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My CV - Download as DOC


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									Name                 :      David Arthur Gudgeon.

                                                                                       Personall Dettaiills
                                                                                       Persona De a s
Address              :      1 Somers Road,
                            Keresley End,
                            West Midlands.
                            CV7 8LE.

Telephone            :      (024) 7633 4837.

Mobile               :      (07778) 152666.

E-mail               :      david@dgudgeon.co.uk

Website              :      www.dgudgeon.co.uk

Linked-In Profile    :      uk.linkedin.com/in/davidgudgeon

Date of Birth        :      8th June 1968.

Nationality          :      English.

Marital Status       :      Married.

Hobbies              :      Photography,
                            Web design,
                            Collecting old construction / building technology books,
                            Motor Sport,
                            Music (mainly 60’s and 70’s),

Memberships, etc.           Secretary of Keresley Village Fete Committee.
                            The Camping & Caravanning Club of Great Britain.
                            The Compass Club.

Driving Licence      :      Full (No endorsements).

Previous Workplace   :      Norman & Underwood Limited,
                              via, Workstream Construction Services Limited.

Post                 :      CAD Technician.

Current Situation    :      Out of Contract.

Availability         :      Immediately.


                                                                                                Educa on
Hanson Secondary School.
      Sutton Avenue, Swain House Road, Bradford. BD2 1JP.
             1982 until 1985.
1984 Examinations.
      G.C.E. O’Level         Grade B.       Technical Drawing.

      C.S.E.                 Grade 1.       Technical Drawing.
                             Grade 2.       Mathematics.
                             Grade 3.       Physics / English Language / Craft & Design.
1985 Examinations.
      G.C.E. O’Level         Grade C.       Mathematics.
                             Grade D.       English Language.
                             Grade E.       Physics / Design & Technology / Social Economics.


Warwickshire College, Leamington Spa.
      Warwick New Road, Leamington Spa. Warwickshire. CV32 5JE.
            1st February 2010 until 17th May 2010.
      City & Guilds          7574-02        Website Design Using Dreamweaver (Intermediate
                                              Level 2)
      NVQ                    Level 3        Website Design (Advanced Level)

Keighley College.
      Dalton Lane, Keighley. BD21.
             5th February 1996 until 26th June 1996.
      City & Guilds          4351-01        Computer Aided Drafting & Design Using AutoCAD
                             4351-03        Three Dimensional Design Using AutoCAD r.12.
                             4351-06        Using AutoCAD AEC in the Built Environment.

Leeds College of Building.
      North Street, Leeds. LS2.
             1986 until 1989.
      B/TEC National Certificate in Building Studies.

Draftech Training Centre.
      1st Floor, Orient House, Harris Street, Bradford. BD1 5HR.
             1985 until 1987.
      City & Guilds         3041          Technical Drawing.
      Nuttall, Yarwood & Partners.
              56 Wellington Street, Leeds. LS1 2EE.
      Jack Slater (Building Draughtsman).
              5 Lawkholme Crescent, Keighley. BD21 3NR.

Norman & Underwood Limited

                                                                                                                       Emp oymen
c/o Workstream Construction Services Limited.
      Post         :    Architectural / CAD Technician.
      Period       :    1st November 2010 to 4th March2011.
Main Fields of Work.
      Providing CAD services to Norman & Underwood of Leicester, manufacturers of glazing systems and
      architectural roofing. Use of AutoCAD LT 2011. Responsible for providing construction and installation
      details for curtain walling, glazing system and roofing to £60m Worcester Library development.

Capita Architecture.
      Post         :    Architectural Technician.
      Period       :    17th December 2007 to 5th June 2009.
Main Fields of Work.
      Residential and office developments ~ Use of AutoCAD 2008 ~ Introduction to Sketch Up 6.

MPC Partnership LLP.
      Post         :    Architectural Technician.
      Period       :    4th September 2006 to 14th December 2007.
Main Fields of Work.
      Domestic building works (new build and extensions) ~ Residential training centres ~ Use of VectorWorks

S.R. Davies Architects Limited.
      Post         :    Architectural Technician.
      Period       :    1st August 2006 until 1st September 2006.
Main Fields of Work.
      Industrial buildings (new build schemes) ~ Use of Autodesk AutoCAD LT2005.

Atkins Limited.
      Post         :    Architectural Technician.
      Period       :    16th August 2004 until 28th July 2006.
Main Fields of Work.
      Industrial buildings (new build, extension and refurbishment of existing) ~ Interior fit-out of cruise liner ~
      Construction detailing ~ Master planning ~ Use of Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2004, 2005 and 2006.

David Granger, Architectural Design Limited.
      Post         :    Senior Architectural Technician.
      Period       :    2nd March 2004 until 10th June 2004.
Main Fields of Work.
      Domestic building works (new build, extensions and alterations) ~ Use of AutoCAD LT 2004.

Airedale N.H.S. Trust - Estates Directorate.
      Post         :    Estates Officer / Architectural CAD Technician.
      Period       :    25th November 1996 until 27th February 2004.
Main Fields of Work.
      Preparation of ‘As Fitted’ service drawings for Trust Properties ~ Detailed survey of Trust Properties ~
      Preparation of detailed drawings for obtaining quotations / tenders ~ Liaising with clients / end users to
      ascertain requirements ~ Liaising and managing contractors during work period ~ Use of AutoCAD LT ’97,
      ’98 and 2002.

Airedale N.H.S. Trust - Works Department.

                                                                                                                Emp oymen
       Post         :   CAD Operative / Architectural Technician (Part Time).
       Period       :   8th July 1996 until 22nd November 1996.
Main Fields of Work.
       Preparation of ‘As Fitted’ service drawings for Trust properties, using AutoCAD LT.

Mansel Designs Limited.
       Post         :   Architectural Technician (Part Time).
       Period       :   12th June 1996 until 22nd November 1996.

                                                                                                                 (con )
Main Fields of Work.
       Domestic building works (extensions, dormer windows, garages, etc.) ~ Housing developments ~
       Occasional retail and commercial works ~ Brief use of AutoCAD LT.

JCT600 (Vauxhall) Limited.
       Post         :   Workshop Cleaner.
       Period       :   25th July 1994 until 30th September 1994.
Main Fields of Work.
       Collection, washing and delivery of customers’ vehicles for Service department ~ Keeping workshop area

Design Services.
       Post         :   Architectural Technician.
       Period       :   19th June 1989 until 22nd July 1994.
       and          :   3rd October 1994 until 29th September 1995.
Main Fields of Work.
       Domestic building works (extensions, etc.) ~ Housing developments ~ Retail, commercial and industrial
       developments ~ Occasional interior and shop-fit work.

Jack Slater, (Building Draughtsman).
       Post         :   Architectural Technician.
       Period       :   June 1986 until 16th June 1989.
Main Fields of Work.
       Domestic building works (extensions, dormer windows, garages, etc.) ~ Housing developments ~
       Occasional retail works (change of use, shop fronts, etc.).

Design Work Experience.

      Use of drafting equipment.                            Use of varied computer packages, inc:
      Obtaining client’s brief.                                 Autodesk AutoCAD 2008 & 2010,
      Property and land surveys.                                Autodesk AutoCAD LT from
                                                              versions 3.1 to 2005,
      Levelling.                                                Autodesk Architectural Desktop
      Sketch drawings.                                       2004, 2005 and 2006.
      Detailed construction and tender                          VectorWorks 12,
       drawings.                                                 Microsoft Office, inc. Word, Excel,
      Obtaining local authority approvals.                   Outlook, etc.
                                                                 Adobe Acrobat 8.0, Acrobat Reader,
      Collaboration with clients, contractors
                                                              Photoshop CS3, 4 & 5, Dreamweaver
       and local authorities.
                                                              CS3, 4 & 5, and Fireworks CS3, 4 & 5.
      Printing of drawings.                                     Lotus SmartSuite Millennium,
      Photography (to aid surveys).                             Paint Shop Pro.
      Typing and general office skills.                         Sketch Up 6 and 7.

The following is intended to give an indication of the types of projects I have been involved with

                                                                                                     C entts
                                                                                                     C en s
                                                                                                     C en s
and the clients I have worked for over the years.

Projects Undertaken.

Various domestic extensions and alterations.
Various housing developments from individual houses to small scale housing developments.
Works to create and refurbish high street retail units.
Alterations and redevelopment of petrol service stations.
Various commercial extensions and alterations.
Redevelopment, extension and alteration of industrial premises.
Redevelopment of vehicle showrooms and workshop facilities.
Preparation of ‘As Fitted’ service drawings.
Redevelopment of Military Garrison.
Outline proposal for outreach/day centre.
Preparation and modification of ‘As Built’ drawings for extension to airport terminal.
Master planning for office, retail and transportation scheme as part of redevelopment of Ahamdi
    township, Kuwait.
Outline layout drawings, sections, etc. for internal fit-out of cruise liner.
Preparation of details for new school.
5900m² industrial unit for manufacturer of stainless steel products.
New build, extensions and alterations to residential training centres.
Office and residential development at St. Peter Port, Guernsey.
Worcester Library and History Centre, Worcester.


Bartfield & Company.                                  Birmingham International Airport Limited.
Brosgill Opticians.                                   C.E. Sutcliffe & Sons.
C.M.A. Project Services.                              C.W. Nelson & Company.
Campbell – Barker Estates.                            De Vere Venues.
Evans Universal Limited.                              Ford Developments.
G.D. Woodworking Limited.                             Gilders (Hillsboro) Limited.
Giselle Ladyswear.                                    I-Can.
John Wilkinson & Sons Limited.                        J.P. Motors.
Kashmir Restaurants.                                  Kuwait Oil Company, via Gulf Consult.
Lingarth Builders (Leeds) Limited.                    Long Port Group.
Listerdale Motor Company.                             Magnet plc.
Metalfin Limited, via Hortons’ Estates.               Midland Rubber Company.
Ministry of Defence.                                  Modelsport.
Nafees Restaurant.                                    Petrofina (UK) Limited.
Royal Caribbean International.                        Rymo Limited.
Station Maintenance.                                  Stuart Shopfitting.
Sundial Group.                                        Tan House Developments Limited.
Tetley’s Brewery.                                     Treats Ice Cream Limited.
Wedding Secrets (UK) Limited.                         Whittle Contracts Limited.
Willenhall School, Coventry,                          GalifordTry
    for Coventry City Council.                            for Worcester County Council and
                                                          University of Worcester.


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