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                        San Clemente, CA 92673 (949)-492-2200 FAX: (949) 492-0900
                               website: / e-mail:
                                     Federal Tax I.D. #AH 952499595N

Thank you for your interest in serving at our Mission in Vicente Guerrero, Baja California, Mexico! Many exciting
things are happening there, and we are blessed to have you be a part of this expanding ministry of mercy! This
information packet includes Mission guidelines and cultural considerations, and we trust it will be of help to you in
preparing for your trip. May the Lord bless you as you serve Him in Vicente Guerrero, Mexico!

                                      is a mission society whose purpose is to glorify God by making disciples of
Jesus Christ. To this end we share and demonstrate God's love through the power of the Holy Spirit by meeting
basic spiritual, emotional, physical and educational needs of those in and around Vicente Guerrero, Baja
California, Mexico. Our ministry strives to do this in such a way as to establish an effective ministry model for
other parts of the world.

                                                BRIEF HISTORY
In 1966 Chuck and Charla Pereau founded the ministry as a small orphanage, which has since grown to become a
thriving, multi-faceted ministry. Charla's Children, an Angel Award-winning book, tells the story more fully and may
be obtained at the Mission, on-line: or through the U.S. office. We encourage you to view our short
video for free by visiting our homepage on our website. It encapsulates the ministries that all branch out of the
Baja Mission. We encourage you read the book and see the video prior to your arrival – it often impacts the level
of your stay with us in understanding the roots and stories behind what is being done.

                                             MISSION LOCATION
The Mission is located in the Baja Peninsula of Mexico, 178
miles south of the U.S./Mexican border (110 miles south of
Ensenada), in the small, rural town of Vicente Guerrero*. To
reach the Mission, follow Highway 1 (Transpeninsular Hwy)
through Ensenada to Vicente Guerrero (approx. a 5 hour
drive from the Tijuana border). See the map attached to the
email for your drive through Ensenada. After proceeding on
Highway 1 for several hours, look for a small sign on the
right hand side of the road that says “Col. V. Guerrero”. With
the lack of street signs and names, you will have to rely on
landmarks for your arrival.

Turn left at the signal light in Vicente Guerrero where you
will find the Banamex bank on the left corner (has a red
sign). Travel down a long dirt road for almost 1 mile. Look
for the “Oficina” (office) on the right, just past the soccer
field. Upon arrival please report to the Host/Hostess in the
office. If no one is there, please wait patiently or you may
check at the P.R. Office, located just across the Oficina –
across the road. If you arrive after 5:00 p.m. or during the
weekend, directions to the Host/Hostess’ house will be
posted on the office door.

Note: Along the way you will pass through three toll booths
(approx. $2.65 - $2.85 charge per booth, subject to change).
Tolls can be paid with Mexican Pesos or American currency-
USD. Restrooms are near each booth, either before or after
the toll booths.

Vicente Guerrero has a population of approximately 20,000. It is located about 3 miles east of the Pacific Ocean
and has general stores, telephone, pharmacies, post office, a bank, small modest motel, and excellent RV park.

*Previously called "Colonia Vicente Guerrero" and may still be referred to in this way by the bus system, on signs,
in literature, etc. **Not to be confused with the southerly state of "Guerrero" or the town of "Guerrero Negro,"
located a few hours south of Vicente Guerrero.
Ensenada:       A large, thriving coastal port and tourist center, approximately 110 miles north of Vicente

San Quintin:    A small town of approximately 25,000, 12 miles south of Vicente Guerrero. Gas, general stores,
                phone, hospital and clinic are available.

Vicente Guerrero enjoys a pleasant, temperate climate due to close proximity to the Pacific coast
Temperatures range from 28° - 85° F year round:

                Spring (late Feb-May)      50°L - 75°H F
                Summer (June-Sept)         55°L - 85°H F
                Fall (late Sept-Nov)       50°L - 75°H F
                Winter (Nov-Feb)           28°L - 65°H F

Rain averages approximately 2" annually, but can be heavy. It typically occurs between mid-October and April.

Summer daytime temperatures often range from 85° - 100° F. No air-conditioning exists. Please come prepared
(i.e. a small fan).

Dust storms and strong winds do occur quite often. Contact lens wearers may want to consider wearing glasses
while at the Mission.

Cold weather, with temperatures falling to around 28° F, does occur in during the wintertime. It is often cold from
evening to morning, even in the fall and spring seasons. Housing accommodations are not necessarily heated.
Please take this into consideration when packing.

                                              TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS
Your passport is required to travel. The Mexican government does not permit minors (persons under the age of
18) to enter the country unless accompanied by a parent or a legally-documented guardian who is authorized to
sign for medical care (a document indicating guardianship, signed by BOTH parents and notarized, is required).


All of the requirements above apply only to nationals of:
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan,
Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden,
Switzerland, United Kingdom, U.S.A.

For information on other nationalities, please contact the nearest Mexican Consulate.

The Mexican Consulate reserves the right to request further evidence of the applicant’s intention to visit Mexico as
a tourist whenever such intention has not been established to the Consul’s satisfaction. The same right applies
with regard to evidence of the applicant’s financial means to sustain him/herself while in Mexico.

*Immigration requirements are subject to change. You should verify whether or not you meet current
requirements before leaving for your trip. FFHM is not a licensed government agency and this information
is provided as a courtesy.

San Diego is the closest international airport. Public transit runs from San Diego to Vicente Guerrero. The trip
from the airport to the Mission takes close to 7 hours when going by bus, trolley, walking over the border, taking
the bus to Ensenada and then taking another bus to Vicente Guerrero. If you arrive at the airport late in the
afternoon, it is best to stay overnight in San Diego.

We can provide car/van rental and bus information. Sorry, we are unable to provide or coordinate rides to the
Mission. Please be prepared to use the vehicles you bring to participate in outreach activities during the week.
Please be sure to obtain Mexican auto insurance if your rental does not include it as part of your package. One
option is Instant Mexican Insurance at (800)345-4701.

                                                 REGARDING MONEY
U.S. dollars and Mexican pesos are acceptable forms of currency. Please change Canadian dollars into U.S.
dollars before arriving in Mexico (U.S. $20 bills and smaller are recommended). Please do not bring travelers or
personal checks in place of cash as they are generally not accepted. Most local businesses and restaurants also
do not accept credit cards. Donations to the Mission may be made by United States and Canadian checks.
Please be aware that Canadian checks may take up to two months for receipting. Canadian checks are not
accepted in the Mission gift shop.

                                            BOOKING A WORKGROUP
Visitors generally arrive on a Sunday afternoon or evening and depart the following Saturday morning. Because
space is limited, visitors are advised to submit their reservation requests on the 1st of each month, one year in
advance. For example, someone interested in booking space anytime during January 2010 should contact the
Missions Coordinator on January 1st, 2009. Please fax or e-mail your requests as they will be time-stamped to
determine booking priority. Time stamping is according to the local time in San Clemente, CA, USA which is either
Pacific Standard Time (PST) or Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), depending on the time of year. Many send their
requests at 12:00 a.m. to increase the chances of getting the desired date. Requests are processed in the
order they are received. Requests submitted earlier than midnight will not be considered. If possible, please
also provide alternate dates within the month for which you are interested in. Requests should be emailed to the
Missions Coordinator at or faxed to (949)492-0900.

The following information is required PRIOR to receiving a confirmation letter from the
Main Office and is requested that you use the format below:
    1.   Team Name/Church/Org:
    2.   Team Leader Name(s):
    3.   Location: Baja
    4.   Dates: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices (Please keep in mind that we are closed every year Christmas week.)
    5.   Size of Group: (max of 25)
    6.   Contact Info: Address, Phone and Email
    7.   RV Spots? If so, How Many Spots?

Until you receive a final confirmation letter via email, your dates are not yet reserved. Once your
reservation has been confirmed, a non-refundable deposit is due within 90 days:

         A deposit is not required for groups of 9 or fewer
         $10 USD per person is required for groups of 10-25 people - i.e. 12 people = $120

If you wish to increase the size of your team, you must contact the Missions Coordinator with your request. If
approval is granted and your group number increases enough to fall into a new deposit category, the new deposit
amount applies. If your deposit is not received within 90 days, your booking will be forfeited unless previous
special arrangements were made. If you wish to cancel your booking, please let the Missions Coordinator know
as soon as possible as there may be others on the waiting list wanting your spots and will appreciate having as
much planning time as possible.
U.S. Residents - Please send deposits to:
P.O. Box 74000
San Clemente, CA 92673

Canadians - Please send deposits in USD funds to:
Maranatha Evangelistic Association
P.O. Box 1292
Calgary, AB, T2P 2L2

Credit Card: On our website - On the homepage one can click on the “Make a Contribution” tab.
In the message box, please indicate what the payment/donation is for and please indicate the required information
from below.

IMPORTANT: Please include the following information when sending your deposit, regardless of which method
you choose:
       Team name
       Dates of your visit
       Mission Location
       Label the contribution as: Workgroup Deposit

Minors: Visitors to the Mission are generally adults, though minors may also visit. Minors, like adults, are
neither the liability of the Mission nor the responsibility of Mission staff. Mexican law considers anyone under the
age of 18 a minor.
A minor coming to the Mission must be either:

        Accompanied by a parent or grandparent if under 16 years of age - ratio 1:1, unless traveling as a family
        (parents accompanies children at all times) or

        At least 16 years old and accompanied by a legally responsible adult who has a leadership relationship
        with the minor, i.e., a teacher, pastor, or workgroup team leader. (An adult friend or parents of a minor
        friend do not fall under this category.) The accompanying adult leader must have a notarized letter signed
        by both parents, giving permission to take their child into Mexico, legal guardianship while there, and the
        authority to make necessary medical decisions on their behalf. Please see note (*) for more information.
        We request a guardian-to-minor ratio of 1:4 for minors 16 and 17 years of age.

*A legal guardian is someone who has the legal authority (and the corresponding duty) to care for the personal
and property interests of another person. This includes, but is not limited to having the legal authority to sign for
medical care for the minor for whom the guardian is responsible.

                                         ONCE YOU ARRIVE AT THE MISSION
Upon arrival at the Mission, please check in at the Mission’s main office. If you arrive after 5:00 p.m. or on a
weekend, please report to the Public Relations office which is located across the street from the Mission’s main
office, behind the gift shop. If no one from Public Relations is there to welcome you, the whiteboard on the front of
the visitor center adjacent to the Public Relations office has a telephone number(s) with which you should be able
to reach someone in Public Relations. You may use the telephone located in the visitor lounge upstairs in the
visitor center.

The Mission has a small clinic that is by no means a hospital. Should an emergency arise, there are Mexican
hospitals in the area. Be advised that it takes a number of hours to drive to a U.S. hospital from the Mission. If
you are on medication, please bring an ample supply. Each person is responsible for his/her own health
insurance, medical care and any associated costs.

The Mission provides accommodations to approved visitors. Space is limited and all those desiring to visit must
contact the U.S. office and make a reservation prior to arrival – no exceptions.

Depending on the number of people visiting, please be aware that we may not be able to accommodate special
housing requests i.e. married couples, families or friends wishing to be housed together. Come prepared to share
accommodations with others and make new friends. Upon booking a reservation, please submit a completed
Skills & Abilities/Housing form as soon as possible as this aids in the planning of visitor sleeping

 All visitors staying at the Mission should bring their own towels, pillows, sleeping bags and/or bedding.

                                                 MISSION FACILITIES
Please be considerate of others using the restroom/shower facilities. Please clean up after yourself after each

We’re sorry, but we do not have the resources for visitors staying one week or less to do their laundry. There is a
laundro-mat available in town.

              Please keep in mind that this is a faith ministry, funded by the widow's mite. We
                ask that you be conservative in your use of utilities and receive the daily bread
                                    with thanksgiving and without waste.

                The estimated cost for room, board, and utilities is approximately $15.00 per
              person, per day. Donations to cover these costs may be made in advance to our
                     U.S. Office or may be left in an offering box at the Mission Office.

                                                WORK ASSIGNMENTS
Work assignments are dependent upon the needs of the Mission during your stay and may include anything from
helping in the orchard to bagging beans to be given out to those in need. Please be prepared to be flexible and
willing to do what you are asked. The Skills & Abilities/Housing form is an invaluable tool in helping
determine suitable work assignments. Please submit it as soon as possible after booking your
reservation. The visitor work schedule is 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Mondays through Thursdays and 8:00 a.m. to
1:00 p.m. on Fridays.

                                 MORNING DEVOTIONS/CHURCH ATTENDANCE
A regular time is set aside for morning devotions on Mondays through Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Your
presence is requested at these gatherings – please be prompt. Please do not bring food or drinks to morning
devotions. If you would like to get involved, Fridays are generally reserved for visitors to lead praise and worship
as well as to give their testimonies, words of encouragement, etc. The host/hostess will provide more information
after you arrive.

We request that you also attend Mission church services:

                                  Sunday          10:00 a.m. & 6:00 p.m.
                                  Wednesday       6:00 p.m.

Those staying on the Mission grounds are offered three meals a day from the kitchen, with the exceptions of
Saturday and Sunday evenings and Mexican holidays. For these times, take-out food is made available for
pickup. Visitors usually eat out for dinner on Fridays. Though the first Friday of each month is set aside as a day
of prayer and fasting, breakfast and a light lunch are provided. Visitors often choose to eat out for both lunch and
dinner on these days. There are good restaurants in the area – inquire with the host/hostess after arrival for
details if interested.

                                              Dining Room Schedule

                                  Weekdays                 Breakfast     7:00 am
                                                           Lunch         1:00 pm
                                                           Dinner        5:00 pm

                                  *Saturday/*Sunday       Breakfast    8:00 am
                                                        Lunch       1:00 pm

                                  *Take-out only except for those willing to do their own table setup and cleanup.

To facilitate the Mission dining room schedule:

        Please notify the host/hostess the day before if you are going to be absent for meals on the following day.
        This is especially important for groups!

        Please be on time for meals. As a courtesy to the kitchen staff, please remain outside the dining room
        until the bell for mealtime is rung. The only exception is for those assigned to set the tables – visitors are
        generally asked to help with kitchen setup and cleanup on a daily, rotating basis. You will receive further
        instructions after you arrive.

        Please do not take cups or dishes out of the dining room.

                                                       DRESS CODE
Please adhere to the dress code guidelines listed below. If you are asked to change, please be willing and open to
do so.

        Shorts and skirts must be at least to the top of the knee or longer.
        Hats (on males) and shorts are not allowed in morning devotions or church.
        Spaghetti straps and tank tops are not permitted. Shoulders must be covered.
        Clothing that exposes the midriff is not permitted.
        Tight-fitting clothing is not permitted.
        Sheer or see-through clothing is not permitted.
        Bathing suits should be very conservative and only worn at the beach.
        Body piercing jewelry, except earrings on females, is not permitted.
        Please avoid extreme or offensive make-up, clothing and hairstyles. Please cover tattoos if they are
        offensive in nature.
        Bare feet are not permitted (for health and safety reasons).

*See the “Outreach” section below for additional dress code guidelines.

                                                   CHILD INTERACTION
Although we encourage our visitors to interact with the children in our orphanage, we strive to maintain as normal
and home-like an atmosphere for them as possible. As such, visitor contact with the children is limited. There
are, however, opportunities for getting to know the children and blessing their house parents. One such example
is house-sitting on Monday evenings which allows our visitors to get to know the children while giving the house
parents those evenings off. If you feel led to bless the house parents, a gift of approximately $20 is appropriate.
Other examples of activities that visitors may wish to participate in with the children include things like taking a
household out for ice cream or taking the babies from the nursery to morning devotions. Please observe the
following guidelines with regard to time spent with our children:

    You must be at least 18 years of age or accompanied by an adult.
    If you take a child to devotions, please return the child to the nursery if the child is distracting to the speaker
    and/or those around you.
    Please consult the sponsorship secretary or the host/hostess if you desire to give a gift of any kind or if you
    would like to sponsor a child. Children at the Mission should not accept anything directly from our guests.
    If you feel that one of the children needs discipline or correction, please report this to the Mission’s main office.
    If the Mission’s main office is closed, report it to the person in charge.
    Children are not allowed in any visitor housing. If you wish to take a child anywhere, please contact the
    Sponsorship Secretary in the office who will ask permission from the house parents. Guests wishing to take a
    child off the premises must have a staff person accompany them at all times.

                                OTHER STANDARDS OF CONDUCT
    If you leave the Mission for an extended period of time, please let the host/hostess or your group leader know
    where you are going and when you expect to return. Please go in 3's or small groups when going into town.

    There are no men permitted in women's housing and no women permitted in men's housing.

    The Sala, soup kitchen, fire pit and visitor center lounge are the designated areas for socializing.

    No alcoholic beverages, smoking, drugs or dancing are allowed on Mission property or in the community and
    surrounding areas.

    Open fires, firearms and/or firecrackers are not allowed on the premises.

    Please do not be overly noisy and/or obnoxious at any time during your stay. We ask that all is quiet by 10:00

    No inappropriate public displays of affection are allowed.

Attention all shutterbugs! The U.S. office is always in need of good quality pictures for our monthly newsletter!
Pictures should not be taken during a church service or in the camps without the pastor or overseer's permission.
Pictures of the children or ministry can be used for publication only with written permission of FFHM. Please send
digital photos on a CD to FFHM, P.O. Box 74000, San Clemente, CA 92673 or email them to

The purpose of our Outreach ministry is to evangelize, feed the hungry, clothe the naked and heal the sick.
Visitors are invited to go with our Outreach team to observe their ministry in the migrant work camps. Please see
the host/hostess for schedules and arrangements after arrival.

Many people in the local Christian community adhere to a conservative dress code – it is very modest. We must
be more culturally sensitive to the Oaxacan Indians while ministering in the camps. As such, in addition to
adhering to the dress code outlined earlier in this packet, males should wear long pants and females should wear
a dress or skirt that falls below the knee (can be worn over jeans) while at the camps. Long hair is best tied back
or tucked up into a cap or scarf (to help prevent the spread of lice). Little or no makeup should be worn. Warm
clothing is needed, as evenings can be very cool.

The distribution of any items or gifts in the camps is not allowed unless prior permission has been given by
Outreach or Public Relations personnel. If your group feels led to bring a treat for children on either Adult or Child
Outreach, we recommend “kid-friendly” nutritional snacks like raisins, string cheese, peanuts, fruit trail mix,
etc…instead of candy. These can be bought locally. Sufficient quantities should be bought for all of the children
(approximately 500). No nail polish or face painting is allowed in the camps. We suggest bringing jump ropes,
balls and other toys so that you may interact with the children during outreach activities. Please be prepared to
use your own vehicle to go on outreach activities throughout the week. The following schedule is subject to

        Child Evangelism: Tuesdays – Thursdays at 2:00 p.m.
        Adult Evangelism: Tuesdays – Thursdays at: 5:30 p.m. (4:30 p.m. in the winter)

                                   WEDNESDAY NIGHT FUND-RAISING DINNER
Our Bible Institute students host fundraising dinners for visitors Wednesday evenings after church from October
through May. During the summer months, there may be other fundraising dinners. The host/hostess will inform
you if this is the case after you arrive. Please let the host/hostess know if you are interested in participating. The
suggested donation is $5.00 per person (subject to change).

A payphone located on the Mission grounds behind the gift shop is available for visitor use. Phone cards are
available for purchase in the Mission’s main office. There are internet cafes in town for visitors wishing to use the

The telephone number of FFHM’s U.S. office is (949)492-2200. This number may be given out, but should be
used for emergency calls only. Should an emergency arise, a message will be sent to the Mission on behalf of the

                                Sample       Schedule
                           Work Week of Ministry & Activities
Sunday....................11:00 am         Cross border into Mexico
                         1:00 pm           Lunch on the road
                         4:00 pm           Arrive at Mission, check-in & get settled
                         6:00 pm           Church (Spanish Service)
                         7:30 pm           Dinner Out (or bring own)
                         9:00 pm           Group Meeting with host/hostess

Monday....................6:00 am          Group/Individual Prayer
                       7:00 am             Breakfast- Don’t be late! (Helpers - 20 min. early)
                       8:00 am             Sala Devotions
                       9:00 am             Mission Tour
               11:00-11:20 am              Break
                       1:00 pm             Lunch - Don’t be late! (Helpers - 30 min. early)
                       2:00 pm             Child Evangelism or Work Assignments
                       5:00 pm             Dinner - Don’t be late! (Helpers -20 min. early)
                  5:45-9:00 pm             House-sitting

Tuesday...................6:00 am          Group/Individual Prayer
                      7:00 am              Breakfast- Don’t be late! (Helpers - 20 min. early)
                      8:00 am              Sala Devotions
                       9:00 am             Work Assignments
               11:00-11:20 am              Break
                      1:00 pm              Lunch - Don’t be late! (Helpers - 30 min. early)
                      2:00 pm              Child Evangelism or Work Assignments
                      5:00 pm              Dinner - Don’t be late! (Helpers -20 min. early)
                      5:30 pm              Evening Outreach - Time subject to change. Be prepared to drive own

Wednesday..............Same as Tuesday, except instead of evening Outreach (see below)
                         6:00 pm           Church (Spanish Service)
                         TBA               Fund-Raising Dinner - If interested in participating

Thursday.................Same as Tuesday

Friday..................... 6:00 am    Group/Individual Prayer
                      7:00 am          Breakfast- Don’t be late! (Helpers - 20 min. early)
                      8:00 am          Sala Devotions (Workgroups may be asked earlier in week to share today)
                      9:00 am          Work Assignments
               11:00-11:20 am          Break
                      1:00 pm          Lunch - Don’t be late! (Helpers - 30 min. early)
                                       AFTERNOON OFF!

Saturday..........7:00-8:00 am         Clean dorms, pack and prepare for departure

                                             USEFUL ITEMS TO BRING
□ Camera
□ Drinks (juice, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc.)
□ Snack food
□ Jacket
□ Towel
□ Shampoo and Conditioner
□ Soap
□ Toothbrush and toothpaste
□ Sunscreen
□ Sleeping Bag or Sheet/Blanket Combo
□ Spanish/English dictionary
□ Modest Swimsuit
□ Tennis shoes/sandals
□ Travel alarm
□ Hat or scarf
□ Work clothes, gloves, boots, jeans and t-shirts are appropriate for men and women
□ U.S. or Mexican currency only (It is not possible to change traveler’s checks or Canadian currency.)

PETS - Sorry, no pets allowed.

      Be sure to visit the Mission gift shop Tuesday through Friday to purchase Mission
and Oaxacan souvenir items, including macadamia nut products from our organic orchard!


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