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									                                       NECTAR THERMIQUE

Gotta have it! Straight, sleek hair is a trend that’s hot-    dryness. Detangle using a wide-toothed comb, start-
ter than ever for Summer 09. But getting (and keeping)        ing with the ends and gradually moving upwards to-
those locks straight can cause even more stress to hair       wards the roots.
already damaged by chemical processing and/or heat
styling. Nectar Thermique from KérasTase uses                 Dry hair completely using a blow-dryer, and then style
royal jelly extract and an exclusive Glyco-Sleek agent        using a ceramic-plate flat iron, ideally at a temperature
to not only deeply nourish dry to very dry hair, but help     of 180°C. Slowly slide the iron along 1-inch sections,
protect it from heat. The perfect remedy for bleached,        moving continuously through to the ends. Repeat once
flat-ironed hair . . .                                        on each section.

Enriched with Xylose, a heat-styling protective ingredi-      With Nectar Thermique from KérasTase, straight
ent, so hair is shielded from the harmful effects of heat     hair regains all its original shine and lustre.
during blow-drying and straightening. Nectar Ther-            • Nectar Thermique de KérasTase 150 ml : $41
mique from KérasTase makes blow-drying a breeze
and provides anti-breakage elements. This nectar is
enriched with Guar gum, a known lubricant, so hair is
easier to straighten during blow-drying and protected
from the stress of pulling during the process.
A formula rich in cosmetic ingredients, combined with
royal jelly extract, known to be packed with essential
nutrients, means Nectar Thermique ‘feeds’ hair:
•	 carbohydrates,	delivering	an	essential	source	of	
   energy to the hair shaft
•	 proteins,	an	essential	component	of	hair
•	 lipids,	that	naturally	protect	the	hair	surface
Nectar Thermique brings softness and incredible
shine to the core of each hair strand. This unique for-
mula, developed exclusively by KérasTase laborator-
ies, is ideal for those who use a blow dryer and flat iron,
definitely in style for the coming season.
After cleansing and using the appropriate KérasTase
masque, apply a walnut-sized portion of Nectar Ther-
mique to towel-dried hair. Gently massage through to
the ends, paying particular attention to areas prone to

                                            1 866 KERASTASE
                                          Yasmin Grothé          yasmin@natapr.com            514 524-1471

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