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									                                                January 5, 2011

Welcome - Cynthia Loesch
Welcome and introductions.

C-11- Captain Sexton
 7% less part one crime (violent crime) documented than the previous year
 Burglaries are up 75% from last year
 56 documented incidences in December
 Monthly meetings are the second Thursday of the month

B-3- Officer Ruiz
 98 documented incidences
 Reported crimes will be taken seriously, encourage youth not to play around. Two
     teenagers lied to the police about a robbery and faced the consequences
 Pee Wee basketball concluded two weeks ago and was very successful. Indoor tee –ball,
     soccer, and softball programs are available free of charge for youth starting in February.
 The monthly meeting is Tuesday January 18th at the Mattapan library.

CSNC Board Elections- Rev. Bill Loesch
Liz Boyd, Cullen Deas, Candice Gartley, Shaquille Jones, Rev. Brilton Levy, Jonathan Lewis, Rev. Dr. Bill
Loesch, Cynthia Loesch, Sephus Osborn, Nebulla Stephen and Geralda Sylvain were voted on as the 2011
CSNC board members.

Codman Square Health Center & Codman Academy Charter Public School: Bill Walzack & Meg

                                             The Codman Square Health Center was awarded a $7.95 million
                                             dollar Capital Development Program Grant from the Federal
                                             Health Resources and Services Administration. The funding will
                                             be used to build a 36,000 square foot LEED Gold certified
                                             building with expansion to the Health Center’s main building and
                                             the lower level of the building will house the Codman Academy
Charter Public School. This expansion is in partnership with the School, which will allow for internships
for students in the Health Center and training for students to be “Health Ambassadors” to their families
and communities. It will house Dorchester’s first 160 people capacity black box theater and will include green
features like vertical gardens, solar panels and wind turbines. This project needs the support of the Codman
Square Neighborhood Council.
     The building will cost $14 million and $12 million of these funds have already been secured.
     The federal funds must be spent by October 2012.
     There is a capacity of 145 students (grades 9-12), set by the state, for the Codman Academy.
     The black-box theater will be available to the community.
     The school will not increase in size due to caps set by the state.
      The community was supportive of the development and requested future presentations and
       updates of the final design and orientation. They also gave credit to NDC for the Levedo LEED-
       Gold and Cynthia Loesch for the 81 Brent Street LEED-Platinum project.

81 Brent Street Update- Cynthia Loesch

                               Cynthia invited everyone to visit 81 Brent Street and see the progress. She
                               shared the importance of the community learning about energy efficiency
                               and water conservation through this project. The solar hot water, solar PV
                               and rainwater harvesting systems will allow the community to learn the
technology. Kerri Richards from Co-op Power shared the opportunities to take part in the educational
installations. The goal is to invest in renewable energy and develop membership owned business. We
want to create jobs for Boston residents to do weatherization, solar installations, etc. This project will be
certified LEED-H Platinum.

138 Whitfield Street - Mr. Vu and Daniel McDevitt

                              In January 2010 Mr. Vu requested support for 4 two-family homes at the corner of
                              Whitfield and Wheatland. The community supported the project after ensuring Mr.
                              Vu was in good standing and that he would comply with greener and healthier
                              development practices. CSNC board members visited the site in November and to
                              date, 3 of the houses are at 90% completion and the 4th house was delayed due to
                              waiting for an electrical pole to be moved.
Mr. Vu is requesting support to develop two additional two-family homes to be sold for ownership. They will
continue the standards of the previous homes and the lot is located at 138 Whitfield. Each house will have
4,500 square feet of land and off street parking. The community was in support of the development and
responded to the invite to visit the site. Mr. Vu was requested to share the plan to sell the homes for
homeownership with the board.

Boston Environment & Energy Services: LED Street Lights- Joe Walsh
In collaboration with the Renew Boston efforts, the city is retrofitting cobra neck streetlights. About 600
new 70 watt LED streetlights will be installed in Codman Square and the new lights are 75% more efficient and
last 15 years. Allston Brighton, Jamaica Plain, Dorchester and Roxbury will be receiving the new lights. 2,200
new streetlights have already been installed and the goal is to install 18,000. There are 64,000 lights in the city
so this project will be phased in.

Mass Support Network- Louise Carcione
MassSupport Network is a behavioral health outreach program. The disaster crisis counseling outreach
program assists with coping, stress and dealing with the aftermath of the three recent storms. Resources are
available for flood victims to repair homes through May 2011.
For more information call Ashley Pearson, Director of Emergency Management Services at (617) 626-8145 or
the outreach team at Boston University Boston Medical Center (Center for Multicultural Mental Health) 85 East
Newton Street Room 912 (617) 414-4646.
 Call 211 for up-to-date information in the event of a disaster.

CSNDC Updates-
 Dana will provide a presentation next month focused on NDC’s resources for buying and reselling
foreclosed property in Codman Square.
Jonathan Lewis

                                                 February 9, 2011

District C-11 – Officer Rorie

      34 documented incidents including: shots fired, drug arrests, dogs seized, and arrests.
      Arrests were made during the meeting after a robbery at Shawmut T station and there will be additional
       police patrol near the station.

Urban Farming Update From The Mayor’s Office- Flavio DeVeiga
Edith Murnane, Boston's Director of Food Policy is working to increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables,
improve school lunches, and increase urban garden and farms. The Department of Neighborhood Development
is assisting with the Food and Policy efforts by working to identify four parcels as urban farms (Ballou Ave.
19,970 sq. ft; 23-29 Tucker St. 18,625 sq. ft.; 18-24 Standish St. 8,810 sq. ft.; 131 Glenway St. 11,442 sq. ft.).
Although supportive of the urban farms, residents were frustrated with lack of community participation in the
process and the clause to allow animals on the farm. Presentations to existing civic associations did not take
place and abutters were left out of the process. The Mayor’s office worked to remove animals from the
proposal for the Boston Redevelopment Authority zoning hearing and the residents thanked Falvio for his

Dorchester Substance Abuse Coalition (DSAC)- Adelia Rocha
DSAC’s works to engage all sectors of the community to prevent substance abuse, reduce harm and promote
healthy choices among Dorchester residents through prevention, education, advocacy, policy, intervention and
treatment efforts. DSAC works out of the Neponset Health Center and is youth oriented. Although Codman
Square is not in their specific catchment area the CSNC has collaborated with them on the South Dorchester
Presentation on Health. To learn more about Sticker Shock, shoulder Tap, and other alcohol and marijuana
prevention resources visit

Boston Is Growing Community Gardens (BIG)- Grantley Payne
BIG, of the Boston Natural Areas Network (BNAN), is working in Dorchester to get more residents gardening.
They are working to increase the number of plots from 249-501. BIG helps to educate people on how to manage
gardens and provides a film series, story hour and other opportunities to promote gardening. Nightingale
Community Garden, located on Park Street behind KFC, will receive $150,000 in upgrades and residents are
encouraged to have a plot. Residents will have to split the water bill but that can be as little as $15. The average
plot produces about $430 worth of fruits and vegetables. To learn more call 617-542-7696 or visit
CSNDC: Foreclosure Rehabilitation Program- Dana McQuillin
The CSNDC is working to address the foreclosure crisis by acquiring and rehabilitating foreclosed properties.
The goal is to reduce displacement, improve neighborhoods and provide safe, attractive housing. The most
recent project located at 412 Talbot Avenue.
Benefits to the community include: the hiring of local contractors, homeownership opportunities for (moderate
– income 80-120% area median income) and rental opportunities for low income 50-80% area median income.
Building benefits include: new building systems, energy star-rated appliances, low-VOC paint, new roof, fully
insulated, complete deleading, new bathrooms and kitchens, and improved curb appeal.
To participate you must reside in the unit; have household income 80- 120% area median income depending on
property; attend homebuyer education/counseling; agree to attend post-purchase counseling; and agree to
maintain affordable rents long-term. For more information, call Dana McQuillin, Junior Project Manager at
Codman Square NDC, 617-825-4224 x135 or

Wainwright/Cronin Park Update- Rev. Bill Loesch
$875,000 has been allotted from both the state and city to renovate the park. At the next meeting, 2/16/2011
6:30 at 154 Centre Street, we will have the opportunity to review renderings based on the first meeting.

Saint Mark Parish – Karl Coiscou
St. Marks has an after school program from 2-6 p.m., weekdays for $20 per month at 18 Samoset Street. The
February Vacation program includes recreation, games, arts lunch and academic enrichment for ages 6-18 for
$5. They also run a summer camp with family fun days at the Wainwright Park. For more information, call
617-825-2852 #19

Prayer Tower Apostolic Church: 157 Norfolk - Pastor Montgomery
PTAC is looking to build at 157 Norfolk Street. The building is zoned for residential, so a variance is needed.
The zoning hearing is 3/20/2011 (a deferred date after the community requested more detail from PTAC). The
building would house the clothes and food pantry, salon and offices. The building would be constructed with
“cash money” and 8 parking spaces are proposed on the empty lot, owned by PTAC.
The community requested more information regarding the need to construct a new building, the finances behind
it and the foreclosure history with East Boston Savings at PTAC’s present property.


      America’s Food Basket will be present 3/2/2011 to share renovation plans and hear community
       concerns. Residents shared that they want complete renovations of the interior and exterior, access to
       local fresh produce and community members employed.
      On 2/27/2011 at 4 p.m., the Carver Lodge is having a Black History Month event: Young, Gifted and
       Black at 80 Talbot Ave. 02124. Admission is free and all are welcome.
      On 2/19/2011 from 10 a.m. -5 p.m. a job fair for people with CORI is being held at the Perkins Center
       (155 Talbot Ave.).
           On 2/24/2011, Close to Home is having a campaign launch party in Fields Corner. For more
            information, call 617.929.5151 Close to Home works to foster community-wide
            responsibility to prevent and reduce the impact of domestic violence.

                                                                                                     Jonathan Lewis

                                                March 2, 2011 Meeting

Police Updates – Districts C-11 and B-3, Officer Keaney & Officer Ruiz

       C-11 had 61 incidents last month; 18 were of a domestic violence nature and there were 12 arrests. Officer
        Keanney shared a number of specific incidents including firearms and/or robberies. On 2/8/11 at 2:30pm
        there was a youth shot at Dorchester Ave/King Street. A 22 caliber gun with 7 rounds was recovered. On
        2/9/11, a youth was robbed at McDonalds for an iPod. Two of the three youth were caught. On 2/18/11 a car
        was stopped for running a red light, and cocaine was recovered from the car. A gun was recovered at 11
        Wheatland Ave after shots were fired. Another gun was recovered on 2/27/11 at Park Street and
       B-3 had 83 reported incidents last month – this is the lowest in four months. There were no incidents
        involving a gun. Officer Ruiz warned people to be careful going into ATMS, and that there have been
        robberies. He also encouraged residents to be proactive in cleaning the sewers near their homes, since
        flooding will be occurring with the spring melt.
       The Boston Police Department exam is on April 30th. Officer Ruiz encouraged young people to apply if they
        are interested.
       B-3 is running a softball, t-ball and baseball program on Sundays. The next B-3 meeting is 3/15 at 5:30pm
        at the Mattapan library.

BOLD Teens and Tobacco Policy Efforts
   The BOLD Teens passed around a flyer for the Quit Now Campaign which provides people with $50 worth
     of free nicotine patches. They also passed around an energy survey to get Dorchester residents signed up for
     home insulation services through Renew Boston.
   They shared the Cronin/Wainwright Park initial redesign plans. It includes two basketball courts, new fence,
     multi purpose field, 5 entrances and increased benches and green space. The next meeting is March 10th at
     6:30pm at the Epiphany School.
   The BOLD Teens are working on making Wainwright Park a smoke-free park.

Boston City Councilor Felix G. Arroyo
    Councilor Arroyo shared his “year-end report” with the community. His biggest passion is young people. He
      also has had previous experience working with labor unions. He is excited to be able to mix those passions
      while chairing the Committee on Labor and Youth Affairs.
    He shared five issues he worked on in 2010: 1) Youth jobs – A loss of federal funding led to a proposal of
      cutting 1,400 youth jobs. The city worked with private partners to restore 1,000 of those jobs. 2) Libraries –
      the proposal to close down 10 branch libraries was hugely contested by residents. Arroyo worked with state
      delegates to get $350,000 from the state budget allocated to the libraries to keep all 10 open through the end
       of the budget cycle. 3) Firefighters contract – Arroyo worked with the City and firefighters to negotiate a
       deal after four years of not having a contract that both sides were content to sign. The deal saved the city $40
       million. 4) Invest In Boston – Arroyo toured 22 small business districts and understood the largest issue
       facing small businesses to be accessing credit. He has filed an ordinance that will ensure that over $1 billion
       city dollars will be deposited in banks that are committed to investing in Boston’s neighborhoods through
       small business loans, and preventing home foreclosure, etc. 5) Asthma – Arroyo led the effort to create an
       Asthma Task Force and now chairs the Committee on Asthma. He wants Boston to focus on education,
       prevention and treatment, including keeping all city buildings properly cleaned. He is also taking the lead
       on smoke-free parks as part of his asthma initiative.

Hiram Grand Lodge: 98 Talbot Avenue – Mr. Carrington
    Mr. Carrington shared that the Hiram Grand Lodge is a non-profit Masonic organization committed to
      education, charity and family values. He shared many of the activities they do including youth college
      scholarships, sponsorships for events, and commitment to Roxbury House Home for Little Wanderers, etc.
    He shared activities held at 98 Talbot Ave including meetings and trainings for Masons, Eastern Stars, Sun
      Beams and Legionnaires. There are two churches that meet there. They also do tutoring, talent shows, MLK
      Jr. breakfast, an annual Christmas Party, annual food giveaway, etc. They do this all with no paid employees.
    The question was asked regarding why they have barbed wire and a fence up? Their response was to prevent
      theft and graffiti.
    The question was asked if they rent to groups with teenagers? Their response was they previously allowed
      sweet 16 parties, but they got out of control, so they are trying to figure out a new policy. There was
      pushback regarding a BOLD Teens ten-year event that was not allowed there and teens shared that they do
      not welcome youth in the building.
    Residents were concerned with the posting of “Youth Development Center” on their building since they are
      sending a message that this it is open for youth, but in reality youth are not welcome or in the building and
      the barbed wire sends the wrong message.
    Mr. Carrington said they will reflect on this feedback.

America’s Food Basket in Codman Square
   Gonzalo Diaz, the new manager of American’s Food Basket in Codman Square, introduced himself and
      shared that the goal is to have a safe, clean, secure place to shop in Codman Square. They plan to renovate
      the interior and exterior the old People’s Tropical Foods, add a new security system, more variety and a
      larger produce area.
   Community concerns included: double parking and deliveries on Washington Street. They were encouraged
      to use their designated loading dock area during the designated hours and to keep Kenwood Street clean
      unlike the previous owners. Neighbors asked them to hire from the community and keep pricing competitive.
      There was pushback to have a sign that is lit by installed lighting, rather than the lit up sign found in Hyde
      Park. They were also encouraged to abide by the sign ordinance and not exceed 30% of the storefront with
      signage and to protect food during renovations.
   Renovations will occur in the evening and they are unsure of the timeline. They will be taking down the
      upstairs portion of the store and seniors will be able to get 5% off on Wednesdays.
   If there are any complaints during the renovation process, see the store manager.

Silverbrook Farm: Andy Pollock
     The Codman Square Farmers Market will run Thursdays from June 23-October 27th this year. The
       Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is $335 for a half share and $570 for a full share.
     Visit for more information or if you are looking for a summer employment

Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corp.
       NDC was recently awarded state funding to renovate 80 units of housing along Washington Street.,
        Renovations will start in the fall. However, they were denied funding for 472 Washington and 4-6 Lyndhurst.
       CSNDC is hoping to receive $900,000 from the City of Boston to renovate 4-6 Lyndhurst, and requested
        community support to put pressure on city officials to support the project.

   Chris from Lorenz Island Cuisine announced that the 5th annual Peace Concert will be on September 10,

   Liz Boyd

                                                April 6, 2011 Meeting

Welcome and Introductions- Cynthia Loesch welcomed everyone, and announced that the refreshments
were donated by America’s Food Basket and La La Lunchonnette

Police Updates – Districts C-11 Officer Keaney & B-3 Officer Ruiz

       Officer Keanney announced that C-11 had 78 incidents last month; 27 were domestic violence arrests
        and 18 other arrests.
       The report included breaking and entering, gun possession, and a car accident.
       The Annual C-11 Bike Rodeo at Local 103 will be held 6/11/2011 from 10 a.m. -2 p.m. and it is free
        for the community.


       Officer Ruiz announced that B-3 had 85 incidents last month.
       The young man killed at Norfolk and Whitman and two female runaways where discussed.
       High school seniors interested in the police escorts to prom should contact B-3.
       Bring unused electronics to B-3 to be recycled and the Boston Police Exam is on April 30th. Those
        between the ages of 21-41 are encouraged to apply.
       The Annual B-3 Community Breakfast will be held on 4/30/2011 from 9-11 a.m. at the Blue Hill Boys
        and Girls Club. Tickets are $20 and for more information call 617-343-4717.

Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corp. – Mark Dinaburg
    Mark shared an upcoming community-planning meeting sponsored by the Codman Square
     Neighborhood Council and Talbot Norfolk Triangle. The meeting will be held 5.10.2011 at 6 p.m. to
     discuss developments at New England Avenue. Residents were encouraged to save the date.
    The Levedo Project is expected to be complete at the end of the month.

BOLD Teens: Wainwright / Cronin Park Updates and Boston Shines
      Shaquille Jones provided a review of the three community meetings held for the park and the focused
       meeting to decide on the playground play equipment. The proposed park was estimated to be $1.3
       million and so the design team of residents and organizations had to find ways to scale back to
       $875,000. The final decisions were: 15 park benches from 4, 2 fountains from 1, 2 basketball courts
       from 1 (one can be used for volleyball and tennis), 5 entrances from 4 with trash barrels at each, 4 bike
       racks from 0, a multi purpose field, increased passive walking and sitting areas, increased greens
       spaces and plans for more, a 3 foot attractive iron fence and acorn lighting in the park from none.
       Construction will commence at the end of August and will be complete by June 2012.
       DeAndrae Coke and Krishana Abrahim shared a Boston Shines event is taking place at
       Wainwright/Cronin Park on 4/30/2011 from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. Residents will be able to take part in
       park improvements including planting and cleaning and learn of the proposed park renovations.

81 Brent Street Updates-Cynthia Loesch and Ivan Liriano
    Cynthia and Ivan launched their website to educate others on the 81 Brent Street
      project, it’s efficiencies and development from start to finish. The six principles of the project are
      Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency, Sustainable Landscape, Material Efficiency, Intelligent Design and
      Healthy Housing. The website goes into detail about these principles, shares photos on Flickr, green
      tips and more. Cynthia and Ivan also announced the solar educational installs with Alternate Energy is
      4/23/2011 from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. and the rainwater harvesting system educational installation with
      LandEscapes is 4/30/2011 from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. on Boston Shines. Co-op Power is assisting with the
      solar install with Alternate Energy and they are also working with the Second Church to restore their
      historic windows. The house should be complete at the end of May.

Municipal Health Care Reform – Meredith Weenick
   The Mayor is proposing Municipal Health Care Reform due to the high costs of health care for city
      employees. In Boston, employee health insurance will increase $20 million next year and reach more
      than $315 million annually. In the last decade, the City of Boston's health insurance costs grew by 142
      percent, while all other spending grew by just 27 percent.
   Under Mayor Menino's bill, the cost to municipal employees may not exceed those experienced by
      state employees and could save the city more than $18 million a year. Currently, the total cost of
      health care, including monthly premiums and employee-paid co-pays and deductibles, is shared by the
      employee and employer. Boston taxpayers cover approximately 82 percent of employee and retiree
      health care costs, however, the Commonwealth pays only 67 percent of costs for new employees. The
      goal is to work together and save taxpayers money. Cost sharing is the solution. For more information
      call Meredith at

Redefining Our Community R.O.C. – Trena Ambroise
    R.O.C. is a neighborhood watch program that started in 2009 after the death of Steven Odom. Efforts
      include redesigning Thetford and Evans Street Park, Boston Shines events with the CSNC, supporting
      the annual fundraiser in Steven Odom’s name and on 9/10 there will be a large R.O.C. block party.
    R.O.C. meets every 3rd Thursday of the month from 6-8 p.m. at 40 Norfolk St. They focus on streets off
      of Norfolk. Towards Evans.

Urban Agriculture – Edith Murane, Carl Hyman, Jay Lee
    Urban Agriculture is the growing, processing and distribution of food and other products through
      plant cultivation. The Department of Neighborhood Development is assisting with the Food and Policy
      efforts by working to identify four parcels as urban farms (Ballou Ave. 19,970 sq. ft; 23-29 Tucker St.
      18,625 sq. ft.; 18-24 Standish St. 8,810 sq. ft.; 131 Glenway St. 11,442 sq. ft.).
   On 4/14 there will be a community meeting at 6 Norfolk Street at 6 p.m. for the community to learn
    more. Residents will be able to help develop the RFP and discuss the community benefits of urban
   An initial 5-year lease with 2 additional 5-year extensions are available for farmers. The lease ranges
    from $500 to $125 per year per acre. None of the lots are an acre.
   The RFP will be released after the community meetings and proposals will be ranked. Residents
    requested preference is given to Boston residents.

Jonathan Lewis

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