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					                     A u s t r A l i A n t r u c k & A u t o pA r t s

BrAke thru                                                                                         OCTOBER 2010
                                                                                                                ISSUE 10

                                   trW promo
                                   purchAse 6 sets oF trW
                                   Disc pADs on A sinGle
       PG 1                        inVoice DurinG octoBer
                                                                              KEEP COOL THIS SUMMER...
       TRW Summer                  & receiVe A trW suMMer                     ORDER YOUR DISC PADS
       Pack Promo
                                   pAck!!                                     TODAY!
                                   SUMMER IS FINALLY ON ITS                   *Offer only available whilst
                                   WAY!! Enjoy yourself and keep              stocks last & Purchases must
                                   cool with the TRW                             be made on a single invoice
                                   Summer Pack!
       PG 1
                                   Pack contains:
       Special Offer               A TRW Cooler
                                   Bag, Battery
                                   Operated Personal Fan,
                                   Stubby Holder, Baseball
                                   Cap & Key Ring!!
       PG 2
       Product &
       Pricing Updates
                                   nolathane promo
                                   coMMoDore sWAY BAr                         configured to suit hundreds of vehicle
                                                                              applications – a must have product for
                                    link Bonus oFFer!!                        all workshops. The links come complete
                                                                                   with a measurement guide to
                                   Purchase any 3 x 42997A (Suits                  assist in cutting to correct length)
w w w. a                           VN-VX1 Commodore)                               *Purchase any combination
           ta                      42708 (Suits VX2-VZ Commodore                   of these part numbers to
                p.                 (VZ Calais, Monaro & Grange only)               receive the bonus free item

                                   42709 (Suits VZ Commodore
                                   excluding Calais, Monaro & Grange)               SAVE UP TO
                               u   or 42710 (Suits VZ Crewman & 1 Tonner
                                   Sway Bar Links on a single invoice
                                   and receive a BONUS 42790-
                                   Universal Sway Bar Link (A universal
                                   ball/ ball style sway bar link which can
                                   be cut to length from 60-320mm and
               OCTOBER 2010                                                        ISSUE 10

product updates                                                                       AtAp WArehouse DetAils:
DID YOU KNOW ATAP STOCK              New Protex Radiators are NOW
THE FOLLOWING BRYTEC                 AVAILABLE!!                                               VIC
PRODUCTS??                                                                               PH: (03) 8369 1400
                                     rADsZ230- SUZUKI SWIFT RS415
•	 Series 140, 160 Truck                                                                 FAX: (03) 8369 1475
                                     1.5 LTR A/T 2005– ON 375 X
   & Trailer Inserts
                                     548 X 26
•	 Series 120 Circular
•	 Series 150
                                     rADhn235-                                                NSW
   Bullbar                                                                               PH: (02) 9791 8000
                                     ACCORD 2.4LTR
   Lamps                                                                                 FAX: (02) 9793 9511
                                     A/T 2008-ON 400 X 770 X 16
•	 Series 180 Square Trailer
   Lamps- 12V
•	 Series 25 Number Plate                                                                      QLD
                                                                                         PH: (07) 3276 5200
•	 Series 200 Trailer Strip Lamps
                                     rADMZ238-                                           FAX: (07) 3272 7983
                                     MAZDA 2 1.4LTR
•	  Series 203 Submersible Trailer   & 1.6LTR A/T
    Lamps                            2003– ON 325 X                                             SA
•	 Series 202                        536 X 16
                                                                                         PH: (08) 8346 7066
    Trailer Lamps - 12V              rADF239- FORD F250 5.4LTR V8                        FAX: (08) 8346 8282
•	 Series 1& 2 Marker Lamps          A/T 2001– ON 673
                                     X 768 X 56
•	 Series 140 Reflectors
All Brytec products are covered
                                     Contact your                                               WA
                                     local ATAP for any
by a 5 year warranty.                                                                    PH: (08) 9352 9800
                                     further information.
                                                                                         FAX: (08) 9353 3787
                                                      The standard in Auto parts

pricing reviews
4515 Protex Linings prices have dropped and           Protex Standard (Red) Disc Pads are undergoing
new pricing is available now!                         a price review and new pricing will become
Davies Craig products and Protex Radiators            effective November 1st.
have been reviewed and price changes will             If you require a new price list please ask your
become effective October 1st.                         sales representative or contact your local ATAP
                                                      for further information.

     w w

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