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					                                                        The        Volunteer                  Newsletter                 of      Heal        the Bay
               Toxic Single-Use Plastic Bags                                                                  Plastic No. 6
                              By Kirsten James                                                                    By Jyoti Gaur
                                                                                      Polystyrene (PS)

                                                                                      Can I get that to go? A must in our throw
                                                                                      away society, polystyrene (plastic # 6) is a
                                                                                      versatile material made from erethylene and
                                                                                      benzene and can be easily molded. It is
                                                                                      also a wonderful insulator-the reason many
                                                                                      restaurants/coffee shops opt for this product
                                                                                      over alternatives. Polystyrene is found in Styrofoam® containers,
                                                                                      packaging material (peanuts), insulation, egg cartons, disposable
                                                                                      cups and bowls, and plastic cutlery. Polystyrene is also used as a
                                                                                      building material, with electrical appliances (light switches and
          Heal the Bay speaks out! Photo By Polly Barrowman
                                                                                      plates), and in other household items. So when you cringe at the
                                                                                      word Styrofoam®, you are actually cringing at a form of polystyrene-
         L.A. County sets bad precedent with plastic bag law.                         our # 6 plastic.
Earlier this year, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors                        Can we recycle it?
passed a motion to explore the issue of polyethylene plastic bag con-
sumption and the possibility of pursuing a plastic bag policy similar to              Polystyrene is not easily recyclable because of its lightweight and low
that of San Francisco and other communities. In preparing their re-                   scrap value. Also, once contaminated with food, the scrap value de-
port, County staff found that an estimated 6 billion plastic bags are                 creases even more. Many curbside programs do not accept polysty-
used each year in Los Angeles County and only a small fraction of                     rene because of its small market, which continues to shrink. Although
bags is actually recycled. As you all know, many of these bags end                    the City of Los Angeles currently accepts all plastics 1 through 7-
up in our creeks and ocean.                                                           including Styrofoam®, it is unclear how much Styrofoam®, if any, is
                                                                                      truly recycled.
The final County Staff Report provided five policy alternatives, and a
subsequent Board Letter recommended that the Supervisors adopt                        Also, polystyrene recycling is not a "closed loop". The collected poly-
Alternative 5, which states the intention of a bag ban if the bag dis-                styrene cups are not remanufactured into cups, but into other prod-
posal rate does not decrease by a minimum of 35% and 70% by 2010                      ucts, such as packing filler and cafeteria trays. This means that more
and 2013, respectively. Under this Alternative, County staff would                    resources will have to be used, and more pollution created, to pro-
draft an ordinance to ban plastic single-use bags and would bring the                 duce more polystyrene cups.
ordinance back to the Board, if the reduction targets are not met.
                                                                      Human Health Effects:
While Heal the Bay sees an outright ban as the proven most effective
policy solution, we worked extensively with the Supervisors‘ staff to There are many problems associated with polystyrene affecting both
strengthen Alternative 5 by including convenience markets into the    human health and the environment. Styrene, the single molecule form
plan and developing a strong methodology for determining compli-      of polystyrene, may migrate into your food or beverages from polysty-
                                                                      rene containers. So what happens when you consume styrene?
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                                                          IN THIS ISSUE
                                                          New Staff 2 Day Without A Bag 3 Santa Monica Pier Aquarium 4
                                                          Memories of the Bay 5 Speakers Bureau Training 6 Beach Report Card 8
                                                                            HEAL THE BAY VOLUNTEER NEWSLETTER Volume 18, Number 1, February 2008
                                                                                             Heal the Bay, 1444 9th Street, Santa Monica, California 90401
                                                                              Welcome New Staff
   Sea Stars
  February 2008 Volume 18, Number 1             Saira Gandhi is the new Internship and Volunteer Coordinator for
                                                Heal the Bay. Saira recently graduated from the University of Califor-
                                                nia, Los Angeles with a degree in International Development. As an
                                                active student leader, Saira was a steering committee member of E3:
                                                Ecology, Economy, Equity, a student group dedicated to building a
                                                culture of sustainability on the UCLA campus. In addition to directing
             1444 9th Street                    the 2007 UCLA Earth Day Festival: Blue+Gold =Green, Saira also
         Santa Monica, CA 90401
             (310) 451-1500                     organized students to advocate for environmental policies to the UC
                    Regents. In 2007, the members of E3 and the California Student Sus-
                                                tainability Coalition were able to pass a Climate Neutrality policy for
                                                the UC System that would require the University of California to have
                                                a zero net impact on global climate change. Saira is excited to continue to work towards environ-
                                                mental and social justice and looks forward to meeting all of Heal the Bay‘s wonderful volunteers.
     Santa Monica Pier Aquarium
        1600 Ocean Front Walk                                             Charlotte Stevenson, our new staff scientist, is originally from Palo
        Santa Monica, CA 90401                                            Alto, California and attributes her love of the ocean to spending sum-
            (310) 393-6149                                                mers in beautiful Kauai, Hawaii with her grandparents. She first formally
                                                                          studied marine biology in Copenhagen, Denmark in a study abroad
          Mission Statement
       We are a nonprofit environmental
                                                                          program, but then decided she needed to return to warmer climates
  organization dedicated to making Southern                               and did an undergraduate research project on fish populations at Pal-
  California coastal waters and watersheds,                               myra Atoll in the Pacific. She then went back to Stanford University for
including Santa Monica Bay, safe, healthy and                             her Masters in marine biological toxicology. Prior to coming to Heal the
 clean. We use research, education, commu-
nity action & advocacy to pursue our mission.                             Bay, she worked for a year and half in Washington, DC as a John A.
                                                                          Knauss Marine Policy Fellow and then as a member of the staff on the
    Volunteer info on our web site:
   Click the Volunteer logo in the Quick
                                                                          Natural Resources Committee, Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife
   Links column on the home page. Or,           and Oceans in the House of Representatives. Charlotte is very happy to be back in California
    go to "Take Action" > "Volunteer"           helping protect one of the most beautiful coastlines in the whole world.
            using the menu bar.

 Sea Stars Producers/Editors                    Julie Naylor is excited to join the Heal the Bay staff as the
         Refugio “Reg” Mata
                                                Public Programs Assistant. Julie has been a volunteer at the
                                                Santa Monica Pier Aquarium since 2002, and has always had
       Sea Stars Staff                          an interest in the marine environment. In 2006, Julie earned
          Refugio Mata ext.151
                                                an Associate's degree in General Science, and is currently
        Inland Outreach Coordinator             working on earning a B.S. in Accounting at LMU. Her hob-
          Kirsten James ext.162
                                                bies are bird watching, gardening, drawing, and SCUBA div-
           Water Quality Director               ing, although due to schooling, most of these are not being
         Natalie Burdick ext.159
                                                pursued at the moment.
          Development Associate
           Jyoti Gaur ext. 146
         Speakers Bureau Manager
      Randi Parent, SMPA ext. 105                                                  Save the Date(s)
     Community Outreach Coordinator
                                                                              The social season is fast approaching, so it‘s time to mark your cal-
Printed on recycled paper                                                     endar for some of the upcoming special events benefiting Heal the
                                                                              Bay, including a SVEDKA-sponsored fashion event at Fred Segal
Printing Paid By:                                                             Fun in Santa Monica, April 10th, the Santa Monica Classic Run May
                                                                              4th, and Support the Cure‘s 2008 party supporting Heal the Bay and
                                                                              the Environmental Defense Fund, downtown at Met Lofts on May
                                                                              10th (visit for tickets).

                                                                              Look for more details on Heal the Bay‘s website and in the next is-
                                                                              sue of Sea Stars!

                                                If you‘d like to throw your own third-party fundraiser for Heal the Bay, contact Natalie Burdick in
                                                the Development Department at (310) 451-1500 Ext. 159.

                    Giving Back to the Planet                                             (“Toxic Single-Use Plastics Bags” continued from page 1)

                              By Natalie Burdick                                          ance with the reduc-
Heal the Bay‘s inaugural “Day Without a Bag” event on December                            tion targets. As a
20th was a tremendous success!                                                            result of our efforts,
                                                                                          Supervisor Burke‘s
A coalition of over 25 environmental and community organizations,                         staff proposed these
including Heal the Bay, raised the awareness of millions through our                      amendments to Alter-
bag give-way campaigns at 18 different sites, including major South-                      native 5. Heal the
land sites at The Grove in Los Angeles and Northgate Market in El                         Bay was set to sup-
Monte, where there was extensive media coverage.                                          port Alternative 5 with
                                                                                          Burke‘s amendments.
The event couldn‘t have been a success without the support of our                         However on the day Heal the Bay at the Supervisors’ hearing. Photo by Joyce Sisson
partners including, 22 L.A. County cities that signed resolutions des-                    before the hearing,
ignating December 20th as ―A Day Without a Bag,‖ 180 participating                        additional amendments were submitted by Supervisors Knabe and
Ralphs grocery locations, 75 99¢ Only shopping sites, 3 Bed Bath                          Antonovich that weakened the bag reduction targets by 5%. Heal the
and Beyond stores, and a half a dozen reusable bag companies.                             Bay drew a line in the sand and openly opposed these last-minute
                                                                                          amendments; allowing an additional 300 million bags (5%) to end up
Heal the Bay is especially thankful to the following companies for                        in our landfills and environment was unacceptable.
generously providing over 10,000 bag donations and for their ongoing
commitment to providing alternatives to single-use shopping bags:        Heal the Bay and other environmental groups spearheaded a rally
                                                                         before the hearing to ask the Supervisors to hold the line and not
1 Bag at a Time –                                    reduce the targets. Nearly 200 people attended the rally to show
Bring Your Own Bag –                                       their support in the fight against plastic bags. Despite strong support
ChicoBags –                                            from Supervisors Zev Yaroslavsky and Gloria Molina, the remaining
Eco-Bags –                                               three Supervisors ignored its staff recommendation to consider a
earthwise bag company, inc. –                      stronger measure that would ban plastic bags in unincorporated ar-
West 19th –                                                eas if aggressive recycling targets were not met. Unfortunately, the
                                                                         11th hour lobbying efforts by associations representing grocers and
To give back to the planet, visit any of these sites to stock up on your bag manufacturers worked.
own supply of reusable bags, or visit for a
Heal the Bay canvas tote and make every day, a day without a bag! Although this vote was a disappointment, we are optimistic that a bag
                                                                         ban will be triggered in Los Angeles County when reduction targets
                                                                         are not met. Heal the Bay is also urging other municipalities to take a
                                                                         much bigger step to tackling the plastic bag problem by implementing
                                                                         an outright ban. The City of Santa Monica will hear staff‘s recom-
                                                                         mendations for addressing plastic bags on February 12th.

                                                                                          Of note, the Chinese government last week adopted an outright ban
                                                                                          on the distribution of plastic shopping bags, citing the environmental
                                                                                          and economic damage caused by the proliferation of one-use bags.
                                                                                          More than two dozen nations and metropolitan areas have enacted
                                                                                          similar bans or bag fees, including San Francisco and Paris.
             City of LA Officials, Bag Monster® and Green Santa

(“Plastic No. 6” continued from page 1)

Studies suggest that styrene mimics estrogen in the body and can
therefore disrupt normal hormone functions, possibly contributing to
thyroid problems, menstrual irregularities, and other hormone-related
problems, as well as breast cancer and prostate cancer. Because
many of these effects can be more pronounced on developing bod-
ies, extra caution is advisable for women who are pregnant (or con-
sidering becoming so) and for prepubescent children.

Environmental Effects:
                                                                                                         Heal the Bay will continue to fight! Photo by Polly Barrowman
                                                                  (Continued on page 7)

Santa Monica Pier Aquarium                                                        Spring Training for Volunteers!

                                                                      While not required, attending a volunteer orientation is recommended
      Regular Winter Hours Are Back!                                  before participating in volunteer training. Orientation will be held Tuesday,
                                                                      February 19, from 6:30-7:15 p.m. at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium,
                                       Monday:                        1600 Ocean Front Walk.
                                       Tuesday through Friday:        Volunteer training is a six-session course that all potential volunteers
                                       2 p.m. to 5 p.m.               must complete. The spring training classes are held from 6:30 to 8:30
                                       Weekends:                      p.m. at the Aquarium on the following evenings: March 4th, 5th, 6th &
                                       12:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.           March 11th, 12th, 13th.

                               Extreme Makeover for Aquarium Kids’ Corner
                                                                By Randi Parent
                                The much anticipated renovation of
                                the Kids‘ Corner is underway. A cozy
                                area supplied with marine-themed
                                puzzles, games, toys and books, the
                                Kids‘ Corner is one of the most popu-
                                lar areas of the Aquarium for families
                                with very young children. Our young
                                visitors delight in discovering the toys
                                stashed in pint-sized drawers and a
                                puppet theater stocked with a barrel
                                full of sea creature puppets.

                                 With a $25,000 grant from City Na-
                                 tional Bank, a new corporate sponsor
Photo by Jose Bacallao
                                of the space, the Kids‘ Corner is being
restructured to provide a better environment for informal education,
including space for book readings, class activities and an established
story time. A new wall delineating the space, which is to the right of
the Aquarium entrance, also includes a permanent greeting station
where volunteers and staff will welcome visitors. Wrap-around bench-
style seating with overstuffed pillows and storage for games and puz-
zles in cubbies below will provide more room for families to take full
advantage of the space.

A series of ―jewel tanks,‖ six small exhibits at kids‘ eye level, will fea-
ture one species each, giving visitors an opportunity to observe and
study each species individually. The exhibit can be changed several
times a year to demonstrate life cycles of a variety of marine life. For
example, late winter and early spring is prime breeding time for many
ocean animals to lay eggs. Some of the jewel tanks might feature the
eggs of horn sharks, swell sharks or squid eggs for their gestation,
alongside the newly hatched juveniles in another jewel tank. Kids           the Aquarium. After the reading of an environmental or a marine sci-
tend to be fascinated with the reproductive cycle and with newborn          ence-themed book, children will be treated to a hands-on animal
animals, so the Aquarium is expecting this exhibit to be a big hit with presentation and a related arts and crafts project.
our younger visitors who gather in this area.
                                                                            The restructuring of the space will provide a more defined teaching
The new corporate sponsorship allows public programs staff to re-           and performance area, accommodating Monday‘s ―Micro Biologists‖
stock the area‘s reading library, replacing worn out copies of some         kids‘ classes and giving community visitors during public hours more
titles and adding new ones. Besides increasing the variety of books, space for the always-popular kid-created puppet shows.
the library will include a larger number of marine themed books writ-
ten in Spanish as well. New games, puzzles and furniture are also           The myriad uses for the Kids‘ Corner should guarantee a steady flow
being purchased. Once the Kids‘ Corner is refurbished and re-               of visitors; be sure to visit often!
stocked, a new weekend story time will become a regular feature at
Memories of the Bay
                  By Dolores Montgomery, as edited by Gabriele Morgan (Letter Seven)
On March of 2007, Heal the Bay received a call from Dolores Montgomery, a lady in a Culver City nursing home who had received some
promotional return-address label stickers we sent out to entice potential new members. She was recounting some of her observations about
her life around the Bay over her 78 years, and we asked her to write down some of her memories for us all to share. These are her informal
reminiscences as she has sent them to us in a series of letters.

                                                                            white house with a tree and a fence around it”. That did not do us
                                                                            much good! We looked for and found a house like that, but none of
                                                                            them lived there. So we stopped and got everyone snacks, pulled
                                                                            over at gas stations to use the bathrooms ... for four hours. We saw
                                                                            some gang bangers who were friendly with the Reverend and were
                                                                            nice to me. They got on the bus and helped us return the kids, and
                                                                            we met each parent personally to make sure they got the correct
                                                                            child back! By then all the kids were asleep.

                                                                            To make sure this would never happen again, I bought colored fab-
                                                                            ric, cut out birds from it, and made necklaces of them to hang
                                                                            around the children‟s necks so they would go to their proper corner
I am writing this in December, so I can‟t say Happy New Year yet, but       off the bus.
I will say Happy Groundhog Day, Happy Valentine‟s Day, Happy
Presidents‟ Day, and Happy Birthday To Me! (OK, here‟s a quiz: do        I mentioned the Watts Riots because of the racial tension that they
both Washington and Lincoln each have their own separate days            created throughout the city, and how some of it blew my way when
named in their honor? Answer at the end of the column.)                  the fact that one of the corners we dropped off children at was called
                                                                         “Blackbird Corner.” To me, it was just another color on my list of
As for the cartoon with this column, last month when I wrote about the colors, and at 15, I had been running out of colors! Someone re-
bulls that got loose and ran in Venice in 1977, I tried to draw one, but ported me as a racist at a community meeting, to my horror. The
I had no idea how … since then, people have brought me photos of         drop-off corners with the color- bird names were turning out to be a
bulls to draw from until I finally got it right (I hope).                big success, and worked very well, in all ways. But at one meeting, a
                                                                         woman insisted I must go! That‟s when the other black teachers in
Over the holidays I saw a lot of television coverage of Heal the Bay‟s the room rushed to me, took my hands, and sang, “We Shall Over-
efforts to rid our state of plastic single-use bags and promoting strong come”. At that very moment, my parents, who were very racist,
re-useable substitutes, so I added them to my cartoon with the bull      walked in. They looked puzzled, then embarrassed, and then they
(now I am thinking it really looks more like a moose … oh well).         walked out!

Remember I told you in an earlier column that I was one of the earli-       Fortunately, my mother lived long enough to know some of my
est workers for Project Head Start in the early 60‟s? In the normal         grand and great-grandchildren, who are all colors, and to love them.
course of my job I would encounter the kind of situations that the late     My father passed away too soon to have that opportunity.
humorist Erma Bombeck used to write about.
                                                                            Lastly: the answer to the quiz question: The President who does not
I am recalling how parents used to be able (through Head Start) to          have a legal holiday is Abraham Lincoln! (The exception to this is in
get their 3 ½ year old kids to the Ocean Park Temple next to Main           some eastern states, where he does have a day in his honor). You
Street. The well known late Rev. Fred Hilst, who used to minister to        can thank the always amazing Santa Monica librarians for that infor-
the needy in Venice Beach, would drive his bus, and I would be on           mation!
the bus to make sure the adorable kids (who were all black, as they
were the neediest population), got safely into the hands of their par-      „Till next time,
ents when we returned them. The parents would be outside waiting
on 15 different corners in Venice, and we had named the corners with        Dolores
colors – “Red Bird Corner”, “Pink Bird Corner”, etc. Well, one day,
that happened to be the day after the Watts Riots, the person whose
job it was to notify the parents when to pick up their kids had failed to
do so. No one was there! We raced back to the temple to get the indi-
vidual addresses of the children‟s homes... Oh no – the temple school
was locked! We had 75 kids on that bus. At three and half years old,
they had no idea where they lived. Actually they did know: “I live in a

                                                                                                  1-800-HEAL BAY

                                                                           Training Schedule
                                                                           Attendance at all trainings is mandatory
                                                                           Main Office: 1-4pm
                                                                           Tuesday, February 26th
                                                                           Tuesday, March 4th
                                                                           Tuesday, March 11th
                                                                           Saturday, March 15th from 10a-12n
                                                                                   Where: Heal the Bay Office
              Sign up at:                                                                   1444 9th Street.                                                                     Santa Monica, CA

Nothin’ But Sand MONTHLY BEACH CLEANUP                                         For more information on this and future Nothin’ But Sand beach
                                                                               cleanups, please visit

                                                                                                         A liability waiver can be obtained in ad-
WAIVER AND LIABILITY INFORMATION                                                                         vance on our website at:
A liability waiver must be signed by every indi-
    vidual in order to participate. A liability
                                                          Nothin’ But Sand                          
                                                                                                         No registration is required; you can just
waiver can be signed at the cleanup the day of           Saturday, February 16                           show up for the cleanup.
  the event if the participant is 18 OR OVER.
                                                                                                         Dress appropriately for being out in the
           ARE YOU UNDER 18?                             Venice Beach Pier                               elements. Remember, it is usually colder
                                                                                                         at the beach.
All volunteers under the age of 18 must have a               10 a.m.— Noon
  liability waiver signed by a parent or legal              (@ Washington Blvd.)                         Please be sure to wear closed-toe shoes.
 guardian before participating in a cleanup.                                                             Parking is free or $1, but you must state
                                                                                                         that you are there for the beach cleanup.

 February 2008                            For details, please go to:                            March 2008

   Sun      Mon      Tue       Wed        Thu      Fri     Sat       NBS           Sun    Mon     Tue      We      Thu       Fri       Sat

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(“Plastic No. 6” continued from page 3)
                                                                          Support Heal the Bay When You Shop!
The environment impacts of polystyrene are far reaching, and begin       Now when you shop, you can
with its manufacture. Polystyrene is produced from petroleum, a non-     stretch your dollars by buying
sustainable, heavily polluting and disappearing commodity. Because       ‗green‘ AND donating to Heal the
of its throw away nature, most polystyrene materials are only used for   Bay. Whether you need a floral
minutes before it is tossed away and discarded as litter. The Califor-   arrangement, a ‗waterless‘ car
nia Department of Transportation discovered that polystyrene consti-     wash or sustainable home cleaning
tuted the second most common item extracted from storm drains.           and office supplies, you can buy
This is extremely problematic when polystyrene reaches our water-        from one of our supporting busi-
ways and enters our oceans. Nearly two-thirds of the debris on the       nesses.
beach is non-recyclable plastic, including Styrofoam, straws, bottle
caps, etc. In the North Pacific, plastic marine debris causes the        Wisteria Lane – an organic florist
deaths of an estimated 2 million seabirds and more than 100,000          with a custom ‗Heal the Bay‘ ar-
marine mammals globally each year.                                       rangement –
What can you do?                                                         Lucky Earth – an online store offering ‗waterless‘ car-washing prod-
                                                                         ucts/services –
Because polystyrene is difficult to recycle and has adverse human
health and environmental effects, we suggest opting for alternatives     Greenraising – an online store offering a variety of eco-products for
before reaching for that Styrofoam cup.                                  home/office use –
1. Use ceramic plates, bowls, and mugs/cups whenever possible. If If you have a business that would like to donate a portion of its pro-
   you can't do that, choose paper over polystyrene. Especially if ceeds to Heal the Bay, contact Natalie Burdick in the Development
   your food or beverage …                                         Department at (310) 451-1500 Ext. 159.
     will be hot (or get heated up in the container),
     contains alcohol or acidic substances, or                                      Heal the Bay’s Inland Work
     has medium or high fat content.                                                            By Refugio “Reg” Mata

2. Supermarket items that come sitting on or in a polystyrene food       Hello Heal the Bay enthusiasts! As some
container should be removed and stored in something else until           of you may have already heard, this year I
you're ready to cook or eat the items. Glass, ceramic, or porcelain      ended my tenure as the Volunteer/
containers, bowls or plates are preferable for food storage (so you      Internships Coordinator because I moved
don't get chemicals from plastic storage containers). Also, most res-    on to a new position: I am now the new
taurant "doggie bags" are really polystyrene food containers.            ―Inland Outreach Coordinator.‖ This move
                                                                         allowed me to stay within the Heal the Bay
3. Never, never, NEVER microwave or heat food in polystyrene             family and so I am now very well positioned
containers.                                                              to contribute even more towards the work that we do with the inland
                                                                         communities of Los Angeles County.
Santa Monica has already taken steps to eradicate this plastic by
officially banning non-recyclable food service packaging made with       For the past seven years, Heal the bay has done extensive environ-
expanded polystyrene. Many other cities have already banned poly-        mental work in the Compton Creek Watershed. Currently, Heal the
styrene food packaging and both the California and New York legisla-     Bay is focusing on this area to develop various ―green‖ projects that
tures will likely consider bills which would effectively ban expanded    promote the empowerment of the local communities that are located
polystyrene takeout food packaging state-wide during the current         along this watershed. We attempt to do this by fostering the develop-
legislative session.                                                     ment of local leadership that will be sustainable and consistent over
                                                                         time. Our work will also be entailing educational programs and activi-
             Become a Volunteer!                                         ties in this area to fulfill the following purposes: 1) provide inland ur-
                                                                         ban communities in the Los Angeles Basin with the same breadth of
                                                                         services our organization already provides many coastal communi-
 Heal the Bay Volunteer Orientation and Training
                                                                         ties; 2) change behaviors and attitudes about the environment and
                                                                         their community; and 3) help fulfill the mission of Heal the Bay.
       7 p.m.—9 p.m. at the Heal the Bay office. Call Saira Gandhi
       at ext. 145 to RSVP or for more information.
                                                                         As we embark on this visionary project, I ask that you please support
                                                                         our work. If you know or belong to a community group in this area
                                                                         that would be interested in partnering with us, please contact me at
                                                                         (310) 451-1500 Ext. 151
    1444 9th Street
Santa Monica CA 90401

                    Alternative Tidbit                                      BEACH REPORT CARD
                                                                            The report grades bacteria levels in the water, not the
                                                                            amount of trash or toxins. Grades are based on moni-
                          Beneficial Plants                                 toring data from the previous four weeks up to the
                                                                            ending date of January 22, 2008.
Basil – planted alongside tomato plants helps con-                           Beach Name              Weather:      Dry       Wet
trol tomato hornworms.                                                      Zuma Beach                             A+         A
                                                                            Surfrider Beach @ breach                F          F
Thyme – planted with cabbage helps control flea
beetles, cabbage worm and white cabbage butter-                             Will Rogers @ Temescal                 A+          F
flies.                                                                      Santa Monica Pier                       A         C
                                                                            Venice Beach @ Windward                A+        A+
Marigold – planted in vegetable gardens                                     Mother’s Beach @ lifeguard tower        C          F
produces a scent that repels many gar-                                      Manhattan Beach Pier                   A+        A+
den pests.
                                                                            Redondo Beach Pier                      D          F

Mint – repels mosquitoes and produces an odor that aphids and cab-         DRY— each location is graded on an A-F scale based on
bage pests dislike.                                                        bacterial pollution levels present in the surf zone.
                                                                           WET— grades for days of recorded rainfall and the fol-
                                                                           lowing three days.
Garlic – planted close to roses it can protect bushes from black spot, a   NS— No Sample taken
fungus disease; can be grown in rings around a crop to repel aphids;
                                                                           Heal the Bay reminds you not to swim or surf within
spray garlic tea (see above) on plants to eliminate fungus and mildew.     100 yards of any flowing storm drain or in any coastal
                                                                           waters for three days after a rainstorm. Call Heal the
                                                                           Bay or access our web site on Fridays, after 2 P.M., for
                                                                           updated weekly grades.

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