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Robina by pengxuebo


                                              State High School
                                                       Investigator Drive
                                                      Robina Qld 4226
                                                     Phone: 07 5562 3444
                                                      Fax: 07 5562 3400
                                             21 October, 2010 - Volume 31

                                                               Don’t forget that CO09 is open every lunch time
IMPORTANT DATES                                                except Wednesday, if you need computer
Nov 4           Awards Night                                   technology help or you need to complete school
Nov 8-11        Year 12 Exam Block                             and homework
Nov 15          Year 12 Graduation
Nov 17-23       Year 11 Exam Block                             GUIDANCE OFFICER:                      JODIE DEKENS
Nov 16          Last day for Year 12
Nov 19          Year 12 Formal

STUDENT PATHWAYS DIRECTOR:                                     Social networking describes a variety of online services
JEANETTE MCDONALD                                              like Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Twitter and online
2011 STUDENT LEADERSHIP- progress                              games such as World of Warcraft and RuneScape.
We had a record 22 students nominate for our 2011              Social networking sites are a great way for your child
Student Leadership positions. Each student acquitted           or teen to stay in touch with their friends and family.
themselves very professionally in their interviews and         However, sometimes it’s easy for children to forget
speeches to the student body. Voting took place on             with whom they are communicating online and who
Thursday. Positions will be announced at the Awards            might see the information they post. It’s easier to say
Evening on November 4th. The House Captain                     and do things online that they might not in ‘real life’.
positions and International Prefects will be filled once       As a result, it’s important for children to stop and think
the Student Executive has been announced.                      about how their behaviour will affect others, as well as
Year 8 & 9 ALTERNATIVE WEEK ACTIVITIES                         themselves.
So far we can confirm we will be offering Year 8 & 9           There are other risks. Cyberbullying, people making
students the opportunity to go to Wet ‘n Wild, the new         inappropriate contact, identity theft, scams and
10 Pin Bowling centre at the Town Centre and the new           possible exposure to adult content can make places
installment in the Narnia series. Letters should be            like social networking sites risky. But if your child or
going home by the end of next week. We do offer                teen plays it smart they can stay safe online.
varied educational and physical activities at school as
well as the costed excursions.

            Business Education                                     Stay involved in your child’s use of new
       Computer Technology Tip # 29                                technologies.
                                                                   Check the age guidelines on any site or game
                  AutoSum in Excel                                 your child might want to engage in.
One of the niftiest tools in Excel is the AutoSum.                 Help your child set up their profile to make sure
                                                                   that they don’t put much personal information
       Simply highlight the numbers you want to add,               online. No dates, addresses or similar.
       and press the AutoSum key. It is all done in                Check the privacy settings for each service and
       one simple calculation.                                     find out how to block other users and report
Ask one of the Business teachers in staffroom 2 for                Talk to your child about who they should
more information on how you can use AutoSum                        communicate with or make ‘friends’ with online.

                                                ‘Believe and Succeed’
                                                                                                              Page 2

      Discuss the amount of time your child can spend              activity improves psychological wellbeing and can
      online and ensure they maintain a balance.                   reduce depression and anxiety. People who
                                                                   exercise report feeling less stressed or nervous …
                                                                   Be active in getting help – it is important for us
                                                                   to understand and mange our feelings, and get
                                                                   help if we need it …
    Think before you post. Content posted online                   Be active; get the facts – if you or someone
    can be there forever.                                          you know is not feeling well get the right
    Check with your parents before you give out                    information.
    personal information. No dates, addresses or                   Be active, break down stigma - whether you
    similar.                                                       have, or have had a mental illness or not stigma
    Use the privacy settings. Learn how to make                    can affect you. Considering that one in five people
    your profile private.                                          are affected by a mental illness at some stage in
    It’s still public. Even if your profile is private             their lives, if it hasn’t affected you directly, then it
    you can’t control what your friends do with the                surely has had an impact on someone you know.
    information you post.                                          Take up the challenge…
    Remember, not everyone is who they claim to                Get connected
    be.                                                            Get connected to your community – connect
    Keep your online friends online. If you do                     with a group or go along to community events.
    want to meet someone you haven’t met in person,                Join a club or volunteer. Participate, you'll feel
    ask a parent or another trusted adult to go with               great…
    you.                                                           Get connected with nature - Next time you are
    Say No! Free offers are usually too good to be                 feeling like a lift, explore a national park, go
    true and can end up costing you a great deal.                  bushwalking, camp near the beach…
    Be considerate. Only post comments you would                   Get connected to yourself – take some time
    be happy to receive yourself.                                  out to do what’s important to you. Do some
    Don’t respond if someone sends you unkind or                   gardening, meet a friend, take the dog for a walk.
    bullying messages or asks you to do something                  Make a list, have plan…
    that makes you feel uncomfortable. Tell your                   Get connected with others – make time for
    parents or someone you can trust.                              family and friends…
For further information to all these tips please visit         Stay involved                                              Stay involved - having a sense of belonging, and
                                                                   having a purpose in life all contribute to happiness
SCHOOL BASED YOUTH HEALTH NURSE:                                   and good mental health. Join a club, help out …
HELEN DREDGE                                                       Stay involved, volunteer - health experts say
                                                                   that doing good deeds adds meaning to our lives
                                                                   and helps our self-esteem.
                                                                   Stay involved, commit to treating yourself
The theme for Mental Health Week in Queensland is                  well – have balance in your life. It's important
'Be    active,    get   connected,   stay   involved’.             that you schedule "me time". Taking just one
Mental health is a state of wellbeing. It’s not just the           hour, once a week to do something for yourself
absence of illness, but also the ability to maintain               can do wonders for your wellbeing.
relationships, cope with stress, contribute to the                 Stay involved with your community – take up
community and enjoy life. Unfortunately not                        a cause, help in a working bee, chat to a
everybody experiences good mental health all of the                neighbour…
time.                                                          INDUSTRY LIAISON OFFICER:                ROBYN ALLEN
Mental Health Week aims to stimulate, educate and
engage Queensland around mental health and related               *** Details for all positions listed can be provided
issues. We ask people to ‘be active, get connected,                   by Mrs Allen at Student Pathways***
stay involved’.
Here are some suggestions of how you can build on
the theme’s key messages.
                                                               School based Apprenticeships/Traineeships
Be active
    Be active in looking after your mental health                Student     Pathway      Opportunities    for
    staying healthy means looking after yourself                 traineeships, work experience, post school
    physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually,           opportunities and courses are available from
    take a walk, go for a swim, take up a hobby, read            Mrs Allen at Student Pathways or on the
    a book …                                                     Robina State High School Website:
    Be physically active – being physically active               ROBINA STATE HIGH SCHOOL - STUDENT PATHWAYS LINK
    can improve your mental health. Regular physical

                                                ‘Believe and Succeed’
                                                                                                              Page 3

Certificate II Sports Coaching                                        Little St Kilda – Palm Beach
Burleigh Waters                                                       Zarraffas 19th Avenue
Year 11 student                                                       Certificate II Horticulture (Turf)– Glades
Please phone Lorraine on 5572 3619                                    Golf Club
to make an appointment for an
interview. Please take your resume to                                 Certificate III Horticulture (Turf) – Paradise
the interview. (B)                                                    Point Bowls Club

Certificate III Business Administration                               Certificate II Horticulture – Runaway Cover
Group Training Organisation in Varsity Lakes                          Biggera Waters
This role would suit someone who is interested in a                   Certificate II Retail – Subway          - Burleigh
career in Finance or Human Resources. You will learn                  Waters and Worongary
payroll processing and HR administration duties,
including data entry, filing, booking interviews, lodging         Kings International College are
job advertisements, answering phones, filing and                  offering a variety of Certificate
photocopy. (OnQ)                                                  courses. Please see Mrs Allen at
Certificate III Business Administration                           Student     Pathways     for    further
Robina / Varsity area                                             information or check out the Post
                                                                  School options located on the School
Certificate III Hairdressing - Year 10 or Year 11                 intranet or on the website at: Courses
student - Robina                                                  and Opportunities. The courses
Student must be interested in a career in the                     available are:
hairdressing industry and be reliable and enthusiastic.
Bring resume to Mrs Allen, Student Pathways.                      Certificate III in Health Services Assistance
Certificate III Hairdressing                                      Certificate II Automotive
Navarna Hairdressing – Broadbeach                                 Certificate III Business Administration
Year 11 students interested in a career in hairdressing.          Certificate II Hospitality Operations
Must be reliable and enthusiastic. Send resume to:                Material fees are included in the course fees are listed                                            on the website above.
                                                                  Closing date for application is 19th November 2010.
Certificate II Retail (M)
Donut King in various locations
Certificate II Retail                                             STUDY AT ADFA IN 2012
Subway – Burleigh Waters and Worongary                            REMINDER    - Applications for the Australian
                                                                  Defence Force Academy (ADFA) are open for the
The following positions are still available –                     2012 intake. Although this seems like a long time
Further information can be accessed for these                     away it is important for current Year 11 students to
positions on the Student Pathways link                            apply early in order to give them the best opportunity
provided:                                                         to prepare for the selection process.
ROBINA STATE HIGH SCHOOL - STUDENT PATHWAYS                       An ADFA Information Session to provide students with
Direct ALL enquiries for these positions to Mrs                   information about ADFA and the selection process is
Allen at Student Pathways. Please DO NOT                          being held on Thursday 28 October at 5:30pm
approach Business’ directly.                                      QLD time.
                                                                  If you require further information please refer
    Certificate   III   Hospitality        –       Various        to last weeks newsletter or follow this link
    locations:                                                    Robina SHS Newsletter for 14 October 2010
    Red Pear Catering – Burleigh
    Café Liaisons – Southport
    Celtic Organic – Southport
    Café Sorrento – Sorrento
    Garlic Clove – Carrara
    Certificate     III     Hospitality        –    Aztec         New Ballet Program - Official Announcement!
                                                                  QDSE is pleased to announce a pilot PRE-
    Certificate  III   Hospitality         –       Various        PROFESSIONAL BALLET PROGRAM for 2011 in
    locations:                                                    partnership with Queensland Ballet and Kelvin Grove
    Currumbin Bird Sanctuary                                      State College.
    Elephant Rock Café,                                           For almost three decades, QDSE has proudly offered a
    Vegas Café – Surfers Paradise                                 unique program combining full-time dance training
    Currumbin RSL                                                 with senior school studies which allows students to

                                                   ‘Believe and Succeed’
                                                                                                            Page 4

obtain a tertiary entrance ranking (OP Score) through           Student Exchange Australia New Zealand Ltd
face-to-face classroom instruction. Building on this
tradition of dance and academic excellence, the school
will now pilot a specialised pre-professional ballet            Scholarships are open to students between 15-18
stream alongside its existing program.                          years of age and offer the unique opportunity to live
Program Features:                                               and study overseas for a semester or year. Students'
• Ballet training under direct supervision of                   language skills improve, their independence and
    Queensland Ballet Artistic Director, François Klaus,        maturity is enhanced and they gain an important edge
    and Artistic Associate, Robyn White.                        when it comes to future career and study
• All dance teachers selected and approved by                   opportunities.
    Queensland Ballet.                                          11 scholarships are available in 2010.
• Ballet classes taught EXCLUSIVELY by former                       1 x Indigenous Scholarship. Valued at up to
    professional dancers.                                           $10,800 each these scholarships are available to
• Special classes with Queensland Ballet Principal                  eligible indigenous students from Australia and
    Dancers, Rachael Walsh, Clare Morehen and                       New Zealand.
    Christian Tatchev.                                              6 x Language Scholarships. Valued at up to
• All ballet classes with live accompaniment.                       $3,500 each these scholarships offer language
• Opportunities to observe Queensland Ballet                        students the chance to immerse themselves in the
    dancers in rehearsal and class.                                 language and culture of their choice.
• All dance classes conducted from 8.30am to 12.15                  3 x Creative Arts Scholarships. Valued at up to
    pm, Monday to Friday, at Queensland Ballet’s                    35% of the program price these scholarships are
    headquarters at The Thomas Dixon Centre, West                   in the form of an on-line t-shirt design competition
    End.                                                            called 'Make Your Mark'.
• Program content includes classes in ballet, pointe,               1 x International Affairs Scholarship. Valued at up
    repertoire, pas de deux, contemporary and jazz.                 to $3,500 each, these scholarships offer those
• Transport provided between The Thomas Dixon                       with a keen interest in international affairs a
    Centre and KGSC for face-to-face senior studies                 chance to sample the world first hand.
    (1.45 pm to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday).                     Students can also make a saving of up to $1000 off
• No senior studies conducted by distance                       the program fee with an Early Bird Discount:
    education.                                                  * $1000 discount for programs of 10-12 months
Auditions - October 31, 2010                                    * $750 discount for programs of 5-7 months
                                                                * $500 discount for programs of 2-3 months
Audition applications and comprehensive information
                                                                *    $250     discount   for    Group     Study   Tours
available from or by
                                                                The deadline for Early Bird Applications is:
contacting QDSE.
                                                                Sunday 31st October.
     PLACES STRICTLY LIMITED                                    Deadline for Student Exchange Scholarship
                                                                Applications is Sunday 31st October.

                            Year 12 Final November Exam Block Schedule
                                    Monday Nov 8 to Thursday Nov 11
             Session          Monday 8            Tuesday 9          Wednesday 10          Thursday 11

                                                    Maths C             Science 21         Chemistry
               Per             Maths A
                                                    Biology              Physics         Modern History
              0, 1, 2

                 2                                                                           IPT
                Per            Maths B         Ancient History             BCT           Exam Catch Up

                 3                                                                          English
                Per        Pre Voc Maths          Hospitality                            Communication
                                                                     CPR Catch Up
                7,8                                                                       CPR Catch Up

                                                ‘Believe and Succeed’

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