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									David A. Gingras Participant Profile

    Dave Gingras has over thirty years of experience in emergency management and risk
management, including direct experience in flood insurance from underwriting to claims
administration. He has twenty five years of fire service experience with Fair Haven No.
1 in New Jersey and Middletown Fire Department in Pennsylvania. His diverse work
experience includes Public Accounting at Price Waterhouse, National Sales Manager of
Burlington/Klopman Vice President at Merrill Lynch and a Benefits Consultant at Paul
Revere Financial Group, a former Division of Textron (now UnumProvident). He is
presently employed as an Insurance Broker at Heist Insurance Agency in Ocean City,
New Jersey and teaches as an Assistant Professor at Drexel University.
    He is on the Advisory Board for a new Masters (MS) program in Disaster Medicine
and Emergency Management at Philadelphia University where he previously served as a
Trustee and President of the Alumni Association.
    His academic credentials include a BS in Marketing from Philadelphia University, an
MA in Education from Saint Joseph’s University, an MS in Accounting from the
Wharton Graduate School, University of Pennsylvania and an MBA in Management from
Wharton. He has done doctoral study in Education and Business at New York University
and Temple University.
   From 2000 to 2004 he was employed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency
(FEMA) Region III (Philadelphia) Headquarters as a Specialist in the Chemical
Stockpiles Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP) at Aberdeen Proving Ground,
Aberdeen, MD. That program developed an Emergency Preparedness Program for the
off-post (public) communities in Harford, Baltimore and Kent Counties. His direct
responsibilities included working with the U.S. Army and Maryland Emergency
Management Agency (MEMA) to develop and coordinate Federal, State and County
initiatives at the eight U.S. Army sites storing chemicals of warfare. This work included
annual Exercise assignments at the other seven (7) CSEPP sites in the United States.
He was recognized by Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich with the Maryland Governor’s
Citation for that service.
  He is a Colonel in the New York Guard and was on State Active Duty for the Response
and Recovery phases of the World Trade Center incident in 2001 and 2002. He was
awarded the Medal for Meritorious Service and the Defense of Liberty Medal for that
service. He served as the Senior Radiological Officer for the New York Guard and has
often taught FEMA Courses to New York Guard personnel in cooperation with the New
York State Emergency Management Office (SEMO).
   He has taught in the Professional Studies Programs at New York University, Neumann
College (Aston, PA) and Drexel University’s Goodwin College. He taught
Organizational Behavior in the MBA Program at Saint Joseph’s University while
working there as Dirextor of Corporate Grants. He worked on a federally funded
Consortium Project in 2002 and 2003 to develop an Emergency Management curriculum
at Drexel University that was integrated with the Community College of Philadelphia,
Delaware County Community College, Bucks County Community College and Camden
County College in New Jersey. He presently teaches Marketing and Organizational
Behavior at Drexel’s Goodwin College as part of a degree completion program for
VERIZON employees. Contact David Gingras at Disegno500@comcast.net.

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