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					           Acronyms Frequently Used in the Prevention Field
   Acronym                                                       Description
                   The "5 A's" are designed to be used with the tobacco user who is willing to quit.
   5 A's
                   Ask, Advise, Assess, Assist, and Arrange
   ACS             American Cancer Society
   AHA             American Heart Association
   ANRF            American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation
   ATS             Adult Tobacco Survey
   ATOD            Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs
   AWARE           Alcohol, Wellness Alternatives, Research and Education (UW program)

                   Blood alcohol concentration Also referred to as blood alcohol content or blood alcohol level (BAL)
   BG              Block Grant
   BRFSS           Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
   CAB             Community Advisory Board
   CAC             Citizen Advisory Council
                   Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America. A national organization that supports community
   CAPT            Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies
   CDC             Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
   CFTFK or TFK    Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids
   CMCA            Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol
   COB             Close of Business
   CSAP            The Center for Substance Abuse Prevention
   CSAT            Center for Substance Abuse Treatment
                   Data Analysis Committee of the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) State Incentive Grant (SIG). The
   DAC             DAC will conduct a statewide needs and resource assessment in order to establish com-munities of
                   greatest need.

                   Drug Abuse Resistance Education Prevention curriculum delivered in schools by police officers.
   DFS             Drug Free Schools
   DOT             Department of Transportation
   DUI             Driving Under The Influence
   DWI             Driving While Intoxicated
   ETS             Environmental tobacco smoke
   EUDL            Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws
   FTE             Full Time Equivalent

                   Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (health information privacy rule enacted in 1996)
   IOM             Institute of Medicine
   KFR             Key Findings Report

   MSA             Master Settlement Agreement Landmark legal settlement between 46 states and the tobacco industry
                   intended to compensate the states for health costs attributed to tobacco use.
   MIP             Minor In Possession

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             Acronyms Frequently Used in the Prevention Field
   Acronym                                                       Description
                   National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information Part of the federal Substance Abuse and
                   Mental Health Administration
   NCTOH           National Conference on Tobacco or Health
   NIDA            National Institute on Drug Abuse
                   National Outcome Measures is the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention’s (CSAP) assessment of
                   services provided to a defined population.
                   National Registry of Effective Prevention Programs Maintained by the federal Center for Substance
                   Abuse Prevention
                   Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Part of the Office of Justice Programs within the
                   U.S. Department of Justice
   OTC             Over The Counter (Drugs)
                   Process Information, forms which provide feedback on various programs utilized within SPF-SIG and
                   Block Grant programs, reported to WySAC.

   PIRE            Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation provides technical assistance for the SPF Epidemiological
                   work groups and is charged with evaluation of the 20 states participating in the SPF SIG
   PM              Program Manager
   PNA             Prevention Needs Assessment
   PSA             Public Service Announcement Brief commercial aired on radio or television at no charge.
   RFP             Request for proposals
   RVR             Retailer Violation Rate
   RX              Prescription
   SA              Substance Abuse
                   Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration Agency within the U.S. Department of Health and
                   Human Services.
   SAPT            Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment
   SBIRT           Screening & Brief Intervention for Risky Substance Use
   SEW             State Epidemiological Workgroup
                   The Strategic Prevention Framework is the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention’s five-step process
   SPF             designed to increase the effectiveness of substance abuse prevention on both the state and local level
                   through collaborative interagency planning
   SPF-SIG         Strategic Prevention Framework - State Incentive Grant
   SSES            Synar Survey Estimation System
   SRO             Student Resource Officer
                   Not an acronym. The Synar Amendment, named for the late Congressman Mike Synar, is a federal law
   Synar           requiring states to restrict and reduce youth access to tobacco products or risk losing block grant
                   funding for alcohol and drug programs.
   TA              Technical Assistance
                   Tobacco Awareness Program - a voluntary youth cessation program created by Community

   TATU            Teens Against Tobacco Use Peer-led program to teach young people about tobacco use and to become
                   advocates for tobacco-free communities. Sponsored by the American Lung Association.

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           Acronyms Frequently Used in the Prevention Field
   Acronym                                                     Description
              Tobacco Education Group Curriculum often used with students who have violated policies on tobacco
              use, created by Community Intervention.
   TFSE       Tobacco Free Schools of Excellence
   TFWC       Tobacco Free Wyoming Communities
   TIPS       Training for Intervention Procedures - Responsible Beverage Service Training Program
   TOT        Training of Trainers
   USDHHS     United States Department of Health and Human Services
   WASCOP     Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police
   WDE        Wyoming Department of Education
   WDFS       Wyoming Department of Family Services
   WDH-MHSASD WY Dept. of Health, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Division
   WYDOT      Wyoming Department of Transportation
   WEN        Wyoming Education Network
   WFLI       Wyoming First Lady's Initiative
   WIC        Women, Infants and Children (special supplemental food program)
   WNTD       World No Tobacco Day
   WTWC       Wyoming Through With Chew
              Wyoming Quit Tobacco Program; includes the Wyoming Quitline 1-800-QUIT-NOW and offers free
              counseling and low-cost cessation medications.
              Wyoming Chemical Abuse Research and Education (Resources outlet within Wyoming based out of the
              University of Wyoming)
   WYPTAC     Wyoming Prevention Technical Assistance Consortium
   WYSAC      Wyoming Survey & Analysis Center
   WYSTAR     Wyoming Substance Abuse Treatment And Recovery Center
              Youth Risk Behavior Survey consists of national, state, and local school-based surveys of ninth- through
              12th-graders to measure priority health risk behaviors.
   YRBS       Youth Risk Behavior Survey
   YTD        Year To Date

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