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960 Chestnut Ridge Rd., Apt.405, Morgantown, WV 26505
Phone: (304) 276-7103 E-mail: Web page:

Highly self-motivated and goal-oriented professional with over 8 years of experience in the area of Computer Science
(application/database development and performance testing and tuning), and with over 5 years of experience in
conducting research in the area of Operations Research.


      Expertise in developing windows applications in .Net 2/3.5 C#, C++ (C++ Builder 6 and Visual Studio
       2005/2008), and Java languages. Strong knowledge and expertise in Object Oriented Design. Developed
       multithreaded client/server and stand alone applications, which use object and thread pools and query MS SQL
       Server 2000/2005 and MS Access databases.
      Expertise in developing efficient heuristics (algorithms) using C++ language for solving optimization problems in
       the area of the Operations Research. Expertise in developing efficient dual simplex algorithm using C++, for
       solving a constrained optimization problem. Expertise in developing and solving the mixed integer linear
       programming formulation for constrained optimization problems using MPL Modeling System and the CPLEX
      Expertise in developing MS SQL Server 2000/2005 and MS Access 2003/2007 databases as well as expertise in
       programming in T-SQL (stored procedures, user defined functions, views, triggers). Strong understanding of
       theory of relational databases and expertise in teaching a masters level course on relational databases.
      Expertise in programming active server pages (ASPs) using VBScript and Java Script.
      Expertise in setting up and maintaining Active Directory (Group Policies, DNS Server, IIS) on the Windows
       Server 2003.


Programming Languages: Visual C# 2008 (.NET 3.5), ASP.NET 3.5, C++ (C++ Builder 6 and Visual C++ 2005), Java,
         T-SQL, ASP.NET 3.5 with C#, SAS 9.0, HTML Design, Visual Basic Script (ASP and Windows Scripting),
         JavaScript, Visual Basic for Applications (MS Access, MS Excel), Java Servlet Pages, Java Server Pages, Lisp,
         Turbo Prolog, VP-Expert 3.1, Assembler, Visual Basic 2005 (not much experience).
Software: MS Visual Studio 2008, Borland C++ Builder 6, MS SQL Server 2000/2005, MS Access 2003/2007, JBuilder
         4, Adobe Photoshop 7, SAS V8, Matlab 7, MPL/CPLEX, Lingo5, Arena 5, AutoCAD 2000, Dreamweaver
         2004, MS Office 2003/2007(Excel, Word, Power Point).
Operating Systems: Windows Server 2000/2003 (Active Directory, Domain Name Server, DHCP, Internet Information
         Service, Firewalls), Windows 2000/XP, Windows Vista, MAC OS X.


      Developed number of improvement type heuristics (tabu search, hybrid tabu search and simulated annealing,
       hybrid genetic search and tabu search (memetic heuristic)), for solving the static and dynamic facility layout
       problems (SFLP and DFLP) with equal and unequal area departments, using C++ language.
      Developed efficient boundary search constructive heuristic for solving the DFLP with unequal area departments.
       The technique solves the problem in a very short time, and is used in tabu search heuristic.
      Developed efficient dual simplex algorithm for solving the DFLP with unequal are departments, which exploits
       the structure of the problem to find the solution in less number of simplex iterations. The algorithm is used in tabu
       search heuristic (the moves are performed by changing the right hand sides of the simplex tableau and re-
       optimizing the tableau, instead of resolving the problem from scratch).
      Developed an efficient tabu search, and hybrid genetic search and tabu search heuristics (i.e., memetic heuristics)
        for the DFLP with unequal area departments. The heuristics use the boundary search constructive heuristic and
        dual simplex algorithms, and outperform the techniques available in the literature on both static and dynamic
        facility layout test problems.
       Used C++ Builder 6 to code the algorithms and a user friendly interface.
       Developed and solved the mixed integer linear programming formulation for the DFLP problem with unequal
        area departments for small problem instances (i.e., used the MPL Modeling System and the CPLEX solver).


SRA International, Inc., Morgantown, WV                                                           October 2008 to Present
.Net C# Programmer (Software Engineer II)
     Duties include improving and adding new features to the Spirometry Longitudinal Data Analysis software
        (SPIROLA). The software is being developed for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
        (NIOSH), the client of the SRA International, Inc., and it is used for evaluating the workers with potential lung
        problems. Also, occasionally perform data analyses using SAS 9.0 software, and MS Access software.
       Re-programmed the entire code of the software from scratch in a more efficient way, using good object oriented
        programming design.
       Added windows forms for dynamically designing multi-level questionnaires in which each question can have any
        number of sub-questions. The information about the questions, and the control types used for the questions (i.e.,
        textbox, combo-box, radio-button) is stored in a database, and is not hardcoded. Added modules for printing
        reports, generating charts, filtering out the workers in a risk list (i.e., workers which might have lung problems).
       Added number of other new functionality to the software, and have worked on the documentation for the version
        2 of the software. The SPIROLA V2 software can be freely downloaded at Now I am working on version
        3 of the software, which includes number of new modules. These modules are used by doctors to send requests for
        worker lifestyle and safety interventions and questionnaires to worksites, and load the results of requests back to
        the SPIROLA database.

West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV                                                   May 2005 to October 2008
College of Human Resources and Education (HRE)
Database Administrator (Graduate Assistant from May 2005 to January, 2008)
     Duties included: designing MS Access 2005 and MS SQL Server 2005 databases; developing active server pages;
        maintaining the college’s servers and workstations; setting up and maintaining Active Directory on the servers;
        providing technical help to faculty and staff; other technical assignments.
       Designed MS Access 2003 database with good user interface for storing and querying the information about the
        computers in the college.
       Exported large MS Access 2003 database into MS SQL Server 2005 database, so that the MS Access file is used
        as a front end interface, while the database is managed by the MS SQL Server 2000. Set the permissions, masked
        the sensitive columns using user defined functions, views, triggers, and added stored procedures for performing
        some administrative tasks.
       Set up Active Directory and DNS Server on two of the college’s servers, and programmed a VB 2005 application
        and a number of VB scripts to control the lab and classroom computers. Developed small applications using .NET
        languages (VB.NET, C++/CLI) to troubleshoot servers (e.g., small client/server application for detecting which
        ports are blocked by firewall, and an application, to retrieve a word file from the SharePoint database).
       Designed MS SQL Server 2005 database for the Speech Pathology and Audiology department. The database is
        used by the students and faculty to enter the evaluation data about the speech and audiology clients.
             Integrated the database with MS Access 2007, so that users use the interface of MS Access on client
              computers to view/modify the MS SQL Server database.
             Implemented column and record level permissions using database triggers, SQL views and Active Directory
              and SQL Server user accounts and roles, so that each user can only view and modify records and/or
              columns, which relate to the user.
            Programmed a number of SQL stored procedures for different tasks among which are automatic user
             account creation, periodic database backups, and database activity logging.

West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV                                                   May 2006 to Aug. 2006
Health Sciences & Technology Academy (HSTA)
Active Server Pages Programmer
     Designed Active Server Pages (VBScript/JavaScript) for viewing and modifying the information about students
        and employees, stored in large MS SQL Server 2000 database (contains several thousands of student records).
        Each user belongs to one of the five user categories and can only view and/or modify the data, which the
        corresponding category users have permissions to view and/or modify.
      Used sophisticated techniques, such as storing the metadata about the database tables in application variables, for
       efficient data validity checking and html control generation (i.e., replicated code is avoided).
      Used JavaScript to perform most of the data processing on the browser on client computers, and to avoid
       reloading the entire content of web pages from the server after every modification to the database (i.e., only
       information about the modified fields is sent to the server, and browser reloads only small amount of data from
       server, showing if the modification was successful or not).

West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV                                                   Jan. 2002 to May 2005
Department of Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
Research/Teaching Assistant
    Developed client/server application in Java programming language for backing up the files of the faculty to the
       department’s server; programmed Active Server Pages (VBScript/JavaScript/ MS SQL Server 2000); designed
       home pages for faculty; developed an MS Access database; graded homeworks.

American University of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia                                            May 2004 to Aug. 2004
Department of Industrial Engineering & Systems Management
Lecturer for IE 225 (Industrial and Commercial Data Systems) course
     Read lectures for the course; graded homeworks, tests and a semester project (MS SQL Server 2000).

HIWEB, Yerevan, Armenia                                                            Nov. 2000 to Jan. 2002
Belgian software developing company in Armenia (
Java and Active Server Pages Programmer
    Developed internet application using Java and VBScript (ASP) programming languages for playing chess
        tournament games online.
      Developed several Video/Voice/Chat conference client applications for internet in Java programming language
       (the server application was written by my colleague in Delphi programming language).
      Developed several Video/Voice/Chat conference client/server applications for internet, written fully in Java
       programming language.


      "Recovery of distributions via moments," by Robert M. Mnatsakanov, and Artak S. Hakobyan, IMS Lecture
       Notes-Monograph Series, 2009,Vol. 57, pp 252-265.
      "Heuristics for the dynamic facility layout problem with unequal-area departments," by Alan R. McKendall, Jr.,
       and Artak S. Hakobyan, European Journal of Operational Research, 2010, Vol. 201, pp 171-182.


       "Dual Simplex Based Tabu Search Heuristic for the Dynamic Facility Layout Problem with Unequal Area
        Departments," by Artak S. Hakobyan and Alan R. McKendall, Jr., in preparation.
       "Memetic Heuristics for the Dynamic Facility Layout Problem with Unequal Area Departments," by Artak S.
        Hakobyan and Alan R. McKendall, Jr., in preparation.
       "Hybrid Tabu Search-Simulated Annealing heuristic for Dynamic Facility Layout Problems," by Alan R.
        McKendall, Jr., and Artak S. Hakobyan, in preparation.

   "IMBOSH: Improvement Boundary Search Heuristic for Solving Unequal Area Plant Layout Problem," Artak S.
     Hakobyan and Alan S. Mckendall Jr., INFORMS, Pittsburgh, PA, November, 2006

Supply Chain
    Implemented an EOQ based heuristic from the literature for minimizing the combined inventory and
       transportation costs in multi-echelon supply chain model. The model assumes that all the products produced at the
       first node should be shipped to the final node, and no stock-out can occur during the time horizon. In addition
       single shipment frequency is associated with each node, which determines the number of shipments per time unit.
    Developed a simulation model using ARENA, based on customer arrival at the gas station in Morgantown, WV.
       Analyzed customer waiting time in queue and other relevant statistics. Worked on a number of small projects.
Advanced Analysis of Engineering Data
    Developed the best possible regression model for the statistical relationship between response variable and 8
       predictor variables. Used SAS and VBA for Excel to analyze the data.
Advanced Engineering Economy
    Used MS Excel spreadsheets and Visual Basic for Applications programming language to perform a detailed
       analysis and evaluation of projects and capital investments.


       Member of "Alpha Pi Mu" Industrial Engineering Honor Society.


PhD in Industrial Engineering (May 2008), Major in Decision Sciences (Operations Research), GPA: 3.78/4
Dissertation Title: Heuristics for the Dynamic Facility Layout Problem with Unequal Area Departments
 Coursework included topics on scheduling/sequencing methods, applied linear programming, supply chain systems,
    applied integer/heuristics programming, simulation by digital methods, probability theory, engineering statistics,
    regression analysis, quality assurance and management, design of industrial experiments, advanced engineering
    economy, expert systems.

M.S. in Industrial Engineering & Systems Management (August 2000), GPA: 3.81/4.0

B.S. in Informatics and Applied Mathematics (September 1996), GPA: 4/5


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