-07   Simon Wilson reviews Ne-Yo's sophomore set Because of You ; Artist Profile features the Scottish 4-
                          piece the View; In Backstage, Phil Whelan talks to Adelle and Kendra from Kid's Gallery regarding
                          their latest drama / musical production.
              15-Jun-07   In StyleFyle Jen talks about the style horoscope for the month of June; Artist Profile features Sheffield
                          singer Joe Cocker; In Backstage, Alyson talks to Mohamed Drissi, the Artistic Director of 3 Arts
                          Musical Institute, about the different performing arts organizations he is currently involved with, plus
                          the concept of musical theatre.
              18-Jun-07   Hot Picks recommends the DVD The Pursuit of Happyness , the book Respect for Acting (by Uta
                          Hagen); the CD Good Girl Gone Bad (by Rhianna) and the movie Fantastic 4 - The Rise of the Silver
                          Surfer ; SongBite features the lyrics of Into Oblivion (Reunion) by Funeral for a Friend; In Backstage,
                          Alyson talks to the Australian dance act Rogue Traders about their single Way to Go and their
              20-Jun-07   Alyson analyzes the lyrics to Feist's My Moon My Man in SongBite; Simon Wilson looks at Dub
                          Pistol, a London-based dub music band, who have remixed other artists' music, produced music for
                          movies and video games; In Backstage, Alyson talks to Mohamed Drissi about ways to make Hong
                          Kong kids less shy and his work at 3 Arts Musical Institute.
              21-Jun-07   Simon Wilson reviews Maroon 5's sophomore set It Won't Be Soon Before Long and thinks it doesn't
                          live up to the promise shown in their debut; Artist Profile features the Leeds 5-piece Kaiser Chief;
                          Backstage continues with Part 3 of the interview with Mohamed Drissi about young girls dressing sexy
                          in dancing, old and new musical styles and revamping classics for the contemporary stage.

              22-Jun-07   Jen looks at the causes of and cures for hair loss for teens and young adults in StyleFyle; Alyson
                          checks out the Canadian artist Feist, who talks about the recording process of her latest CD Reminder
                          and how this CD develops from her debut Let It Die .
              25-Jun-07   Hot Picks recommends the movie Norbit , the book Nancy Drew Movie Novelization (by Daniela
                          Burr), the gadget snore detecting pillow, the DVD Catch and Release and the CD The Chemical
                          Brothers' We are the Night ; SongBite checks out the lyrics to Take That's I'd Wait for Life ; Artist
                          Profile features the Scottish singer, songwriter and producer Calvin Harris.
              26-Jun-07   In Around Town, Phil Whelan talked to a co-director of the movie Shrek 3 , Raman Hui, about his
                          childhood interest, the technique "motion capture" used in the production of animation features and the
                          technical details of the major characters in Shrek 3 ; Simon Wilson checks out the Chemical Brothers, a
                          UK electronic duo, in Artist Profile.
              27-Jun-07   Simon Wilson gives the lowdown on the New York-based disco/pop/glam group Scissor Sisters;
                          Alyson checks out the lyrics to Shame on You (by Andrea Corr).
              28-Jun-07   Simon Wilson passes his verdict on Macy Gray's Big in CD Review; Alyson breaks down the lyrics to
                          Avril Lavigne's belter When You're Gone ; Backstage features Groove Armada talking about the
                          singles Soundboy Rock and Song 4 Mutya .
              29-Jun-07   In StyleFyle, Jen gives advice on tackling wrinkles through botox; Artist Wilson features the UK artist
                          Amy Winehouse; In backstage, Alyson chats to Groove Armada about their collaboration with Hard
                          Fi's Richard and the artwork selection process for their latest CD.

Sep05-Aug06                                                      13                                                             8/7/2011
                                    Teen Time - Teen Time in Tokyo
                                        (Nov 2004 - Oct 2005)

            Date                                                       Topic
          5-Nov-04     The ever present risk of earthquakes in Japan
          12-Nov-04    What effect the weather is having on the fashions you can see people wearing on the street
          15-Nov-04    Interview with a visual merchandiser who is with a leading high-fashion retailer
          16-Nov-04    Interview with an English and drama teacher who is working on an experimental programme
          19-Nov-04    How you can visit interesting places in Tokyo cheaply by using the community bus network
          26-Nov-04    An author whose name would be known by everyone in Japan - except that he writes anonymously
           3-Dec-04    A report on the importance of a good night's sleep
          10-Dec-04    The involvement of young Japanese in professional sport
          13-Dec-04    Interview with an American woman who lives in Asia about her own experiences in racial discrimination

          14-Dec-04    The search for the perfect bread in France
          17-Dec-04    The continuing popularity of public bath houses in Japan, especially during the winter months.
          14-Dec-04    The most popular words uttered during 2004 in Japan
          31-Dec-04    Rumours that Godzilla is set to retire
           7-Jan-05    The festivities associated with the start of the New Year in Japan.
          14-Jan-05    The popularity of street dancing in Tokyo- even during Japan's cold winter months
          21-Jan-05    How the recent earthquake and tsunami events have made many people in Japan feel more sensitive and
          28-Jan-05    How salvation is available in the shape of "balance balls"
           4-Feb-05    How snack food manufacturers are cashing in by marketing their products as edible lucky charms
          18-Feb-05    Report on the activities popular during the winter season in Japan
          25-Feb-05    Report on the wintry delights of Japan's northern city of sapporo
           4-Mar-05    How at some colleges in Japan, a legitimate use has been found for mobile phones
          11-Mar-05    A new airport in the city of Nagoya
          18-Mar-05    The role of humble telephone kiosk in Japan
           1-Apr-05    The latest way for young Japanese to make friends
           8-Apr-05    Plans to build the world's tallest building in Tokyo
          22-Apr-05    The voices behind the long-running Japanese cartoon, Doraemon
          29-Apr-05    The current craze for samba music in Japan
          6-May-05     A culinary tour of the Japanese city of Nagoya, site of the 2005 Expo in Aichi Prefecture
          13-May-05    Concerns about the rising numbers of young freelance workers in Japan
          20-May-05    The quaint Asakusa district of Tokyo
          27-May-05    The Japanese pop duo Puffy Ami Yumi and their popular cartoon series
           3-Jun-05    Where to go for a quick haircut in Tokyo
          10-Jun-05    Tokyo's universities
          17-Jun-05    A real life romantic story that has been turned into a movie
          24-Jun-05    The new attractions at the zoo in Tokyo
            8-Jul-05   The problems that lurk underfoot in Tokyo in the summertime
           15-Jul-05   Women-only carriages on the trains of Tokyo
           22-Jul-05   Why lamb has become a popular meat to eat in Japan
           29-Jul-05   Summer fashions in Japan
           5-Aug-05    Inedible food which is to be displayed in the windows of Japanese restaurants
          12-Aug-05    News that people seem to be living longer in Japan
          19-Aug-05    What is being done to encourage visitors to keep Mount Fuji free of rubbish
          26-Aug-05    A popular way for young Japanese to quench their thirst during the summer months
           2-Sep-05    MP3 players in Japan
                       `Teen Time in Tokyo' has been suspended since September 2005

d9486665-28a3-4825-90f9-7250a02892c9.xls                      14                                                        8/7/2011
                      Teen Time - Open Space (July 2005 - Aug 2006)

       Date                                Topic                                            Schools
      2-Aug-06* Homosexuality                                              Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary
     16-Aug-06 Life after the HKCEE: Educational opportunities outside     Helen Liang Memorial Secondary School
               of Hong Kong
     30-Aug-06 Teen Hermits                                                Pooi To Middle School
      6-Sep-06 Canto- and J-Pop                                            Immaculate Heart of Mary College           * late
     13-Sep-06   Bullying + Favourite hobbies                              Boys from various schools
     20-Sep-06   Examination cheating                                      The MCHK Wesley College
     27-Sep-06   Internet                                                  New York University
      4-Oct-06   Drama activities in school                                Shatin Pui Ying College
     11-Oct-06   Paparazzi in Hong Kong                                    Shun Lee Catholic Secondary School
     18-Oct-06   Women in different generations                            St mary's Canossian College
     25-Oct-06   Healthy diets                                             Shun Tak Catholic English College
      7-Nov-06   Minimum wage                                              STFA Tam Pak Yu College
      8-Nov-06   Favourite TV shows                                        Cheung Sha Wan Secondary School
     15-Nov-06   Future plans                                              Shun Tak Catholic English College
     22-Nov-06   Teen issues                                               Belilios Public School
     29-Nov-06   Different aspects of Japanese culture                     Ho Fung College
      6-Dec-06   A letter to a friend / Hong Kong / The early university   Helen Liang Memorial Secondary School
                 admission scheme / time management
     13-Dec-06   5-day work week                                           King Ling College
     20-Dec-06   Christmas                                                 Yuen Long Public Secondary School
     27-Dec-06   Slimming problems                                         Ying Wah College
      3-Jan-07   Travel experiences                                        Students from local primary schools
     10-Jan-07   Internet addiction                                        Heep Yunn School
     17-Jan-07   The new anti-smoking policy                               Kei Yuen College
     24-Jan-07   Prince charming                                           St Rose of Lima's College
     31-Jan-07   Blogging on the Internet                                  Wah Ying College
      7-Feb-07   Family relationship                                       United Christian College (Kowloon East)
     14-Feb-07   Anti-smoking policy                                       SKH Mak Sau Tsang Secondary School
     21-Feb-07   Hikicomori                                                MCHK Wesley College
     28-Feb-07   Heritage preservation                                     TWGH Lo Kon Ting Memorial College
      7-Mar-07   Internet pros and cons                                    Tin Ka Ping Secondary School
     14-Mar-07   Two wrongs don't make a right                             Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College
     21-Mar-07   How to deal with stress?                                  CCC Kei Yuen college
     28-Mar-07   Beijing Olympics 2008                                     CCC Ho Fok Tong College
      4-Apr-07   Pollutions                                                King's College
     18-Apr-07   Teenager's pressure                                       Ying Wah College
     25-Apr-07   Addictions                                                STFA Tam Pak Yu College
     16-May-07   Teenage problems                                          Yuen Long Public Secondary School
     23-May-07   Rap music                                                 Wah Ying College
     30-May-07   Age limits                                                Sir Ellis Kadoorie Government Secondary
      6-Jun-07   Examinations                                              King's College
     13-Jun-07   Part-time jobs for secondary school students              Heep Yunn School
     20-Jun-07   Different types of relationship                           United Christian College (Kowloon East)
     27-Jun-07   Heritage preservation                                     Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College

Jul05-Jun06                                                      15                                                  8/7/2011

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