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                      Prepared for
               Professor Therese Viscelli
               Kennesaw State University

                       Prepared by
              Cheryl Riehl, Kuanza Flowers,
                Susan Davis, Aleisha Day,
                 and Cheryl Armstrong
               Kennesaw State University

                     April 30, 2010

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                                LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION

BISM 2100 Online Students
Kennesaw State University
Coles College of Business

Dear Students,

The purpose of this assignment is to expose students to emerging technologies and to create an
opportunity for students to utilize their professional written business communication skills. This
formal report will coordinate with a presentation and a web page to provide a bundled resource
on this semester‟s project.

You will critically evaluate tools, sites and/or programs that make virtual teaming and interaction
easier. Management has expressed an interest in the following products and services: (1)
Dimdim Online Collaboration, (2) GoTo Meeting, (3) Huddle, (4) Vyew Instant Workspace, and
(5) Nomadesk.

This is a formal report and requires prefatory and supplementary parts. The report will conclude
with a detailed recommendation for management proposing plans for adoption and
implementation. At a minimum, the report should include the following information as level one

   1. Introduction to Virtual Teaming and Online Meeting Management – This is a research
      intensive section and requires expert opinion and current examples. Include general
      information related to virtual teaming on the following topics as level two headings.
      These are research related, not product related:

                Popularity and use;

                Privacy and security;

                Cost;

                Technology; and

                Training.

   2. Product Evaluations – A separate level one section for each product with detailed
      information on areas you feel are important to management. Include at minimum
      information on virtual teaming, information and document sharing, project management,
      and meetings.

   3. A product by product comparison with charts and figures to facilitate decision making.
      This section looks at all products simultaneously.

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   4. Recommendation – Based on expert opinion, research, and team use, which products does
      the team recommend? For what type of user?

   5. Implementation – Develop a specific and workable plan for implementation and use.
      Describe the implementation plan for the recommended product(s).

Use both commercial and academic resources. A minimum of 15 references (20 needed for full
credit, with at least 10 academic references). Refer to Planning Reports and Proposals for details
on credible research. Where appropriate, incorporate charts, graphs, or other visual aids to
illustrate the facts presented in the formal report. This report will be submitted to;
therefore, ensure that all resources are cited appropriately. Use quotations and page number
references for quotes and internal citations (Author, Date) for paraphrased content. A two to
three word changes does not constitute paraphrasing.

Written Report

The report will be submitted to:

    for review of originality;

      WebCT Vista drop box for grading; and

      Featured on a web page designed to accompany the presentation.

Employ all facets of effective business writing and refer back to the textbook (Planning, Writing
and Completing Formal Business Reports) for the Formal Report Structure. Appendix B has
some helpful suggestions for APA citations and reference list. Also utilize the following website


Your team will create a presentation based on conclusions and recommendations discussed in the
formal report. You will provide some basic information on each of the level two headings, but
focus mainly on the outcomes. Your team can submit a voice over PowerPoint presentation or a
digital video presentation. Please check the discussion board and/or visit for information about digital video resources on campus. Submit the
presentation by providing a link from the team designed webpage. Lastly, teams may choose to
convert a page of the student website to meet this purpose.


      A comprehensive formal report employing the 7 C‟s of business writing – these are
       quality points that evaluate grammar, spelling, readability, structure, and adherence to
       required format (30 points).

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   Thorough research of sources – on average every paragraph has a source listed.
    Reference works are paraphrased, balanced between academic and commercial resources,
    and relevant (10 points).

   Attributions and citations properly listed in APA format. The reference list is complete.
    Internal citations are cited properly. The paper was submitted to Failure to
    submit a paper to will receive a zero (10 points).

   Detailed analysis covering requirements stated above – these are content points (30

   Well developed recommendations – this is the crux of the analytical report. This section
    should be detailed enough to know exactly what response you want from your reader and
    how you want the reader to follow through on that objective (20 points).

   Professional, persuasive presentation that clearly details the research outcomes of the
    project. Slides are clear, bulleted, use notes to provide detail, use graphics to enhance
    (less is more), and use references appropriately. Video is well organized, rehearsed, and
    clear. Presenters are not reading from notes or cue cards. Slides and speakers are
    interspersed, and references are used appropriately. Website is professional, clear,
    readable, and credible. Links to report and presentation are working and evident (50

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                                LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE

April 30, 2010

BISM 2100 Online Students Team Three
Kennesaw State University
Coles College of Business

Professor Therese Viscelli
Kennesaw State University
Coles College of Business

Dear Professor Viscelli,

The members of Team Three are pleased to accept the task of creating a detailed product
comparison for various online meeting management options. As a team, we understand the
importance of effective communication in today‟s competitive business market; therefore, our
team will conduct a comprehensive, comparative analysis of virtual teaming tools for online
management for your review. Upon preliminary research, we have decided to compare and
contrast the benefits and disadvantages associated with Dimdim Online Collaboration, GoTo
Meeting, Huddle, Nomadesk, and Vyew Instant Workspace.

After conducting thorough research of Dimdim Online Collaboration, GoTo Meeting, Huddle,
Nomadesk, and Vyew Instant Workspace, our team will create a concise formal report, including
prefactory and supplemental parts, to present our results. Our formal report will compare the
popularity and use, privacy and security, cost, technology, and training requirements of each
virtual online workspace. When comparing online workspaces, we will compare document
sharing methods, project management features, and online meeting features. We will include a
product comparison chart for a side by side comparison of Dimdim Online Collaboration, GoTo
Meeting, Huddle, Nomadesk, and Vyew Instant Workspace. To conclude the formal report, our
team will include a recommended plan for implementation and product use.

After completing the formal report, our team will create a voice over Microsoft PowerPoint
presentation and a webpage. The PowerPoint and webpage will display all conclusions drawn
from the product comparisons. Each team member will be assigned specific segments of this
project. This product division ensures all deadlines will be met in a timely manner. Lastly, this
division ensures the finished project will offer a variety of perspectives on all online meeting
collaboration tools. The members of Team Three are eager to build a comprehensive report that
will assist you while deciding which online management tools will best meet your specific needs.


Cheryl Riehl, Kuanza Flowers, Susan Davis, Aleisha Day, and Cheryl Armstrong

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                                                     TABLE OF CONTENTS

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ............................................................................................................ 9
MANAGEMENT .......................................................................................................................... 10
PRODUCT EVALUATION ......................................................................................................... 12
  DimDim Online Collaboration .................................................................................................. 12
   GoTo Meeting ........................................................................................................................... 13
   Huddle ....................................................................................................................................... 14
   Nomadesk .................................................................................................................................. 16
PRODUCT COMPARISON ......................................................................................................... 20
RECOMMENDATION ................................................................................................................ 20
IMPLEMENTATION ................................................................................................................... 20
REFERENCES ............................................................................................................................. 22

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                       LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS

PACKAGE PRICES …………………………………………………………………………….17


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                                EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
As businesses continue increasing reliance on virtual teaming and online meeting management to
for project collaboration, several virtual workspace corporations have developed to
accommodate business needs. Choosing the correct virtual workspace, however, can easily
determine the effectives of virtual teaming and online meting management. To assist with
product selection, Dimdim Online Collaboration, GoTo Meeting, Huddle, Nomadesk, and Vyew
Instant Workspace will be compared to determine the most effective virtual workspace. More
specifically, each product will be evaluated based on popularity and use, privacy and security,
cost, technology specifications, and training requirements.

After evaluating each product individual, a product comparison chart will be included to allow
simultaneous evaluation of the key features of each product. The report will conclude with a
specific plan of implementation centered on the recommended product.

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                   MEETING MANAGEMENT

The incorporation of a virtual workspace greatly enhances the effectiveness of virtual teaming.
A virtual workspace promotes team collaboration, while promoting accountability among team
members. Research indicates that virtual workspaces can promote cohesion among group
members and promote a shared group culture. This shared culture, in turn, promotes team
communication, which is crucial to the successful completion of any group assignment. Perhaps
the most influential research promoting the incorporation of a virtual workspace for virtual
meetings and online meeting management is Building a Shared Virtual Learning Culture: An
International Classroom Partnership and Conceptualizing the Awareness of Collaboration: A
Qualitative Study of a Global Virtual Team. Each article is reviewed in detail below.

With Building a Shared Virtual Learning Culture: An International Classroom Partnership,
researchers explored the effects of virtual classrooms when teaching business communication
practices. The research team developed a semester-long course. During this course, students
were expected to select and analyze the business practices of a large corporation, such as The
Gap, Starbucks, or Wal-Mart (Andrews and Starke-Meyerring, 29). The teams were expected to
submit a policies and procedures memo, proposal, team status report, team final report, and a
team reflection memo. At the end of the study, researchers reviewed all submissions for quality
and statistical data documenting team member participation.

From this study, Andrews and Starke-Meyerring discovered “studying virtual teams emphasize
that team performance depends greatly on a team‟s ability to develop and nurture a shared team
culture with which members can identify” (Andrews and Starke-Meyerring, 33). The authors
continue to say, “a shared team culture…is vital to team success because it facilitates
communication, coordination, and the sharing of knowledge, thus increasing team members‟
familiarity with each other‟s expertise, work habits, and local contextual constraints” (Andrews
and Starke-Meyerring, 33). The authors explain that the incorporation of an online workspace or
social networking site can greatly promote the development of a shared team culture.

With Conceptualizing the Awareness of Collaboration: A Qualitative Study of a Global Virtual
Team, authors Hakkinen, Leinonen, and Jarvela studied the effects of collaboration awareness
for members of virtual teams. The researchers hypothesized that “a shared workspace allows
people to maintain knowledge about others‟ interaction within the task environment” (Hakkinen
et. al, 304). To test the hypothesis, the research team designed a virtual workspace to promote
collaboration among members of a global paper industry. The virtual workspace was used to
overcome difficulties associated with a company merge. Research participants utilized the
online workspace to “prepare for a standard global induction process for personnel involved in
the forthcoming fusion” (Hakkinen et. al, 308).

After conducting the study, researchers were able to pinpoint four phases of collaboration. These
phases included “negotiation of the aim of the project, working on the shared task, summarizing
the project, and evaluation of the project” (Hakkinen et. al, 305). The research findings show a
strong correlation between increased team participation and virtual workspace. First, the authors
stated, “Recent studies have indicated that the productivity of collaboration is threatened by a

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lack of common ground among team members” (Hakkinen et. al, 305). A virtual workspace
provides a work team a common medium to discuss and explore potential solutions. Second, “a
shared workspace can function as a collective memory for a work team, helping record the
history of their knowledge construction process” (Hakkinen et. al, 307). The creation of a
collective memory promotes team collaboration because team members are accountable for their
participation. Overall, the study suggests the incorporation of a virtual workspace will promote
team collaboration.

The two articles discussed clearly illustrate the importance of incorporating a virtual workspace
when conducting virtual meetings and online meeting management; however, consumers must
carefully evaluate online virtual workspaces available for use to ensure the most appropriate
workspace is chosen. To determine a recommended product and plan of implementation, each
workspace will be evaluated using popularity and use, privacy and security, cost, technology
specifications, and training requirements.

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                                PRODUCT EVALUATION
                                DimDim Online Collaboration

DimDim has a slogan “Meet Freely” and that is something that you can definitely do with
DimDim and still have a great quality of service. It has also been dubbed “the world‟s easiest
web conference” (Network Weekly News 2009). DimDim has the ability to bring people
together, ranging anywhere from 5 to 1000 attendees.

Popularity and Use

DimDim‟s comes with high recommendations from both computer novices and expects are well
as large companies to schools districts. The White Oak Independent School district in Texas has
adopted DimDim‟s services to help bring the classroom to a homebound student. The student
can participate in classroom from home during real time. (DistrictAdminstration 2008)

Privacy and Security

DimDim‟s has a secured site. To join your meeting hosted my DimDim a meeting key is
needed. All shared presentations, media, and messages are purged at the end of your session for
your protection. Also to ensure no hacker is lurking in the background, meeting attendees are
indicated on a registry. (DimDim 2010)


      $0 monthly for 1 to 5 attendees

      $25 monthly for 6 to 50 attendees

      $75 monthly for 51 to 1000 attendees


DimDim like to pride itself on what they call the “DimDim Dozen: 12 exceptionally unique
features that no one but DimDim offers” (DimDim 2010). There‟s no install, free version,
instant screen sharing, smart urls, public profile page, meeting widgets, embed recordings, crash
resistant & browser based, mac equality, make money, mashable and is a open sources


The fact that you don‟t have to download any software of applications to your computer is
certainly a plus, also companies don‟t have to spend addition resources to train their employees
on how to use DimDim online meeting. DimDim also is international so companies can also
hold meetings across the globe, saving them revenue (Appappeal 2010).

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                                         GoTo Meeting

Popularity and Use

GoToMeeting is ranked number one on a vendor-independent review of the best web
conferencing tools (Unique Around the World). GoToMeeting allows multiple computers to
conference together to view a presentation on the host computer. They also offer toll free audio
packages to go along with the conferencing packages. This means that you could give those
viewing the presentation a phone number which they would call to hear any accompanying

Privacy and Security

There are four main security features that are standard in every version of GoToMeeting which
allow your meetings to only be accessible to those that you designate. The first is end-to-end
encryption which protects both the host and viewer from sharing more than they want. The
second is strong passwords for each user. According to their website, “Strong passwords and
unique meeting IDs protect your account and your meetings from unauthorized visitors
(” In addition to individual passwords you can also use one-time passwords
for each meeting. This insures that your private meetings stay private. The fourth feature is
secure control of how much access the viewers have to the host‟s computer. It allows the
presenter to always have full control which prevents the viewers from accessing things they
shouldn‟t. All of these things together make GoToMeeting one of the most secure computer
conferencing services on the web.


There are two options when purchasing this service. You can pay monthly or one annual fee. If
you are unsure if GoToMeeting is right for you and your company, they do offer a 30 day free
trial so you can test it out. Once you, the host, have purchased the service, there are no more
costs for anyone else. Some conferencing services require each attendee to be a paying member
but that is not the case with GoToMeeting.


GoToMeeting is compatible with PC or Mac. It also allows users to record the presentation and
save, pause, rewind or replay any portion of a presentation at any time ( This
is especially valuable if further research, review or sharing is necessary.


GoToMeeting takes little to no training. Their website states that, “Even novices can begin
organizing on-the-fly or scheduled meetings with absolutely no training” ( A
useful application that is easy to use is what every business person looks for. In business, the
least amount of time needed for training, setup and technical support the better.

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Popularity and Use

Huddle is a very popular collaboration tool that is based in London but is quickly gaining
popularity in the US. In fact, Huddle recently signed a 2 year deal with HP to put its
software on 25 million PC‟s each year. Andy Mcloughlin who is a co-founder of Huddle
and the company‟s strategic director says “Already we see that more than 40% of our
paying users are in the US and we expect that to skyrocket” (Mcloughlin 2009). In February
of 2009, Huddle launched a partnership with Intercall, which is the world‟s largest
conference calling company. Intercall is used by many Fortune 500 companies and that use
is growing very rapidly. Huddle was also named “one of the UK‟s top 10 most promising
startups” by Financial Times (Mcloughlin 2009). In November 2009, Huddle was named
the Internet Product of the year in the UK IT Industry Awards. In February 2010, Huddle
won first prize at Microsoft‟s SharePoint 2010 SocialFest. Huddle is sold by over 900
channel partners in the US including Intelisys and Microcorp. One of the major car
producers, Kia, uses Huddle and here is what they have to say:

                     “ is a great strengthening tool for our global Network and
                     responds to our needs for faster and more efficient collaboration.
                     With a stronger cohesive team, we are all in a better position to
                     strengthen our brand at both the local and global levels.”

Privacy and Security

(SSL) Secure Socket Layer technology protects your username and password information, using
data encryption and server authentication. Huddle issues a session “cookie” only to record
encrypted information for a single session. That session cookie doesn‟t include the username or
password of the user. Huddle is hosted in a secure server environment. They use full firewall
and virus guard along with other protection. Their data center is in a secure hosting environment
with 24 hour CCTV, which is security cameras and surveillance. All data is backed up daily and
they use RAID technology to help prevent file loss.

Huddle collects information from the users such as name and contact details. They may also
collect information obtained in emails, phone calls or letters. This information is only used to
enable you to use the service, to contact the user, make offers, to produce statistical reports about
users, administer support. They may also use the name or logo of your business in advertising
unless you specify that you do not want them to. They do not disclose any of your information
to a 3rd party except for processing orders. You also have the right to see the information that
they are holding regarding you.

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      Personal - $8/month-can use for sports teams, social and church groups and family
       events, etc.

      Small Team - $40/month – for work team or project

      Large team - $72/month – large team or multiple projects

      Professional - $200/manager/month- Roll-out across your department or small business

      Enterprise - $8/user/month (minimum of 500 users) – Enable secure external
       collaboration across your organization.

      Huddle is offered for free to selected registered charities

Huddle helps companies collaborate by sharing files and organizing meetings, even when they
are using the same firewall. It allows you to manage projects, share and store files online, create
and edit documents online and have group discussions. A company may use Huddle with an
unlimited amount of users. They offer Office Plug-In which is compatible with Microsoft and
allows the user to access documents stored on Huddle directly from desktop applications and
save desktop files directly to Huddle. It offers web conferencing which works directly with
Outlook or Google calendars. There is also an application for that! Huddle is available on the
iphone and can be accessed through other cell phones by third party applications.

Training offers online startup training and they also have a customer service department that
offers assistance. Below is one major customer‟s feedback regarding the training that is
provided at Huddle.

                 “Once people spend 10 to 15 minutes in the workspace poking around, they get
                 the hang of it. It‟s so easy to use, we don‟t need training. […] But we do have
                 the option for training if we want it, and we always have a direct line to Huddle
                 for any queries or service issues that arise.” (Badger,
                 Read more

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After reading on the Nomadesk website, we learned that the fear of a hard drive crashing is at an
end. Nomadesk is a virtual file server that has double protected security features and cannot be
accessed by anyone but its user. It is the first virtual fileserver to operate online and offline.
The best thing about Nomadesk is that not only can you access this fileserver from anywhere in
the world but you can use any of its features anywhere in the world such as synchronizing,
updating, sharing and backing up files!

Popularity and Use

Nomadesk has been around and servicing the world‟s business gurus since 2004. The company
is based out of Europe but also has a headquarters in New York. The peak of Nomadesk‟s
popularity was in 2008 as reported on CrunchBase as having 10,000 separate users. Nomadesk
even has a page on Facebook with 218 fans.

Privacy and Security

The security of Nomadesk would be the next greatest thing about this product. When we say
double protected, we mean double. There is a unique serial number to each dashboard
purchased. This dashboard cannot be accessed through any means except its owner which can be
tracked and shut down remotely. The extra security comes into play with TheftGuard™ which is
also traceable and if lost all the data can be shredded remotely as well. The really outstanding
thing about the tracer is that if you lose your laptop you can trace it through Google‟s Maps.


There are two options when deciding if Nomadesk is right for you: the first is a $15 per month
plan which is for the Team Fileserver, the second is a $50 per month plan that is for the Personal
Fileserver which would be for an individual. Both of these plans come with a 30 day free trial so
you can „try it before you buy it‟! Obviously the Team Fileserver are meant for the business
persons who want to use all of Nomadesk‟s functions to share, collaborate and put together their
projects. The Personal Fileserver would be intended for the one man business that works from
home and laptop etc.


The users range from beginners to experts which is made possible by the ease of use of
Nomadesk considering there is no training, the set up is the most trying part of this program.

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                                    Vyew Instant Workspace

Popularity and Use

Vyew, which is pronounced as view, is managed and maintained by Simulāt Incorporated
( Founded by Berkeley graduated, Vyew is based out of California (
The corporation “gained a rich set of technical know-how in web applications while building
product simulators for Microsoft, Nortel Networks, McAfee, and RSA Security” (
According to the Vyew website, “Vyew came from a form of vision to merge virtual space with
human interaction and includes standard web conferencing tools plus first-of-its-kind
asynchronous collaboration capabilities” (

According to CrunchBase, Vyew Instant Workspace reported 18,850 users in February 2010
( In March 2010, Vyew Instant Workspace reported 26, 833 users; therefore,
consumers can easily recognize the increasing reliance on Vyew Instant Workspace to conduct
virtual meetings ( Additionally, PC World recently rated Vyew Instant
Workspace among the top twenty-five best business tools (

Vyew is a free application; however, users can purchase packages and additional features. Prices
for packages and additional features are listed below.

             Figure 1: Vyew Instant Workspace Free, Plus, and Professional Package Prices

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Additionally, Vyew Instant Workspace offers optional add-ons that are available for purchase
with the Plus and Professional packages. These additional features include:

                   Figure 2: Vyew Instant Workspace Prices for Additional Features

Privacy and Security

Vyew Instant Workspace has incorporated several features to ensure the privacy and security of
online collaboration. Some of these features include user permission controls, invitation
manager, sync or unsync meetings, and firewalls (

User permission controls enable project managers to “manage permission of each user to chat,
draw, upload, etc.” ( User control permissions also allow project managers to
“define permission levels for each invite, granting various viewing, editing, and collaboration
rights” to each user ( Vyew Instant Workspace guarantees that user permission
controls can be modified “easily at any time, including during a live conference” (

The invitation manager allows the workspace creator to “invite users and assign specific roles to
specific VyewBook sessions” ( The invitation manger allows the workspace creator
to “enter the email addresses of your collaborators, set their permission level, add an optional
note, and click „Send‟” ( The invitation manager will email a link that enables
members to join the Vyew Instant Workspace session, and users are not required to register
( If a workspace creator chooses not to utilize the invitation manager, Vyew Instant
Workspace generates a specific URL for each VyewBook created; therefore, collaborators can be
emailed a URL to view specific workbooks (

Vyew Instant Workspace allows workspace creators to sync and unsync meetings (
Using the sync options, creators can “choose whether your collaborators have to see what you
see or allow them to navigate pages independently” ( This feature allows users to
“work on pages independently without disrupting each other” (

                                             Page | 18
Vyew Instant Workspace incorporates firewalls to ensure member privacy and security. “All
Vyew traffic goes over the standard HTTP protocol” ( Although Vyew Instant
Workspace relies on firewalls, users experience minimum connection problems because Vyew
Instant Workspace includes the “latest proxy and firewall serves” that accommodate “standard
HTTP web traffic” (


Although Vyew does not require users to download applications to access the website, specific
technical specification and minimum requirements must be met for the website to work properly. only requires Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003,
Windows Vista, Mac OS X+, Mac Leopard, or Linux ( Supported web browsers
include Mozilla Firefox 2+, Internet Explorer 6+, and Safari 2+ ( Although several
supported browsers are cited, Vyew recommends users utilize Mozilla Firefox 2+ (
Required plug-ins includes Adobe Flash Player 9 or higher, and users must enable cookies and
JavaScript ( Lastly, users must establish an internet connection of 56K or higher.
Vyew highly recommends DSL or a comparable internet connection ( also lists the requirements for special features of the website. For example, users
must have Java 1.6 or higher to enable desktop sharing or screen capture ( To utilize
a microphone, users must allow Flash access to the microphone ( To enable video
broadcast using a webcam, users must have access to a webcam and enable Flash access to the
webcam (


Vyew Instant Workspace is user-friendly and requires no specific training requirements
( Vyew Instant Workspace incorporates a help website ( Help topics
included on the website include tutorials explaining your account, basic Vyew functions,
managing VyewBooks, miscellaneous and pre-sale questions, uses of Vyew, extending Vyew,
and resources for learning ( Additionally, offers a quick-start guide,
video tutorials, and a help forum. Lastly, Vyew Instant Workspace readily provides contact
information to address questions no answered via the help website (

                                           Page | 19
                                PRODUCT COMPARISON

                                                     Software            Specific
                  Privacy and                                                            Direct
   Product                           Cost           Installation         Training
                   Security                                                              URL
                                                     Required          Requirements

                      High         $0 – $75              No                  No            Yes

                                   $0 – $49
GoTo Meeting          High                               Yes                 No            No
                                   $8 – $200
    Huddle            High                               No                  No            No
                                   $15 – $50
  Nomadesk           High*                               Yes                 No            No
 Vyew Instant
                  Very High**        $0***               No                  No            Yes

                                 Special equipment required*
                  Incorporation of four verification levels to ensure security**
                         Additional features available for purchase***

Based on expert opinion, research, and team use, the members of Team Three recommend the
implementation of Vyew Instant Workspace. Vyew Instant Workspace is ideal for conducting
virtual team and online meeting management. Additionally, the members of Team Three
recommend the following plan of implementation.

Although Vyew Instant Workspace is a leader in online meeting management software,
developing a well-rounded plan of implementation is crucial to the success of the virtual meeting

Prior to utilizing Vyew Instant Workspace, collect email addresses for project collaborators.
Additionally explain to all collaborations that an email will be generated providing a URL to
participate in the virtual online meetings. Explain the importance of visiting the website and
incorporate specific details indicating how Vyew Instant Workspace will positively affect the
collaboration efforts of current and future projects. Collaborators are more like to embrace
Vyew Instant Workspace if they understand how online collaboration via a VyewBook will
promote effective communications and lessen confusion. After gathering this information, create
a Vyew Instant Workspace and utilize the invitation manager to generate emails inviting

                                             Page | 20
collaborators to join the workspace. While generating requests via the invitation manager, assign
user permission controls to each collaborator.

Once all collaborators access Vyew Instant Workspace, distribute a copy the Quick Start Guide.
Topics discussed in the Quick Start Guide include:

      Introduction to Vyew – A Collaboration Utility;

      VyewBook meetings are continually auto-saved;

      Communicating within Vyew;

      Creating a new meeting;

      Inserting content into a VyewBook;

      Drawing/annotating and managing content;

      Inviting people and sharing VyewBooks;

      Sharing your desktop; and

      Uses for Vyew (

Instruct collaborators to review the video tutorials. These tutorials are divided into three groups,
which include getting started, intermediate, and built-in plug-in support. While completing the
getting started tutorials, users will learn the basics of “creating a new VyewBook meeting,
importing content into a VyewBook meeting, inviting people into your meeting, [and] the
selection tool” ( Intermediate tutorials include information about “access control in
the VyewBook, user permissions, using sync mode, inserting screenshots of your computer into
Vyew, and sticky notes and the comment tool” ( Lastly, the built-in plug-in tutorials
teach users how to import video and audio into VyewBooks (

If a question arises during the allotted training time that is not addressed via the Quick Start
Guide or the video tutorials, collaborators should be encouraged to review materials listed in the
help topic section, support forum, glossary, and the popular topics section. If the question cannot
be answered utilizing these resources, contact Vyew Instant Workspace via the contact form to
ascertain an answer.

Once all collaborators are comfortable utilizing Vyew Instant Workspace during the virtual
teaming, collaborators will schedule a meeting and draft an agenda. Distribute the agenda at
least a week prior to the meeting and instruct all collaborators to brainstorm ideas for the meeting
to ensure all collaborators are prepared for the initial meeting. After the initial meeting, request
collaborator opinions regarding the incorporation of Vyew Instant Workspace to conduct virtual
teaming. Address any and all concerns voiced to improve the virtual teaming and online meeting
management experience.

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