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                                                                                Why study
   Key Information                                                              Drama at the
                                             UCAS CODE     TYPICAL OFFER        University of Exeter?
    BA Single Honours
    Drama                                    W400          AAA-ABB; IB: 36-32
                                                                                Drama at Exeter offers you the time and space to
                                                                                explore and experiment with performance and
   For further details on all our entry requirements,                           performance making. Taught largely through studio
   please see our Drama pages at                              sessions, the relationship between theory and
   undergraduate/degrees/drama                                                  practice is central to the discipline. Our academic staff
                                                                                teach a range of performance and specialist skills and
   Streatham Campus, Exeter                                                     all of our teaching grows out of our research interests,
   Website:                                              so you will be taught by people at the forefront of
   Email:                                        their field who are passionate about the subject.
   Phone: +44 (0)1392 722427                                                    ere is the opportunity to research a wide range of
                                                                                theatre histories and critical theories as well as
                                                                                specialist practical modules which will prepare you
                                                                                for work in many areas of the cultural industries. e
                                                                                key transferable skills you will obtain may be taken
                                                                                into many varying professions.
                                ra ll Sa ti sf ac ti o n
1 st in th e U K fo r O ve                                                      You’ll have plenty of contact time with staff, who
                                                                                will challenge you and support the development of
                                  al St u d e n t
in D ra  m a in th e N at io n                                                  your intellectual and creative skills. You will be taught
                                                                                by active researchers whose interests include areas
Su rv e y (2 0 1 0 )                                                            such as theories of actor-training, non-western

                           T h e T im es G oo d
                                                                                performance, twentieth-century theatre practitioners,
 3 rd fo r D ra m a in                                                          dramaturgy and playwriting, new media, live art, site-
                                                                                specific performance, gender and performance in the
 U n iv er si ty G u id e                                                       seventeenth century, music theatre, voice training,
                                 w o rl d -l e ad in g                          arts management, theatre and religion, and the
 R an k  e d 9 th in U K fo r                                                   politics of culture.
              u                                                                 We offer you a supportive environment, where
  re se ar ch                                  l                                collaborative work with fellow students allows you
                        ge gr ad u at e le ve
  A b o ve U K av e ra                                                          to take innovative new approaches. You will need a

                             st gr ad u at e st u d y
                                                                                great deal of commitment (and demand it from us) –
  em  p lo ym e n t an d p o                                                    we are committed and if you are too you will find
                                                                                Drama at Exeter is a very exciting experience.
   ra te sv                                                                     e study of Drama at Exeter dates back to 1927
                           d p ra ct ic e -b as e d                             with evening classes and we have now offered a full-
   C o ll ab o ra ti ve an                                                      time Drama programme for over 40 years. e
                             g d ra m a in th e
   ap p ro ac h in cl u d in
                                                                                department is one of the largest and best equipped
                                                                                in the UK. Over the last few years we have expanded

    co m m u n it y
                                                                                and have excellent facilities which place Exeter at the
                                                                                top for teaching spaces and resources. We have
                                                                                invested £3.7 million in our industry standard drama
                                                                                facilities providing a superb environment for learning
                                                                                and research. We were ranked 1st in the UK for
                                                                                overall student satisfaction in the 2010 National
                                                                                Student Survey.
                                                                                e department currently has two AHRC funded
       based on the percentage of positive responses for
                                                                                creative fellows: the internationally renowned
       full service universities                                                photographer, Hugo Glendinning, and ‘Britain’s most
                                                                               important living playwright’ (e Times), Howard
    RAE 2008 based on percentage of research
    categorised as 4*                                                           Barker. Both contribute to the department’s research
       proportion of UK domiciled, full-time, first                             and teaching culture.
       degree graduates relative to all graduates with a
       known destination; HESA 2008/09
Degree programme                               choose from an extensive range of options,
                                               a few examples of which are shown at the
                                                                                                 Year 2: In your second year you study three
                                                                                                 core modules: Staging the Text, which looks
e programme aims to develop an                back of this brochure.                            at play texts in their historical and cultural
understanding of performance skills                                                              context and the transition from page to
                                               For up-to-date details of our
alongside a critical and imaginative                                                             stage; Pre-texts and Contexts 2, which will
                                               programme and modules, please check
engagement with the social, historical                                                           extend and deepen your critical and
and cultural contexts of theatre. Interest                                                       theoretical vocabulary of theatre; and
and involvement in contemporary theatre                                                          Performance and Interpretation, a studio-
are central. e programme encourages
                                               Single Honours                                    based investigation of leading modern and
this both as a subject of research and as a    BA Drama                                          contemporary practitioners. You will also
practical experience through performance       e degree is composed of a series of              choose a practical option from a range of
and community-based activities. e studio-     modules, most of which conclude with a            modules. You may be able to study abroad
based work also equips you with abilities to   presentation open to other Drama students         for half a year and you can choose to
communicate effectively, to pursue creative     and staff, to the University at large, or to the   integrate a work experience into your degree
analysis and to initiate and organise          general public. In the early stages of the        in the module Humanities and the
complex individual and group projects.         programme the emphasis is on group                Workplace.
Most of the teaching and learning is           collaborative work. As you move through the       Year 3: In your final year you can specialise
undertaken in studio exercises, rehearsals     degree this group work becomes the basis          in practical options such as Interpretative
and training workshops. Other activities       for the development of individual interests       Acting, Directing, Playwriting, Vocal
include seminar presentations, independent     and skills. roughout the programme all           Practice and Applied Drama. You can also
research projects as well as public and        Drama students get equal opportunities            write a dissertation. Your degree culminates
restricted audience performances. All          and challenges to act, to direct and to           in the Practical Essay, a piece of original
students have a personal tutor who is          write or otherwise create dramatic events.        performance that you will create with a
available for advice and support throughout    Year 1: In the first half of the year you will    small group of fellow students for an
their studies and a student mentor during      study a studio-based module called Acting         audience beyond the University, and eatre
the first year.                                and Not Acting, and a seminar-based               Praxis, an in-depth independent study of a
                                               module, Pre-texts and Contexts of Drama 1,        chosen area of theatre and performance.
How your degree                                which is aimed at introducing you to eatre
is structured                                  Studies and Performance Analysis as                    The enthusiastic
e degree is divided into core and
optional modules, which gives you the
flexibility to structure your degree
according to your specific interests.
                                               disciplines of Drama. In the second half of
                                               the year your practical work will focus on a
                                               performance-orientated module rooted in
                                               research through practice entitled Research
                                                                                                 ‘‘   attitude of all tutors in
                                                                                                      the Drama department is
                                                                                                      highly infectious. I have
Individual modules are worth 30 credits        and Performance, and eatrical
each and full-time undergraduates need to      Interpretation: Practitioners will introduce           found that Drama
take 120 credits in each year. Within Drama,   a selection of modern and contemporary                 students are devoted to
in addition to the core modules, you can       practitioners in their context.
                                                                                                      their art and feel proud to
                                                                                                      be members of such a
                                                                                                      hard-working team.
                                                                                                      UNDERGRADUATE IN DRAMA
Learning and teaching
We teach mainly through studio sessions,          Research-led teaching                            Assessment
which means that you will practise the            Research-led teaching ensures lectures           Modules include continuous assessment of
subject at the same time as you learn about       are up-to-date and relevant and you will         practical and written work. Other modes of
it. At the start of the programme the             benefit from access to the latest thinking,      assessment are chosen to suit the work you
emphasis is on group collaborative work           equipment and resources. All staff teach          are doing. ese might include portfolios,
which becomes the basis for development of        second and third year options which are          essays, interview/viva, performance,
your individual interests and skills later on.    linked to their own interests which include      presentations, etc. ere are no written,
Practical class sizes are limited to around 20.   areas such as theories of actor-training,        timed examinations on this degree.
Each week you’ll have on average 6-9              non-western performance, 20th century
                                                                                                   You must pass your first year assessment in
scheduled hours per module and will need          theatre practitioners, new media,
                                                                                                   order to progress to the second year, but the
to allow for additional hours of private          site-specific performance, gender and
                                                                                                   results do not count towards your degree
study per module. You should expect your          performance in the 17th century, music
                                                                                                   classification. e assessments in the
total workload to average about 40 hours          theatre and the politics of culture.
                                                                                                   second and third years all contribute to your
per week during term time. As well as                                                              final degree classification.
attending sessions and writing essays and         Academic support
assignments, you’ll be expected to make           All students have a Personal Tutor who is        For full details of the assessment criteria for
presentations from time to time. We               available for advice and support throughout      each module, check the undergraduate
encourage your presentation work because          their studies. ere are also a number of         section of our website at
it involves you actively in the teaching and      services on campus where you can get   
learning process as well as developing            advice and information, including the
important life skills such as good verbal and
visual communication and effective
                                                  Students’ Guild Advice Unit. You can             Money matters
                                                  find further information about all the
interaction with other people.                    services in the University’s undergraduate       At the time of printing, major
                                                  prospectus or online at        Government reforms to student
We’re committed to enhancing and                                                                   finance are underway – these will allow
developing your key personal and                  undergraduate
                                                                                                   universities to charge tuition fees of up to
transferable skills. You’ll develop a range                                                        £9,000 a year from 2012/13. Universities
of professional skills, for example, time         Study abroad
                                                                                                   that want to charge more than the new
management and team-working. You’ll               Studying for your degree at Exeter offers
                                                                                                   basic fee of £6,000 will have to meet
gain valuable critical, analytical and            you the exciting possibility of spending time
                                                                                                   additional conditions to promote access
communication skills. Technical skills            studying abroad. In 2010/11 Exeter’s highly
                                                                                                   for disadvantaged students. We have not
will include accurate note taking from            successful programme helped about 400
                                                                                                   yet confirmed our tuition fees and
presentations, research and IT skills             students study at one of our 180 partner
                                                                                                   support levels for the coming year, but,
and you’ll also learn a wide range of             universities worldwide. You could learn a
                                                                                                   once we have done so, we will update our
Drama-specific skills appropriate to              new language and experience different
                                                                                                   website as soon as possible. We therefore
your module choices.                              cultures, become more self-confident and
                                                                                                   recommend you consult our website for
                                                  widen your circle of friends. You could get
                                                                                                   this information before you submit your
Facilities                                        the chance to specialise in areas that are not
                                                                                                   UCAS application for entry to university
Our facilities include two digital media          available at Exeter, and when it comes to a
                                                                                                   in autumn 2012. For further information,
suites and upgraded technical facilities. We      career, your skills and knowledge of another
                                                                                                   please see
have six studios fully equipped for stage         country will prove invaluable to many
lighting and sound, ten other studios and         employers.
seminar rooms, two sound studios, a video         e Drama Department has exchange links
and multimedia studio, state-of-the-art           with Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia;
computer facilities for lighting and sound        Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia;
design, and workshops for set construction,       Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey; Iceland
costume and prop-making. To find out              Academy of the Arts, Reykjavik, Iceland;
more, please see                University College Utrecht, the
humanities/drama/facilities                       Netherlands; and University of Hildesheim,
                                                  For further details of our study abroad
                                                  options, please check our website at
Careers                                          Work with Drama in a social context
                                                 Some graduates go on to take further
                                                                                                 website at
                                                                                                 undergraduate/degrees/drama and we
A degree in Drama from Exeter will provide       training as drama therapists, and many          strongly advise that you check this before
you with a wide range of skills, which will be   go on to take up employment possibilities       attending an open day or making your
useful in your future study or employment.       within community drama, eatre-In-              application. Some programmes require prior
Our students develop skills in researching,      Education, or work in prisons and with          study of specific subjects and may also have
analysing and assessing sources, written and     mental health clients.                          minimum grade requirements at GCSE or
verbal communication, managing and                                                               equivalent, particularly in English Language
interpreting information and developing          Work in technical areas Students have
                                                                                                 and/or Mathematics.
ideas and arguments. ere is a wide range        become stage managers at venues such as
of career options open to you, for instance:     e Royal Court, company managers for            We make every effort to ensure that the
                                                 companies such as e Reduced Shakespeare        entry requirements are as up-to-date as
Perform Each year some of our students           Company, lighting designers and television      possible in our printed literature. However,
go on to further training at LeCoq, RADA,        floor managers for example.                     since this is printed well in advance of the
Guildhall, Central, and so on. Many become                                                       start of the admissions cycle, in some
actors without further training and you see      Research Each year a number of
                                                                                                 cases our entry requirements and offers
them regularly on your TV screens (recently      students go on to further postgraduate
                                                                                                 will change.
on Casualty and EastEnders). Many                study or research in Drama and related
graduates are working in theatre companies       subjects at universities worldwide and          If you are an international student you
like the RSC, or touring with national           become researchers and teachers in              should consult our general and subject-
companies such as Out of Joint or e             Higher Education.                               specific entry requirements information for
Oxford Stage Company.                                                                            A levels and the International Baccalaureate,
                                                 Work in arts related areas Graduates
                                                                                                 but the University also recognises a wide
Direct Graduates of the department work          are working as DJs on BBC Radio, stand-up
                                                                                                 range of international qualifications. You
as theatre directors with many small and         comedians and programme producers in
                                                                                                 can find further information about academic
medium-scale touring companies, as well as       television and radio, arts administrators for
                                                                                                 and English language entry requirements
theatres such as the Lincoln eatre Royal,       companies and Arts Council England, as
the Exeter Northcott eatre, Stadttheater        musical directors for theatres, opera
Linz (Austria), Orange Tree (Richmond) and       companies and films, as musical composers,
the Royal National eatre’s Studio. Several      casting directors and theatrical agents.        For information on the application,
graduates of the department have also gone                                                       decision, offer and confirmation process,
                                                 Draw on transferable skills to work
on to work in the film and television                                                            please visit
                                                 outside Drama Graduates also find
industries as directors and producers.                                                           undergraduate/applications
                                                 work in other very varied areas: website
                                                 design, press relations, magazine editing,
Write Writers have had work produced
                                                 copywriting, account managing, national
                                                                                                 Our admissions process
for e Royal Court, the Royal National                                                           We endeavour to see as many applicants
eatre (Olivier Stage), the Lyceum eatre        health practice, law and journalism.
                                                                                                 as possible before making an offer. Around
in the West End and the Donmar eatre            Many students from the department               half of applicants are invited to two days
and worked with companies such as Frantic        take part in the Exeter Award and the           of workshops and an interview. A short
Assembly. Other graduates have written           Exeter Leaders Award. ese schemes              interview with an individual member of
for EastEnders and had one-off dramas             encourage you to participate in                 staff is combined with staff-led and
produced for television (Channel 4) and          employability related workshops, skills         separate, student-led studio sessions.
radio (Radio 4).                                 events, volunteering and employment             Working and talking with each other and
Form new theatre companies Many                  which will contribute to your career            with present students are important
graduates set up theatre companies. Long-        decision-making skills and success in the       features of this experience. For most
standing groups that grew from Exeter            employment market.                              applicants this involves an overnight stay in
students include eatre Alibi, Foursight         For further information about what the          Exeter. Usually, most admissions workshops
eatre, Forced Entertainment and                 Employability Service offers at Exeter visit     are held in the first week of February, but
Punchdrunk, who’ve received first class                  we hold a small one-day workshop in
reviews.                                                                                         December for early applicants. Applicants
                                                                                                 for deferred entry need to be available for
Teach Significant numbers of our students        Entry requirements                              interview in the final year at school/college.
go on to teach at all levels of the education
system, from Primary to Higher Education.        and applying                                    We are not allowed to make offers directly
Graduates also work as education officers          You can find a summary of our typical entry     to candidates, but once a decision has been
connected to theatre companies including         requirements on the inside front cover of       made and processed, you will be able to view
the Royal National eatre, Sheffield               this brochure.                                  the decision via the online UCAS Track
Crucible and Complicite.                                                                         service within 48 hours.
                                                 e full and most up-to-date information
                                                 about Drama is on the undergraduate
Drama modules
For up-to-date details of all our programmes and modules, please check

Year 1                                                                        Acting Greek Tragedy You’ll examine practically the implications for
                                                                                                   performance found in ancient Greek tragic scripts,
Acting and            This module introduces drama as a process                                    and explore the methods appropriate to their
Not Acting            through both group practice and individual                                   realisation by actors, working in monologue,
                      practice, and to acting as a craft. You’ll explore                           dialogue, or three-performer scenes. The
                      some of the uses, ideas, theoretical material,                               exploration of appropriate methods will also
                      and training strategies that relate to both of                               include the study of acting with objects used as
                      these activities.                                                            properties, of acting techniques associated with
Pre-texts and         These modules explore ways of reading                                        masks, and of interaction of individual actors with
Contexts of Drama 1   performance, examine the nature and place of                                 the choric group.
                      performance within culture and introduce the            Dance/Choreography      This module will develop your skills, knowledge
                      key theoretical and analytical approaches to                                    and understanding of dance as a performing art
                      performance.                                                                    through the inter-related process of performance
Research and          This module is an exciting studio-based module                                  (developing technical and expressive expertise in
Performance           that culminates in a festival of performances                                   movement as a language) and composition (using a
                      from each tutor group. The idea of the module is                                variety of stimuli as starting points for
                      that you theoretically and practically engage with                              improvisation, exploration, selection and
                      a particular area of research and develop your                                  refinement of movement).
                      own group performance from that exploration.            Interdisciplinary       In this module you’ll interrogate ‘site’ and ‘journey’
                      This means that you are not staging a performance       spatial practices       as they stand in contemporary performance and
                      for ‘the sake of it’; rather you learn to develop a                             various spatial discourses and examine potential
                      performance that is critically, creatively and                                  relationships between artist, spectator and non-
                      thoughtfully developed from a particular area                                   arts space.
                      of research.
                                                                              Digital Theatre         This module offers you an exploration of the
Theatrical            This module introduces you to a representative          Crafts                  technologies which support performance, focusing
Interpretations:      selection of modern and contemporary theatrical                                 on lighting, sound, video and stage management.
Practitioners         practitioners in their context, and to their role as                            Its constant aim is to test your understanding of
                      interpreters of texts, furthering your own sense of                             theory through practice.
                      theatrical method and possibility.
                                                                              Applied Drama           The key focus of this module is on Interactive
Year 2                                                                                                Theatre which is one form of applied drama.
                                                                                                      Within this form there are a range of dramatic
Performance and       This module introduces a variety of approaches to
                                                                                                      approaches and structures used and you’ll look at
Interpretation        defining performances and art-forms and the
                                                                                                      ways of employing these within an educational
                      analysis and interpretation of their significance.
                                                                                                      setting. We will focus on Theatre in Education
                      By its reliance on cutting edge research by a
                                                                                                      (TIE) and Drama in Education (DIE) and the
                      selection of staff, it will also introduce you to the
                                                                                                      distinctions between them.
                      concept of research in the performing arts.
                                                                              Puppetry and            You will explore contemporary puppetry and object
Staging the Text      This module explores the relationship between
                                                                              Object Theatre          theatre through a study of performance techniques
                      different kinds of texts and their interpretation in
                                                                                                      and approaches and through research into
                      performance. You will develop an understanding of
                                                                                                      significant directors and theorists of puppetry.
                      performance contexts in relation to historical,
                                                                                                      This module allows you to practice visual theatre
                      theoretical and analytical approaches. Detailed
                                                                                                      and animation through a variety of materials.
                      study is encouraged through small group
                      discussion, practice, presentation and essay.           Live Art                This module explores a range of live art
                                                                                                      practices including performance art, body art and
Pre-texts and         This module expands and deepens your critical
                                                                                                      biological art. Moving beyond a fixed definition
Contexts of Drama 2   vocabulary for interpreting and analysing theatre
                                                                                                      of live art, the term ‘live’ will be interrogated in
                      and performance through a number of theoretical
                                                                                                      relation to the specificities of the live event of
                      lenses and frameworks such as feminism,
                                                                                                      performance as well as the different kinds of life
                      phenomenology, (post-)structuralism or cultural
                                                                                                      (human, animal, and biological life) that have
                                                                                                      been incorporated in contemporary art and
                                                                                                      experimental performance practices.
Study Abroad          You will spend half the year at an agreed partner      Applied Drama           This module provides an opportunity for you to
                      university in a foreign country in order to gain                               apply your drama skills within non-traditional
                      knowledge of theories and practices of drama,                                  theatre contexts. You’ll create appropriate
                      theatre and the performing arts that is either not                             applications of drama in those contexts and
                      covered at Exeter or can be studied from a new                                 explore questions and issues raised by the
                      perspective. It will allow first hand insight into a                           expectations and demands of the role of the
                      foreign culture of learning and teaching.                                      applied drama worker.
Humanities and        You will take part in one or two subject-related       Directing               This module offers you an opportunity to
the Workplace         placements, totalling at least 80 hours. Benefits                              explore the possibilities and methodologies of
(Independent          include: understanding how drama is applicable to                              the director’s role in depth, and its social
Work Experience)      the workplace, develop work-based skills and                                   implications.
                      knowledge including technologies and applications
                                                                             Interpretative          This module furthers your understanding of
                      and practical experience.
                                                                             Acting 2                the theories and practices of performance and
                                                                                                     encourages a flexible and exploratory approach
Year 3                                                                                               towards processes for preparing texts for
Practical Essay       This module allows you to draw together the                                    performance.
                      experience of theatre-making gained through the        Intercultural        This module develops a strong foundation in pre-
                      degree programme and to work in a group through        Performer Training 1 performative, psycho-physiological, body-mind
                      the complex logistics of mounting a culminating                             practices applied to acting and performance
                      presentation, that is likely to take the form of a                          through Asian martial and meditation arts.
                                                                             Arts Management         This module offers you an insight into the
Theatre Praxis        In this module you’ll use your practical work as a                             practical management of the arts in addition to
                      jumping off point for an in-depth independent                                  developing your professional and employment
                      study of a chosen area of theatre and performance.                             related skills. It introduces you to the project and
                      By reflecting in critical prose on an area of                                  time management skills required for delivering an
                      performance practice, you’ll further your dynamic                              arts event which you will then hone and develop
                      understanding of the interrelationship between                                 through the research, creation and realisation of
                      theory and practice, between thinking and doing.                               your own performance brand.
Applied Theatre –     This module examines the notion of applied             Playwriting             This module is designed for students with an
Practices and         theatre and explores the key theoretical                                       active and committed interest in developing their
Perspectives          perspectives, critical discourses and performance                              writing skills for live and recorded performance
                      practices that constitute the broad field of                                   through: practical, progressive writing tasks to
                      applied theatre.                                                               develop an understanding of the writer’s craft;
Approaches to         This module offers you in-depth study of a range                               discussion of the writer’s role in contemporary
Directing             of approaches to directing and the changing role                               theatre; writing for different contexts and spaces;
                      of the director. It explores specific directors and                            and input from professional directors, dramaturgs
                      productions focusing mainly on the 20th and                                    and designers.
                      21st centuries.                                        Dissertation            This module allows you to undertake an extended
Devised Theatre       This module gives an overview of the history of                                piece of research into an area of performance
                      devising in Europe and the US, as well as in-depth                             history or theory. You’ll structure an independent
                      study of the work of specific companies and                                    exploration of an area of particular interest linked
                      practitioners. The module consists of staff-led                                to the general syllabus and develop research skills,
                      lectures and workshops, and student-led seminar                                utilising the research facilities offered by the
                      presentations of the work of specific companies.                               department and the University.

Dramaturgy            This is the study of how playwrights make and          Shakespeare and         This module examines key dramatic texts,
                      shape plays in addition to questions of translation    his Contemporaries      focusing on themes of power, gender and
                      and adaptation from other sources, cultures and                                theatricality. You will examine the plays in their
                      languages. As well as learning about the analysis of                           cultural, historical and theatrical contexts, and in
                      play texts for their dramatic structures and                                   terms of their meaning in performance, both past
                      dynamics, you’ll look at texts in performance                                  and present.
                      and the work of the dramaturge in the theatre,         Vocal Practice          Vocal Practice provides an experiential foundation
                      from translation to adaptation and how seasons                                 in practical voice, speech and body skills and the
                      of plays are planned.                                                          application of these to the oral interpretation of
                                                                                                     a range of written texts. The method of voice
                                                                                                     training will primarily focus on techniques
                                                                                                     developed by Kristin Linklater, Cecily Berry
                                                                                                     and Patsy Rodenburg.

Please note that availability of all modules is subject to timetabling constraints and that not all modules are available every year.
For a full list and details of the individual modules, please check the undergraduate section of our website at
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Great reputation                                                    facilities and £11 million in sports                          live and study at Exeter.
Exeter is ranked 12th in the UK in                                  facilities, making them amongst the                           For full details and to book your
e Times Good University Guide 2011,                                best in the country.                                          place, contact us on:
making it the highest ranked South West                                                                                           Website:
university. Exeter has one of the highest                           Exceptional location and                                      Phone: +44 (0)1392 724043
National Student Survey rankings in the                             great atmosphere                                              Email:
country, being in the top 10 since the                              A safe, student-friendly city, Exeter
survey began, and in 2010 we scored in                              is rated one of the best places to live in
the top 10 for teaching, academic support,                          the UK for the quality of its facilities,
personal development, and overall                                   low crime rate and fantastic countryside.
satisfaction.* We are also in e Times top                          e University has one of the UK’s most
10 research-intensive universities: nearly                          active students’ unions, sees some of the
90 per cent of our research was rated as                            top bands in the country perform on
internationally recognised in the latest                            campus and is one of the UK’s top
(2008) Research Assessment Exercise.                                sporting universities.

*based on average of positive responses for full service universities (ie, excluding specialist colleges)

                                                    The University’s undergraduate prospectus provides more
                                                    information about the University and the full range of
                                                    undergraduate degrees offered.
                                                    You can obtain a copy from

                                                    This document forms part of the University’s undergraduate prospectus. Every effort has been made to
                                                    ensure that the information contained in the Prospectus is correct at the time of going to print. The
                                                    University will endeavour to deliver programmes and other services in accordance with the descriptions
                                                    provided on the website and in this prospectus. The University reserves the right to make variations to
                                                    programme content, entry requirements and methods of delivery and to discontinue, merge or combine
                                                    programmes, both before and after a student’s admission to the University. Full terms and conditions can
                                                    be found at

                                                    Photography by Apex, Kate Bailey, Guy Edwardes,
                                                    Tim Pestridge, Jon Primrose, Steve Tanner and Karen Taylor.

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