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									                                             14046 NEWSLETTER
               Blessed Teresa of Calcutta
                      OCTOber 2007
                                                                                                        My Brother Knights
                    Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Council                                                  Not only was September an
                             Council #14046
                            INFORMATION                                                                 active time for our parish, it
            STATE OFFICERS
                                                                                                        was also very active for the
                                                                                                        Knights council. Beginning
State Deputy               John Walker                                                                  with celebrating our last
Past State Deputy          Karl Hadley
District Deputy            Richard Foudray                                                              weekly bilingual mass for
                                                                                                        Blessed Teresa, our third
                                                                                                        annual Parish Picnic, the
Grand Knight               Todd Kinsfather
                                                                                                        September 11th World Day
Chaplain                Rev. Frank Schuster                                                             of Prayer for Peace service,
Deputy Grand Knight     Bobby Buendia
Financial Secretary     Greg Schmidt                                                                    and ended with our first
Chancellor              Diogenes Oropesa                                                                Pancake Breakfast for the
Recorder                Chris Ahlers
Treasurer               Tom O‟Brien                                                                     new English mass schedule.
Advocate                Brian Lampe                                As the size and needs of our parish grows, I think we all would
Warden                  Jim Tracy
Inside Guard            Leo Plude                                  like to have a larger Knights council with more hands to attend to
Outside Guard           AJ Boyd                                    those needs. The only way this will happen is for all our members
Trustee (3 Yr.)         Sean Smith
Trustee (2 Yr.)         Paul Mazzoncini
                                                                   to actively recruit new members.
Trustee (1 Yr.)         Al Larpenteur                              Without the brotherhood of Knights actively seeking other
Fraternal Benefits      Jeff Schumacher           (425) 968-8290   Catholic men to join the Knights of Columbus the entire
                  C (425) 344-5905
                                                                   organization would wither. Fortunately the Washington State
               PROGRAM COMMITTEES                                  councils are a good indication of the opposite trend. As the
Program Director          Todd Kinsfather                          Catholic centered Knights of Columbus organization celebrates
Membership                Bobby Buendia                            its 125th year, the Washington State membership has increased
Retention                 Brian Lampe
Church                    Sean Smith                               just short of double of what it was in 1970. Meanwhile, some well
Vocations                 Diogenes Orepesa                         known public men‟s organizations like the Elks Club in this state
Community                 TBA                                      have decreased to slightly more than one third of the membership
Council                   TBA
Family                    Scott Elmenhurst                         they had in 1970.
Pro-Life                  Ken Fabrizio                             There are plenty of reports and data showing the Worldwide
Health                    TBA                                      increasing health of the Knights of Columbus and it‟s flagship
Public Relations          Al Larpenteur
Recruitment               Greg Schmidt                             insurance benefits program. This increase is greatly due to bi-
Recruitment               Sean Smith                               annual Recruitment Blitz programs. The Blitz reminds us to invite
Recruitment               Robert Buendia
Youth                     Michael Mazur
                                                                   other Catholic men and their families to join an organization that
Scholarship               Jim Scurlock                             actively celebrates their faith, family, the church, their priests, and
Lecturer                  TBA                                      community in a way that will give them an “Experience of a
Newsletter                Greg Schmidt
                                                                   Lifetime”. Hence, such is the theme of this year‟s recruitment
Columbus Charities        Robert Buendia                           blitz.
                                                                   Please watch for our announcement of Blitz activities Introduce
Council Meetings:                                                  potential members to brother knights so we can get to know them
Business Meeting 7:30 PM 2nd Thursday                              and their family. When you have an interested candidate, help
Officers Meeting 7:30 PM 4th Thursday
Woodinville Riding Club –
                                                                   him fill out a Form 100 and let him know when he can join by
Blessed Teresa Parish Office                                       attending a First Degree. Our district councils are holding first
17828 NE Woodinville-Duval Rd.                                     degree ceremonies the first week of each month (e.g. Nov. 4th)and
Woodinville, Wa. 98077                                             sometimes later in each month. Please join your council brothers
Mailing address                                                    in welcoming your fellow parishioners, greeting visitors to our
Knights of Columbus
                                                                   parish, and sharing how the Knights might offer their family
  Blessed Teresa of Calcutta council
Mailing Address PO Box 2503                                        greater security and the Experience of a Lifetime.
Woodinville, WA. 98072-2503
Newsletters, minutes at                                            Vivat Jesus!                                      Todd Kinsfather
                                                                   Grand Knight
Wedding Anniversaries                                  Donate your Used Motor vehicles
We wish all of our Knights and their wives
with anniversaries in October the happiest of          Donate your cars and trucks to the Knights of
anniversaries.                                         Columbus, get the full deduction approved by the IRS.

James and Bernice Tracy                October 13      We will be establishing a program with the Volunteers
Knights and their wives of council 14046 with          of America to handle any of this type of donation.
October birthdays . A very happy birthday to:
                                                       Contact Greg Schmidt at 425-788-2976 or via e-mail at
Pete Zuccaro                                 
Lilly O’Brien
Roxanne Buendia
                                                       October Month of the Holy Rosary
Michelle Moore                                         Oct 11 Pray the Rosary -- Riding Club 7:15
Opal Hochanadel                                        Oct 11 Business Meeting – Riding Club 7:30
Terry Glen                                             Oct 25 Rosary 7:15 Riding Club
                                                       Oct 25 Officer’s Meeting Riding Club Business
Pancake Breakfast Report                               Meeting – 7:30 Riding Club
                                                       Oct 28 Pancake Breakfast – Lions Club
September 23 – Our first breakfast without             Nov 01 Holyday of Obligation – see parish bulletin
our Hispanic community. It was a busy                  Nov 01 Introduction to Our Lady of Charity ICON
breakfast and we were a bit shorthanded, lots          Nov 06 Monday tentative plans for Marian program
of good eats and good friends, see you at our          featuring the Our Lady of Charity Icon - Chapel
next breakfast October 26th.
New Member to Council 14046
                                                       Family of the Month for September
Please welcome David Cierebiej, his wife               Jason and Misty Cunningham are one of the
Angela and their children to our Council.              many initial parish visitors that chose to stay at
David was initiated at the 1st degree initiation,      Blessed Teresa to our gain. Jason came to the
Wednesday Oct 3 at the Bothell Hall, David             Knights with a desire to support the parish
was sponsored by Greg Schmidt.                         growth. One desire was to help build or remodel
Knight of the Month for September                      parish facilities. For now however Jason and
                                                       Misty are busy remodeling their old house and
Any parishioner of Blessed Teresa feels a
                                                       getting ready to build their new house! Misty is
connection with John Poole. His ongoing
                                                       always busy managing the 5 kids while making
commitment to the Music ministry of Blessed
                                                       efforts to help with youth programs whenever
Teresa is one of the staples of the parish. John
                                                       she can. Jason and his family often stay late to
service extends to the Parish Council and he
                                                       assist with the cleanup and storage of our Leota
extended himself to provide the Songs and vocal
                                                       worship space. He often finds time in his busy
lead for our First annual World Day of Prayer of
                                                       schedule to volunteer for spur of the moment
Peace Service. Thank you John for the exampl
                                                       requests. Thanks Jason and Misty for your
Report of Fraternal Activities                         support of our parish community!
Remember to report your fraternal actiivies is
support of the Knights and of the church to
Robert Buendia at, He
needs this information no later than the 7th of each
month. If you gave blood this month also let
Bobby know.
Third Annual Parish Picnic                            September 11th World Day of Prayer for
                                                      Peace Service
Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Parish‟s Third             While September. 11 will always be remembered
Annual Picnic marked a major transition for           for the tragic loss of life, Knights hope that this
parish. In our first two annual celebrations, we      somber occasion will be the foundation of an
enjoyed the richness of our two church                annual opportunity for a day of earnest prayer for
communities, Anglo and Hispanic, including a          peace in the world. The Knights of Columbus
combined liturgy, tasty food, music, games and        Supreme Council passed resolution in 2004 to
fun for the kids, and of course, all the efforts of   designate September 11th as a day of prayer for
our Knights of Columbus council and other             world peace and ask each council to hold a
parish groups. This year‟s parish picnic was no       Prayer service on that day. Our Council brothers
different. However, all of us knew that this          Sean Smith, John Poole, and A.J. Boyd prepared
celebration marked the last event where our two       a multi-faceted evening of peace intentions,
communities jointly shared parish life. Since St.     spirited song, and meditative rosarian type
Brendan‟s Parish will be offering a Hispanic          prayers of peace. Although light in attendance,
ministry rather than Blessed Teresa of Calcutta       several parishioners unable to attend expressed
Parish, our wonderful Hispanic friends will be        desire for this prayer service and hoped we will
attending Spanish liturgies at St. Brendan‟s and      make it an annual Blessed Teresa event. Thanks
participating in that parish‟s religious life.        go out to the Prayer Service Team of Sean, John
As Knights, we volunteered in many ways as            and A.J.!
always to make this parish celebration a success.
Bobby Buendia and others set up a large canopy        Church Program Chairman Welcome and
on Saturday. Early on Sunday morning, our             Knights Opportunities
Financial Secretary, Greg Schmidt, brought
chairs, and a group of Knights volunteers set up      I wanted to update brother Knights on the
chairs for the combined liturgy at 10 AM.             ongoing council changes by welcoming Sean
Others set up the beer garden, erected a second       Smith as our new Church program chairman.
large canopy, arranged tables, helped organize        Please keep Sean involved with any Church
the food lineups in the Bothell council‟s hall, and   related Knights events, ideas, or activities you
started helping arriving parishioners find            are thinking of doing. Sean‟s new position leaves
parking.                                              an opening for the Public Relations position. We
After the morning liturgy, the                        also are realizing we need a person for a
festivities began. The picnic                         Historian position. Somebody that enjoys being
activities were accompanied by a band                 at Knights events, taking a few pictures, and
made up primarily of the music ministry
that has supported the Blessed Teresa
                                                      possibly writing a paragraph or two for the
Spanish Mass each Sunday since the                    newsletter. Please contact the Grand Knight or
parish inception. There were many                     one of the Trustees Sean, Paul, or Al for more
activities for kids, including face                   information.
painting, balloon toys, Clown
performances, and competitive race
events for individuals or teams. A big
thanks to all the Knights that
supported the picnic and Mass efforts.
When the opportunity arises, please
express your gratitude to the Parish
Life and Socials Committee that
organized the picnic event.
                       Council 14046 Budget for Fraternal Year 2007 – 08
Income                                                      Finalized   Remarks
Columbus Charities (Refund from previous year)     $200                 May not happen this year
PFH / RSVP                                         $200
Sale of KCIC Cards                                 $100
Dues / Initiations / Re-applications              $1,440                Based on 41 mem, two senior
Pancake Breakfast Donations, Monthly              $3,000
District 16 BBQ Competition                        $150
Brittany Park Casino Night                         $200
Brittany Park Host Bar                            $600.00               6 months at $100 after Dec.
Advertising                                       $50.00                Newsletter Advertisements
                                                 Total         $5,940
KCIC Card Purchase                                 $137                 Keep Christ in Christmas (promo loss)
                                                                        Donation submitted prior to State
PFH (State goal is $3.65 per member)               $157                 Convention
State Per Capita ($9 per member)                   $450                 Based on projected 50 members
                                                                        71.75 paid by credit, residual credit of
Supreme Per Capita ($3.50 per member)                $0     last year   $263.23
Washington State Insurance ($1.25 /member)          $63
Advertising                                        $100                 Catholic advertising
Postage                                             $50
P.O. Box                                            $28
Supplies                                           $100                 Placemats $50, Brochures, Rosaries
Funeral & Mass Fund                                 $50                 1set of 4 funeral mass'
Exemplification Fund                                $63                 First Degree Team costs $7/member
Meetings and Conventions                           $600                 Summer Meet + Spring Convention
Knight/FamilyMonth Award                            $70                 Appreciation gift
Altar Server Gifts                                 $150                 Certificates and Event Tickets
Officer Badges                                      $20
Support for Seminarians                            $500
Fourth of July Parade                               $50
Officer Installation BBQ/Pot Luck                   $50
District 16 BBQ Competition                        $125                 Team Entry
Hall Rental, Monthly Pancake Breakfast             $600
Supplies, Monthly Pancake Breakfast               $1,200
Vocation youth event                                $75                 Event and/or Dinner
Free Throw Winner                                   $90                 Award Plaques
Parish Picnic                                       $50                 Beverage Serving supplies - barrels/ice
Baptism Supplies                                   $140                 Rosaries, Supplies
                                                                        $30 Entry Fee, Decorations, Candy,
All Fools Day Parade                               $100                 Banner?
Council Banner for Parades and Events              $400
American Flag, Pole, Stand for Council Chamber     $150
Christmas Gifts                                    $100
Grand Knight Fund                                  $200
                                                 Total         $5,867
                                                 Balance          $73

Maryland Court decision upholding marriage law is "welcome"

New Haven, CT - September 28, 2007 - Last week's Maryland Court of Appeals decision
rejecting a challenge to that state's 1973 Marriage Act "is a welcome contribution to the growing
body of state court decisions that reject the notion that there is some sort of 'fundamental right' to
same-sex marriage," Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson said today. "The court also took a
common sense approach to the question of whether the legislature was being reasonable when it
passed the Marriage Act 34 years ago."

The Maryland law provides that "Only a marriage between a man and a woman is valid in this

"Unfortunately," Anderson noted, "The Court of Appeals was lukewarm at best when discussing
the 'State's legitimate interests in fostering procreation and encouraging the traditional family
structure' by reserving marriage for opposite-sex couples. And it even went so far as to suggest
that the General Assembly might be doing no harm to those interests if it were to reverse course
and allow same-sex marriage."

An amicus curiae brief filed by the Knights of Columbus in the case offered a detailed explanation
of why statutes reserving marriage to opposite-sex couples serve an extremely important societal
interest. "Marriage encourages men to share the burdens of child rearing and binds fathers to
their children," the brief pointed out. "Marriage provides the optimal setting in which mothers and
fathers can raise their own boys and girls to enter a world that consists exclusively of men and

"Marriage is more than just a creation of a legislature," the Knights of Columbus brief declared.
"It predates the creation of the state. . . Only a man and a woman can make a baby, and both
state and society have compelling interests recognized by all courts in helping ensure that babies
are born to women who are married to their fathers."

Anderson cautioned pro-family forces that "the battle to protect marriage isn't limited to the
courts. Canada's legislators have already given their assent to court-ordered same-sex
'marriage,' and state legislatures in the U.S. are now being asked to adopt such a course as well.
We must be prepared to work to protect marriage anywhere and everywhere, with real
determination. The stakes could not be higher," he concluded.
Our Lady of Charity Prayer Program
                          A new Marian Prayer Program in honor of Our Lady of Charity begins
                          Order wide on September 8, the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed
                          Virgin Mary. This program features an image of Our Lady of Charity,
                          the patroness of Cuba.

                                  Our Lady of Charity has special significance to the Knights of
                                  Columbus, given the Order's first principle of Charity, which was also
                                  the theme of Pope Benedict XVI‟s first encyclical, Deus Caritas Est.
                                  Therefore, although the Virgin of Charity has her origins in Cuba,
                                  devotion to her is altogether appropriate for Knights of Columbus
                                  everywhere. As a sign of spiritual solidarity with Pope Benedict XVI,
                                  the Holy Father and his intentions will be remembered during each
                                  prayer service.

                                  The Icon will be at Blessed Teresa Parish Nov1 thru Nov 6th. Wse
                                  plan on having the Marian Prayer service Monday evening November
                                  5th in the Parish Chapel – Stay tuned

Many fine Companies                                     relationships, I pledge myself to the following
There are many fine life insurance companies in         rule of conduct: I shall, in light of all conditions
the marketplace today. So why should you                surrounding those I serve, render that service
entrust your life insurance needs, and those of         which, under the same circumstances, I would
your family to the Knights of Columbus?                 apply to myself.‟
In it‟s credit rating of the Knights of Columbus,       That‟s what you can expect from me, your
Standard & Poor‟s stated that it‟s „AAA‟ rating         Knights of Columbus field agent. Please give
was based upon the following strengths:                 me a call. I welcome the opportunity to present
extremely strong capital, very strong competitive       to you and your wife, honestly and accurately, all
position, extremely strong liquidity and                facts necessary for you to make a sound life
historically strong profitability.                      insurance decision. I will render that service
                                                        which, under the same circumstances, I would
I would suggest that a principal reason that we         apply to myself.
were able to achieve those accolades, along with
what S&P described as „a distinct competitive
advantage, a loyal customer base and a unique           Looking forward to hearing from you
rapport with clients‟ is because we have been           Jeff Schumacher               (425) 968-8290
steadfastly committed to our motto, „Protecting Cell (425) 344-5905
Families for Generations‟ by means of „life
insurance by brother Knights for brother
Knights.‟                                               Knights Council Needs:
That commitment is an essential core value of           Knight(s) that would like to help organize one or
the Knights of Columbus, and our core values            more fundraising dinners for the Council/Parish.
permeate all levels of our marketing program.           One Knight, two Co-Chair‟s, or a small Team
Our „Marketing Code of Ethics‟ is modeled after         Parish Bulletin Column Chair: Maintains,
the Ten Commandments and includes statements            Organizes existing Spiritual quotes or defines
such as „Thou shall present honestly and                small Knights articles for submission as a
accurately, all facts necessary to enable a             weekly Knights Column.
member to make an informed decision.‟
Our ethical principles for marketing are summed
up by our Golden Rule: „In all my professional
                                                             Background Information:
Knights help Needed at the New Facility -
Work Party Saturday October 13, 2007                         Contractors will most likely start on the conversion of
                                                             the main portion of the Woodinville Check Ride
We need all available Knights to attend a Work Party         building to our new Worship Space within a month.
starting early morning Saturday, October 13 at the
Woodinville Check Ride property (across the railroad         Prior to that larger scale project, it is required to move
tracks from the Woodinville Target). I expect we will        the Parish Office, network, phone equipment, etc. to
need help throughout that day and possibly some              the existing Check Ride office pace.
follow-up work during the week afterward for anyone          The existing Check Ride office space needs to be
available. I would encourage you to also invite any          remodeled somewhat and the Parish Riding Club
other men that are not currently Knights members             office moved there before Oct 22 .
that you believe could assist in this buildout. A couple     A brief project scope is to remove a dividing wall
of our brother Knights are traveling during this time        between office spaces, construct two walls, hang one
and will not be available.                                   hinged door, drywall, prep, and paint. Shauna will be
Please respond to this Knights call on short notice          sending us a detailed work scope next week.
and make time for this work party since we are on a          Todd Kinsfather
tight schedule. Our parish really needs us to assist in      Grand Knight, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta,
these transitions to build a greater Parish. Thank you       Council 14046
all for your commitment to your Church!                      425-424-3794 hm
If you can reply to me with a Saturday time                  206-498-4471 cell
commitment it would be very helpful, but show up
either way that Saturday with tools in hand.

365 CLUB – Pennies for Heaven
The following brothers are members of the Council’s 365 Club for Jan 1, 2007 thru December 31.
2007. Each of these members has contributed at least a Penny a Day to support the seminarians.
If you would like to be a member of the Council’s 365 Club, Please talk to the Grand Knight or the
Financial Secretary. Join us this year!! It is never too late to join and be a proud 365 Club
Member. Please help in sponsoring our seminarians. We attempt to contribute $500 per year plus
letters of encouragement and council news to each of the seminarians that we support.

Chris Ahlers                     Ken Fabrizio                 Mike Monda                     Jim Scurlock
Jeffrey Battrick                 Max Hochanadel               Brian Moore                    Greg Taylor
Dr. Ron Bollinger                Todd Kinsfather              Thomas O’ Brien                James Tracy
AJ Boyd                          Brian Lampe                  Diogenes Oropesa               Pete Zuccaro
Ian D’Ambrosia                   Al Larpenteur                Leo Plude
Thomas Duncan                    Mike Mazur                   Jeff Rickard
Scott Elmenhurst                 Paul Mazzoncini              Greg Schmidt
Interested in participating in the 365 Club: This involves a prayer a day and a penny a day towards the seminarian
program. If you send a check for at least $3.65 to the financial secretary and pledge to say a prayer a day for the
seminarians, you get added to the pennies for heaven honor role. We also collect money toward the RSVP
program, which gives support to men and women who are entering into the religious life.
Remember to send a note of encouragement and greeting to our seminarian. Thomas has e-mail or his address is:
Thomas Lucking
Theology II St Patrick’s Seminary
320 Middlefield Rd
Menlo Park CA 94025-3563
      Knights of Columbus
Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Council
         Council # 14046
     Woodinville, Washington
    Established April 29, 2006

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