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                                                                                                           September/October 2009 • Volume 7, No.6

 Addressing the contributions of Asian Pacific Americans • Promoting Community Growth Across Ethnic Groups and Boundaries
  S E R V I N G T h e C e n t r a l Va l l e y & N o r t h e r n C a l i f o r n i a • w w w. a p a n e w s a n d r e v i e w. c o m

Food and fellowship
                                                                                         By Randall Ishida              to ethnic customs. For example,
                                                                                  SACRAMENTO — Food, a                  rice is a universal dish for many
                                                                                necessity, is also symbolic of life     groups. Asians traditionally pre-
                                                                                in general. Whenever people             pare fried rice, Spanish cultures
                                                                                gather, births, deaths, marriages,      make Spanish rice, East Indians
                                                                                basically any celebration or event,     create curried rice, while Cajuns
                                                                                food is a large part. Family,           eat gumbo rice and the list goes
                                                                                friends, neighbors, coworkers,          on. The basic ingredient, rice,
                                                                                even strangers, will congregate         is the same, however the season-
                                                                                when food is placed out for con-        ings and preparation methods
                                                                                sumption.                               vary widely.
                                                                                  Eating together displays fel-           While members of the different
                                                                                lowship among people, regardless        cultures continue to eat the foods
                                                                                of culture.                             they were reared on, they also eat
                                                                                  Different cultures often take         foods from other ethnic groups.
                                                                                for granted the foods they grew         You will see all ethnicities repre-
                                                                                up with and the way they were
                                                                                seasoned and prepared according                       SEE FOOD, PAGE 9

Barrio Fiesta celebrates Filipino culture
         By G.L. Gapusan                                                                                                fruits and Ube ice cream is added,
  STOCKTON                          —                                                                                   a fast seller.
Commemorating the building                                                                                                At one time, the center of Filipino
of the Filipino Plaza's low-income                                                                                      American life, Stockton's Little
housing complex, as well as cele-                                                                                       Manila neighborhood, was split in
brating the large Filipino American                                                                                     two by the construction of the
population living in Stockton, the                                                                                      Crosstown Freeway, which connects
37th annual Barrio Fiesta was held                                                                                      Interstate 5 and the CA-99 high-
on August 7th and 8th at Center                                                                                         way. The community dispersed, and
and Market Streets.                                                                                                     many families were displaced.
  The two-day event included a                                                                                            The original Barrio Fiesta was
fashion show featuring native dress-                                                                                    celebrated as a result of the success-
es worn throughout the many                                                                                             ful building of the Filipino Plaza,
provinces in the Philippines, an                                                                                        completed in 1972. A group of
outdoor concert and dancing, as                                                                                         neighborhood activists and advo-
well as Escrima (Filipino martial         long history of Filipinos and         arguably the stars of the entire fes-   cates, who later came together and
arts) demonstrations, which enter-        Stockton such as the Little Manila    tival as crowds lined up for old        formed the Associated Filipino
tained the crowd.                         Foundation, which has sought to       Filipino favorites such as lumpia,      Organizations of San Joaquin
  Along with booths featuring             educate younger generations of        pancit and adobo. Moreover, the         County, secured a federal loan to
clothes and jewelry, flags, literature,   Filipino Americans about their rich   hot weather made halo-halo, a           build the housing project effectively
DVD videos and native music were          history and heritage in Stockton      cold dessert mixture of shaved ice      reuniting the community divided by
informational booths displaying the         However, food items were            and milk to which sweet beans,          the highway's construction.

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2 September/October 2009 APA NEWS & REVIEW
                                                                                                                                              IN THIS ISSUE
From the editors desk    4                                                                         On the Cover:
                                                                                          Top: Friends of APANR enjoying
Word search     4                                                                                      food.
Community                                                                                      Bottom: Barrio Festival

Sacramento Asian American Journalists Association host 3rd annual showcase          5
Newsmakers      5
Delta Dragons to compete in San Francisco Dragon Boat Festival      5
Stockton Ports honor Nisei former players   6
My Sister's House plans 6th annual Run For A Safe Haven in November         6
Catholic Diocese announces the Seventh Annual Bishop's Awards Honorees          6
Chinatown Culture Fair   7
Chinese American WWII Vets    7
Health & Wellness
Hospice hosts Camp Caterpillar    8
Cookbooks serve food and memories      9
Home Matters
Solutions for the high ceiling decorating dilemma   10
Guy's do-it-yourself home maintenance tips: Preparing your home for a change of seasons   10
Sharing lives   11
Japanese woodblocks prints on display    11                                                                                                                          10

Resource Guide  12-13
Calendar of Events 14

Could municipal bonds have a place in your portfolio?    15
APANR Distribution List      15                                                                                       Book List
                                                                                               Ching Tong Leong Cookbook by the Ching Tong Leong Family
                                                Words                                          St. Mark's Treasured Chinese Recipes by St. Mark's United Methodist
                                                  of                                           Church, Stockton

                                                Wisdom                                         A Tradition of Soup: Flavors from China's Pearl River Delta by
                                                                                               Teresa M. Chen
                                                    See pages 5, 6, 8, 9,
                                                          10, 13                                  To have your book listed in this space, send a preview copy to:
                                                                                                   APA News&Review, 178 Adams St., Stockton, CA 95204

                                                                             APA NEWS & REVIEW             September/October 2009       3
                                                    special place for kids, Camp              Nisei baseball players, and more along
                                                    Caterpillar…page 8.                       with our regular features.
                                                      We also have articles on preparing        I'm sure you'll find something of                    178 West Adams Street
                                                    your home for the change of seasons       interest. Enjoy and bon appetit!                        Stockton, CA 95204
                                                    and redecorating both on page 10,           If you have questions or comments                    Office: (209) 463-3500
                                                    and a couple of worthy fundraising        about this edition, please contact me or                Fax: (209) 466-0387
                                                    events, SAAJA's annual showcase           the publisher at: APA News &
                                                    …page 5, and My Sister's House Run        Review, 178 West Adams Street,             
                                                    For a Safe Haven on page 6. Other         Stockton, CA 95204. You can also call    
                                                    articles of interest include investing,   the office: (209) 463-3500 or reach me     
                                                    events honoring Filipino history,         directly at (209) 712-1562.
                 Diane Kannenberg                                                                                                                           Dennis Lee
                   Senior Editor                                                                                                                                 Publisher

                                                                           Comfort Foods                                                                  (209) 327-2407

   This issue of the APA News and
Review covers one of my favorite                                                                                                                      Diane Kannenberg
                                                    Word Search
activities, eating. I enjoy all types of                                                                                                                       Senior Editor
food and if I happen to have a chance                                                                                                                    (209) 712-1562
to enjoy them with friends and fami-
ly, the experience is even better.                                                                                                        
   I grew up in a family that loves to
eat. We are a large family so we have                                                                                                                       Lona Scott
large meals. My mother's favorite
activity was cooking and everyone                                                                                                                 Scott’s Universal Designs
who knows her, and some who just                                                                                                                      Graphic Design & Production
happened to be there at suppertime,                                                                                                                  Phone: (209) 747-0712
reaped the rewards of her efforts.
And like many cooks, she never used
a recipe, just "guesstimated" the
amounts, seasonings, etc. And it                                                                                                                          Gail S. Wilson
always tasted great.
                                                                                                                                                   Business & Community Development
   Since I now live so far away, I have
to wait for my visits to enjoy those                                                                                                                Phone: (209) 357-2432
meals with family, however, the                                                                                                                       Cell: (209) 712-8997
memory of past meals and good times
is strong. I have tried to create the
same memories with my own chil-
dren and think I have been successful.                            AHI                   FRIED RICE             POTSTICKERS                              Edgar Calderon
It is a wonderful gift or legacy to                               BEEF                  GINGER                 SHRIMP
                                                                                                                                                    Phone: (916) 719-4970
leave future generations.                                         BOK CHOY              KIMCHEE                TOFU
   Highlights in this issue include an                            CHICKEN               LUMPIA                 WONTON
article       on       two       special                          CHOP SUEY             MOCHI                                                            Lucky Owyang
cookbooks…page 9; a couple of arti-                               CHOW MEIN             NOODLES
                                                                                                                                                        Multicultural History Editor
cles on some fun activities for the                               CURRY                 PANCIT
whole family, The Chinatown                                       DIM SUM               POI                                                         Phone: (888)-563-1053
Culture Fair in Sacramento…page 7,                                EGGROLL               PORK
dragon boat racing in San
                                                                                                                                                    Contributing Writers
Francisco…page 5, a display of
Japanese woodblocks…page 1; and a                                                                                                                        Guy Kannenberg
                                                                                                                                                               Jodi King
                                                                                                                                                           Jeffrey C. Won
       Asian Pacific American
           News & Review                                                                                                                                   G. L. Gapusan
                                                                                                                                                           Randall Ishida
  Our primary purpose is to provide a single,                                                                                                   Contributing Photographers
  comprehensive publication, whether in print
  or on the Internet, that speaks and listens to                                                                                                          Loreen S. Huey
  all of Northern California and anyone                                                                                                                       Brian Baer
  beyond who has the happy, informative,
  educational experience of reading us.                                                                                                                     Henry Young

               OBJECTIVES                                                                                                                                 Jack Funamura

  We have three key objectives: Increase Asian
  Pacific Americans' awareness; promote and                                                                                                                  Advisors
  encourage an all-embracing, involved read-                                                                                                         Gladys Ikeda, Stockton
  ership; and be a valuable resource for infor-
  mation of interest to the broad Asian Pacific                                                                                                     May O. Lee, Sacramento
  American community and everyone else.
                                                                                                                                                  Evenyl Roemmich, Stockton
  As a small community within a larger com-                                                                                                      Genevieve Shiroma, Sacramento
  munity, APA News & Review strives to pro-
  vide a comfortable, familiar and familial
  place to read. While we most directly                                                                                                          The opinions expressed by con-
  address the concerns of Asian Pacific                                                                                                       tributing writers are their own and
  Americans, our family is not a racial or eth-                                                                                               do not reflect the opinions of the
  nic sorting. It is a gathering of all those who                                                                                             newspaper's owner, editor, or staff.
  wish to gather.                                                                                               Source-September/October 09

4 September/October 2009 APA NEWS & REVIEW                  

Sacramento Asian American Journalists Association host 3rd annual showcase
                                                  SACRAMENTO — Extra!                                                          Plum Blossom, Osaka-Ya, Louie's
                                                Extra! The Sacramento chapter                                                  Restaurant and Catering, Eastern
                                                of    the     Asian     American                                               Empire, Chick-Fil-A, Luau
                                                Journalists Association is proud                                               Gardens and much more. Sample
                                                to announce its 3rd Annual                                                     award-winning wine from Lava
                                                Photo Showcase and Silent                                                      Cap Winery in El Dorado
                                                Auction on Tuesday, Sept. 29, at                                               County.
                                                the 20th Street Art Gallery in                                                     AAJA Sacramento, founded 24
                                                midtown Sacramento.                                                            years ago, is a nonprofit, volunteer
                                                  Come bid on some of the                                                      organization with members from
                                                year's most newsworthy and                                                     print, radio and television news
                                                captivating images taken by                                                    organizations. All proceeds will help
                                                award-winning photojournalists        President elect Barack Obama             us train the next generation of talent-
                                                from The Sacramento Bee, The          arrives with his wife Michelle for the   ed reporters, photographers and edi-
                                                Associated Press and more.            Obama Inauguration Celebration on        tors, as well as maintain diversity in
                                                Sample Asian-inspired appetiz-        the steps of the Lincoln Memorial,       newsrooms. To learn more, visit
                                                                                      Sunday Jan. 18, 2009. —Brian Baer/
                                                ers and sip fine wine from one of     Sacramento Bee/ MCT            
                                                region's best vineyards. Best of                                                 The event is open to the public.
                                                all, proceeds from the annual         state Capitol to support Laura           Please RSVP to chapter president
                                                fundraiser will benefit the non-      Ling and Euna Lee, two American          Judy Lin at
                                                profit journalism organization's      journalists who were held for              Who:         Asian       American
                                                programs and scholarships.            months in North Korea. Other             Journalists Association
                                                  Framed photographs up for           photos include top sellers from            What: 3rd Annual Photo
                                                bid include President Barack          The Sacramento Bee, such as a            Showcase & Silent Auction
Lisa Ling. Ling is the sister of American       Obama on inauguration day and         pack of golden retrievers resting          When: Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2009, 6
journalist, Laura Ling who was captured         portraits of Michael Jackson          against the scenic backdrop of           p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
with co-worker Euna Lee and sentenced to        from his Jackson 5 days to his        Lake Tahoe.                                Where: 20th Street Art Gallery,
12 years in a North Korean labor camp.
Both women were freed from captivity in         rise as a superstar. This year's         Join Sharon Ito of News 10 as         911 20th St., Sacramento
August 2009                                     selection also features a photo of    she emcees this charitable evening         Admission: $40 for general entry, $20
                                                Lisa Ling at a large rally at the     event. Enjoy hors d'oeuvres from         for students and AAJA members

       Josephine S. Paular laid              (Carlos) and                                                    High School       visiting with family and friends. She
        to rest in Sacramento                Leilani Finley                                                  and College       could often be found in her garden,
                                             (Andrew).                                                       of the Pacific    cooking favorite dishes, or watching
  SACRAMENTO — Josephine S.                  She was a                                                       (UOP)       in    her favorite TV shows. She also
Paular, 77, passed away peacefully at        b e l ov e d                                                    Stockton,         enjoyed shopping trips with her
home on August 21, in Sacramento, fol-       Granny      to                                                  Josephine         daughters and grandchildren. Josie
lowing a long battle with kidney cancer.     also    leaves                                                  spent      33     and Raymond loved to travel, and
Josephine, affectionately known as Jo,       b e h i n d                                                     years as an       shared trips to Hawaii, Alaska, and
Josie, or Penang, was born on February       granddaugh-                                                     elementar y       Europe, returning with many fond
20, 1932 in Pescadero, Calif., the           ters Jasmine                                                    and special       memories. She was a lifetime member
youngest daughter of Simeon Espineda         and Analisa,                                                    education         of the Filipino Federation of America
and Tsuru Saito Panoncialman. She was        and grandsons Carlos Jr. and Kai         teacher. She was the first Filipino      and a member of the Filipino
preceded in death by her parents, a sister   Raymond.                                 American to teach in Stockton            American National Historical Society
Conchita Bilar, and two brothers,              Jospehine was a lifetime Catholic      Unified School District. She also        (FANHS), where she was a former
Thomas Espineda, Sr. and Fred                and proud of her Filipino and            taught for school districts in           secretary       for     the      local
Panoncialman. Josephine is survived by       Japanese heritage. During WWII, she      Sacramento, Tracy, Whittier, and         Sacramento/Delta Chapter.
Raymond Paular, her husband of more          and her family were placed for a short   Upland, Calif., completing her career      A rosary was held at Andrews and
than 50 years, sister Elizabeth Ordiz,       time in a Japanese internment camp       at Mariposa Elementary School in         Greilich Mortuary in Sacramento
brother Frank Panoncialman, and two          due to their maternal heritage.          San Juan Unified School District.        followed by her funeral on August
daughters, Lorena (Lori) Aguila                After graduating from St. Mary's         Josephine enjoyed entertaining and     29, 2009.

Delta Dragons to compete in San Francisco Dragon Boat Festival
                                                    14th       Annual                 held at the end of racing on Sunday.     Fitness pavilion, and merchandise
                                                    Kaiser Permanente                    The event will feature more than      including unique handmade craft
                                                    International                     100 dragon boats and 3,000 dragon        items to Chinese cultural gifts to ath-
                                                    Dragon Boat                       boat paddlers from across Northern       letic wear and paddling gear.
                                                    Festival          on              America in the 300 and 500 meter           For more information contact the
                                                    Treasure Island on                course. Novice teams represent local     Delta Dragons' captain Stefanie Chu
                                                    Sept 26-27.                       corporations, public agencies, and       at
                                                      This       division             non-profit community organiza-
                                                    races     only     on             tions. Recreational and competitive
                                                    Saturday Sept 26                  teams practice year-round and are                         You
                                                    and the finals and                coming from all over the United                     have a solemn
                                                    awards ceremony                   States, Canada, and Taiwan to battle            obligation to take care
                                                    will be at the end of             it out in the championships.
                                                                                                                                      of yourself because you
                                                    the              day.                The festival includes many fun cul-
2009 CDBA Regional Regatta —Courtesy of Henry                                                                                         never know when the
Young                                               Youth/High School                 tural activities: an entertainment
                                                    teams will race only              stage with live dance and music per-             world will need you.
  STOCKTON — The Delta                              on Sunday. All                    formances, the Dragon Land chil-                   — Rabbi Hillel
Dragons will be competing in the other division will race on both days                dren's activity, international food
Novice/Corporate division in the with the finals and award ceremony                   vendors, the Kaiser Permanente

                                                                         APA NEWS & REVIEW            September/October 2009      5
Stockton Ports honor Nisei former players
                                                                                         My Sister's House plans
                                                                                         6th annual Run For
                                                                                         A Safe Haven in November
L-R Satoshi “Fibber” Hirayama, Joe Sugimoto, Gary Horita (for father George                SACRAMENTO —My Sister's                   ing a culturally appropriate and
Horita), William Kagawa, Roy Yoneshige, Art Supnet, Don Inamasu, Jim                     House, a non-profit organization            responsive safe haven and community
Tsunekawa, Ted Kamibayashi, Jeff Kamibayashi (for father Sam Kamibayashi),               serving the needs of Asian and Pacific      services for the most vulnerable mem-
Alan Horita (for father Tak Horita), Jerry Ueda, Tad Yoshimura, Alice Tsunekawa
(for husband Lou Tsunekawa), Sonia Muraoka for husband (Shago Muraoka),                  Islander women and children impact-         bers of the Asian and Pacific Islander
Tosh Ishihara, Ted Yoneda, and Consul General Yasumasa Nagamine.                         ed by domestic violence, is forming a       population
   STOCKTON — The Stockton Ports            stole 76 in a season. He was an All-         planning committee for our 6th annu-          My Sister's House Women to Work
honored 1952 Ports alumnus, Satoshi         Conference player and batted .420 in         al fun Run/Walk 5k Run for a Safe           Program has helped domestic violence
“Fibber” Hirayama, and other Nisei play-    1950. He was the team captain for two        Haven which will be held on Saturday,       victims get back on their feet and sup-
ers from Stockton and Lodi Japanese-        years and was twice voted the Most           November 7, 2009.                           port themselves and their children.
American semi-pro baseball teams for        Popular Player at the National Baseball        My Sister's House hosts an annual         The program also includes legal assis-
the first Japanese-American Baseball        Congress tournament.                         run/ walk to help to raise awareness        tance through a partnership with the
Heritage Night at Banner Island                Hirayama was signed by the St. Louis      about domestic violence issues as well      Asian Bar Association of Sacramento.
Ballpark on July 10.                        Browns, becoming among the first             as help domestic violence survivors of      More than 450 domestic violence vic-
   The Ports honored Hirayama and for-      Japanese-Americans signed to a profes-       the Sacramento Valley with culturally       tims have been assisted through this
mer semi-pro players in an on-field cere-   sional baseball contract, and spent the      appropriate help. My Sisters House          program since its inception in 2003.
mony prior to the 7:05 p.m. Ports game.     1952 season-his only one in any              invites volunteers to serve as commit-        “This year marks our sixth annual
Among the semi-pro players recognized       American professional baseball league-       tee members, as well as sponsors and        Run/Walk for a Safe haven,” says
were Ted Kamibayashi, one of the few        with the Stockton Ports. That season         fundraisers.                                Espie Agbiayani, Event Co-Chair.
living members of the 1940 Stockton         with the Ports, he batted .264 and stole       “My Sister's House is inviting inter-     “The current economic situation has
Yamato team, which won the Nor-Cal          20 bases. He walked 71 times with just       ested parties to join in the fun in plan-   added great stress to families of color
Championship. The Ports were proud to       23 strikeouts in 92 games.                   ning our 5k run/walk for a Safe             and for those at risk. This type of
honor each former player and their con-        In 1955, at the urging of Kenichiro       Haven,” says Ophelia Riego, Event           awareness building and fundraising is
tributions to baseball in Stockton.         Zenimura, a Nisei baseball legend, he        Co-Chair “The creativity and drive          even more critical than ever before”
   Each player was recognized and threw     signed with the Hiroshima Carp and           for ending domestic violence is need-         Interested parties can contact Nilda
out a ceremonial first pitch. The Ports     played baseball in the Nippon Pro            ed now more than ever.”                     Valmores, Executive Director of My
also welcomed Consul General                Baseball league in Japan. He was a two-        My Sister's House is the first and        Sister's House at 916.868-7820 or by
Yasumasa Nagamine, from the                 time All-Star in the NPB, in a career that   only non-profit organization provid-        email at
Consulate General of Japan in San           spanned to 1964.
Francisco, who also threw out a ceremo-
nial first pitch.
   Hirayama, who grew up playing base-
                                               Following retirement from playing,
                                            Hirayama turned to scouting and
                                            returned to California. He served as a
                                                                                         Catholic Diocese announces
ball, attended Fresno State on a football
scholarship, and played halfback. He
                                            scout for the California Angels and the
                                            Hiroshima Carp, helping to sign Tim
                                                                                         the Seventh Annual
turned to baseball in the spring, and had
a tremendous career with the Bulldogs
                                            Ireland, who managed the Ports in
                                            1992. He was also a Clovis Unified
                                                                                         Bishop's Awards Honorees
on the diamond. He set a college record     School District teacher and adminis-           STOCKTON — Five “Bright                   by Catholics in our Diocese,” said
with five stolen bases in one game and      trator for 30 years.                         Lights” in the Catholic community           Bishop Stephen E. Blaire. “Their
                                                                                         will be honored by the Catholic             lives embody the concepts of chari-
                                                                                         Diocese of Stockton on October 17,          ty and social justice and are shining
                                                                                         2009. The Seventh Annual Bishop's           examples of faith, courage, and
                                                                                         Awards Dinner will be held at               service to God and community.”
                                                                                         Church of the Presentation, 6715               Proceeds from the event will ben-
                                                                                         Leesburg Place, Stockton, 6:30 p.m.         efit Catholic Charities and SEEDS
                                                                                         cocktails, 7:30 p.m. dinner, followed       (Growing Faith through Student
                                                                                         by a recognition program. Tickets           Scholarships). Catholic Charities,
                                                                                         are $150 a person. The event is             which is the largest private network
                                                                                         chaired by Frank and Mercy Dumo.            of social service organizations in
                                                                                           The five “Bright Lights” hon-             the U.S., works to support families,
                                                                                         orees are:                                  reduce poverty, and build commu-
                                                                                           • C. Joseph Crane, Life of                nities. SEEDS provides tuition
                                                                                         Community          Service,        St.      assistance to students who other-
                                                                                         Bernadette, Stockton                        wise could not afford a Catholic
                                                                                           • Sr. Regina Alonzo, Life of              education.
                                                                                         Religious Service, Sisters of the              The event is open to persons of
                                                                                         Cross, Modesto                              all faiths. For information, call
                                                                                           • Rev. Dr. Bill Brennan, Life of          Rebecca Glissman at the Diocese,
                                                                                         Religious Service, Church of the            (209) 472-1008, Ext. 14.
                                                                                         Presentation, Stockton
                                                                                           • Charles and Hedy Harding,                           From
                                                                                         Life of Service to the Poor, Our
                                                                                         Lady of Fatima, Modesto (Hedy                      what we get, we
                                                                                         passed away on April 19, 2009 and                 can make a living;
                                                                                         will be honored in memoriam)
                                                                                           • Antoinette (Toni) Moran, Life               what we give, however,
                                                                                         of Youth Service, Church of the                      makes a life.
                                                                                         Presentation, Stockton
                                                                                           “The 2009 Bishop's Awards                         — Arhur Ashe
                                                                                         Dinner will celebrate the humani-
                                                                                         tarian work being done every day

6 September/October 2009 APA NEWS & REVIEW            

Chinatown Culture Fair                                                                Chinese American WWII Vets
  SACRAMENTO —                                             and dancing, and a            SACRAMENTO — For over half             ice. In total, 13,499 Chinese fought
The City of Sacramento                                     fashion show. Authors      a century, 19th century Chinese           in the war for the United States, 22
and the Confucius                                          scheduled to appear        Americans were vilified in America,       percent of all Chinese men in the
Church of Sacramento                                       include Sacramento-        especially in California, the center of   United States.
will host the Chinatown                                    born Shawna Yang           the U.S.'s anti-Chinese movement.           Ultimately, Chinese American sol-
Mall Culture Fair. More                                    Ryan, author of Water      These first Asians had initially come     diers fought and died for the free-
than 16 Northern                                           Ghosts; Eddie Fung,        to California for the Gold Rush and       doms and liberties of all Americans
California organizations                                   who      wrote      The    later    the    building      of   the    even though they were excluded
in the Asian Pacific                                       Adventures of Eddie        Transcontinental Railroad, but pub-       from those same rights.
Islander, Russian, and                                     Fung Chinatown Kid,        lic sentiment quickly turned against        On September 27 at the
East Indian community                                      Texas Cowboy, and          them. The Chinese in America              Chinatown Mall Culture Fair,
have come together to                                      Prisoner of War; Judy      found themselves a hated minority         Sacramento will be fortunate
showcase Sacramento's                                      Yung, whose many           segregated in Chinatowns or driven        enough to hear this seldom told
rich Chinese heritage, culture, and        publications include Chinese American      out and their towns buried under          story featuring Eddie Fung, author
arts at Bridging the Past to the           Voices; and Felicia Lowe who lists         rock and rubble.                          of The Adventures of Eddie Fung:
Future, which will be held 11 a.m. to      Carved in Silence as one of her many          The attack on Pearl Harbor on          Chinatown Kid, Texas Cowboy,
4 p.m. September 27 on Sacramento's        published works.                           Dec. 7, 1941 changed all of that.         Prisoner of War.
Chinatown Mall, located between              Attendees can also experience the        Chinese went from the "heathen              Eddie Fung was the only Chinese
Third and Fifth streets and between I      Angel Island Immigrant Station, eat        Chinee" to a lukewarm acceptance.         American soldier to be captured by
and J streets.                             Harvest Mooncakes, and visit the           In 1943 a congressman said, “If not       the Japanese during World War II.
  The fair will feature the legacy of      Sun Yet Sen Memorial Museum.               for December 7, America might             He was put to work building the
California's early Chinese pioneers        Visitors can also learn about available    have never known how good                 Burma-Siam railroad through 262
with live entertainment, food, and         energy conservation resources and          Chinese Americans were.”                  miles of tropical jungle, a feat made
renowned authors, filmmakers, and          explore Chinese Medicine and                  Though unrelenting anti-Chinese        famous by the film, “The Bridge on
historians, last year this event brought   Healing Arts.                              sentiment restricted Chinese-             the River Kwai.” Fung will read
3,000 visitors from throughout               The many hands-on activities and         Americans from citizenship and            excerpts from his memoirs and dis-
Northern California.                       demonstrations include calligraphy,        basic rights under American law,          cuss how his childhood during the
  Also featured will be the Gateway        origami, mahjong, Chinese chess, tai       many made the ultimate sacrifice          Chinese Exclusion Act and his
to Gold Mountain exhibit in the            chi, Chinese cooking, and Chinese          during World War II by serving in         experiences as a Texas cowboy
gymnasium of the Confucius Church.         lanterns.                                  the American military. Many               helped him endure forty-two
The exhibit will continue to run after       Booths will feature Chinese music,       Chinese were drafted because men          months of captivity.
the fair, Monday through Friday, 1-4       videos, books, foods, herbs, games,        with no dependents were the first to        Also on hand will be Sacramento's
p.m., from Sept. 27 through Oct. 2.        toys and cosmetics. Chinese arts and       be drafted and the Exclusion Act          Chinese-America WWII veterans of
  The Culture Fair will offer stage        crafts will also be on display for sale.   had created a bachelor society of         Chung Mei Post 8358, Joe Wayne
performances of the Lion Dance,              For more information log on to           single Chinese men in America.            Fong, Milo Chun, Su Bun Chan,
Chinese martial arts, Chinese music                 Many others volunteered for serv-         Henry Kim, and Ping Leong.

                       Associate, Bachelor, Master & Juris Doctorate Degrees; Certificates
                             Accounting • Business Administration • Community Studies
                           Court Reporting • Criminal Justice • Early Childhood Education
                                 Legal Office • Liberal Studies • Paralegal Studies
                                             Master of Arts in Education
                                                     Emphases in:                      Modesto Campus
             Stockton Campus
            6650 Inglewood Ave.                           ECE                            3600 Sisk Rd.
            Stockton, CA 95207
                                              Educational Administration             Modesto, CA 95356
              (209) 478-0800                   Juris Doctorate Program                  (209) 543-9411
                                            Laurence Drivon School of Law
                        Financial Aid      WASC Accredited           Online, Day & Evening Classes          Career Placement Assistance
                                                                         APA NEWS & REVIEW             September/October 2009    7

                                                                        Hospice hosts
                                                                        Camp Caterpillar:
                                                                        A special day for
                                                                        children to heal
                                                                           STOCKTON — “Red signifies
                                                                        anger … Use sky blue if you are
                                                                        afraid… Orange means you're con-
                                                                        fused… Navy blue if you are
                                                                        sad….” a Hospice of San Joaquin
                                                                        Volunteer, Jackie Korbholz, told a
                                                                        2008 Camp Caterpillar participant
                                                                        as the child made a caterpillar out
                                                                        of pom--poms.
                                                                           Hospice of San Joaquin is in the
                                                                        midst of preparing for its 7th
                                                                        annual Camp Caterpillar program
                                                                        - a day camp experience for chil-
                                                                        dren K - 6th grades who have had
                                                                        a loved one die within the last two
                                                                        years. “The camp concept mirrors
                                                                        the nourishment and hard work of
                                                                        the caterpillar which metamor-
                                                                        phoses into a butterfly -a new
                                                                        life,” shared Carrie Vanderkar,
                                                                        B e r e a v e m e n t C o o r d i n a t o r,
                                                                        Hospice of San Joaquin.
                                                                           The day camp experience is free
                                                                        to the community and it offers
                                                                        children an opportunity to explore
                                                                        ways of coping with loss through
                                                                        interactive activities involving
                                                                        games, arts & crafts, stories, play,
                                                                        music, and nature. “Coping with
                                                                        the loss of a loved one is difficult
                                                                        for adults - imagine how it is for
                                                                        children,” highlighted Korbholz.
                                                                           “Children benefit from special
                                                                        communication techniques allow-
                                                                        ing them to express their grief,”
                                                                        explained Vanderkar. “Here chil-
                                                                        dren learn to express their feel-
                                                                        ings, improve communication, and
                                                                        learn coping mechanisms for them
                                                                        to deal with current and future
                                                                           The        7th     annual       Camp
                                                                        Caterpillar is scheduled to be held
                                                                        Saturday, September 19th, from
                                                                        8:00       a.m.      to   3:30       p.m.
                                                                        Registration is free and required
                                                                        ahead of time. You may register
                                                                        children at (209) 957-3888.
                                                                        Registration deadline is September
                                                                        4, 2009 and space is limited.
                                                                           Hospice of San Joaquin is a non-
                                                                        profit, community based organiza-
                                                                        tion serving terminally ill patients
                                                                        and their families with the next
                                                                        level of care. For more information
                                                                        visit         us        on-line          at
                                                               or call (209)

                                                                                     is a great big
                                                                                   canvas, and you
                                                                                 should throw all the
                                                                                 paint on it you can.
                                                                                   — Danny Kaye

8 September/October 2009 APA NEWS & REVIEW
                                                                                                                                         HEALTH & WELLNESS

Cookbooks serve food and memories Food
         By Diane Kannenberg                  copied, and collated by ladies from St.      conversation and laughter.                    CONTINUED FROM COVER
   STOCKTON — Cultural customs                Marks Church in Stockton. Blanche               The family decided the best way to
and history may be lost as a result of time   Ah Tye said, “The whole family col-          preserve those memories for future gen-       sented in Asian, Mexican, Italian,
passing; family traditions and celebra-       lated, punched, and rounded corners”         erations was to create a family cookbook.     basically any type of restaurant,
tions can become fused with new ones          in order to get the books ready for the      The book, a collection of family recipes      happily learning about other cul-
generation succeeds generation. One           publisher. The publisher, Morris             and memories, was first mentioned at a        tures through food.
vital part of these traditional memories      Brothers, printed 200 copies which           family reunion a few years ago. As with         Many Asians have a reason for
that often gets lost or rewritten is the      sold for $4.50. “They went like hot-         most family recipes, many of the recipes      eating some foods even if the con-
preparation of family and cultural meals.     cakes. The recipes were for old fash-        were created without specific ingredient      sumer likes the taste or not. For
   In every ethnic and cultural group         ioned cooking from mothers and               lists or amounts. Cooks used memory           example, Chinese bitter melon
food is a big part of every event. In fact,   grandmothers,” said Ah Tye.                  and taste to recreate the treasured           may have a sour taste, but it is sup-
many times the entire celebration                Forty-three years later St. Mark's is     recipes. The book is illustrated with pic-    posed to be good for your soul and
revolves around a meal. Think about           still offering the cookbook for sale. The    tures of smiling family members cook-         clean the body when you have a
your own family celebrations; can you         latest edition contains 451 recipes (the     ing, eating, getting married, and enjoying    cold. Mochi and Manju, both
remember one that doesn't involve a           decision to go to all Chinese recipes was    life over the years.                          made from rice, symbolize
meal celebrated with family and friends?      made in 1996), an index, a cover by local       The family decided to talk to older rel-   strength for the new year when
Probably not.                                 artist, Kim Leow, and sells for $20. The     atives and compile a list of ingredients,     eaten during the celebration and
   One way to retain the recipes and          church group sells about 400 copies a        amounts and quantities, and methods for       many continue to eat it through-
methods for cooking these historically        year. To purchase a copy, contact St.        each recipe. Aunts, uncles, cousins, and      out the year as well.
significant meals is being practiced by       Mark's United Methodist Church, 306          friends all contributed their favorites.        All foods should be enjoyed in
individual families and various group.        East Clay Street, Stockton or phone          Each recipe gives the name of the fami-       the company of family and friends
They are publishing cookbooks chock           (209) 463-7071.                              ly member who submitted it. The result        for good health. So eat healthy
full of traditional recipes gathered from        Growing up, Noni Bienfang enjoyed         is the first Ching Tong Leong A Collection    and enjoy.
older generations who are eager to pass       making the weekly trek with her family       of Family Recipes and Memories… a cook-
them on to the next generation of cooks.      to the home of her Popo and Goong            book containing a record of the family's                        In
   Two such cookbooks, both lovingly          Goong Ching on Hauula, Hawaii. Every         long tradition of cooking together.
compiled by church or family members,         weekend her grandparents' large home         According to Bienfang, the book defines                the arena of life the
are deliberately designed to preserve the     was the site for a giant slumber party for   the family's life and culture; a culinary           honors and rewards fall to
long history of cooking these all- impor-     their children and grandchildren to come     celebration of life.
tant traditional meals.                       together to play, cook, and eat.                Many other church and civic organi-              those who show their good
   The first cookbook, St. Mark's                Bienfang's grandparents owned the         zations offer cookbooks for sale that con-
Treasured Chinese Recipes, was first          Ching Tong Leong Store, which was a          tain the cherished recipes of their fami-              qualities in action.
printed in 1966. That early edition           beehive of daylong cooking activity. She     lies and friends. They contain not only                    — Aristotle
contained both Chinese and                    fondly remembers the cooking aromas,         recipes, but shared memories. They are
American recipes and was typed,               large amounts of food, all mixed in with     well worth a look.

                                                                                APA NEWS & REVIEW               September/October 2009    9

Solutions for the high ceiling decorating dilemma
                                                                                                                               light colored walls and the massive
                                                                                                                               windows. The result is a more lux-
                                                                                                                               urious look for the grand scale of
                                                                                                                               the room.
                                                                                                                                 Use overstated furniture. The
                                                                                                                               Wongs wanted furniture that was
                                                                                                                               comfortable and casual. Nothing
                                                                                                                               fussy. We selected deep seated
                                                                                                                               sofas for comfort and style. The
                                                                                                                               exaggerated size of the sofas com-
                                                                                                                               plimented the large room. Small-
                                                                                                                               scaled furniture would have been
                                                                                                                               engulfed by the large space.
                Jodi King                                                                                                        Draw the eye upward. The wall
         Home is where the art is                                                                                              space above their fireplace is curved
                                                                                                                               and is not conducive for hanging
                                                                                                                               art pieces. The solution was to
                                                                                                                               install three large decorative pen-
  SACRAMENTO — Many of the                                                                                                     dant lights that compliment the
newer homes are built with high                                                                                                space.
ceilings that look great in the model   room look grand - go with it. Draw         ceiling. Here's what we did to make           Create a bridge between the floor
home, but when people move into         the eye to the grandness of the            it work, and tips you can use for           and the ceiling. There should be a
their non-furnished, white-walled       room and you will have a room that         your design.                                seamless transition from the floor
home, the ceilings can become over-     causes people to say, “wow!”                 Paint an accent wall. Big rooms           to the ceiling. Furnishings, art-
whelming not to mention a huge            Let's use the Richard and Margie         with high ceilings need darker col-         work, lighting and accessories
design challenge.                       Wong's beautiful living room as an         ors for balance and warmth.                 should be layered to create interest
  A common mistake that people          example. It was enjoyable working          Originally, all of the walls in the         by emulating hills and valleys
make is to furnish their home with-     on the design for the Wong's living        Wong's living room were painted in            Curtains significantly enhance
out considering the height of the       room because while they had their          a light neutral tone. I suggested           the grandness of a room by adding
room. The result is the room appears    specific sense of style and function-      they paint a rich earth-tone color          texture, color and a direct bridge
off balance. Additionally, using the    al preferences, they were open to          for the accent wall behind the TV.          between the ceiling and the floor.
wrong colors can make a large room      my recommendations and new                 This added interest and made the            Notice how the purple color in the
appear cold and boring.                 ideas. During the initial consulta-        room feel more inviting by drawing          fabric draws your eye up? If the
  The key to good design is to          tion, I learned that both Margie           the eye into the room.                      purple was on the bottom half of
embrace the architectural features of   and Richard are drawn to plum and            Avoid light colored floors. Dark          the curtain instead of the top the
the home. High ceilings make the        rich earth tones. They both like           color floors provide an anchor for          eye would be drawn to bottom
                                        contemporary styles that have an           rooms     with     high      ceilings.      part of the room, and the décor
                                        understated elegance and being             Originally, the Wong's planned to           would not be balanced to the scale
                                        comfortable as a family in their liv-      replace their carpet with a light col-      of the room.
                                        ing space is important to them.            ored wood. My recommendation                  Jodi King, Owner of ARTISTIC
                                          The biggest challenge with this          was to use a dark color wood to             INTERIORS BY JODI can be
                                        room was, you guessed it, the high         warm up the room and balance the            reached at (916) 837-4159.

                                        Guy's do-it-yourself home maintenance tips:
                                        Preparing your home for a change of seasons
                                          SACRAMENTO — This install-               leaks or dampness.                          advisable to have tasks that require
                                        ment of home tips focuses on mainte-         • Make sure all smoke detectors,          working with electricity or above the
                                        nance ideas to prepare your home for       carbon monoxide detectors and fire          ground done by professionals. Look
                                        a change in the seasons.                   extinguishers are working properly.         in your local phone book for business-
                                          Safety tips to prepare your home         Replace batters as needed.                  es that perform these services.
                                        for seasonal changes:                        • Clean or replace filters in furnaces,     If you have a question or wish to
                                          Conduct an inspection of your            heat pumps, range hoods or fans.            offer fellow readers a household tip
                                        home and property, both inside and         Make sure the heating and cooling           download a submission form from
                                        outside, to prepare for cooler weather.    vents are clean and unobstructed by         our website at www.apanewsan-
                                          • Begin by checking your roof and        furniture, rugs, etc.              Just click on Contact
                                        around vents, skylights and chimneys         • Clean your dryer vent duct and          Us and scroll down to the
                                        for leaks. Repair if necessary. NOTE:      vacuum the back of the dryer.               Submission Form link to print out
                                        have a professional do the inspection        • Make sure refrigerator door seals       the form.
                                        and repairs if you are inexperienced in    are airtight. (Test by closing the door       Guy Kannenberg is a master carpenter
                                        this type of work.                         on a dollar bill. If you can easily pull    and has worked in the construction
                                          • Clean gutters and drain pipes          the bill out, the seals may need to be      industry for 38 years.
                                        and make sure they drain away from         adjusted or replaced). Also, vacuum
                                        the house.                                 the coils to help the refrigerator run                       Speak
                                          • Fall is also a good time to clean      more efficiently.
                                        ashes from your fireplace and chim-          • Look for leaks around doors and                     the truth. Give
                                        ney. Check your chimney for loose or       windows. Seal drafty areas to keep heat          whatever you can. Never
                                        missing mortar. Have the chimney           from escaping and adding to high heat-
                                        professionally cleaned.                                                                     be angry. These three steps
                                                                                   ing costs. Replace seals if necessary.
                                          • Check siding and paint for cracks        • Drain the water from your hot                will lead you into the pres-
                                        or holes. Replace caulk if needed. Use     water tank. Remove sediment from                       ence of the gods.
                                        a utility knife to cut away old caulking   the bottom.
                                        before recaulking.                           While many of these tips can safely                     — Buddha
                                          • Check attics and basements for         be performed by homeowners, it is

10 September/October 2009 APA NEWS & REVIEW        

Sharing lives
   STOCKTON — Six prominent                  Noon. She is affiliated with               Association of California (FAEAC). In      tributes valuable insights into the
Filipino authors from throughout the         Sacramento's only domestic violence        2005, Penaranda won the Global             study of race, class, and gender in
state will meet one-on-one with the          shelter for Asian Pacific Islander         Filipino Literary Award in Fiction.        American history.
public for conversation, book sales and      women. Cruz was inspired to write the        Rizaline Raymundo of Lakeport.             The free event is sponsored through
signing, and then join a panel discussion    children's book when she covered the       Editor of Tomorrow's Memories: A           the generosity of the Friends of the
to celebrate Filipino American History       whales' two-week journey in the            Diary, 1924-1928 by Angeles Monrayo.       Stockton Public Library. Cesar Chavez
Month at the Cesar Chavez Central            Sacramento River.                            Twelve-year-old Angeles Monrayo          Central Library is part of the
Library, Stockton, on Saturday, Oct. 3.         Dorina Lazo Gilmore of Fresno.          began her diary a few months before        Stockton-San Joaquin County Public
   “Sharing Lives: An Afternoon with         Cora Cooks Pancit (Kristi Valiant,         she and her family moved to Pablo          Library and is located at 605 N. El
Filipino American Authors and                illustrator).                              Manlapit's strike camp in Honolulu.        Dorado St. For more information, call
Artists,” begins at 2 p.m. in the Stewart-      Drawing on her own love of cook-        Angeles' diary not only provides a rare    (209) 937-8221 (Stockton), (866) 805-
Hazelton Room. The event is spon-            ing, Gilmore writes a children's           glimpse into the lives of Pinays during    7323 (READ) (County), or visit
sored by the Library in collaboration        book about Cora, who enjoys being          the 1920s and 1930s, but also con-
with the Stockton Chapter, Filipino          in the kitchen but gets struck doing
American National Historical Society         the kid jobs. One day Cora finally
(FANHS). The local society will have
its own book, Filipinos in Stockton, for
                                             gets the chance to be Mama's assis-
                                             tant chef. They decide to make
                                                                                        Japanese woodblocks prints on display
sale as well.                                pancit, Cora's favorite noodle dish.         STOCKTON —                                                 ular art form for the
   Featured artists and their books are:        Peter Jamero of Atwater. Growing        More       than     50                                       masses, illustrating
   Evangeline Canonizado Buell of            Up Brown: Memoirs of a Filipino            Japanese woodblock                                           stories of lovers,
Berkeley. Twenty-five Chickens and a         American.                                  prints will be on dis-                                       kabuki theater actors,
Pig for a Bride: Growing up in a                Jamero is as a member of the "Bridge    play          through                                        great battle heroes,
Filipino Immigrant Family                    Generation” - the sons and daughters       September 20 at the                                          parodies of classical
   Buell's grandfather Ernest Stokes was     born in America before the end of          Haggin       Museum,                                         literature and history,
one of the 6,000 Buffalo Soldiers sent to    WWII to the first generation of            1201 N. Pershing                                             as well as landscapes
the Philippines to quell an insurrection     Filipinos to reside in the U.S. His        Ave. in Stockton.                                            of famous places and
during the Spanish-American War. He          memoir describes his childhood years         The prints being                                           views.
stayed behind, married a Filipina            growing up in central California in a      displayed were select-                                          The earliest prints
(Buell's grandmother), and started a         Filipino farm-labor camp.                  ed from the museum's                                         in the exhibit were
family. The book recounts her grandfa-          Oscar Penaranda of San Leandro.         own collection by                                            designed and printed
ther's experience, as well as her own.       Full Deck ( Jokers Playing).               guest curator Dr. John                                       around 1700 in the
   Stefanie Cruz of Sacramento. Delta           A poet, storyteller, and activist, he   A. Listopad. Dr. Listopad selected         old capital city of Kyoto. Others date
& Dawn: Mother & Baby Whales'                was the first president of the San         prints, known as ukiyo-e or "pictures of   from the "Shin-Hanga" or "New
Journey.      (Illustrated      by    Lily   Francisco Chapter of the Filipino          the floating world," that showcased        Print" woodcut print revival begin-
Toppenberg)                                  American National Historical Society       noted artists such as Hiroshige,           ning in the early 1920s.
   Cruz is the news anchor for Good          (FANHS) and is a member of the             Kunisada, Toyokuni, and Utamaro.             Contact the museum at (209) 940-
Day Sacramento and CBS13 News at             Filipino      American       Educators       Woodblock prints have been a pop-        6300 for more information.

                                                                         APA NEWS & REVIEW              September/October 2009       11
If you would like your non-profit         Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (APIA)    California Department of Health Services   Davis Asians for Racial Equality
organization listed in our Resource       2932 Plymouth Road                        Office of Multicultural Health,            (DARE) CURRENTS
Guide, please send your organization      Stockton, CA 95204                        Sacramento                                 P.O. Box 233,
name, address, email, website and a       209.948.2643                              P.O. Box 997413, MS 0022
                                                                                    Sacramento, CA 95899-7413                  Davis, CA 95617
contact name to: We         Asian Pacific Islander American           916.440.7560                               530.758.2223
want to support you and will select       Public-Affairs Association (APAPA)
one organization each issue to be         1006 4th Street, Ste. 210,                                                           Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist
featured in the APANR's "Non-Profit       Sacramento, CA 95814                      Center for Asian American Media
                                          916.329.7200, 916.801.7472                                                           Association (DDMBA)
Spotlight" column.                                                                  Formerly NAATA
                                                             145 Ninth Street, Ste. 350                 9196 Campobello Ct
                                                                                    San Francisco, CA 94103                    Elk Grove, Ca 95624
American Buddhist Seminary Temple         Asian Pacific Islander American Staff
423 Glide Avenue                                                                    415.863.0814                               916.681.2416
                                          Association of Delta College (APIASA)       
West Sacramento, CA 95691                 5151 Pacific Avenue
916.371.8535                              Stockton, CA 95207                        Central Valley Asian-American                         209.954.5551                              Chamber of Commerce (CVACC)                Fil-Am Lions Club                                                             178 West Adams Street                      5637 N. Pershing Avenue, G-15
                                          Asian Pacific Islander Caucus of          Stockton, CA 95204                         Stockton, CA 95207
American Legion                           Sacramento County (DHA & DHHS)            209.469.8860
Magellan Post 604                         PO Box 161456                                                                        209.478.9534
                                          Sacramento, CA 95816                    
8831 Gerber Road
Sacramento, CA 95829                      916.874.7408                              Charterhouse Center                                                                           Filipino American National Historical
                                                                                    5665 N. Pershing Avenue, Ste C-1
                                          Asian Pacific Self-Development &          Stockton, CA 95207                         Society (FANHS)
Asian Advancement Association, Inc.                                                 209.476.1106                               P.O. Box 4616,
(AAA)                                     Residential Association (APSARA)
                                          3830 N. Alvarado Avenue, Ste. C                  Stockton, CA 95204
7240 E. Southgate Drive                   Stockton, CA 95204
Sacramento, CA 95823                                                                Chinatown Mall Cultural Fair               209.462.3489
916.424.8784                                          Between 3rd & 5th Streets and I & J
                                                                                    Streets                                    Filipino American National Historical
Asian American Journalists                Asian Pacific State Employees             Sacramento, CA 95814                       Society (FANHS)
Association-Sacramento Chapter            Association (APSEA)                              Sacramento/Delta Chapter
415.346.2051                              P.O. Box 22909                                                                       P.O. Box 163235                              Sacramento, CA 95822                      Chinese American Association of                   916.962.6309                              Solano County (CAASC)                      Sacramento, CA 95816
                                                             185 Butcher Road                 
AANCART/Asian American network                                                      Vacaville, CA 95687
for Cancer Awareness Research and         Asian Peace Officers Association (APOA)   707.451.0130                               Filipino-American State Employees
Training                                  P.O. Box 221251                           Bill Suen 510.676.4295
                                          Sacramento, CA 95822                                         Association (FASEA)
4800 2nd Street, Ste. 2200                                                                                                     P. O. Box 15871
Sacramento, CA 95817                      916.498.8886                                                                                                                                    Sacramento, CA 95852                       Asian Resources & Sacramento Works        Chinese American Coalition for             916.760.7275
                                          Career Center                             Compassionate Care (CACCC)       
                                          915 Broadway                              4070 Cactus Road
Asian American Law Students               Sacramento, CA 95818                      Shingle Springs, CA 95682
Association                               916.324.6202                              530.676.6060                               Filipino Bar Association of
University of California School of Law    7640 Greenback Lane                       Fremont: 510.894.8599                      Sacramento               Citrus Heights, CA 95610                  San Jose: 408.332.5579                     6280 S. Land Park Drive
                                          916.676.2540                              San Francisco: 415.970.6499
Asian/Pacific Bar Association of                                                               Sacramento, CA 95831
Sacramento (ABAS)                                                                                    916.421.7169
P.O. Box 2215 Metro Station               Associated Filipino Organizations (AFO)
Sacramento, CA 95812-2215                 6 W. Main Street, Ste H                   Chinese American Council of                Filipino Center (AFO)
916.492.3186                              Stockton, CA 95202                        Sacramento (CACS)                          6 W. Main Street, Ste. H                    209.835.4310                              P.O. Box 22583                             Stockton, CA 95202
                                                                                    Sacramento, CA 95822
Asian Community Center of                 Association of Asian Pacific              916.591.8181                               209.466.1416
Sacramento (ACC)                          Community Health Organizations  
7375 Park City Drive                      (AAPCHO)                                                                             Filipino Community of Sacramento &
                                          300 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Ste. 620        Chinese American/Public Affairs
Sacramento, CA 95831                      Oakland, CA 94612                                                                    Vicinity, Inc.
916.393.9026                              510.272.9536                              Committee Education Fund (CPAC-ED)         800 Lake Oak Court                                               Sacramento, CA
                                                                                    916.486.8934                               Sacramento, CA 95864
Asian Community Nursing Home                                                                                                   916.482.5941
                                          Association of Filipino Americans in
7801 Rush River Drive                     Education (AFAE)                          Chinese Benevolent Association of
Sacramento, CA 95831                      P.O. Box 690300,                          Stockton & Confucius Church (CBA)          Filipino Medical & Allied Professionals
916.393.9020                              Stockton, CA 95202                        212 E. Lafayette Street                    Society
                                          209.466.1416                              Stockton, CA 95204
                                                                                    209.462.6442, 462.2428                     209.333.1442
Asian Community Center at
Greenhaven Terrace                        Bach Viet Association, Inc.
1180 Corporate Way                        5777 Madison Avenue, Ste 715              Chinese Cultural Society of Stockton       Filipino Federation of America
Sacramento, CA 95831                      Sacramento, CA 95841                      (CCSS)                                     2049 S. San Joaquin Street
                                          916.344.2197                              P.O. Box 4011                              Stockton, CA 95206
916.395.0210                                                                        Stockton, CA 95204                                                                                        209.943.7101
                                                                                    209.956.1190                         Barangi Visayan Association
                                          8152 Don Avenue                           Chinese New Year Culture Association       Filipino Women's Club
Asian Legal Services Outreach             Stockton, CA 95209                        (CNYCA)                                    5880 13th Street
(ALSO)                                    209.474.2055                              P.O. Box 163690
1300 I Street                                                                                                                  Sacramento, CA 95822
                                                                                    Sacramento, CA 95816
Sacramento, CA 95814                      Bodhi Temple                              916.612.5682                               916.392.6252
916.445.8223                              8786 Calvine Road                                          Sacramento, CA 95828                                          Filipino U.S. Veterans Association of
                                          916.689.4493                              Chinese Students and Scholars              San Joaquin County (FUSVA)
Asian Pacific American Law Students                                                 Fellowship @ UC Davis (CSSF)               4747 Date Street
Association (APALSA)                      Buddhist Church of Florin       
UC Davis School of Law                    7235 Pritchard Road                                    Stockton, CA 95215
One Shields Avenue, Box "Law"             Sacramento, CA 95828                                                                 209.466.6928
Davis, CA 95616                           Mailing: PO Box 292006, Sacramento,       Chi Rho Omicron, Inc. (XPO)                      95829                                     4049 Fawn Circle                           Filipino Youth Coalition, Sacramento
                                                    Sacramento, CA 95823-4483
Asian/Pacific Bar of California (ABC)                                               916.224.8244
                                          Rev. Dr. Ryo Imamura                        
1300 I Street                             Cabalen Club Ning Sacramento
Sacramento, CA 95814                      8893 Harlo Court
916.445.8223                                                                        Council of Acupuncture and Oriental        Friends of Korea
                                          Elk Grove, CA 95624                       Medicine Associations (CAOMA)                  916.685.7613                                                                         874 Phillip Court
                                                                                    7315 Stockton Blvd                         El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
Asian Pacific Community Counseling                                                  Sacramento, CA 95823
                                          California Chinese Engineers              916.705.3888                               916.933.1447
(APCC)                                    Association (CCEA)                                                         
7273 14th Avenue, Ste. 120-B                                              
                                          (916) 671-0347
Sacramento, CA 95820                                         Council of Asian Pacific Islanders
916.383.6783                                                                                                                   Friends of the Yee Fow Museum
                                          California Chinese e-Resources (CCeR)     Together for Advocacy & Leadership         427 Chinatown Mall                                                               (CAPITAL)
Asian Pacific Islander Achievers (APIA)   7375 Park City Drive                                                                 Sacramento, CA 95814
                                          Sacramento, CA 95831                      5665 Freeport Blvd., Ste. 2
185 Butcher Road                                                                    Sacramento, CA 95822                       916.834.3421
Vacaville, CA 95687                       916.393.8080

12 September/October 2009 APA NEWS & REVIEW          
                                                                                                                                     RESOURCE GUIDE
G.A.P. (Golden Agers for Progress)       Korean American Coalition, Inc.            Paul Hom Asian Clinic                      Sacramento World Music & Dance
1106 N. El Dorado St.                    1234 H Street                              600 Broadway Street                        Festival
Stockton, Ca. 95202                      Sacramento, CA 95814                       Sacramento, CA 95818                       PO Box 276567
                                                                                                                               Sacramento, CA 95827-6567
(209) 444-5948                                                                      916.445.0370                               (916) 932-1911
Website:              Korean American Community        
Contact: Kennetha Stevens                Association of Greater Sacramento                                           
(209)496-7139                            3641 South Port Drive                      Philippine National Day Association
                                         Sacramento, CA 95826                       (PNDA)                                     San Joaquin IndoChinese Association
                                                                                                                               4502 N. Pershing Avenue #C
Halau Ka Waikahe Lani Maile & Halau      916.363.4414                               8796 Kelsey Drive                          Stockton, CA 95207
Kahulaliwai                                                                         Elk Grove, CA 95624                        209.472.7145
P.O. Box 245191                          Lambda Community Center                    916.686.0877
Sacramento, CA 95824                     1927 L Street                                                                         Southeast Asia Resource Action
916.428.6116                             Sacramento, CA 95814-4108                  Pilipino Youth Coalition-Sacramento        Center
                                                                                                                               1531 Corporate Way, Ste. 100                        916.442.0185                                      Sacramento, CA 95831
                                                                                    916.801.5920                               916.428.7444, 916.428.7769
Hapa Issues Forum National               Lao Community Association                     
Partnership for Women & Families         Northgate Point RST
1840 Sutter Street                       601 W. North Market Blvd., Ste 100         Punjabi American Heritage Society          Southeast Asian Assistance Center
San Francisco, CA 94115-3220             Sacramento CA 95834                        PO Box 621                                 5625 24th Street                  916.567.4222 x 113                         Yuba City, CA 95992                        Sacramento, CA 95822
Health for All                           Lao Family Community Development,      
420 I Street, Suite 7                    Inc Sacramento Office                                                                 Stockton Cathay Club
Sacramento, California 95814             6901 Stockton Blvd., Suite 340             Rags 2 Riche's SLE INC.
                                                                                    Services for the homeless, mentally ill,   P.O. Box 7032
916.441.2811                              Sacramento, CA 95823                      and recovery from drug and alcohol         Stockton, CA 95267                  Tel: (916) 393-7501, Fax: (916) 393-7574   dependency.                                209.951.2470                    Email: or        Sacramento, CA
                                                                                                   Stockton Vietnamese Festival Society
Hmong International Cultural Institute                                              Refugee Educators' Network (REN)
1719 Country Club Blvd.                                                                          3905 San Marco
                                                                                    10836 Gadsten Way
Stockton, CA 95204                                                                  Rancho Cordova, CA 95670                   Stockton, CA 95212
209.547.9236                             Lao Family Community of Stockton,          916.635.6815                               209.298.5868
Hmong Organization for Parents,          Inc.                             
Educators and Students (HOPES)                                                                                                 To'utupu Oeotu Felenite Association
P.O. Box 188695                          2701 E. hammer Lane, Ste. 118
Sacramento, CA 95818                     Stockton, CA 95210                         Sacramento Area Formosan                   of Sacramento (TOFA)
916.951.5931                                                                        Association (SAFA)                         2730 Florin Road
                                         209.466.0721                               916.481.8163 Diana Lee                     Sacramento, CA 95822
Hmong University Student Association                                                           916.612.4543
6000 J Street, Box 51                                                               Sacramento Asian Sports Foundation
Sacramento, CA 95818-6009                Lao Khmu Association, Inc.                 (SASF)                                     United Cambodian Family (UCF)                   1044 N. El Dorado Street                   9040 High Tech Court                       P.O. Box 8504
                                                                                    Elk Grove, CA 95758                        Stockton, CA 95208-0504
Hmong Women's Heritage Association       Stockton, CA 95202                         916.391.6000
2251 Florin Road, Ste. 104               209.463.3410                                               209.483.2368
Sacramento, CA 95822                                                                        
916.394.1405                                                                        Sacramento Asian-Pacific Chamber of                                                          Commerce                                   United lu-Mien Community, Inc.
                                         Lao Lanesang Association                   2012 H Street, Ste 202                     5625 Stockton Blvd.
Hui O'Hawaii of Sacramento               4838 Wild Grape Drive                      Sacramento, CA 95814                       Sacramento, CA 95824
7004 Burnham Drive                       Stockton, CA 95212                         916.466.7883                               916.457.4496
Citrus Heights, CA 95620                                                  
916.969.7230                             209.957.2992
                                                                                                                               Vibrant Life Ministries
Lao Community Association                                                           Sacramento Buddhist Church                 8831 Gerber Road
                                         Little Manila Foundation                   2401 Riverside Blvd.
Northgate Point RST                                                                                                            Sacramento, CA 95828             P.O. Box 1356                              Sacramento, CA 95818                       Pastor Romy S. Dorio 916.230.7221
                                         Stockton, CA 95201                         916.446.0121
Indus Valley American Chamber of         209.477.7143                                          Vietnamese American Council
Commerce (IVACC)                                                                                 780 South First Street
9235 Capemay Court                                                                  Sacramento Chinese Community               San Jose, CA 95113
Elk Grove, CA 95758                                                                 Service Center                             408.315.8472                     Maharlika Lions Club                       915 T Street, Sacramento, CA 95814                        5306 Saddle Lane                           420 I Street, Ste. 5, Sacramento, CA
                                         Fair Oaks, CA 95628                        95814
InterACT                                                                            916.442.2526                               Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce of
6665 Lake Park Drive                     916.989.5049                                                                          Santa Clara Valley
Sacramento, CA 95831                                                                                                           255 N. Market Street, Ste. 110
Ph: 916.267.7280                         My Sister's House                          Sacramento Chinese Indochina               San Jose, CA 95110
Fax 916.428.3128                         Help Line: 916.428.3271                    Friendship Association                     408.288.7602                                                                                                                Business Office: 916.868.7820              6117 Elder Creek Road
Dennis Yep, Artistic Director            3053 Freeport Blvd., No. 120               Sacramento, CA 95824                       tamcc.html
                                         Sacramento, CA 95818                                Vietnamese Professionals Society
Japanese American Citizens
League - Florin Chapter (JACL)           916.396-4992                                                                          5150 Fair Oaks Blvd., Ste. 101-128
P.O. Box 292634,                                  Sacramento Chinese Culture                 Carmichael, CA 95608-5758
Sacramento, CA 95829                                                                Foundation, Inc. (SCCFSAC)       
916.925.4217                             National Asian Pacific American            P.O. Box 160841                                                                                    Sacramento, CA 95816
                                         Families Against Substance Abuse           530.757.8667
                                         1016 23rd Street, Ste. 201                                   Vietnamese Volunteer Foundation
Japanese American Citizens League -                                                                                            4410 N. Pershing Avenue, Ste. 4-5
Lodi Chapter (JACL)                      Sacramento, CA 95816
209.468.9950                                                                        Sacramento County Refugee Health           Stockton, CA 95207
                                         916.448.5911                                                                          209.475.9454
                                                          Assessment / Clinic
Japanese American Citizens League -                                                 4603 #A Broadway
Sacramento Chapter (JACL)                                                           Sacramento, CA 95820                       Wat Lao Saophuth
2124 10th Street                         New America Media Collaboration of         916.874.9808                               41 Gerber Road
Sacramento, CA 95814                     Ethnic News Organizations                                                             Sacramento, CA 95828
916.447.0231                             415.503.4170                               Sacramento Hmong Alliance Church           916.689.3362
Jene Wah                                                                            9131 Locust Street               
238 E. Church Street                              Elk Grove, CA 95624
Stockton, CA 95203                                                                  916.685.6921
209.463.7654                             Organization of Chinese Americans,                                          Ask,
                                         Greater Sacramento Chapter (OCA-           Sacramento Lao Family Community
Jinan-Sacramento Sister Cities                                                      5840 Franklin Blvd.
Corporation                              GSA)                                                                                             and it shall be
P.O. Box 13608                                                                      Sacramento, CA 95824
                                         P.O. Box 904                               916.424.0864, 916.331.0323
Sacramento, CA 95853-3608                Sacramento, CA 95812                                                                        given to you; seek, and
                                         916.995.1186                               Sacramento Senator Lions Club
Ka Pa Hula                                           Mary Ann Miyao, Secretary                      ye shall find; knock, and it
Kanoelehuaokahalema`uma`u `O                                              
Kalama                                   Pacific Rim Heritage Foundation            Sacramento Sikh Society
                                                                                                                                   shall be opened unto you.
4946 Watt Avenue, Ste. 3
North Highlands, CA 95660                9230 Parfait Drive                         7676 Bradshaw Road
916.344.7270                             Sacramento, CA 95826-5250                  Sacramento, CA 95829                                —Matthew 7:7                           916.362.7541                               916.688.3020

                                                                       APA NEWS & REVIEW            September/October 2009        13

14 September/October 2009 APA NEWS & REVIEW

Could municipal bonds have a place in your portfolio?
                                             lic good, such as building schools, high-          with prevailing market yields, rising mar-      tive in terms of investment quality,
                                             ways and hospitals.                                ket interest rates causes new issues to         maturity, sector focus, and geographical
                                                One of the most compelling reasons to           have higher yields than existing bonds,         diversity. Municipal bonds could be an
                                             own municipal bonds is that interest               forcing down prices on existing bonds.          important diversification and tax plan-
                                             income is generally exempt from regular            Generally, longer term bonds are more           ning tool within your fixed income port-
                                             federal income tax. Under most state               sensitive to interest rate changes, and the     folio.
                                             laws, 'home-state' municipal bonds'                more likely their value is to fluctuate.           1 Source: Federal Reserve Board Flow
                                             interest income is also exempt from state          However, longer-term bonds generally            of Funds Account, September 2008
                                             and local taxes. As a result, municipal            have higher yields, thus compensating for          2 Municipal bonds are generally
                                             bonds may generate higher net (after-tax)          the time principal is exposed to interest       exempt from federal income tax.
                                             yields than taxable bonds of similar qual-         rate fluctuations. Conversely, bonds with       Typically, state or local tax-exemption
                                             ity and maturity.                                  short-term maturities (up to a year) nor-       applies if securities are issued within
                                                Your federal tax bracket plays an               mally experience relatively minimal             one's state or city of residence. If you are
                 Jeffrey C. Won                                                                 changes in price as interest rates fluctuate,   subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax
                                             important role in determining whether a
                                             taxable or tax-exempt security is the bet-         but also typically provide lower yields.        (AMT), interest on 'private activity'
                                             ter choice for you. As a general guideline,           You should consider every bond's cred-       municipal bonds is considered a prefer-
                                             the higher your tax bracket, the more              itworthiness. Although municipal bonds          ence item.
   SACRAMENTO — Individuals are              likely you are to potentially benefit from         are generally considered to be high qual-          Jeffrey C. Won is a Senior Vice
the single largest group of owners in        owning municipal bonds.                            ity investments, not every issuer has the       President with Morgan Stanley Smith
today's municipal bond marketplace.1            Nonetheless, when choosing any                  same tax base or sources of revenue.            Barney. He can be contacted by writing
Why? Because municipal bonds are             fixed-income security, you need to do                 Many municipal bonds have call provi-        in care of the APA News and Review.
unique securities, generally offering        more than just compare yields to find              sions; the issuer has the option to redeem      Articles are published for general infor-
investors features such as tax-exempt,       the bond that is most appropriate for              the bonds prior to maturity. If a bond is       mation purposes and are not an offer or
predictable income and high credit qual-     you; an assessment of risk and return is           called, you bear the risk of reinvesting the    solicitation to sell or buy any securities or
ity on many issues.                          also important.                                    proceeds at a possibly lower rate of            commodities. This material was not
   Municipal bonds are tax-exempt2,             All fixed income securities are suscepti-       return, depending on market conditions,         intended or written to be used, and it
fixed income securities that represent the   ble to interest rates fluctuations; general-       potentially impacting your ability to plan      cannot be used by any taxpayer, for the
debt obligations of municipal entities       ly, if interest rates fall, bond prices rise and   your future income stream.                      purpose of avoiding penalties that may be
(states, cities, counties etc) seeking to    inversely, if interest rates rise, bond prices        As well as generating tax-exempt             imposed on the taxpayer under U.S. fed-
raise money to fund projects for the pub-    fall. Because bonds are typically issued           income, the municipal market is attrac-         eral tax laws.

                                                                                    Distribution List
AUBURN                                                     Pick up a copy of APANR at these locations                                           Stanislaus
Auburn Library                                                                                                                                  Cesar Chavez Central Library
CARMICHAEL                                    Penryn Library                                    Kaiser Permanente, Response Road                Community Partnership for
Mike's Discount Foods                         RANCHO CORDOVA                                    Lao Family Community Center                     Families
DAVIS                                         Heald Business Institute                          L & L Hawaiian Barbeque                         Central Valley Asian-American
Davis Library                                 ROCKLIN                                           Law Offices of Jerry L. Chong and               Chamber of Commerce
ELK GROVE                                     Rocklin Library                                   Alice W. Wong                                   Downtown Stockton Alliance
Bamboo Inn Restaurant                         Sierra College                                    Loard's Ice Cream and Candy                     Dynasty Restaurant
Elk Grove Library                             ROSEVILLE                                         Louie's Restaurant & Catering                   Family Resource and Referral
Franklin Library                              Roseville Library                                 Malia's Beauty Clinic                           Center
L&L Hawaiian BBQ                              SACRAMENTO                                        Millie Bunn-Chiropractor                        Health Plan of San Joaquin
Postal Central                                American River College                            My Sister's House                               Humphreys College
Sacramento Asian Sports Center                APAPA office                                      National University                             Island Gourmet Market
FOLSOM                                        Asian Community Center                            North Sacramento Library                        Kings House Restaurant
Folsom Lake College                           Asian Community Nursing Home                      Oto's                                           Lao Family of Stockton
JACKSON                                       Bali Wine Bar and Grill                           Reigo's Insurance and Financial                 Lao Khmu Association
Jackson Rancheria                             Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Course                     Services                                        Sakura Japanese Groceries & Gifts
LATHROP                                       Belle Cooledge Library                            Riverview Market                                San Joaquin Delta Community
Bella's Bakery                                Benny J's Express/Downtown Plaza                  Rotary Club of Sacramento                       College
LOOMIS                                        Bradshaw Ranch Golf Course                        Sacramento Asian Pacific Chamber                SF Market
Loomis Library                                Buckhorn's Coffee Shop                            of Commerce                                     Sunrise Market
MARYSVILLE                                    California Bank and Trust                         Sacramento Buddhist Church                      Troke Branch Library
Bangkok Market                                California State University,                      Sacramento City Hall                            United Cambodian Families
Casino Marysville                             Sacramento                                        Sacramento City Library                         University of the Pacific
Downtown Deli                                 CalPers                                           Sacramento Magazine                             Yet Bun Heong Bakery
Gary's Place Bar & Grill                      Cleaners Express/Greenhaven                       Sacramento Visitors and                         TRACY
Little City Chinese Restaurant                Cosumnes River College                            Convention Bureau                               L&L Hawaiian BBQ
Pho Lee at N. Feather River Blvd.             Dept. of Justice                                  Seafood City                                    Tracy Branch Library
Starbucks at Ellis Lake                       Design Copy Print Center DCP                      SF Supermarket                                  VACAVILLE
The Brick Coffeehouse Café                    Inc.                                              Small School District Association               Vacaville Library
Yuba County Library                           Dr. Ron Jan                                       SMUD                                            YUBA CITY
NORTH HIGHLANDS                               Dr. Stanley Chew                                  Sonny Chong, DMD                                Yuba Buffet
North Highlands Community                     Eskaton                                           South Sacramento Acupuncture
Center                                        Filipino American National                        South Villa Filipino Restaurant
ORANGEVALE                                    Historical Society,                               TK Noodles                                           If you are a business owner and
American Food Store                           Sacramento/Delta                                  UPS Store/Greenhaven                                would like complimentary copies
Orangevale Parks and Recreation               Fortune House Restaurant                          World Journal                                      delivered, please email or call: arti-
Z's Market                                    Health Fro All                                    STOCKTON
PENRYN                                        Holiday Villa Restaurant                          Angelou Branch Library
                                              Jose Rizal Center                                 California State University,                                 (209) 463-3500

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