New York City

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					New York City
By: Dean Persichetti
                Bodies of Water
The ocean that surrounds New York is the Atlantic Ocean.
To the North is Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Lake Champlain
divides New York and its bordering state, Vermont.
The Hudson Bay is also another major body of water in New
York City. Today, the Hudson brings supplies into New York,
and a lot of people use the ferries in the bay for
transportation .
About one year ago a plane landed on the bay successfully.
After its engine broke down the pilot decided to land the
plane on the bay, and luckily there were no fatalities.
      States That Border New York
•   New Jersey
•   Pennsylvania
•   Connecticut
•   Massachusetts
•   Vermont
             Empire State Building
• The tower was built in 1931 and was one of the most amazing
  structures the U.S. had ever seen.
• Today the Empire State Building is famous throughout the
  United States.
• The building attracts thousands of tourists each week.
• It has thousands of offices in its 102 floors and is 1,250 feet
             The Statue of Liberty
• The statue was a gift from the nation of France, and was
  designed by Frederic Bartholdi.
• The statue was finished in 1886.
• The statue is made of bronze
• Many people around the World come to New York to see this
  enormous statue
• The Statue of Liberty weighs 27,000 tons and is 305 feet tall.
• Broadway is located in time square and is host to America’s
  best shows and theatre.
• It has hosted plays and musicals such as: The Producers,
  Oklahoma, Wicked, West side Story, and Phantom of the
• Thousands of people flood into the theaters each day to see
  these productions, and it is the best place in the U.S. to see a
  great play.
          Twin Tower Memorial
• On September 11, 2001. A plane crashed into the
  Twin Towers and killed 2,966 people.
• The Twin Towers were the second tallest buildings in
  the United States.
• Today, the Twin Towers are being turned into a
  memorial site for all the people who passed away
  that day.
• Currently, there is still a dispute over whether a
  Mosque (Muslim church) should be located at the
                 Times Square
• Time Square is where many tourists go to see
  musicals, dine, or see the Thanksgiving Day parade.
• One the main attractions to do once a year while
  your in New York is watch the ball drop in Times
  Square. Every year New York has signaled the New
  Year at midnight of New Years Eve, by dropping the
  large crystal ball down a long pole. Whe it is
  lowered, that means it is a new year.
        New York’s Government
• The Mayor of New York is Michael Bloomburg, who is
  the tenth richest person in the U.S.
• The governor of New York is David Patterson, who is
  the first New York governor of African heritage, and
  the second to be legally blind.
                   Wall Street
• It is located in the center of New York’s historical
  Financial district, and is the permanent home for
  New York’s Stock exchange.
• Today it is the worlds largest stock exchange and is
  world famous.
• The South Street Seaport is located in the Wall Street
  area of NYC. So is the Staten Island Ferry.
                New York Deli’s
• New York is home to thousands of jewish deli’s,
  because of a large percent of New Yorkers are Jewish.
  New York city is well known for deli’s, and for great
• New York also makes great deli meats such as
  pastrami, which is very popular in the area.
• Katz’s Deli is world famous and is located in the lower
  Manhattan area.
             New York Yankees
• The New York Yankees are the most successful and
  most famous team in all of baseball.
• The Yankees are also by far the richest team in
  baseball , and every year they sign and trade for the
  big name players for big money. The Yankees have
  also won 27 world series, including the one last year.
• This year their famous owner George Steinberner
  died, but the Yankees continue to be a great baseball
               New York Sports
• New York is home to multiple professional sports
  franchises: two football teams - the Giants and Jets,
  two baseball teams – the Yankees and Mets, two
  hockey teams – the Rangers and Islanders and the
  Knicks basketball team.
• The most successful of the sports teams are the
  Giants and the Yankees. The Giants most recent
  Super Bowl Victory was in 2007, when they upset
  Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in the final
  minute of the game.
                 New York City
• New York is the most populous city in the U.S. It is
  also the largest City.
• It is also the host of the United Nations
  Headquarters, and is is an important center of the
  international affairs.
• New York was originally founded by Dutch settlers
  and was named New Amsterdam.
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