AHSGE Review by pengxuebo


									AHSGE Review

 Alabama History
         European Exploration

   Hernando De Soto –first European in
   Spanish explorer
   Died and was buried in Mississippi River
         Massacre at Fort Mims

   “Red Stick” Creeks attacked settlers
   Part of War of 1812
   Settlers all killed
      Battle of Horseshoe Bend

   Andrew Jackson and the Tennessee
    Volunteer Militia against the “Red Stick”
   Broke the power of the Creeks in Alabama

   1819 Alabama became a state
              Trail of Tears

   Removal of Cherokees from the Southeast
    to Oklahoma
   Alabama Cherokee removed
   Moved during winter, many died
                 Civil War

   Montgomery – first capital of the
    Confederacy (moved to Richmond)
   Free State of Winston – Winston County
    withdrew from the Confederacy and
    supported the Union
           Talladega College

   Started the American Missionary
    Association and Freedmen’s Bureau –
    trained African-American teachers
           Tuskegee Institute

   Booker T. Washington – college president
    –Atlanta Compromise speech (not
    opposed to segregation)
   George Washington Carver – professor
    who is famous for agricultural research
    using peanuts
               W. C. Handy

   Native of Florence
   Known as the “Father of the Blues”
   Also associated with jazz
              Panama Canal

   William Gorgas – doctor from Alabama
    who decided the mosquitoes caused
    malaria and yellow fever which kept the
    canal builders sick
              Zelda Fitzgerald

   Wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald
   Model for 1920’s flapper
   Writer and later painter
   Montgomery native
               Boll Weevils

   Destroyed cotton crops across the South
   Forced farmers to diversify
   Statue in Enterprise, Alabama

   Tennessee Valley Authority
   Part of “Alphabet Soup” or New Deal
    FDR’s plan for recovery during the
   Cheap hydroelectric power from dams on
            Tuskegee Airmen

   African-American pilots during WWII
   Trained in Tuskegee
         German POW Camps

   German Prisoner of War camps located in
    Alabama –Aliceville, Opelika, Anniston,
    and Camp Rucker
        Civil Rights Movement

   Rosa Parks – Montgomery Bus Boycott
   Birmingham – Children’s March
   Selma – march with MLK
   Birmingham Church Bombing 16th street.
               Helen Keller

   Born in Tuscumbia
   Blind and deaf
   Mute for a number of years
   Inspirational speaker
   Play The Miracle Worker
                Harper Lee

   Alabama author from Monroeville
   Wrote To Kill A Mockingbird – novel about
    racism in the South

   There are 67 counties in Alabama
   Some are “wet” and some “Dry”
   What does this mean wet / dry?

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