PowerPoint Presentation - The JFK assassination…conspiracy or not by wanghonghx


									         The JFK
         or not?

    Investigated by Josh Wilkins
             Lee Harvey Oswald
•   Traditional Theory…
•   POSITION:It was believed by many from the beginning of the investigations that
    there was only ever one person behind the assassination of JFK, and in the Warren
    Commission, it was stated that this man was Lee Harvey Oswald
•   EVIDENCE:It could be suggested that in fact LHO had the motives with which to
    carry out the assassination of JFK. He was married to Marina Prusakova In April
    30 1961, and as she was a communist Russian, it was believed LHO may have been
    influenced by her beliefs. Furthermore, whilst some argue that LHO was not a
    very good shot, and thus could not have performed such accurate shootings, a
    further investigation into his files revealed that actually out of 35 shots, 32 were
    on target
•   ASSESSMENT:I would suggest that as a result of the findings of these files, which
    clearly show the man’s ability to shoot and kill JFK, whilst also having a motive to
    do so implies that it could well have been the LHO by himself.
               Lee Harvey Oswald
•   The revisionist theory
•   POSITION: The revisionist theory states that it was not soley Lee Harvey Oswald acting on his
    own, instead a group of people and thus a conspiracy were behind the killing of JFK.
•   EVIDENCE:It was suggested that despite LHO’s involvement in the marines in his early childhood,
    he was renowned for being an awful shot, and thus getting one shot on target was a rarity, let
    alone getting two on target, in a moving vehicle. It has also been suggested that whilst the
    Warren Commission states that LHO was in certain places at certain times, some reports counter
    this, and argue that actually he was not where the commission said he was, thus there must
    have been someone else involved.
•   ASSESSMENT:One whole spate of sightings occurred in a place called Alice, Texas where
    seventeen separate witnesses thought they saw Lee Oswald — usually with Marina and a baby in
    arms. In an essay from his web site, Dave Reitzes reviews many of the sighting, and argues that
    in fact they are inaccurate, thus allowing for LHO to actually have been at the scene of the
    crime. One particular witness reports LHO to be with his wife and a child, however at the time,
    given the child's date of birth, it is impossible that the child meet the descriptions given.
    Furthermore, whilst another witness stated that LHO checked into a hotel in the Alice area, the
    Warren Commission clearly has database evidence that LHO checked in and stayed in the Dallas
    areas, for 3 nights, leading up to the assassination.
     The Magic Bullet Theory
•   In what is one of the most interesting pieces of evidence, it is suggested that
    there must have been a magic bullet to have created all the wounds.
    Traditional Theory:
•   POSITION: Given that there was a total of 7 wounds, in different places, it has
    been argued that this was indeed possible because of physics and magic bullet.
•   EVIDENCE:I would suggest that this position is valid as a result of the fact that
    the physics allows for one such bullet to cause all of the wounds.
    Furthermore, despite the argument that even if the bullet had caused all of the
    wounds, it would have been amaged gfiven the path it took, the picture to the
    right hand side of the actual bullet, in a close up clearly shows that the bullet
    is not in the so called “pristine condition”, which would suggest it has been on
    a dramatic course.
•   ASSESSMENT: Whilst it is argued that Kennedy and Connally were sat directly in
    front of each other, given the evidence that they were not further aids the
    cause of the magic bullet theory, and given the proven physics I would suggest
    that however freakish, it was a possible event.
     The Magic Bullet Theory
•   Revisionist theory
•   POSITION:The revisionist, conspiracy theory suggests that because of the “actual” positions of
    Kennedy and Connoly, it was imposiible for the wounds to have been made with one bullet thus
    there must have been other bullets, and given the speed at which this second bullet would have
    had to have been shot at, it was impossible for this to have been the same gunman.
•   EVIDENCE: It is suggested that as the pair were apparently directly in front of each other, it
    would thus have been impossible for one bullet to have caused all of the wounds,
    as the below image suggests there is no way the bullet could have
    taken the suggested course. Also it was suggested that because of the
    mysterious disappearance then re-appearing of the bullet, it may
    have been placed in the hospital so as to suggest that one bullet did it.
    Whilst the argument from the revisionist point of view is that given the
    pristine condition of the bullet, nit could not have
    caused the wounds.
•   ASSESSMENT:I would suggest that this evidence is slightly unreliable.
    Further investigations have realised that commonly conspiracy authors will attack the Single
    Bullet Theory by moving the entrance wound in Kennedy's back down below the Warren
    Commission location, and move the wound in the front of Kennedy's neck up in order to require
    an absurd trajectory though Kennedy's body, and from that argue that the physics are
    impossible. Such tampering suggests the argument is flawed.
         “Back and to the left”
•   The traditional theory suggests that this does not necessarily mean that a shot came from “the
    grassy knoll”
•   POSITION: Simple Newtonian physics does not allow for the freak reactions felt when you have
    just been shot, thus despite what the theory may suggest, a back and to the left reaction could
    have happened regardless of where the shot came from.
•   EVIDENCE: One of the most profound bits of evidence supporting the theory that a back and to
    the left movement was possible regardless of where the bullet came from is that of a
    neuromuscular spasm. The House Select Committee decided that this was the key factor after
    watching an experiment where a goat was shot in the head, and the spasms witnessed could
    easily have caused the backward, and left movements.
•   It is entirely possible for an object hit by a bullet to move in the direction from which the
    bullet came. Richard Trott demonstrated this by shooting melons and the "jet effect"
    phenomenon was thus first suggested. It was later experimentally demonstrated by physicist
    Luis Alvarez. Trott shows that the average citizen with a rifle can recreate the effect.
•   ASSESSMENT: Given all of this evidence, I would suggest that indeed this “back and to the left”
    movement was possible regardless of where the bullet came from, thus the sole killer in LHO, up
    in the office buildings was entirely plausible.
         “Back and to the left”
•   The conspiracy theory
•   POSITION: conspiracy theorists suggest that “back and to the left” movements recorded of JFK’s
    movemen's after having been shot suggest that a shot was fired from somewhere else, other
    than the office buildings thus a second gunman was involvede.
•   EVIDENCE: The physics suggest that by being shot from the front, thereby from the direction of
    the “grassy knoll”, the only possible movement of JFK’s head was to go backwards and then fall
    to the left. As a result this thus suggests that the shot came from the grassy knoll and therefore
    indicates that another gunman was involved in the assassination of JFK. A gun was later
    uncovered by the grassy knoll.
•   ASSESSMENT: Firstly I would suggest that whilst this theory is backed up by evidence in the form
    of physics, the mysterious appearance of the gun at the grassy knoll (which may have been
    placed there as a cover up) and indeed the argument which states that a spasm could have
    caused a similar movement, in fact the conspiracy theory seems less likely.

                                                                              Apparent sightings of
                                                                              a man holding a gun
                                                                              by the infamous
                                                                              grassy knoll
•   All in all I would suggest that given these three bits of evidence and
    theories from both the conspiracy and traditional side, I would be of
    the opinion that it was not a conspiracy that killed JFK.
•   Given the vast amounts of evidence backed in the traditional theory’s
    favour, and the mysterious and somewhat suspicious actions taken so as
    to provide an argument for the conspiracies, it can surely only be
    argued that Lee Harvey Oswald performed the assassination by himself.
•    It was proven that he had the motives, he had the ability to perform
    the assassination, his magic bullet could indeed have caused all of the
    wounds and finally it was indeed possible for the back and to the left
    movements recorded of JFK to have been caused by the fatal bullet
    shot by LHO from his office building.
•   For the conspiracy theory to have been credited, it would have been
    required that no tampering with evidence occurred, and that hard
    evidence were required, which, however argued, cannot and will not
    ever be presented.

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