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                                               JOB VACANCY BULLETIN NO. 433

                                                                June 15, 2011

                                                                         Two students of Phyllis Bryn-Julson were winners in the Kennett
Faculty artist AMIT PELED, cello, will perform in a 13-city US tour      Square Symphony Competition. LISA PERRY (MM ‟11, Voice),
with the Nordwestdeutsche Philharmonic playing both Shostakovich‟s       who will be a GPD voice student in the fall, won second place, and
Concerto No. 1 and Victor Herbert‟s Concerto No.2.                       KATEYN JACKMAN (MM ‟11, Voice), who will be in the opera
                                                                         GPD program, won third place. Jackman also won first place in the
Expectations, the third album by Sahffi (CARRIE LYNN                     DC Vocal Arts Young Artist Competition, and will be making her
GROCHOWSKI '93, French horn), released in early June, is a grand         Kennedy Center debut in the coming season.
experiment, featuring 10 different producers on 10 different songs.
The CD release party will be at Teavolve, 1401 Aliceanna St.,            DAVID SMOOK (MM ‟95, Composition) announces that Rhymes
Baltimore, on June 24.                                                   With Opera will present his experimental nonopera Criminal Element
                                                                         (created in a language of his own devising) on their June tour this
Director of Jazz Studies GARY THOMAS, tenor saxophone,                   year. We will be in Brooklyn (Cafe Orwell) June 17; Baltimore
performed on the album Komeda: The Innocent Sorcerer, by Polish          (Windup Space) June 18; Hartford (Real Art Ways) June 24; and
saxophonist Adam Pieronczyk. It received the 2011 Fryderyk Award,        Boston (Yes!Oui!Si! Space) June 25. The RWO core singers (for the
Poland's GRAMMY award, for best jazz album of the year at a              latter two dates, loadbang's Jeff Gavett will join us) will also play
ceremony on May 9. DownBeat magazine published an article in its         melodica, ukulele and autoharp and will be joined by the West End
May issue featuring a transcription and analysis of Thomas' flute solo   String Quartet for these performances. The concerts will also include
on “Chiaroscuro,” from his 1987 album Seventh Quadrant.                  staged versions of a thriller/opera by GEORGE LAM (MM ‟05,
                                                                         Composition and Music Theory) and a beautiful re-working of the
MANUEL BARRUECO (BM '75, Guitar) will perform with the                   Orpheus story by Ryan Jesperson. Also, the West End String Quartet
Beijing Guitar Duo - MENG SU (PC '09, GPD „11) and YAMENG                will present its own concert as part of each evening's performance.
WANG (MM '08, GPD „11) - at the Koblenz International Guitar             More information at http://rhymeswithopera.us2.list-
Festival in Koblenz, Germany, on June 13 and the Tampere       
International Guitar Festival in Tampere, Finland, on June 15.           4c67&e=5034e2bdb2
Barrueco will also perform a solo recital at Domaine Forget, in St.
Irenee, Quebec, Canada, on June 30, and conduct master classes.          First-place prize in the first Memphis International Conducting
                                                                         Competition, went to KEN LAM (MM ‟08, Orchestral Conducting), a
native of Hong Kong, who set aside a law career to pursue his love of        and William Bland. The concert took place in Denmark's Carl Nielsen
music and conducting. His prize includes the opportunity to conduct          Museum (Odense), featuring two works based on themes by Nielsen.
the Memphis Symphony Orchestra once more in a concert next                   Starobin's Variations on a Theme by Carl Nielsen was composed in
October. Currently, he is assistant conductor of the Cincinnati              2010, for solo guitar. The eleven minute composition is based on
Symphony Orchestra.                                                          Nielsen's "Song Behind the Plow" (Sang bag Ploven). The work is
                                                                             published by Editions Wilhelm Hansen. William Bland's Variations
The Dark Hours (2007), by composer JUDAH ADASHI (faculty; MM                 on a Danish Folk Song is based on Nielsen's "Underlige Aftenlufte"
'02, DMA '11, Composition), is included on BassoonMusic (CAG                 (Wondrous Evening Air).
Records 106), a new CD by bassoonist Peter Kolkay, featuring pianist
Alexandra Nguyen. The Dark Hours was commissioned for Kolkay by              Mezzo-soprano ELIZABETH MERRILL (MM ‟11, Voice and Early
Concert Artists Guild and the BMI Foundation's Carlos Surinach               Music Voice, GPD '13, Voice) and soprano KERRY HOLAHAN
Fund. The new disc consists of contemporary American works, by               (MM '12, Early Music Voice) will perform in scenes from
Adashi, John Fitz Rogers, Katherine Hoover, Paul Moravec, George             Monteverdi's L'incoronazione di Poppea as part of the Queens
Perle and Russell Platt. The disc is available on CDBaby                     College Baroque Opera Workshop coached by Julianne Baird on June
(, and will soon be available           25, 2011 at 1 p.m. in LeFrank Hall, Aaron Copland School of Music,
on Amazon and iTunes.                                                        Queens, New York.
CRISTOBAL GAJARDO (BM '11, Percussion) was invited for the
second time to participate in the Schleswig Holstein Musik Festival in       Please continue sending your Good News to
Germany. Gajardo will be playing chamber music and participating in
the orchestra of the festival from June to August. The concert schedule
includes the cities of: Granada (Spain), Berlin, Kiel, Lübeck,                           NEWS NOTES - OTHER EVENTS
Hamburg, Usedom (Germany) and Salzburg (Austria). The conductors
and soloist will be Christoph Eschenbach, Rolf Beck, Paul McCreesh,          FINANCIAL LITERACY 101 WORKSHOP will be offered by the
Peter Ruzicka, Leopold Hager, Lawrence Foster, John Axelrod ,                Network of Ensemble Theaters as part of the Ensembles ABCs
Martin Grubinger, Alisa Weilerstein and Albrecht Mayer.                      professional development program, and co-hosted by the Greater
                                                                             Baltimore Cultural Alliance. It takes place June 27 @ 6-10pm at the
New music director MATT RUPCICH (MM ‟90, Music Education)                    Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance, 1800 N. Charles St., Baltimore,
and the Rockland Camerata presented a spring gala on Saturday, June          MD 21201. Half-day workshop (4 hours) - $50 tuition per participant.
11 at the First Reformed Church of Nyack (NJ). In addition to his            To sign up, visit:
Peabody degree, Rupcich holds master‟s in choral conducting from             Cost of workshop includes optional one-on-one coaching session (45
the University of Maryland. He is also the concert and choral director       minutes) available to each participant on the following day (June 28th)
for the Blue Hill Troupe in Manhattan, an adjunct professor of choral        via advance sign-up. Designed to empower artists working in
music at Hunter College (CUNY), and is the middle school choral              ensembles and other small arts organizations, this highly participatory
director and dean of student activities at Trinity School.                   seminar increases participants‟ comfort, confidence, comprehension,
                                                                             and competency levels by sharing the basic tools needed to manage
Gastroenterologist CHRISTOPHER SHIH, who has degrees from                    the financial “business” of artmaking. It provides an overview of the
Harvard and Johns Hopkins, and is a partner with the Maryland                financial components involved in operating an arts organization,
Digestive Disease Center, a division of Capital Digestive Care, won          including: planning (chart of accounts, budgeting, cash flow
the sixth International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs           projections); day-to-day fiscal management (receivables, payables,
presented by the Van Cliburn Foundation on May 30 in Fort Worth,             deposits, bookkeeping, bank reconciliation, financial controls and
TX. He competed in a field of 70 amateur pianists from ten countries.        policies); and reporting (evaluation/review tools for staff/company
The first prize is $2,000, but the high profile of the competition is also   members, boards, and external stakeholders i.e. funder/grant reports or
valuable. Dr. Shih also won the Audience Award and Best                      990s, and how to use these tools internally to guide your decision
Performance of a Work from the Romantic Era. Dr. Shih, who has               making).
won prizes at several other amateur competitions, recently gave a pre-
competition recital for the Candlelight Concert Society at Howard                                   COMPETITIONS
Community College. A New York Times article about the competition
and amateur musicians can be found at
                                                                             33rd ANNUAL ITHACA COLLEGE SCHOOL OF MUSIC CHORAL
                                                                             COMPOSITION CONTEST is open for entries of unpublished choral
                                                                             works, unaccompanied or accompanied by keyboard, 3 to 5 minutes
                                                                             length, for Mixed Choir (SATB). Rights to texts must be cleared. Six
                                                                             scores will be selected for performance by high school choirs at Ithaca
HO (GPD ‟03, Piano) are performing in two concerts of music by
                                                                             College on November 12, 2011 and will be considered for publication
Philadelphia based composer Andrew Rudin. The NYC concert was
                                                                             by Roger Dean Publishing. First prize is $400, second prize is $300.
at Symphony Space on June 14 and the program will be repeated at
                                                                             All finalists must be present at the November 12th performance, and
the University of the Arts in Philadelphia on the 16th. For one of the
                                                                             will be reimbursed up to $250 for travel expenses. Entries must be
pieces, they will be joined by percussionist Anthony Orlando of the
                                                                             postmarked no later than August 15, 2011 with an entry fee of $25 per
Philadelphia Orchestra.
                                                                             score. For more information, visit
JIHAE HONG, current GPD viola student of Vicki Chiang, won
section position in the viola section of the Seoul Philharmonic.
                                                                             INTERNATIONAL EINOJUHANI RAUTAVAARA CHAMBER
On Saturday, June 4, guitarist DAVID STAROBIN (BM ‟73, Guitar),
                                                                             CHOIR COMPOSITION WORKSHOP AND COMPETITION –
joined by pianist Vassily Primakov, premiered new works by Starobin
                                                                             Helsinki, Finland. The Workshop will take place February 19 – 21,

2012. The competition will take place July 6 – 7, 2012. Application        program, all other international exchange partnerships, and will
deadline: September 30, 2011. For more information and to download         assist the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs with the joint
the application, visit .        degree program between Peabody and YST. The Coordinator will
                                                                           perform a variety of administrative and office tasks to include:
                  SUMMER FESTIVALS                                         making travel arrangements and coordinating arrangements for
                 AND STUDY PROGRAMS                                        visiting scholars, faculty and staff, both to and from other
                                                                           countries; assisting with the planning and coordinating of special
                                                                           events and ceremonies; overseeing expenditures and record-
                                                                           keeping. This position will require broad interaction with
Class Series will take place Sept 2-4, 2011 at North America‟s newest
                                                                           individuals from a wide variety of countries and cultures as well
jazz festival in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. Each of the six
                                                                           as other Peabody departments. Bachelor‟s degree strongly
Master Class Series faculty members (including Kevin Eubanks), have
                                                                           preferred. Strong preference will be given to candidates who can
a completely unique and distinctive, instrumental voice and technique.
                                                                           speak and interpret Mandarin Chinese. Reference requisition
  For details and the application information, visit
                                                                           #48542 and apply on line at
                                                                  or contact
                                                                           Homewood Human Resources at 410-516-8048.
takes place July 5th-15th at Morgan State University. It is a two-
                                                                           A18 REGISTRATION SYSTEMS COORDINATOR – Peabody.
week program for high school and college-bound music students who
                                                                           Responsible for the day to day operation, function and
will perform with soloists from the Baltimore Summer Opera
                                                                           maintenance of the Integrated Student Information System (ISIS)
Workshop at Morgan State University at their Gala Performance July
                                                                           pertaining to three specific modules which are: SBS (student
15th. The workshop offers musicians a chance to work in depth on
                                                                           billing), SMS (admissions/prospects) and SSS (records and
skills central to playing opera such as quick tempo changes, flexibility
                                                                           registration) for the Peabody Preparatory. Oversees all data entry
in following soloists, rapid style changes and a technical refinement
                                                                           of prospects, registration and billing materials into the ISIS
that opera naturally offers. Contact: Daphne Benichou, BSOWO
                                                                           system, including support for the online application.
Program Coordinator; Baltimore Summer Opera Workshop Orchestra;
                                                                           Requirements include demonstrated aptitude with computerized
3027 Iona Terrace Baltimore, MD 21214. 410-963-0749
                                                                           information systems and a proven track record of learning new
                                                                           software applications. Strong technical ability and experience
                                                                           with database systems and the production of various reports.
                         JOB LISTINGS                                      Reference requisition #48571 and apply on line at
                                                                  or contact
Legend: cv=Curriculum vitae, MM/dp=Master's required, Doctorate            Homewood Human Resources at 410-516-8048.
Please see clippings at the back of the bulletin for additional job        A19 SPECIAL EVENTS COORDINATOR – Peabody. The
listings.                                                                  Special Events Coordinator will be responsible for all aspects of
                                                                           Peabody event activities which fall under the Director of
Electronic job listings of the College Music Society and League of         Constituent Engagement in the office of Development and
American Orchestras are available for on-line research in the Career       Alumni Relations. In addition, the coordinator will provide
Counseling Office, including jobs in college teaching, conducting, and     assistance to the Institute by helping other departments with their
arts administration.                                                       special event activities including the Office of the Director and
                                                                           the Office of Communications. Peabody hosts approximately 40
                      ADMINISTRATION                                       special events each year with a total budget of approximately
                                                                           $80,000. Events include receptions, luncheons, dinners, galas,
A16 ADMINISTRATIVE DIRECTOR – New York Youth                               book signings, board meetings and large scale, high visibility
Symphony. This position oversees office administration, financial          events, such as trips to the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.
functions, and personnel, and, working with the Director of                and the Lincoln Center in NYC. The Special Events Coordinator
Operations, the efficient functioning of the organization‟s five           will be responsible for managing the special events budget,
programs for young musicians. The right candidate will possess a           maintaining appropriate records, negotiating with vendors,
self-initiating, take-charge temperament and excellent communication       managing catering and florist‟s contracts and will handle some
and technical skills necessary to successfully implement the daily         travel arrangements. The position works in close partnership with
operations of the organization. The candidate will have a college          clients and all departments on campus to affect a smooth
degree, excellent verbal and written communication skills, strong          functioning event. While reporting to the Director of Constituent
organizational skills, computer literacy (emphasis on QuickBooks and       Engagement the position is expected to be able to organize all
oversight of design staff using InDesign and Dreamweaver), and the         event logistics independently. High School Diploma/GED
capacity to address the IT demands of a small organization.                required. Three years of related experience required, preferably
Knowledge of classical music and/or jazz is desirable, but not             with an arts or other nonprofit organization. The successful
required. Apply via e-mail or in writing by sending cover letter and       candidate will: Be detail oriented. Able to work well
resume to: Robert Pagan, Director of Operations; New York Youth            independently and to work well as a team player in partnership
Symphony; 850 Seventh                                                      with many different colleagues. Be goal oriented and highly self-
Avenue, Suite 505; New York, New York 10019-5230.                          motivated. Possess excellent written and interpersonal skills. Be Deadline is June 20, 2011.                                 able to remain calm under pressure and be able to make last
                                                                           minute decisions independently. Must be available for some
A17 ADMINISTRATIVE COORDINATOR – Peabody                                   evenings and weekends. Reference requisition #48763 and apply
Singapore Office. The position will manage all administrative              on line at or contact
support related to Singapore, the Singapore student exchange               Homewood Human Resources at 410-516-8048.

                              CHURCH                                           experience conducting musicians in a professional environment; broad
                                                                               knowledge of the symphonic repertoire; strong communication,
CH33 ORGANIST and CHOIR DIRECTOR Jarrettsville United                          leadership, organizational, and interpersonal skills; artistic vision and
Methodist Church is seeking an organist/pianist whose primary                  the ability to make symphonic music relevant and exciting for new
responsibility is to play for traditional and perhaps contemporary             audiences. Previous music directorship or equivalent experience
services each Sunday. We are also looking for someone to lead the              required. Final candidates will guest conduct in the 2012-13 season.
choir. One individual can apply for both positions. The position(s)            Applications should include a personal letter of interest from the
are available July 1, 2011. If interested, please contact Lisa Tittle at       applicant; a short resume; a sample program conducted by the
410-692-5847. Jarrettsville is a semi-rural area about 30 minutes              applicant; names and phone numbers of at least 3 professional
north of the beltway and Dulaney Valley Road.                                  references; applicant‟s complete contact information, including email
                                                                               address. No phone or email inquiries will be accepted. No audio/video
CH34 DIRECTOR OF MUSIC AND ORGANIST/PIANIST –                                  tapes at this time. Send To: Music Director Search Committee;
Geneva Presbyterian Church, located in Potomac, MD, has a part-time            Amarillo Symphony; P.O. Box 2586; Amarillo, TX 79105-2586.
(20-25 hours/week) opening for Director of Music and                           Deadline is July 30, 2011.
Organist/Pianist (bachelor‟s degree a minimum). The church has a
membership of 160 with regular attendance of 100, has a Rodgers 950            C18 MUSIC DIRECTOR / CONDUCTOR- Butler County Symphony
organ installed in 1998 (3 manuals w/ MIDI, 57 ranks); a Kawai                 Orchestra, Butler, PA. The Music Director is responsible for the
studio piano; a keyboard; a 5-octave set of Schulmerich English                artistic operation and development of the orchestra. He/She exercises
handbells and 5-octave set of Malmark handchimes. Combined duties              authority in artistic matters according to the guidelines established by
include one weekly Sunday service, special services (inclusive of              the board and mutually agreed upon at the time of engagement. The
occasional Contemporary Praise Services), weekly rehearsal for two             successful candidate will have extensive training and experience as an
choirs September through July, choir performances one service/week             orchestral musician and conductor, will be knowledgeable in
September through July and Handbell Choir performances four to six             repertoire appropriate for the ensemble, and will have strong
times a year. The Director of Music will be responsible for                    organizational skills which lend themselves to efficient rehearsal
coordinating and building upon the existing music ensembles and                techniques. The candidate is expected to become involved in the
continuing the development of a children‟s music program. We                   community and demonstrate a willingness to recruit a younger
believe in and support a vibrant music ministry that includes classical        audience. Please submit a letter of application that states your interest
to contemporary music. Salary is commensurate with experience in               in and qualifications for the position; a résumé; a list of five references
accordance with guidelines of the Presbyterian Association of                  with contact information (including your most recent conductorship);
Musicians. Additional benefits include paid time off, continuing               a DVD (limited to no more than 10 minutes in length) of your work as
education, health insurance, retirement/pension and book/music                 a conductor that includes both rehearsal and performance; copies of
allowance. Application deadline August 1. To obtain complete job               your most recent programs (three to five). Applicants may also submit
description and information for application, contact Carole Jelsema,           supplemental materials and letters of recommendation, if desired.
Music Search Committee, or Music Search                     Applications should be sent to Search Committee, Butler County
Committee, Geneva Presbyterian Church, 11931 Seven Locks Road,                 Symphony; email: Applications
Potomac, MD 20854. Phone: 301-424-4346. Fax: 301-340-2473.                     due by June 30, 2011.
Employer‟s Website:
                    COLLEGE TEACHING
                                                                               P16 SECTION VIOLIN (SUB), SECTION OBOE (SUB) needed for
The Music Vacancy List of the College Music Society is available in            the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra 2011-2012-season. Auditions will
the Placement Office for reference.                                            be held on September 6, 2011. Applications must include a one-page
                                                                               resume, recording, and $50 deposit, and must be postmarked by
CT33 BASSOON – Bowling Green State University. (one-year)                      Monday, August 11, 2011. To obtain an application form and a list of
Teach undergraduate and graduate applied bassoon, coach chamber                audition repertoire, please visit For more
music, recruit students. Other duties may include woodwind                     information, contact Dr. Iraida Poberzhnaya at
repertoire/pedagogy, graduate seminar in research and professional
development, freshman seminar. MM/dp Must have demonstrated                                    PART-TIME MUSICAL
successful teaching experience at the college level and significant                          PART-TIME AND FULL-TIME
performing experience, including contemporary music. Applicants                                    NON-MUSICAL
should submit letter of interest full cv, copy of transcript of highest
degree earned, and one CD of recent solo performances and a list of
                                                                               PT45 MUSIC LIBRARIAN- Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival.
three to five references. Send to: Bill Mathis; Chair, Bassoon Search
                                                                               July 16 – August 1, 2011. The Music Librarian is responsible for
Committee; College of Musical Arts; BGSU; Bowling Green, OH
                                                                               the purchase, rental and preparation of scores and parts for all
43403-0290. Review began June 13.
                                                                               performances. Position requires degree in music and/or training
                                                                               in library procedures, knowledge of orchestral repertoire and
                          CONDUCTING                                           score markings, familiarity with music publishing, licensing and
                                                                               copyright law. Orchestral experience necessary. Experience in
C17 MUSIC DIRECTOR AND CONDUCTOR- Amarillo Symphony.                           music library and supervisory experience preferred. The salary is
Direct all artistic endeavors, oversee the selection of musicians, guest       $1,500 plus travel allowance, shared housing and access to
artists, and repertoire; conduct all rehearsals and concerts of a seven-       shared vehicle. Please send cover letter, resume, and references
subscription series, as well as several family, school time, outdoor,          via email to
and community engagement concerts; participate in promotional and
fundraising activities. Residency is not required. Must have
extraordinary musicianship and conducting skills; wide-ranging

Hall & Reisterstown is currently searching for teachers of the
following: Piano -- must be willing to teach private and group
classes, ages 4 to adult. Violin -- must be willing to teach private
and group classes, ages 4 to adult. ARTI-ST Music Center, at
519 Main St. in Reisterstown, MD (21136) is just north of
Owings Mills and is accessible from Baltimore by public
transportation. ARTI-ST Music Education, at 9333A Belair Rd
in Nottingham, MD (21236) is in the Perry Hall/White Marsh
area about 2 miles from the White Marsh Mall. All interested
applicants should send their resume and information on
availability to:

30th ANNUAL ARTSCAPE FESTIVAL – Baltimore Office of
Promotion and the Arts is accepting volunteers for over 30 different
activities and venues at the 30th anniversary festival, July 15, 16 & 17,
2011. Volunteers get a first hand, behind-the-scenes look at Artscape,
while offering much needed assistance to festival coordinators and
attendees. Choose from exciting areas such as: Rabbit Hole, High
Zero, Bike Parking Zone, The Charles Theater, Guest & Information
Services, Decker and Meyerhoff Galleries, Children‟s Make It
Happen, and many more. As a Thank You, each volunteer receives
free parking, beverages, snacks and an official 30th anniversary
Artscape t-shirt. Artscape relies on hundreds of volunteers for its
success. If you are interested in volunteering, visit to complete a short online application
and to select your volunteer opportunities and shifts. Please contact
Debbie Zink at 443.263.4307 if you have questions about
volunteering. We look forward to seeing you behind-the-scenes at

We do our best to provide good information in this Job Vacancy
Bulletin. However, since the information is drawn almost completely
from other sources, we cannot be responsible for its accuracy.


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