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									                                                      ALUMNI REPORT
                                                        I L L I N O I S              S T A T E      U N I V E R S I T Y
                                                        V O L U M E    6                              N O V E M B E R
                                                                                                                    R     1 9 9 9
                                                                                                                          1 9 9 9

Inside this issue                 Illinois State receives record                        Message from the president
  Page 2                          largest gift from State Farm                                                           One of the
                                      State Farm Companies Foundation has                                            greatest pleasures
  •Career Day                     pledged more than $9.5 million to Illinois                                         to come with my
                                  State University, the University’s largest gift                                    recent appointment
  • Contract M.B.A program                                                                                           as president of
                                  in its 142-year history and the largest ever
                                  given by the foundation.                                                           Illinois State
  • Faculty awards
                                      Of that amount, $9 million will be used                                        University is the
  • Director appointed            to construct a building for the College of                                         opportunity to
                                  Business at the south end of the Quad.                                             meet our alumni.
  • Program coordinator added     The remainder of the pledge will be used                                           As I talk to gradu-
                                  for the Katie Insurance School ($200,000                                           ates of all eras, it
  • New COB building              for curriculum innovation), Department of                                          is clear that the
                                                                                        Victor John Boschini Jr.
                                  Accounting ($33,000 for reengineering of                                           years spent at
  Page 3                          courses), Department of Marketing ($30,000            Illinois State are fondly remembered as a
                                  for technology upgrades to the professional           special time of precious memories filled
  • Listserv returns              selling laboratory), Educational Investment           with friendships as well as personal and
                                  Fund ($50,000 for a model trading room,               professional growth.
  • Alumni news                   scholarships, and lecture series), Teaching               This common bond is amazing, consider-
                                  Technology Fellowships ($85,000 for faculty           ing Illinois State’s nearly 130,000 graduates
  Page 5                          development), Department of Mathematics               have all had unique experiences that changed
                                  ($19,600 for the new actuarial science                dramatically as the University matured. From
  • Program survey                major), and the Illinois Shakespeare Society          humble beginnings in 1857 as a teachers
                                  ($110,000 for associated programs).                   school and the first public university in the
                                      “We are happy to invest in the future             state of Illinois to today’s multidimensional,
  Page 7
                                  of Illinois State University and its graduates,”      high-tech campus, the University remains
  • Alumni merchandise for sale   said Vincent Trosino, president, vice presi-          such a dynamic institution that it seems
                                  dent of the board, and chief operating officer,       impossible to capture all that it means
                                  State Farm Mutual. “State Farm Companies              to every alum.
                                  Foundation applauds your efforts to bring                 Indeed, change is occurring across cam-
                                  the most effective technology and instruction         pus on a daily basis as research advances,
                                  into the business classroom, creating a               students achieve, and the campus as a whole
                                  real-world advantage for your faculty and             forges forward in its commitment to be the
                                  students.”                                            premier undergraduate school in Illinois.
                                      President Emeritus David Strand of                    You’ll see examples in this newsletter
                                  Illinois State noted that State Farm employs          of how this goal is being achieved. You’ll
                                  more than 2,500 Illinois State alumni and             read about students who are now where
                                  that the two institutions have engaged in             you once walked. Their aspirations and
  M.B.A. Alumni Report                                                                  accomplishments will give you a glimpse
                                  numerous educational and business partner-
  Volume 6, November 1999                                                               of the programs, people, and progress at
                                  ships. “State Farm and Illinois State have
  Published annually                                                                    the University.
                                  always been good neighbors,” Strand said.
  Illinois State University                                                                 I am pleased to share this information
  M.B.A. Program                                                                        with you, our alumni, who remain the best
  Campus Box 5500                                                                       spokespersons for the University. I know as
  Normal, IL 61790-5500                                                                 you take a moment to become reacquainted
                                                                                        with Illinois State you will not only recapture
  Telephone: (309) 438-8388                                                             your own fond memories but realize anew
  Facsimile: (309) 438-5510                                                             the many reasons you have to be proud
                                                                                        of your alma mater.
M.B.A. Association Career Day                       Faculty awards                                    Program coordinator added
    The M.B.A. Association recently hosted              Earning the $5,000 stipend and the            to M.B.A. staff
Richard Penkoski, partner, and a team of 11         prestige of the College of Business Caterpillar       Shari Rich is the
other consultants from Deloitte & Touche            Faculty Scholar designation for 1997-98 were      newest staff member
Consulting Group; Marjabelle Stewart, an            Professor Lee Graf, Management and Quanti-        in the M.B.A. office.
internationally known etiquette expert; and         tative Methods, and Associate Professor Steve     She joined the staff in
a team of five project managers from State          Taylor, Marketing, and for 1998-99 Profes-        the new position of
                                                    sors Victor Devinatz and Iris Varner, both        program coordinator
                                                    Management and Quantitative Methods.              in March 1998 and
                                                        Other awards presented at the 1998-99         began working pri-
                                                    College of Business Recognition Program           marily with the con-
                                                    and their faculty recipients were                 tract M.B.A. program. Shari Rich
                                                       • College Teaching Award                       She also assists with
                                                         —Associate Professor Joseph Trefzger         various recruitment programs, coordinates
                                                       • College Service Award                        M.B.A. new-student orientation, and serves
                                                         —Professor Lee Graf                          as the contact person for all prospective
                                                       • Alexander Technology                         M.B.A. students.
Internationally known etiquette expert Marjabelle        Innovation Award                                 She earned her bachelor’s degree in psy-
Stewart, center, greeted students at the M.B.A.          —Professor Teresa Palmer                     chology and her master’s in college student
Association Career Day.                                                                               personnel from Western Illinois University.
                                                       In fall 1998, the M.B.A. Association recog-    Before coming to Illinois State, Shari worked
Farm Insurance and PM Solutions. A crowd            nized Tony Ostrosky as the Outstanding            at the University of Arkansas-Monticello and
of M.B.A. students and alumni attended the          M.B.A. Professor of the year.                     at DeKalb College in Atlanta, Georgia, as a
full day of career development workshops                                                              student services administrator. Shari, hus-
led by these speakers at the second annual                                                            band Mark, and daughter Karalyn, live in
M.B.A. Association Career Day in January.           Graf appointed M.B.A. director                    Mackinaw.
    Mark your calendars now. The M.B.A.
                                                        Lee Graf was
Association is already at work planning
                                                    appointed M.B.A.
its next Career Day, to be held Saturday,                                                             New COB building
                                                    director in August.
February 19, 2000. Program details and
reservation forms will be mailed to area
                                                    He was selected                                   in planning stage
                                                    after a search
alumni this fall.                                                                                         The state budget recently passed by the
                                                    necessitated by the
                                                                                                      Illinois General Assembly includes $18.9
                                                    appointment of Tim
                                                                                                      million to be used for a new building for the
                                                    Longfellow as inter-
Contract M.B.A. program                             im chairperson of
                                                                                                      College of Business. Illinois State University
                                                                                                      wants to build a 73,000-square-foot structure
    The Illinois State University contract          the Department of
                                                                            Lee Graf                  with the state funds and a $9.5 million gift
M.B.A. program at Illinois Power Company            Marketing.
                                                                                                      from State Farm Companies Foundation.
in Clinton and Decatur came to a successful             Graf has been a member of the College
                                                                                                          Thanks to Gov. George Ryan’s Illinois
conclusion in 1997. A total of 32 students          of Business faculty since 1978 and has a long
                                                                                                      FIRST public works initiative, enough money
were graduated, most of them in May. A few          record of faculty leadership, most recently as
                                                                                                      was available to move up construction of the
finished their electives at Illinois Power in       a professor and internship coordinator in the
                                                                                                      building. Previously the University hadn’t
August, and a few others completed their            Department of Management and Quantitative
                                                                                                      anticipated being able to build the structure
last courses on campus.                             Methods. He has taught M.B.A. courses on
                                                                                                      for at least another decade. “I particularly
    In January 1998, a new contract M.B.A.          campus and in the contractual programs.
                                                                                                      want to commend Senator [John] Maitland
program was launched in Decatur for                     Graf has participated in curricular task
                                                                                                      for his efforts to secure [additional funds]
employees of Archer Daniels Midland,                forces for the M.B.A. program and has experi-
                                                                                                      this session for design and construction,”
Bridgestone-Firestone, and Caterpillar.             ence with executive development programs.
                                                                                                      said President David Strand of Illinois State.
Twenty-four students are enrolled. A coordi-        He has an extensive record of publications
                                                                                                          The first step will be a $1 million plan-
nator has been hired (see related story) to         and funded competitive grants. He has
                                                                                                      ning process, taking nine months to a year.
work with faculty and students on details           received both the College of Business and
                                                                                                      Actual construction could begin next year.
for administrating the program.                     the University Outstanding Researcher
                                                                                                      The new building will almost double the
    Applications are being accepted for a           Awards and was selected as a Caterpillar
                                                                                                      college’s space for classrooms, labs, offices,
third contract M.B.A. program in Decatur.           Faculty Scholar.
                                                                                                      and general use space.
                                                        Chairperson of the University Research
                                                    Committee, Graf also has served on many
                                                    other committees and task forces. In recogni-
                                                    tion of his many contributions, he received
                                                    the College of Business Service Award last
                                                    year. He also has administrative experience,
                                                    having served a two-year interim appoint-
                                                    ment as chairperson of the Accounting

  Alumni listserv back
      Remember: You can subscribe to the               Due to major changes last summer in               To subscribe to the list, send the E-mail
  computer listserv MBA-LINK to stay in            how E-mail is handled at Illinois State,          message “subscribe mba-link yourfirstname
  touch with Illinois State University M.B.A.      many people had difficulty subscribing to         yourlastname” (don’t use a signature) to list-
  faculty and your fellow alumni, to share and     the listserv when it was set up. We apolo- From then on you will auto-
  receive information about job openings and       gize for the confusion and hope to do better      matically receive messages posted to the list
  internship opportunities with M.B.A. stu-        this time. If the following instructions do       by other subscribers. Replies to postings
  dents, and to receive up-to-the-minute news      not work (due to more E-mail upgrades             may be sent to the entire list or just to the
  from the M.B.A. office and College               expected this summer), call (309) 438-8388        person who posted the message. A welcome
  of Business. It is a fast, convenient, and       and ask for Kathy Alexander to receive the        message will be sent to all new subscribers,
  free electronic bulletin board for posting       latest instructions.                              giving instructions on how to use the list.

Alumni news
1968                                               bring crop genetics technology developed by         to move to China (with Hanchang) to work
Dave Goldhammer is the business manager            DuPont to the consumer through integration          for Kraft Asia/Greater China in 1999. Their
of the Central Illinois district of the Lutheran   of the value chain. He lives in Cherry Hill,        daughter, Cindy, was a junior at the Univer-
Church–Missouri Synod in Springfield. He           New Jersey. He and wife Sandra are the              sity of Wisconsin-Madison at the time they
lives in nearby Petersburg.                        parents of Alison Taylor, born July 2, 1997,        left for Canada.
                                                   and Jacob Thomas.                                   Patrick Williams is president of WCCV
1976                                               Charles “Randy” Laugges lives is Champaign          Floor Coverings, Inc., in Stow, Ohio. He lives
Brad Naeymi is senior advance therapy              and is chief financial officer for Hoopeston        in Cuyahoga Falls.
specialist ID task force, product launch           Hospital. He has a CPA and holds the CCP
team, for Rhône-Poulenc. He lives in               (certified computer professional) designation.      1992
Overland Park, Kansas.                                                                                 Michelle King of Bloomington is area
Tony Sorcic is president and CEO of Citizens       1986                                                manager for Premier Manufacturing Support
First National Bank, Princeton.                    Ed Broadbear is assistant zone manager              Services, LP, a division of ServiceMaster, spe-
                                                   in Chrysler Corporation’s Washington,               cializing in providing high-technology clean-
1983                                               D.C., office, responsible for all sales and         ing services internationally at joint venture
Robert Frohlich is director of business ser-       service activities in the District of Columbia,     auto plants.
vices at Genesis Rehabilitation Hospital in        Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and West Vir-         Brian Wagner received the U.S. Postal Ser-
Jacksonville, Florida. He also serves as an        ginia. He lives in Severna Park, Maryland.          vice’s highest customer service award from
adjunct faculty member in health administra-                                                           Postmaster General Marvin Runyon in Wash-
tion at the University of North Florida, where     1989                                                ington, D.C., in October 1977. Brian serves as
he received his Master of Health Administra-       Karen Garvin has accepted the position              customer relations coordinator for the U.S.
tion and was inducted into Phi Kappa Phi.          of program manager at Market Probe, Inc.,           Postal Service in Peoria.
                                                   in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Larry Martell is operations manager for
Akron Child Guidance Center in Cuyahoga            Our apologies to Mary Guinane for having            1993
Falls, Ohio. His home is in North Canton.          her title incorrect in the last Alumni Report.      Jeff Benzing is the new director of the
                                                   She is an investment officer at IAA Trust           McLean County (Illinois) Chamber of Com-
1985                                               Company in Bloomington.                             merce. His wife, Patty, and their two children
Thomas Breslin is vice president–finance                                                               will move from Joliet to Bloomington-Normal
and chief financial officer for OmniQuip           1990                                                in a few months. Jeff had been in Joliet, work-
International, Inc., the largest North American    Arnaud Marchais has moved to Lyon, France,          ing as director of corporate communications
manufacturer of telescopic material handlers,      and has changed jobs to commercial director,        for the National Insurance Crime Bureau in
located in Port Washington, Wisconsin.             Zolpan Val Rhône S.A.                               Palos Hills. Prior to that he had served as
                                                   Scott Williams is director of training for John     media coordinator for Country Companies.
Paul Gear has made his third career move
since his M.B.A. degree. Formerly he was in        Hancock Mutual Life in Aurora.                      Stacey Erickson obtained a pharmaceutical
sales and marketing at Ford Motor Company                                                              specialist position with Astra Merck two
for 10 years, after a short time as president      1991                                                weeks after graduation from the M.B.A. pro-
of a small precast concrete company in Des         Laurent Boilly is market development manag-         gram. In 1996 she received a promotion to
Moines, Iowa. He is currently marketing            er, international marketing division, at APA,       professional relations manager at the head-
manager for Fleetwood Enterprises in               the engineered wood association in Tacoma,          quarters in Wayne, Pennsylvania. She spends
Lexington, Kentucky.                               Washington.                                         a great deal of time traveling all over the
                                                                                                       world because one of the joint venture part-
Jeff Jury has been promoted from marketing         Eileen Ni and her husband, Hanchang Chen,
                                                                                                       ners is based in Sweden. Her job is building
and sales manager, agricultural products, to       relocated in 1998 from Madison, Wisconsin,
strategy and business unit development man-        to Toronto, Canada, so she could be a product
ager within DuPont, developing strategies to       manager at Kraft Canada. Eileen was expected                                        Continued on page 4

Alumni news                  Continued from page 3

strategic alliances with professional medical        which employs approximately 2,400 people.          Pankaj Soni completed his M.S. in applied
associations and leaders of medical thought          Benjamin is a licensed nursing home adminis-       computer science at Illinois State after his
in the field of gastroenterology. In her spare       trator and serves on several committees for        M.B.A. He has been working in Chicago for a
time she enjoys white-water rafting, exercis-        the Illinois Health Care Association.              couple of years, currently as a senior consul-
ing, skiing, playing with her dog, and travel-       Lance Klumb is health care representative          tant dealing primarily with the business and
ing back to the Chicago area to visit friends        for Pfizer, Inc., in East Peoria.                  technical aspects of his company’s accounts.
and family.                                                                                             He married Sakshi in December 1997. She is
                                                     Robert Lee is a senior analyst for a telecom-      pursuing a law degree at Loyola University,
1994                                                 munications company and a part-time                Chicago.
Pierre Delage is chief representative with           computer science student.
                                                                                                        Ananchai “Mao” Wongbunterng is an
Olivier China, a subsidiary of Louis Vuitton         Jon McCarty, a Juris Doctor candidate at the       information technology engineer with Sony,
Moet Hennessy Group. The company is an               University of Illinois College of Law, expected    Thailand.
importer and distributor of fine food and            to graduate in May 1998.
wine in China, targeting hotels, restaurants,                                                           1997
                                                     Chris McLeod is a claim representative for
airline caterers, fine food retailers, and the                                                          Sidharth Chilankuri is an analyst at First
                                                     State Farm Insurance at its Bloomington
bakery industry. Pierre was previously retail                                                           of America Bank in Peoria.
                                                     Regional Office. He married Karri Heil ’94
manager for Olivier Singapore.
                                                     in August 1998. She is a business manager          Shriram Gokte is an information analyst for
Carl Harshbarger of Champaign is controller          at Caterpillar, Inc., in East Peoria.              Principal Financial Group in Des Moines, Iowa.
for Professional Turf Specialties, Inc., manag-
                                                     Pankaj Raval’s family firm recently took over      Amar Kamath recently moved east to be in
ing the financial and accounting operations
                                                     one of the biggest paper converting factories      charge of marketing at Children’s Hospital in
for the wholesaler/distributor of golf carts,
                                                     in Kenya, Africa. Pankaj is one of three direc-    Boston and Pennsylvania, which is affiliated
turf products, and electric motors. He and
                                                     tors and handles the finances and most other       with Harvard University. He married
his wife, Vickie, are busy with their careers,
                                                     major aspects of the operation.                    Lakshmi Ramadurai, Ph.D. ’98, in India
home improvement projects, and “two
demanding dogs.”                                     Amit Tiwari is employed by 3Com Corpora-           in October 1998. She works for Tufts-New
                                                     tion as a network systems engineer, providing      England Medical School.
Rebecca Hines has been recognized with
                                                     support to premier corporate customers such        Kendra Kammler is a human resources
a special 10th anniversary award from the
                                                     as Sprint and Prodigy, Inc., for their Internet    specialist at White Hen Pantry headquarters
McLean County (Illinois) YWCA as part of
                                                     offering.                                          in Elmhurst. She lives in Wheaton.
the 1999 Women of Distinction program.
                                                     Sherry Wagner, managing director, and the          Kaiser Kasimali is still in Houston, Texas.
Lisa (Wilk) Shewmon lives in Greeley,
                                                     University Theatre, University of Minnesota,       He is now with the Fiesta Company.
Colorado, and is a claim specialist with State
                                                     have enjoyed a season of firsts this year, open-
Farm Insurance. She works on the national                                                               Yolanda Nimmer is in law school at
                                                     ing with a collaboration piece with Lou Bel-
catastrophe team.                                                                                       Vanderbilt University.
                                                     lamy’s Penumbra Theatre Company, arguably
Sanjeev Sinha is senior network analyst              the nation’s premier African-American theatre,     Ramesh Raghavan is at Kemper in Chicago.
for 3Com in Mount Prospect.                          and hosting an international Brecht sympo-         Trent Seed is a residential mortgage loan
                                                     sium, held in conjunction with a newly trans-      officer at National City Bank in Indianapolis,
1995                                                 lated version of “Turandot.” The season also       Indiana. He and his wife, Kristin, are expect-
Sam Young Chung earned a Master of                   included David Edgar’s “Pentecost” and a           ing a baby.
Science in finance from Boston College after         collaborative project of dance and theatre
his M.B.A. In February 1998 he wrote that            involving the residency of Ann Bogart and          Bernard Uffelman is partner-in-charge of
he was a Ph.D. candidate in finance at the           the Saratoga International Theater Institute.      utility regulatory and litigation support ser-
University of Massachusetts–Amherst.                                                                    vices at Deloitte & Touche in Austin, Texas.
Randy Conway became the director of mar-             1996                                               Anastasia Youkhno married Kyle Sennott in
keting for United Community Bank of North            Julie (Lombardi) Busse married Western             July 1997. She is marketing coordinator for
Dakota in December 1997. His duties include          Illinois University graduate Matthew Busse         World Wide Assistance Services, a subsidiary
marketing and advertising, strategic market-         in February 1998. They built a house in            of Europe Assistance International Travel
ing planning, market research, and budgeting         Romeoville and moved into it during Labor          Company in Washington, D.C.
for the bank’s six locations throughout north-       Day weekend.
central North Dakota. He resides in Minot.           Wendy Champion is loan documentation               1998
                                                     review supervisor at Oak Brook Bank. She           Jeff MacDonald is working in new
Tracey Cornish is assistant to the president/
                                                     resides in Westmont.                               product development as a market analyst
CEO of Theatre Management Group of Hous-
                                                                                                        for Illinova Corporation in Decatur. He is
ton, Texas. The company specializes in the           Laura Greenawalt of Flower Mound, Texas,
                                                                                                        married to Lori.
operation of 1,000-to-4,000-seat performing          is senior marketing manager for GTE Network
arts centers and theatres.                           Services in Irving.                                Mike Hotz is a program manager for
Benjamin Hart has been named manager of                                                       , an Internet direct marketing
                                                     Laurent Mercier is trade attaché for the
marketing and public relations for Heritage                                                             company.
                                                     French Embassy Trade Office in New
Enterprises, Inc., of Bloomington. He is             York City.                                         Suzanne Weirick is a senior budget analyst
responsible for all internal and external com-                                                          for the City of Chicago.
munication for the long-term care provider,

Update-your-M.B.A. certificate program survey
       The M.B.A. office is considering offering a certificate program in spring or summer 2000 for those who would like to
   update their M.B.A. degree. Please take five minutes to complete the following survey and return it to us by December 1, 1999
   to help us plan the best program for you.

   1. Issues of interest to business are in a constant state of change. Which new issues have emerged and which issues have
      changed enough since you received your degree that you would be interested in receiving an update about them? (Please
      feel free to be as vague or specific as you wish. Feel free to continue on the back of this page or attach additional pages.)

   2. Which of the following formats would be most likely to fit your schedule?
      (Check formats a., b., and/or c.)

      ❏ a. One evening per week (6-9 p.m.) for four consecutive weeks
      (Please circle the best evenings for you. Please “X” out the worst evenings for you.)

      Monday                        Tuesday                 Wednesday                   Thursday              Friday             Saturday

      (Please circle the best months for you. Please “X” out the worst months for you.)

      January            February               March              April                May          June              July       August

      ❏ b. One or two intensive weekends (Friday 5-9 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Sunday 1-5 p.m.)
      (Please circle the best weekends for you. Please “X” out the worst weekends for you.)

           1/7-1/9                      1/14-1/16                       1/21-1/23                  1/28-1/30

           2/4-2/6                      2/11-2/13                       2/18-2/20                  2/25-2/27

           3/3-3/5                      3/10-3/12                       3/17-3/19                  3/24-3/26                  3/31-4/2

           4/7-4/9                      4/14-4/16                       4/21-4/23                  4/28-4/30

           5/5-5/7                      5/12-5/14                       5/19-5/21                  5/26-5/28

           6/2-6/4                      6/9-6/11                        6/16-6/18                  6/23-6/25                  6/30-7/2

           7/7-7/9                      7/14-7/16                       7/21-7/23                  7/28-7/30

           8/4-8/6                      8/11-8/13                       8/18-8/20                  8/25-8/27

      ❏ c. One full week of days (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.)
      (Please circle the best weeks for you. Please “X” out the worst weeks for you.)

           1/3-1/7                      1/10-1/14                       1/17-1/21                  1/24-1/28                  1/31-2/4
          2/7-2/11                      2/14-2/18                       2/21-2/25                  2/28-3/3
          3/6-3/10                      3/13-3/17                       3/20-3/24                  3/27-3/31
           4/3-4/7                      4/10-4/14                       4/17-4/21                  4/24-4/28
           5/1-5/5                      5/8-5/12                        5/15-5/19                  5/22-5/26                  5/29-6/2
           6/5-6/9                      6/12-6/16                       6/19-6/23                  6/26-6/30
           7/3-7/7                      7/10-7/14                       7/17-7/21                  7/24-7/28                  7/31-8/4
          8/7-8/11                      8/14-8/18                       8/21-8/25                  8/28-9/1


        3. Would your company pay for you to attend our certificate program?
        ❏ Yes
        ❏ No
        ❏ Other ______________________________________________________________________________________________

        4. Assuming the topics would be of interest to you, the dates would be satisfactory, and the price of the program would be in the
           range of $250-$500 (depending on the number of hours), what is the likelihood you would attend? (Please circle one choice)
            Not likely at all                                                                                Extremely likely
                   1                         2                     3                        4                        5


    Name ______________________________________________________________ M.B.A. class year____________________________________

    Mailing address _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    City _______________________________________________________________ State ___________ Country_____________ Zip __________

    E-mail ______________________________________________________________

  Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey!

  Please return it by December 1, 1999, in the business reply envelope provided; by faxing it to (309) 438-7255; or by sending
  it to Illinois State University, M.B.A. Program, Campus Box 5500, Normal, IL 61790-5500.


Alumni merchandise for sale
   The M.B.A. Association is selling merchandise to raise money for                                                                                    T-shirt 1
                                                                                   Sweatshirt 2
its programs and philanthropies.

   T-shirts sell for $18 and sweatshirts for $33. Two designs are

available. Design one is in red ink on white shirts. Design two is

in white ink on red shirts.

   Drop-needle sport shirts are available in 100 percent cotton in white

fabric with bright red striped collar and cuffs, and red embroidered

M.B.A. logo on upper left chest.                                                      Sweatshirt 1                                                 T-shirt 2

   Black denier nylon briefcases have red and white embroidered logo,            Wearing shirts the M.B.A. Association is selling are, top row from left,
                                                                                 Ale LaMadrid of Mexico (design two sweatshirt), and Jeff MacDonald of
shoulder strap, zipper closing, and multiple pockets.                            Canada (design one T-shirt); and, bottom row from left, Matthew Taylor
                                                                                 of Illinois (design one sweatshirt), and Heather Jackson of Illinois (design
   Orders may be placed before December 1, 1999, through the M.B.A.              two T-shirt).
office. Merchandise will be shipped January 30 to arrive in

time for Valentine’s Day.

   To order, see order form below.

                                               T-shirt and sweatshirt order form

Ship to


   Telephone ( ________ )______________________________________________________________________________________________

   Shipping address___________________________________________________________________________________________________

   City ______________________________________________________________________ State ____________ Zip __________________

Please send (#) _____ T-shirt(s) of design one (red ink on white shirt) @ $18 each, size             ❏ S,     ❏ M,     ❏ L,     ❏ XL.

Please send (#) _____ sweatshirt(s) of design one (red ink on white shirt) @ $33 each, size              ❏ S,      ❏ M,     ❏ L,      ❏ XL.

Please send (#) _____ T-shirt(s) of design two (white ink on red shirt) @ $18 each, size             ❏ S,    ❏ M,      ❏ L,     ❏ XL.

Please send (#) _____ sweatshirt(s) of design two (white ink on red shirt) @ $33 each, size              ❏ S,      ❏ M,     ❏ L,      ❏ XL.

Please send (#) _____ polo shirt(s) (red embroidery on white shirt) @ $40 each, size              ❏ S,      ❏ M,     ❏ L,     ❏ XL.

Please send (#) _____ briefcase(s) (black with red and white embroidery) @ $35 each.

Total enclosed $ _______________________

   Make checks payable to M.B.A. Association, Illinois State University.

   Return completed form and check (if applicable) in the enclosed business reply envelope.

                       Please provide the following information for our files and alumni news

    Name ______________________________________________________________________ Class year_______________________

    Home address ________________________________________________________________________________________________

    City ________________________________________________________________________ State ____________ Zip ____________

    Home telephone ( ________ ) ________________________________ Facsimile ( ________ ) _______________________________

    E-mail _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Employer _________________________________________________ Position ___________________________________________

    Work address ________________________________________________________________________________________________

    City ________________________________________________________________________ State ____________ Zip ____________

    Work telephone ( ________ ) ________________________________

    Any other alumni news to share? ________________________________________________________________________________




         Please return this form in the business reply envelope provided or by faxing it to (309) 438-7255 or by sending it to
         Illinois State University • M.B.A. Program • Campus Box 5500 • Normal, IL 61790-5500

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     University                                                                                     Normal, IL 61790-5500
   Illinois State
                                                                                                    Campus Box 5500
   U.S. Postage                                                                          College of Business/M.B.A. Program
  Non-Profit Org.

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