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									DeWayne Howard

Jackie LeDuc
Worship Leader

Natalie Howard
Ministry Assistant
                          Volume 1, Issue 11                                                                 November 2007

                          Living a Significant Life By Pastor DeWayne
                          The scripture says, “We loved       Once you’ve discovered God            religious – the hunger is
  CONNECTION              you so much that we were            has a plan and purpose for            there. It’s wired into our be-
     TIME                 delighted to share with you         your life; once you know that         ing.
                          not only the gospel of God          God loves you and wants a
 SUNDAY - 11 AM           but our lives as well, because      relationship with you, then           So, what now?
                          you had become so dear to           God wants you to turn right           To make your life count, in-
 *Worship Celebration
                          us.”                                around and begin telling other        vest your time and money
                          (1 Thessalonians 2:8 NIV)           people about the Good News            into helping others get into
      *HOPE Kids                                              from God.                             heaven. It’s an
     (K-5th grades)       Did you know that God wants                                               investment that will last for
                          to use you to make a differ-        You and I are the ones as-            eternity. There is simply
 *Lil’ Builders Nursery   ence in His world? It’s true!       signed to pass on this Good           nothing more
  (Birth through PreK)    He wants to work through            News to others. Somebody              significant you can do with
                          you. What matters is not the        told you; now you’re sup-             your life. Nothing else you do
                          duration of your life, but the      posed to tell others.                 in life will ever equal helping
                          donation of it. It doesn’t mat-                                           others in their search for
                          ter how long you live, but how      On the outside, people may            God’s kingdom.
                          you live.                           say, “I’m not interested in
                                                              Jesus. I’m not into God.” But         The fact is, you can’t take it
                          The question that most peo-         inside there’s a hole in their        with you, but you can send it
                          ple ask once they become a          hearts – this is a universal          on ahead. Can you imagine
                          follower of Christ is: “What’s      hunger. I can honestly say            getting to heaven and some-
                          the most important priority for     every person I’ve met has             one says to you, “Welcome!
                          me?” The answer is simple:          this universal hunger for God.        I’m here because of you.”
                          to love God with all of your        They may not even know it             What if hundreds say that to
Inside this issue:                                                                                  you? Or thousands? Jesus
                          heart, soul, and mind, and to       yet, but it is there. It’s true all
                          love your neighbor as your-         around the world, and it does-        taught that we should store
                          self. The short of that is to       n’t matter what a person’s            up our
Living a Significant 1    tell other people about Jesus!      background is – whether or            treasures in heaven. Our
Life                                                          not he or she was brought up          treasures are those brothers

Ten Command-          2
ments of a
friendly church

Zoom-a-Zoom-          3
                                                                  Are you a new believer or newcomer?
                                                             Join us for DISCOVERY CLASS 101 on
                                                                Sunday, Nov. 18th, 12:30 - 4 p.m.
Announcements         3                                      (Pizza lunch is provided and childcare is
                                                            available upon request.) Find out who we
Special Guest         4                                                    are, what we
                                                                 believe, and where we are going.
                                                            Be ready to get your questions answered!
Page 2

                               Ten Commandments of a Friendly Church
                               1. Speak to people,         5. Be cordial. Speak                 9. Watch for ways to
                                  even if you don’t           and act as if every-                 serve others. What
                                  know their names.           thing you do is a                    we do for others
                                  There is nothing as         genuine pleasure.                    counts most in life.
                                  cheerful as a friendly      Try to look happy,
     December 2                   greeting.                   and you’ll be happy.              10. Add to all of these a
     Guest Speaker:                                                                                  good sense of humor,
     Willie McLaurin           2. Smile at people. It      6. Be genuinely                           a generous dose of
                                  takes 72 muscles to         interested in people.                  patience, and a flash
  Leadership Team                 frown and only 14 to        If you try, you can like               of humility.
  Meeting at 2 p.m.               smile. Your smile is        everybody. Don’t
   December 9
                                  one of your finest          limit yourself to a few
 Church Christmas                 assets, so use it           friends when there
  Dinner at 6 p.m.                regularly.                  are so many likable               Are you
                                                              people all around.                doing all
  December 22                  3. Call people by name.                                          you can
 Staff & Leadership               The sweetest music       7. Be generous with                  to make
  Team Christmas                  to any person’s ear is      praise and sparing                Bridges
Gathering at Pastor’s             the sound of his or         with criticism.                   of Hope
  Home at 6 p.m.
                                  her own name.                                                 a
   December 23                                             8. Be considerate of the             friendly,
  Special Christmas            4. Be friendly and             feelings of others.               loving, accepting, and
 Service (Candlelight             helpful. If you want a                                        welcoming church? If not,
  and communion)                  friend, be one.                                               what not start today.

                                 As a new church plant,
                                 the needs are some-
                                 times great. Many
                                 people have asked that
                                 we begin displaying a
                                 list of our needs as a
                                 new church for them
 to begin praying over. If you feel God leading you to
 help meet a particular need, please call the office at
 931-815-8870 or email pastor@gethope.info.                FEATURED SPEAKER:

                                                           Dr. Tom Eliff
 •     Van Repairs (Estimated at $800)
                                                           Senior Vice-President of Spiritual Nurture
 •     15 Round “Lite” Tables (Estimated at $1500)         and Growth,
 •     4 (10’ Silk Trees) (Estimated at $500)              International Mission Board
 •     CD/DVD Burner Tower x7 (Estimated at $1000)
 •     2 Rear Bench Seats for 1995 Ford Econoline          Speakers:
       Clubwagon Van (Estimated at $400)                   John Franklin - “Why Revival Tarries?”
 •     Carpet for classroom and hallway ($175)             Claude King - “3:16 The Church Experience”
                                                           Lonnie Riley - “Waiting in Prayer Acting in Prayer”
 •     Materials to finish out classroom walls, ceiling,
                                                           Don Pierson - “Getting on Praying Ground”
       and lights ($1000)                                  Steve Pearson - “Prayer Driven”
 •     Land Payoff for new building site ($63,000)
                                                           Cost Per Person (2 per room) is $40 plus meals. Cost includes
       Thanks in advance for your prayers and support!     conference fee and lodging on Friday night. Sign up at Welcome Center
                                                           or online. Registration Deadline: December 16th.
Volume 1, Issue 11                                                                                         Page 3

Hey Kids! Make Some Room For A Little Zoom-A-Zoom Zoom!
              Fun,              is on! It’s time for you to     through with them during the
              Flashbulbs        get awed by God!                week to help reinforce what
              and Photo-        For K - 5th graders on          they have learned in Hope
              zoids! The        Sundays at 11 a.m. in Hope      Kids. Each week, you are
              biggest photo     Kids!                           asked to sign the completed
              contest of the                                    Map Book for them to return
              year is here      Don’t miss the excitement,      for a prize out of the Bridges
and Johnny needs your           fun, and the chance to earn     of Hope Chest.]
help to find the coolest        lots of points for your team,
thing on earth to capture.      while earning lots of cool
Grab your cameras, tele-        prizes for your attendance
scopes, and magnifying          and completed Map Books.
glasses as we zoom into
the awesome wonder that         [PARENTS: Your child will
is the one and only God!        be bringing home a Map Book
Calling all kids, the contest   that you will need to work

                                                                We are the                                hats
                                                        “Church of the Week” for                 and shirts at
                                                         Sunday, November 11th
                                                          after church at Ryan’s.                the Welcome
   Schedule for                                        Join us and let’s eat together!
   (Birth to PreK)
                                                    Church Cleaning
Nov. 4 - Carol Grove &
                                                     Schedule for                                     (Nov. 20)
         Margaret Horn
Nov. 11 - “Servants Needed”                           November                                      Clayton Myers
Nov. 18 - Jennifer Cook &
                                                                                                     (Nov. 22)
          Jennifer Lindsey
                                                                                                   Dwight Howard
Nov. 25 - “Servants Needed”
                                                  November 4 – Wade & Carol Grove
                                                  November 11 – Ron & Jennifer Lindsey
                                                  November 18 – Joann Turner
              General Fund: August                November 25 – David & Cathy Clayton
             Beginning Balance: $2,095.39
             Ending Balance: $1,236.41              Thank you to all who are willing to serve
                                                    the Lord in this way at Bridges of Hope.
             Receipts: $5,718.90                        It takes all of us doing our part!         David Clayton
             Disbursements: $6,577.88                                                              Brittany Hall
                             "Building Bridges of Hope"

  Phone: 931-815-8870
   Fax: 931-815-8871
Email: office@gethope.info

    Mailing Address
      PO Box 552
  McMinnville, TN 37111

     Physical Address
  220 Snow Hollow Lane
  McMinnville, TN 37110

   We’re Online!

    Our Mission:

We are building                  Do you attend
bridges with people for
                             Sunday worship but
the purpose of :                    still feel                       December
                             disconnected? Wish                        2nd
1. Connecting them            you had some real
   with a community
                              friends to hang out
   of believers,
2. Leading them to
                                with? Then you                        11 a.m.
   faith in Christ, and        need to join a Life
3. Equipping them to                Group!
   become fully                                                      A guest you
   devoted followers          Visit the Welcome
   of Christ.                     Center for               Willie    don’t want
                                information on

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