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									                     CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY
                                STAFF PERSONNEL MEMORANDA

                                                                               Memo No. 15-3
                              SICK LEAVE                                       Pages: 4
                                                                               Date: June 28, 2010

             Approved by: Julia M. McCallin, Associate Vice President for Human Resources

(This supersedes Memo No. 15-3, dated 2/15/02)

1.0    POLICY
       It is the Institute’s policy, by means of accrued sick leave, to continue pay to eligible employees
       during absence from work due to his/her own illness, injury or exposure to contagious diseases
       endangering the health of other employees, and to assist in emergencies in cases of illness of the
       employee's spouse, domestic partner, sibling, child or parent.


       2.1       The sick leave policy applies only to regular benefit based staff employees and benefit
                 based temporary staff employees who work a regular schedule of twenty (20) hours or
                 more per week.
       2.2       Employees hired on an occasional basis or on a temporary basis of less than four (4)
                 months and part-time employees on a schedule of less than twenty (20) hours per week
                 are not eligible for, nor do they accrue, sick leave benefits.

                 NOTE: Sick leave for non-benefit based temporary employees on a schedule of twenty
                 (20) hours or more per week, will, after completion of four (4) months of continuous
                 employment, be accrued retroactive to date of employment.

       3.1       Staff on the Bi-Weekly Payroll

                 New employees will begin accruing sick leave upon the first day of employment.

                 Sick leave will accrue at eight (8) hours per month for employees on a forty (40) hour a
                 week work schedule and a proportionate rate for employees on a work schedule of less
                 than forty (40) hours per week.

                 Accrual maximum: 960 hours.

       3.2       Staff on the Monthly Payroll

                 Staff employees on a forty (40) hour a week work schedule and who are paid on the
                 monthly payroll may take up to six (6) months of paid sick leave in any twelve (12)
                 month period.
      4.1   Authorized sick leave may be taken in the following situations:

            4.1.1    When the employee is unable to work due to his/her own illness or injury, or
                     when he/she has been exposed to contagious diseases, which may endanger the
                     health of other employees.

                     NOTE: A written statement from a health care provider may be requested by the
                     supervisor to verify the employee’s need to miss work or to confirm a release to
                     return to work. In all cases where the employee is off work for ten (10) or more
                     days in one (1) occurrence, a statement from a health care provider will be
                     required and the formal leave process will begin.
                     To adhere to state and/or federal regulations, all medical documentation should
                     be forwarded to the Disability & Leave Administration Unit in Human Resources
                     and not retained in department files.

            4.1.2.   When a non-exempt employee takes a partial day absence for a medical or dental
                     appointment that could not be scheduled outside of his/her normal working
                     hours, or when a full day’s absence is required. Exempt employees do not record
                     partial day absences except as noted in 4.1.4 below.

            4.1.3.   When there is illness of the employee's spouse, domestic partner, sibling, child,
                     or parent requiring the employee's assistance, the employee may use up to ten
                     (10) days of accrued sick leave per calendar year. If the leave qualifies for
                     family and medical care leave (FMLA/CFRA), the employee may use an
                     additional ten (10) days of accrued sick leave (see PM 26).

            4.1.4.   Sick leave may be integrated with state disability insurance benefits, paid family
                     leave benefits, short term disability or workers' compensation benefits to an
                     amount equal to the employee’s weekly gross pay and to the extent allowed by
      4.2   Sick leave accruals will not continue during the unpaid portion of a leave of absence from
            the Institute.
      4.3   An employee cannot take sick leave in advance of accrual nor leave without pay when
            sick leave accruals are available.
      4.4   An employee retains his/her sick leave balance when transferring to another department
            within the Institute.
      4.5   An employee’s sick leave balance is not payable when an employee changes status from
            benefit-based to non-benefit based or upon termination.
      5.1   The employee is responsible for reporting his/her sick leave absence to his/her supervisor
            or designee before the start of their scheduled work shift or as soon as possible. When
            reporting the absence the employee must distinguish whether absence is for himself or
            herself or that of a family member.
      5.2   Employees are responsible for accurately recording sick leave taken (PM 11-3, Employee

      6.1    The supervisor monitors employee sick leave usage. If an employee is absent five (5) or
             more work days due to illness or injury, the supervisor should contact the Disability &
             Leave Administration Unit in Human Resources.
      6.2    The Institute’s electronic time keeping system for employees on the bi-weekly payroll is
             the official record of sick leave accrued and taken. All Divisions and Departments are
             responsible for administration of sick leave in their departments including maintaining
             accurate timekeeping records.
      6.3    For staff employees on the monthly payroll, the Divisions and Departments’ records are
             the official record of sick leave taken.

       7.1   Payment for sick leave will be the base rate of pay in addition to any shift premium in
             effect at the time the leave is taken.
       7.2   Combined work time and paid sick leave cannot exceed the employee’s regular daily
             schedule of hours, unless otherwise provided for in Caltech policies.
       7.3   Paid sick leave cannot exceed your regularly scheduled hours for any one (1) week or
             work day. For example, if your regular schedule is thirty-two (32) hours per week, sick
             leave usage will not exceed thirty-two (32) hours or if your regular schedule is six (6)
             hours per day, sick leave usage will not exceed six (6) hours.
       7.4   Sick leave, if available, may be used to supplement disability payments as outlined in
             section 4.1.4 above.
       7.5   Sick leave taken during a regular workweek is considered as time worked in computing
             weekly overtime pay.

      8.1    Terminations
             Upon termination of employment, the department or division should report any sick time
             taken by the employee during the last pay period prior to the date of termination. This
             information should be reported on the appropriate termination document and forwarded
             to Human Resources. Unused sick leave will not be paid to the employee at the time of
      8.2    The sick leave balance for a former Caltech employee, who is re-employed within twelve
             (12) months of his/her termination date [or employees who are laid off and re-employed
             within twenty-four (24) months], will be restored to the balance at the time of
      8.3    Retirement Credit for Unused Sick Leave
             When an employee is at least age fifty-five (55) and has at least ten (10) years of
             consecutive benefit-based service immediately prior to retirement or at the time of death,
             a sick leave credit will be paid in cash as part of the retirement process.
             If eligible, a retiree may elect to direct all or a portion of his/her Retirement Sick Leave
             Credit payment to a Tax Deferred Account (TDA).

             Employees who take a retirement credit (as indicated above) and who are re-
             employed within twelve (12) months of their termination date [or employees who are
              laid off and re-employed within twenty-four (24) months] will start their sick leave
              balance at zero.
              Staff employees on the monthly payroll do not receive a sick leave credit.
      Any exception to this policy requires the approval of the Associate Vice President for Human
      Resources or designee.

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