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                                                The Bulletin                                           Friday 17th June 2011

                                                                                                     Monday 20th June

                                                                                                       12pm-3pm Mini Green
                                                                                                         SSTA Tennis Finals
                                                                                                   4.45pm-6pm U12 a&b Rounders
                                                                                                        v Ipswich School (H)
                                                                                                     Tuesday 21st June
                                                                                                     4pm-5.30pm Premier Tennis
                                                                                                     Finals at Ipswich Sports Club
                                                                                                     4pm-6pm U12 Athletics South
                                                                                                      Suffolk Finals at Northgate
                                                                                                        Weds 22nd June
                                                                                                     Y4 Outing to Dunwich Heath
                                                                                                    U15 Tennis & Rounders GDST

Ecology Day at IHS                                                                                    Tournament, Queenswood
                                                                                                      9.30am-12pm U13a Tennis
                                                                                                         League County Finals,
This week, the Biology Department held an Ecology day for our
                                                                                                    1pm-3pm U15a Tennis League
Year 7 pupils in the grounds behind Woolverstone Hall.                                               County Finals, Framlingham
Blessed with beautiful weather, and ideal pond-dipping and                                            2.30pm U10 a&b Rounders
bug-searching conditions, the girls were overwhelmed with                                                  v The Abbey (H)
abundant wildlife and particularly big insects!                                                     4.30pm-5.45pm U13 Rounders
The day’s activities were concentrated          studied the wildlife living in our school           Tournament at St Joseph’s (A)
on the pond environment and looking             pond, and were pleasantly surprised at                                      ~
at invertebrates on the land. Here,             the large variety of animals we found.
pupils and staff share their                    Our best find was the huge diving beetle.               Thurs 23rd June
experiences of their wonderful day in           We were rather sad to have to put him
the grounds. “First thing in the                back. Ecology Day was great fun,                          L6 Geography Trip
morning, we emptied a moth trap                 interesting and informative – a fantastic
which was really full; it contained big         experience, and we are so lucky to have              4pm-6pm U13 Athletics South
furry moths, and a few very little              access to all this nature on our school                Suffolk Finals, Northgate
ones – we were able to identify them
all. We also had to investigate bugs
                                                site.” Caragh Paul, Jasmine Balmer.                                         ~
in the trees and on the ground. My
                                                 “We were blessed with a gloriously
                                                sunny day, and very cooperative
                                                                                                       Friday 24th June
favourite was the millipede which               animals that couldn’t wait to fall into
was huge” – Francesca Townsend.                 our traps or jump into our nets. One                  9.30am-12pm U13b Tennis
“Ecology day was so much fun! The               group found a most impressive newt in
morning activities were really cool.            their catch, which caused great
                                                                                                        League County Finals &
We surveyed the trees, inspected the            excitement! The girls worked really well            1pm-3pm U15b Tennis League
leaves for damage and caught insects            all day, gathered lots of data for their
that lived on the bark. Our favourite
                                                                                                    County Finals, Woodbridge (A)
                                                spreadsheets, and were really
creature was the woodlouse – we                 enthusiastic to take their practical
thought it was adorable how it curled           experiences back into their classroom                   1.15pm Lunchtime Concert
up in a tight ball when it was                  lessons.” Mrs Eastwood, Head of Biology.
                                                       Photographs by Mike Kwasniak
frightened. In the afternoon, we                                                                           5.30pm Art Exhibition

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Issue 32

Junior School News
                                                                                      Junior School Dates
                                                                                        for Your Diary!
                                                                                         Wednesday 22nd June
                                                                                      Year 4 Outing to Dunwich Heath
                                                                                           Thursday 23rd June
                                                                                       Nursery-Year 2 Seaside Visit to
                                                                                        Friday 24th June, 5.30pm
                                                                                           Art & DT Exhibition of
                                                                                            GCSE & A level work
                                                                                            Monday 27th June
                                                                                       Induction Day for New Pupils
                                                                                      Second Hand Uniform Sale, 1pm
                                                                                              Friday 1st July
                                                                                         Junior School Sports Day
                                                                                      Monday 4th & Tuesday 5th July
 Thinking Hard!                                                                              Grease the Musical
 By Eileen Fisher, Head of Junior School                                                   Wednesday 6th July
                                                                                         Junior School Prizegiving
 I am writing this bulletin piece in the midst of a long overdue
 rainstorm, which will freshen up the grounds and provide much                       Congratulations
 needed water supplies! It is fitting that our Reception zone has been               to Katharine Shaw,
 filled with some beautiful 3D creations by Year 5, as part of their                 6S, who was invited
 Rivers Topic. The models are intricate and individual and show the                  to play in the
 water cycle in detail. It is fascinating to see how the girls use their             National Development
 own imagination.                                                                    Squad for cadet girls (U16) Table
                                                                                     Tennis. Katharine said “it was a
 On the subject of thinking, I started this week in Swindon on a                     very intensive 3 day camp,
 Thinking Skills conference, headlined by the Rt. Hon. Baroness                      including morning jogs and
 Estelle Morris, discussing Do Government strategies stop children                   physical exercise!” Well done
 from thinking? The two days continued to be fascinating, and I found                Katharine.
 myself learning all about Metacognition from Dr Shirley Larkin of
 Exeter university. Metacognition looks at the higher order thinking
 that we undertake and how we can cultivate this in the classroom,
 through tasks, environment and the groupings we provide. We will
 be looking with great interest in the metacognitive learning in the
 Junior School over the next few weeks and how we can enhance and
 improve this aspect.

 Our French visitors have been doing really well, and I have been amazed             As part of Year 5’s Rivers topic,
 how good their English is! They have integrated easily into our school              which links Science and Geography,
 day, and I have been hearing all about the lovely trips that parents have           the girls have created their own 3D
 planned for them over the weekend. They were even willing tour guides               versions of the water cycle.
 along with our Year 5 pupils on open day. It is wonderful to share such
 confidence in language ability, and I am sure it has inspired our girls.
 My French has certainly improved over the past week, as my GSCE                     Happy Birthday to…
 French phrases have resurfaced!                                                     Esme Carless and
                                                                                     Niamh O’Reilly and also
 The next few weeks are jam packed with outings, visits, reports and                 a belated Happy Birthday
 events. Preparations are already underway for next term, and as soon as
 I have finalised timetables and staffing, I will pass the information on to         to Jasmine and Molly
 you. Have a very enjoyable weekend.                                                 Price, who joined the
                                                                                      Junior School this term!

 Ipswich High School for Girls The Bulletin                              01473 780201 Woolverstone, Suffolk, IP9 1AZ
Issue 32

Team Spirit Shines Through!- By Julie Catchpole
                                                         Team spirit shone through last week as the squad was
                                                         several regular members short. Some girls were
                                                         ‘swimming up’ several age groups and we kept the
                                                         parents on their toes as they were not sure when they
                                                         would see their daughter swim! But it all added to the
                                                         good atmosphere around the pool. All the girls took it in
                                                         their stride and swam with confidence. Clare Roberts
                                                         didn’t hesitate to take over from Matilda Ager who had
                                                         just swum a fantastic fly and couldn’t get back in the pool
                                                         in time for her freestyle race. Olivia Scott found herself at
                                                         the end of a lane with no-one to swim free in the medley
                                                         relay but she didn’t panic and swam herself! Felicity
                                                         Jarvis swam her whole race with her goggles in her
                                                         mouth and still managed to finish second for the year 8’s.
 We have come to the conclusion that Daisy likes to keep us on the edge of our seats as once again she won the race
at the touch! Annabel Lee swam for the year 7 back crawl and won, then had to get back in the pool to swim front
crawl for her own age group also winning that race. Matilda Craig swam fly for the year 7’s and India Foster
swam front crawl for the same age group. They then both had to swim for their own age group. Tabitha Parker,
also swam fly for the year 8’s. Harriet Long had to swim front crawl for the first time in the gala, she gave us all a
lovely surprise when she came in a very close second. All the year 4 girls had to swim for year 5’s. Well done to all
the girls who took part in the gala. Year 5’s IHS 24 Bey 36, Year 6’s IHS 31 Bey 29, Year 7’s IHS 23 Bey 37, Year
8’s IHS 31 Bey 30, TOTAL IHS 109 Beyton Middle School 132. The least amount of points wins!

East Regional Championships:                At the second weekend of the Regionals, three of our squad swimmers
Cara Hetherington, Imogen and Eliza Ross-Smith made all the finals in the 100 back crawl. Cara won Silver,
Imogen Bronze and Eliza finished 7th. On Sunday, Sophie Conway joined the girls for the 200m back crawl. Once
again Cara and Imogen made the final. Cara achieved a bronze medal. Cara swam extremely well and only just
missed out on two National times. Cara then swam in the freestyle relay and won gold. She will now represent her
team at the Nationals in July. Well done girls.

Work of the Week
Nursery: Isla Agar demonstrated very good scissor control as she
carefully cut along the lines to make her windmill. Well done Isla!.

Reception: Niamh Willis for her amazing independent writing this week.

Year 1: Elizabeth Merrigan for the excellent descriptive language when
describing things that we would find at the seaside.

Year 2: Sophie Pryer for excellent work on thinking maps.

Year 3: Lizzie Hughes for her use of ICT to write a letter to her favourite
Author, Michael Morpurgo.

Year 4PA: Phoebe Kilburn for the excellent work in Maths this week.
Well done for learning to divide by chunking.

Year 4P: Sasha Green for her fictional account of a visit to a new planet.

Year 5T: Anya Lewis for her well written Open Morning speech.

Year 5DP: Millie Salter for playing very well in the Under12’s Rounders match. She worked hard, scoring 4
rounders and catching 4 people out. Well done Millie.

Year 6S: Tasha Males for her assiduous attitude in every Grease rehearsal this term. Well done Tasha!

Year 6G: Alexia Bergman for accurate and rapid subtracting of 4 digit numbers using standard written methods
in Maths.

 Ipswich High School for Girls The Bulletin                             01473 780201 Woolverstone, Suffolk, IP9 1AZ
Issue 32

Senior School News
                                                                           We are pleased to announce that
                  Researcher in Residence                                  Susan Squirrell has been
                                                                           appointed Head Chef with
 The Science Department is delighted to welcome
                                                                           immediate effect. Susan has
 Hannah Brierly to the Department next week, as
                                                                           been at Ipswich High School for
 Researcher in residence. Hannah will be helping
                                                                           several years and is looking
 classes with subjects as diverse as ‘how do geckos walk
                                                                           forward to developing our school
 up walls’ to ‘what is the difference between heat and
                                                                           provision over the next few terms.

                                        Also, on Wednesday next week,                             Congratulations to Amelia
                                        a company called Camouflaged                              Curtis-Deer, Year 8, who
                                        Learning are coming to school                             has been chosen as runner
                                        to host a ‘Rapid Response Day’                            up in the Guild of Food
                                        for the Year 9 pupils. It should                          Writers ‘Cook It’
                                        prove a very exciting day. To                             competition. Amelia
                                        learn more about Camouflaged                              travelled to London and
                                        learning, visit
                                                                                                  cooked her dishes for a
                                                                           panel of professional
                                                                           judges, in the Good Food magazine test
                                                                           kitchen. Amelia won dinner for 4 at the Chapel
                    Sports Report                                          Down restaurant in Kent, and a masterclass
                                                                           session with top Chef, Richard Phillips. Well
 Congratulations to the Y9 Athletics squad who
 qualified for the County Finals,                                          done Amelia on this fabulous achievement!
 which will take place on 27th
 June. The whole squad competed
 very well with some excellent
                                                                                  Art Summer Schools
 performances and several
 personal bests. The                                                       There are still spaces
 Intermediate Schools Cup                                                  available for the summer
 Athletics squad (Y9 & Y10)                                                art schools, the week of
 represented Suffolk in the                                                11th-15th July for
 regional A finals this week for                                           Years 4-7, and the week
 the very first time. There were several athletes of                       of 18th-22nd July for
 National Schools standard, but our girls equipped                         Years 7-11. The weeks’
 themselves very well and managed to better their                          activities will include
 allotted team points from the first round, finally
                                                                           creating an enamel tile mural with Ky Rice, and a
 achieving a 3rd place position. Special mention must be
 made of Evie Granat and Alice Robinson who won their                      textile piece with Anna Nyberg. Each course costs
 events. The Junior Schools cup squad (Y7 & Y8)                            £140, inclusive of all materials. If you would like
 competed in the Regional B finals at Chelmsford on                        to know more, please contact reception.
 Tuesday and finish 4th place, achieving the highest score                 For artistic parents, Ky Rice will also be running a
 of any Suffolk school. The Y7 Athletics squad went to                     series of workshop days during the week of
 RHS on Tuesday for the first round of the Suffolk                         26th-29th July. Activities will include; painting
 Championships. All girls competed exceptionally well,                     from landscape, the figure or from still life. There
 gaining 1st or 2nd place in most events. The final round                  will also be a development day on Friday 29th July
 will be held at Northgate next Tuesday.                                   to create a painting, detailed drawing or a mixed
 Tennis: Last week, the U15A tennis squad completed
                                                                           media piece. Please contact reception for full
 their Aegon League fixtures gaining a final win over
 Amberfield, 6:0. The U15As remain unbeaten this term.                     details.
 Rounders: The U14 Rounders team played their area
 tournament on 15th June. We played some excellent                         SPORTS ‘PLAYERLAYERS’ If pupils would like to
 games and are now through to the County Finals later                      order base layers for next term, please purchase the
 this month. The U13A v Ipswich School lost 5:9, and                       uniform layers from
 the U13B team drew 10.5:10.5.                                             ipswich-high-school-for-girls. Thank you.

 Ipswich High School for Girls The Bulletin                                        01473 780201 Woolverstone, Suffolk, IP9 1AZ
Issue 32

Sixth Form News
OGs Host A2 Induction Lessons                                                                   Maths Professor
By Dr Felicia Kirk                                                                              Brings Advice on
This week, we were delighted
                                                                                                On Monday 20th June, Dr Christopher
to welcome back to the school
two OGs, who left Ipswich                                                                       Warner, Professor of Mathematics at
High after A levels in 2010.                                                                    Cambridge University and Fellow of
Hope Gray (pictured left) gained                                                                Robinson College, will visit the school
A* Drama, A Economics and                                                                       to give a talk to our Year 10 and Year
B Geography, and is now                                                                         12 students, as well as answering
studying Media, Communication                                                                   questions on applying to Cambridge.
and Cultural Studies at Newcastle                                                               In addition to his academic career, Dr
university. Amy Kenny (right) gained A* Drama, A Spanish and A                                  Warner has worked in the commercial
French, before going to Leeds university to study Spanish and                                   world of Scientific Instrumentation,
Sociology. The students spent their week of work experience, leading                            and has a varied scientific
Drama lessons for Years 7, 8 and 9, as well as helping with the Drama                           background, having read Physics as an
and Spanish A2 Induction Programme. Hope said “it has been so                                   undergraduate. We are thoroughly
lovely to come back to Ipswich High School, and guide the younger                               looking forward to welcoming Dr
years in a subject that I am so passionate about.” Amy added “this                              Warner. 1pm, Leggett Room.
week has been a fantastic experience. The school has given me so
many opportunities, that it is lovely to be able to give something                              Please note on Wednesday 22nd June
back to the pupils. It is also great to be back without the pressure of                         at 3.15pm, there will be a meeting in
exams looming, and to appreciate how lucky we were to be students                               the board room, on the Olympic
here”.                                                                                          Conference 2012 with the prefect
                                                                                                team and members of SLT.
Work Experience in Maxillofacial Dpt
By Athina Morey, L6                                                                             PepsiCo Accolade
During Half Term, I spent four days in the Maxillofacial Department of
Ipswich Hospital, under the guidance of Mr Davies, parent at Ipswich
                                                                                                for IHS OG
High School. I sat in on clinics, specialising in ‘lumps and bumps’, ‘on                        Congratulations
call’ and ‘orthodontics’. The sessions were all very insightful, and I was                      to past pupil,
able to witness a huge variety of extreme cases. The maxillofacial dentists                     Claire Williams,
were very helpful, and explained each case, so that I could gain the most                       who has been
from my experience. They also taught me various aspects of dentistry                            awarded a $6,000
throughout. They were inspirational to watch, were incredibly                                   PepsiCo
knowledgeable, and were especially good at putting their patients at ease.                      scholarship for her
With each case posing their own individual challenges, I also gained                            final year at UEA.
invaluable insight into patient contact, dealing with anxious, scared and                       Claire sent the
foreign patients. It was an amazing experience and I hope to return in
                                                                                                school an email
the near future. Thank you to Dr Kirk for arranging the work experience,
                                                                                                with details of her
and to Mr Davies for the opportunity.
                                                                                                saying “all the
                                              Mrs Forrest and Mrs Cole joined L6                 opportunities I
                                              Physics students on a practical day               was given at Ipswich High played a
                                              at Thorpe Park last Saturday,                     huge part in allowing this to happen,
                                              experiencing all the forces and their             on top of my University
                                              effects, as the culmination of their              Achievements. Thank you!”
                                              AS Course! The staff had a blast                  Good luck for your PepsiCo
                                              too!                                              placement.

 Ipswich High School for Girls The Bulletin                                   01473 780201 Woolverstone, Suffolk, IP9 1AZ
Issue 32

                                                  In conversation with…
                                                       Amanda Roberts, Senior School Receptionist
                                                  A book that changed me:
            Summer Fete Raffle                    Delia Smith’s Complete Cookery Course
                                                  (according to my husband!)
      A huge thank you to Clare Archer,                         1.
         mother of Caitlin, for kindly            If I wasn’t born now, I wish I’d
      donating 2 tickets for the London           been born in: 1990-so I would only be
         Symphony Orchestra at the                21 now!
      Barbican, with backstage meet and
       greet afterwards. Can we remind            Favourite building:
                                                  My beach hut at ‘Old Felixstowe’.
       parents to fill in the raffle tickets
        and return them to Reception.             Favourite film: It’s a Wonderful Life.

                                                          Favourite Restaurant: ‘Valley Connection’ in Bury St
                                                                                        Edmunds(fab Indian)

                                                            Greatest achievement: Passing my Maths O’ Level
                                                                              (Maths is not my strong point)
          Action Medical Research are
                                                    Most profound discovery: Penicillin ( Alexander Fleming)
       hosting The Bear Ball on Monday
      11th July 2011, 7.30pm to 10.30pm,
        for ages 12 to 15. Tickets £25.00                                                       Fondest memory:
      If you are interested in finding out           My Dad’s   75th   Birthday party-held in our garden. He passed
       more please contact Lynn Pohl at                                                   away a few months later.
                                                                            Best piece of advice: Enjoy the moment!
                      Christine Tinker has
                      produced a CD of the

                                                  Friday’s Five
                      music by Franz Liszt
                      and would be
                      delighted if parents
                      would like to               Our pick of what’s on over the next week
     purchase a copy at a reduced cost of
     £10.00. Please visit                   1) Alder Carr Strawberry Fayre, Creeting St. Mary, Ipswich
                                                  Saturday 18th June-10.00am-3.00pm
               Reminder to all parents. 
               Second Hand Uniform Sale.
               1pm, Monday 27th June 2011         2) Midsummer Tea Party-St Mary’s Church, West Bergholt.
           If you have any unwanted uniform,      Sat 18th June 12.00pm-3.00pm
               please drop it into Reception

                               Ginger kitten      3) The Blue Cross Fun Day and Dog Show
                               looking for a      Sunday 19th June-11.00am.
                               good home!
                               IHS Parent, Mrs    4) Fabulous Father’s Day Mediaeval Weekend-The Suffolk Owl
                               Tomley has one     Sanctuary, Stonham Barns, Stonham Aspal,Suffolk
                               kitten left of a   Sat 18th-Sun 19th June-10.00am-5.00pm
     litter of five, looking for a friendly
     family to adopt him. To know more,           5) Suffolk Wildlife Trust 50th Anniversary Celebration Day-
     please call 01473 781981 or                  Lavenham Way, Stowmarket
     email:           Saturday 25th June-11.00am-4.oopm-Call 01449 676471

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