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									 January 2009

 Volume XXII

 Issue 1


                                                        r Asso
                                              er Ga
                                   Coun   Dallas County
                                       ty Ma

                        The D
                                                                                    Master Gardeners
                               From the President’s Notepad
                               HAPPY NEW YEAR! And what a year it promises to be!
                               It’s a brand New Year with a new Board and lots of exciting
                               new programs just getting going… something for all of us!
                               Do you love to cook; you might want to join the Cook Book
                               Gang? It sounds like lots of fun and a wonderful                     Look for attachment to this month’s Helping
                               fundraising project. Pat Black chairs this fascinating new           Hands: There is an updated “At A Glance”
                               committee. There’ll be recipe testing and more! This                 listing of Project Coordinators & Committee
   TEXAS AGRILIFE                                                                                   Chairs. If you don’t see it there, let me
                               promises to be an exciting committee!
  EXTENSION SERVICE                                                                                 know. Mary Ann and Ginnie put out a great
                               Our special February monthly meeting is AWARDS for        Helping Hands…be sure to thank them.
10056 Marsh Lane               some of our outstanding Master Gardeners. This is always
   Suite B-101                 one of our most popular meetings. This is once a year!    Special thanks to each of you for making
  Dallas, Texas                Expect some surprises!                                    this an amazing and vibrant Association. It
     75229                                                                               is truly my pleasure to work with, know you
 214-904-3050                  White Rock Demonstration Gardens are really being         and be of service. As always, thanks to
                               noticed. Thanks to Janet D. Smith and the volunteers.     Janet D. Smith for sharing her lovely
The Texas A&M Univer-          Demonstration Gardens at Commissioner Dickey’s kicks- photography.
sity System, U.S. Depart-
ment of Agriculture and
                               off an educational experience. Ann Lamb, Jane Larner and
the County Commission-         volunteers make this the place to be. Farmers Branch      Bunny Williams
ers Courts of Texas Coop-      Historical Park will be gearing up for the New Year. You  Dallas County Master Gardener
erating Education pro-         can always check with Will Smith. Dallas County Youth     e-mail:
grams conducted by the         Village is just doing FANTASTIC – they recently received
Texas Agrilife Extension       another Award. Thanks to Dick Coupe for working with this
Service serve people of        group. It’s an amazing story! WAY TO GO! This is only the
all ages regardless of         tip of the iceberg; many more Community Projects to talk
socio-economic       level,
race, color, sex, religion,
                               about. Check out these truly wonderful Community
handicap or national ori-      Projects and/or contact Gary Sestito, 2nd VP – Community
gin.                           Projects to get involved.                                        Dallas Master Gardener
                               SPEAKERS BUREAU hosts its 4th Annual Speakers Training,                     Association Meeting
 IN THIS ISSUE                 beginning January 10, 2009. It’s not just for potential
                               speakers, but if you’re interested…it’s the best place to be!                   January 22, 2009
 BIRTHDAYS                 8   Runs through January into February. “Mark the Dates”!
 BOFD NOTES                9
                                                                                                                  11:30 a.m.
                               Saturdays at EXTENSION Office. Janet D. Smith, Chair is
 CLASS OF 2007 REMINDER 8      off to a fast start this year!
 EARTHKIND TRAINING        6                                                                             “Winter Backyard Birds of
 ED OPPS                   7   CONGRATULATIONS! Brenda Cunningham was voted a
 GARDENERS CHECKLIST 8         second term as Secretary to the Board of Texas Master
                                                                                                                North Texas”
 GATHERINGS                1   Gardener Association. Our delegates are Directors Dick                    Speaker: Carolyn Oldham
 GRADUATION              4-5   Coupe, 2009 and Linda Graves-Wilson, 2009- 2010.                         Prairie and Timbers Audubon
 HELP DESK                 5   Alternate Directors: Jane B. Bartosiewicz, 2009; and Bunny                   Society of North Texas
 HOURS REPORT              9   Williams, 2009-2010.
 JANUARY SPEAKER           2
 JR MG LEADER TRAINING 6       2010 Texas Master Gardener Association (TMGA)                            Walnut Hill Recreation Center
 LANDSCAPE DESIGN SCHOOL   9   Conference! Our hotel is the Omni Mandalay in Irving in                      10011 Midway Road
 MAURINE DICKEY            4   April, right after Easter. It’s shaping up to be a terrific event!
 MEMBERSHIP STATS          2   There’ll be lots to report on this. Our Chair is Denise
                                                                                                              Dallas, TX 75229
 ON-LINE ED OPPS           7   Hilburn and Co-Chair Gloria Johnson. Numerous chairs
 PRESIDENT’S NOTEPAD 1         and committees are underway. Want to get involved – this                        Bring a sack lunch!
 SPEAKERS BUREAU           2
                               is a super way to go! There will four quarterly meetings
 WHAT YOU MISSED           5   OPEN to our membership in 2009. Come and ask
 WHO’S WHO               10    questions – get involved! We’d love to have you.                                             January 2009    1
 YOUTH VILLAGE             3
                Speakers Bureau                                      Jim, Theresa, and Judy on the 2009 support team. Sharon
                                                                     will be handling the monthly reporting. We are so
            Continues to Flourish                                    pleased to have these dedicated and hard-working
                                                                     Master Gardeners to work with our engaging and
                       By Janet D. Smith
                                                                     informative speakers to lead the Speakers Bureau in
                                                                     another record-setting year.”
In 2008, 50 speakers spent 2,025 volunteer hours giving 359
                                                                     Please contact Janet at or 214-
presentations to 7,632 people.
                                                                     321-5074 if you would like to join the Speakers Bureau
                                                                     or if you have any question, comments or suggestions.
The most frequent topics were: WaterWise Gardening (40), herbs
                                                                     We are seeking more schedulers so if you like to talk to
(34), rainwater harvesting (23), EARTH-KINDTM roses (22), and
                                                                     and email people while earning volunteer hours by
trees (17). The most talkative speakers were Janet D. Smith (40),
                                                                     working from home, please consider joining our team.
Nancy Wilten (29), Marian Buchanan (23), and Barbara Gollman

Congratulations to Cheryl Fisher, the Speaker Bureau Chair, for                     MEMBERSHIP STATUS
leading this effort. The following is a portion of Cheryl’s                         AS OF THE END OF 2008
summary and thank you to the speakers and support team of
the Speakers Bureau. It is well worth repeating.                          CLASS Members Members                 %
                                                                                Eligible Certified           Certified
“The year began with a dynamic training seminar, with a
variety of DCMGA speakers inspiring others to present short               1986     1           1               100.00%
talks on conservation topics and create their presentations. We           1988     1           1               100.00%
were honored by Hood County Master Gardeners’ attendance                  1991     1           1               100.00%
and subsequent invitation to conduct a “mini” training seminar            1992     4           4               100.00%
in Granbury to help train their speakers. What a compliment               1993     2           2               100.00%
to the impressive professionalism our speakers exhibit! Shortly,          1994     2           0                 0.00%
it was announced that the Texas Master Gardener Association               1995     5           5               100.00%
bestowed an award of 1st place to us, establishing Speakers               1996     6           6               100.00%
Bureau as the “best” educational program in Texas for the “large          1997     9           8                88.89%
county” category. During the spring, we were all invited to our           1998     10          10              100.00%
lovely annual Speakers Bureau Tea, to join in the festivities             1999     19          16               84.21%
surrounding the honor of our “Speaker of the Year”, Nancy                 2000     22          20               90.91%
Wilten.                                                                   2001     15          13               86.67%
                                                                          2002     17          13               76.47%
“We were blessed with the assistance of Theresa Kavi, Nita                2003     26          23               88.46%
Rausch, LaNell Wiley, and Judy Nation, as our Schedulers in               2004     17          12               70.59%
2008. They are the ones who set the tempo for Speakers Bureau             2005     33          27               81.82%
and gave personality to its name in the community. Without                2006     61          52               85.25%
their diligent efforts, Speakers Bureau would have no heartbeat.          2007     63          55               87.30%

“Jim Dempsey was another hard worker, creating the monthly                TOTAL 314            269              85.67%
reports for Dale Groom and keeping the Speakers Bureau abreast
of all scheduled programs with a working calendar each month
for event tracking purposes. Also, Jim’s shared expertise in
computer knowledge has made an immense difference in our
training, as well as the organization, maintenance and               January’s Speaker -
availability of our equipment. Another “background angel”            Carolyn Oldham
has been Bunny Williams who served as Advisor to Speakers            Carolyn Oldham is a member of and comes to us as a
Bureau this year. With so many changes taking place, her             courtesy from the Prairie and Timbers Audubon Society
dedication to and understanding of Speakers Bureau kept us on        of North Texas .” As a previous owner of her own
track and moving in a positive direction.                            landscape design business and employee of North Haven
                                                                     Gardens for eight years and Redenta’s for 3-1/2 years,
“Janet D. Smith, the redhead from the class of 2005, will be Chair   she is well qualified to speak on the topic, “Winter
of Speakers Bureau for 2009. (The DCMGA now has two Janet            Backyard Birds of North Texas.” Carolyn Oldham is an
Smith’s, thus the middle initial, class and description.) We are     enjoyable expert on all types of birds, making frequent
also happy to announce that Sharon Cucinitti will be joining         trips to observe and learn. It is with enthusiasm that we
                                                                     welcome her as our first speaker of 2009.
  2     January 2009
Dallas County Master Gardeners Receive
       Dallas County Youth Village
     2008 Group Volunteers Award
                             By Dick Coupe
The Dallas County Youth Village awarded the Master Gardener Youth
Village project team their Outstanding Volunteer Group Award for
2008. The award is given for outstanding and continued dedication
to the team who assists the Village youth, ages 10 – 17, to develop
employment skills so that they will be able to provide for themselves
and stay out of the justice system upon release.
The team consists of Judith Reagan, Jane Bartosiewicz, LaNell Wiley,
Pam Robinson, Rebecca Clark, Barbara Cohen and Dick Coupe.
What originally started as a basic gardening project has now
developed into a program that teaches them life and job skills that
allows them to live good lives and have good jobs in their life.
                                                                              Starting Up
These programs include:
*Nutrition and beginning cooking taught by the North Dallas Food
*Introduction to computers taught by El Centro College
*Food Safety and Handling taught by El Centro College
*The Basics of Gardening taught by the Dallas County Master

Newly involved in the project are the Reserve Naval Construction
Battalion (SeaBees) of Fort Worth, who handle the heavy maintenance
work at the garden, and several Dallas chefs who serve as mentors for
those youth desiring to become chefs.

The Basics of Gardening class teaches the staff and the youth how to
garden and is presented each quarter so that all new staff youth at
the Village become knowledgeable with the garden. They are then
able to take the skills they learn upon their release.

The Youth Village project team is always looking for additional               In Progress
volunteers to assist with teaching the classes, and working in the
garden and taking care of the peach trees at the Village. It is a rewarding
experience. All master gardeners are encouraged to participate. A
great many of DCMG did, in fact, help with the seven raised beds
constructed this past year. There is a raised bed for each of the
dorms, one for the staff and one for Master Gardeners.

The cinder blocks came from donations of blocks and money from a
few of the members of the Master Gardeners. Tig Thompson donated
a good number and provided the truck to pick up and haul all of the
blocks to the Village.

The Master Gardeners chapter made a grant of approximately $900 for
purchase of the remainder of the blocks and the finished compost to
fill the beds from the City of Mesquite. The County road department
provided trucks to haul the finished compost from Mesquite and
provided a front loader to put the compost into the beds.

Eriq Robinson, a Boy Scout who was looking for a project to complete
for his Eagle award, designed the beds and constructed them after
the cinder blocks were delivered.                                                 Results

         NOTE: See January 2008 Helping Hands issue for more                                January 2009   3
         information on the Dallas County Youth Village.
Honorary Master Gardener
Commissioner Maurine Dickey
Commissioner Maurine Dickey has been named an Honorary
Master Gardener for her exemplary service to the Dallas County
Master Gardener Association. With great foresight and a certain
way of getting things moving, she looked at the 3 acres
surrounding the County Commissioner District 1 as an example of
how to garden and conserve water at the same time. The gardens
bloom and attract businesses, park officials, and residents to the
EARTH-KIND™ way of gardening.

All of us who garden at 2311 Joe Field Road appreciate
Commissioner Dickey and welcome her as one of our own.
                                                                         Kathy Gump presents Ms. Dickey with an
Thanks to Commissioner Dickey!                                           Honorary Membership in the DCMGA.

                                                                     New graduateKari Zubarik with Kathy Gump

 Dallas County Commissioner and Honorary Master
 Gardener Maurine Dickey

                                                                       Tom Wilten, Certified Master Gardener
 4      January 2009
              WHAT YOU MISSED
                        By Carolyn Bush

A beautiful fall day, guided tours and a delicious picnic meal
provided by County Commissioner Maurine Dickey, her staff,
and Master Gardener volunteers greeted 122 Master Gardeners
                                                                    Help Desk
who toured the Rain Catchers Garden at the Commissioner’s
office on November 13, 2008. With so many people attending,         We have changed some things in the management
Master Gardeners were divided into three different groups to        of the Help Desk. James Hatcher, who has been
tour the garden.                                                    doing a great job, now has an assistant. He will
                                                                    continue being the Help Desk Coordinator, but
Many thanks go to Dr. Dottie Woodson, who spoke on the              Marilyn Waisanen will now be the Help Desk
proposed construction of the new Rain Catchers Garden that          Scheduler.
will be watered, in large part, by two 2500 gallon rain water
catchment systems that collect water off of the large open shed     When you are ready to schedule your time for the
where tables were set up for our lunch; to Gary Sestito and         Help Desk just go to the Dallas County Master
Christine Chamberlain who gave a tour of the newly constructed      Gardener website,,
Texas English Demonstration Garden that features plants and         choose “Master Gardeners”, then “Member Login”
EARTH-KIND™ roses in shades of pink/blue/and white; and to          and “Master Gardener Login”. The login is dallasmg
Cindy Davis who demonstrated how a smaller 300 gallon               and the password is WaterWise. Access the Help
Rainwell rain water catchment system is constructed and can         Desk Calendar and follow the instructions. When
be utilized in a landscape. As an added treat, Dr. Fouad Jaber,     you have chosen some dates, email
from the Extension Service, gave a talk after lunch on how to       ( or call (214 826 2216)
construct a rain garden to prevent run-off.                         Marilyn with your choices.

A very special thanks goes to the organized effort of all the       If you do not have computer access just call Marilyn
gardeners of Joe Field Road and to Commissioner Dickey who          to check on the available dates and book your
had the desire to turn a large plot of land and a large shed that   volunteer time.
formerly stored unused heavy equipment into a garden
showplace that not only beautifies an industrial part of Dallas
but also serves as a model for what can be done by other
government offices, area businesses and homeowners.

More information about constructing rain catcher systems
and rainwater harvesting can be found at

                                                   The Graduates
                                                                                                         January 2009      5
                                                               2009 TRAINING Opportunities at
 JUNIOR MASTER GARDENER                                        Dallas County Master Gardener’s
     LEADER TRAINING                                              EARTH-KIND™ WaterWise
     January 28, 2009                                               Demonstration Garden

This day-long workshop will familiarize participants      Interested in learning the practical aspects of Rainwater Harvesting?
to the JMG curricula and Square Foot Gardening, along
with an introduction to Rainwater Harvesting.             Join the Dallas County Master Gardeners and Texas AgriLife
                                                          Specialists as they present a trio of classes designed to teach you
The training is open to Master Gardeners, Master          how to set up your own rain catchment system, a rain garden, and
Naturalists, Classroom Teachers, Youth Organization       the essentials of drip irrigation.
leaders, such as 4-H, Scouts, Boys & Girls Clubs, home
school parents, youth ministers.                          Classes will be taught by Texas AgriLife Extension Specialists
                                                          Billy Kniffen, Dr. Dotty Woodson, and Dr. Fouad Jaber.
Wednesday. January 28, 2009
Registration 8:30 – 9:00 (Come early for hot biscuits     Rainwater Harvesting Training, Tuesday, January 27th -
and honey! You are on your own for lunch)                          Learn how to collect, store and use rainwater in your
Program 9:00 – 4:30                                                landscape. We will cover the basics in class then go
                                                                   into the garden and attach piping to 2- 2,500 gallon
Advanced registration is required, but you may pay                 cisterns.
at the door.                                              How to Build a Rain Garden, Tuesday, February 10th -
                                                                   This class will provide the basic information and then
Texas AgriLife Extension Service – Dallas County office            the class will go into the garden to build and plant a
10056 Marsh Lane, Suite B-101                                      rain garden.
Dallas, TX 75229                                          Drip Irrigation Training, Tuesday, March 24th -
(214) 904-3050                                                     This class will provide the basic information about
                                                                   designing and setting up drip irrigation with water from
$10.00 to cover materials costs. Registration fee may              a cistern, garden faucet or retrofitting an existing
be paid at the door. Cash or check. If check, please               irrigation system then the class will go out into the
make payable to DALLAS 4-H.                                        garden and put together a drip irrigation system for the
                                                                   Raincatcher’s Garden.
This workshop is approved for Continuing Education
hours for all Extension related volunteers. For           All classes are from 9:30am-12:30pm Lunch included
classroom teachers, the Texas State Board of Education
has approved this workshop for 6 hours of CEU’s. SBEC     Location: EARTH-KIND™ WaterWise Demonstration Garden at
# 500533                                                  2311 Joe Field Rd, Dallas, Texas 75229

Although MG and MN interns are not required to            Cost: $30 per class. Your check is your reservation. Classes are
obtain CE hours during their first year while they are    limited to the first 30 reservations. Make checks payable to
completing their certification, they are very welcome     Dallas County Master Gardener Association or DCMGA.
to attend. Please check with your sponsoring County       Indicate on each check which class/classes you will attend.
Extension Agent to determine if these hours will be
approved as volunteer time.                               Please mail the checks to:
                                                          Theresa Marshall
Contact Risa Coleman to sign up.                          10418 Countess Dr.
        (214) 904-3050                                    Dallas, Texas 75229
                                                          Wear your work clothes and bring gloves, hat, sun screen, knee
                                                          pads, etc. Classes will not be canceled unless there is ice or

                                                          Questions : Ann Lamb 214-692-8123
                                                          Reservations: Theresa Marshall 214-357-1639

6      January 2009
                                           Education Opportunities
January 24 Educational Opportunities Still Open

NCTU Herb Society                           North Haven Gardens    I.D. 90105                  214-363-5316
Herb of the Year: Bay Laurel                7000 Northaven Rd.     10:30 a.m.        
Becky Watts                                 Dallas, TX 75230       No Charge           Sponsored by Herb Society of America

*Neil Sperry’s Home Landscape School                               I.D. 90104                    972-562-5050
Neil Sperry/Dr. Steve George of Texas AgriLife Extension Service   $159.00                       or Neil Sperry

*Also February 7

North Haven Gardens                         North Haven Gardens    I.D. 90106                    214-363-5316
Starting Seeds                              7000 Northaven Rd.     1:30 p.m.           
Christine Hensley                                                            No Charge

Speakers Bureau                                                    I.D. 90114                  See Flyer
Professional Speaking & Micro-Talks; Equipment Training            1:30 – 4:30 p.m.            Reservations
DCMG                                                               No Charge 

January 25
Gardening 101                               North Haven Gardens    I.D. 90110                    214-363-5316
NHG Staff                                   7000 Northaven Rd.     11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
                                            Dallas, TX 75230       $45.00

January 28
Junior Master Gardener Leader               Extension Office       I.D. 90111                    214-904-3050
Training                                    10056 Marsh Lane       8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Extension                                            Suite B-101   $10.00
                                            Dallas, TX 75230

January 29
Richland Community College                  Richland College       I.D. 90203                    972-238-6393
Emeritus Horticulture Series                12899 Abrams Road      10:00 a.m. – Noon
(5 topics – 1 each Thursday)                Richardson, TX 75234   $23.00        

                                                                     Any Day/Anytime Educational
Dallas County Master Gardener
                                                                     EarthKind Training On-Line
       Education Opportunities                                       I.D. 9xxx01 (where xx represents month
Any presentation given by a Dallas County Master                     completed)
Gardener or an Extension Agent, open to the public,                  h t t p : / / w w w. e a r t h k i n d . t a m u . e d u /
may also be counted as educational hours. Additional                 EKOnlineModules.html
items are also posted to the MG web site. If you have                (Only three segments can be counted toward
items you wish to be considered, please send them to                 education credit in one year.) For questions or comments
please contact Cheryl McCue at 214-324-4335.

                                                                                                                     January 2009   7
                         Gardeners Checklist for February
 ! Plant shade trees, fruit trees, and evergreen shrubs.
 ! Transplant established trees and shrubs before they break dormancy.
 ! Plant onions and English peas (early February).
 ! Plant asparagus, beets, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, collards, kohlrabi, parsley, radishes,
    Swiss chard, and turnips (mid February)
 ! Plant leaf and root vegetables (late February).
 ! Plant early spring-blooming annuals like dianthus, petunias, alyssum, gladiolus (late February).

 ! Complete pruning of oak trees before February 15 to minimize chance of oak wilt infestation.
 ! Prune other shade trees and woody shrubs as necessary to remove dead wood and improve structure.
 ! Prune pecan trees and fruit trees before spring bud break.
 ! Prune all roses except climbing varieties by about 50% (mid February).
 ! Prune tall nandinas, if necessary to improve fullness, by removing one-third of the tallest canes at ground level (late
 ! Trim or mow grassy groundcovers such as liriope and mondo grass, if needed due to freeze damage or ragged
    appearance, before spring growth begins.

 Plant Care
 ! Apply horticultural oil to fruit and pecan trees, and to scale-prone shrubs such as euonymus and hollies, when
    temperature is above freezing.
 ! Fertilize cool season grasses such as fescue and rye.
 ! Fertilize trees and shrubs.
 ! Apply pre-emergent herbicide to established lawns for warm season weed control when daytime temperatures rise above
    60 degrees (mid to late February).
 ! Feed pansies and other winter annuals.
 ! Watch for aphids on vegetable crops and ornamental plants.
 ! Continue to protect tender plants from hard freezes.

                                                                         FEBRUARY BIRTHDAYS
CLASS OF 2007                                                            Kathy McDaniel Flynn              02/03
                                                                         Jayne Sparrer                     02/04
As a member of the Class of 2007 your continued                          Kim Kirkhart                      02/05
certification requirements are 12 volunteer hours and                    Leesha Cahill                     02/06
6 approved education hours.                                              Laura Kushner                     02/09
                                                                         Ann Lamb                          02/11
Included in the 12/6 is a requirement to work the Help                   Kay Passmore                      02/12
Desk for a minimum of 8 hours.                                           Nancy Greene                      02/13
                                                                         Kathy Kimball                     02/14
These 8 hours are included in the 12/6 and can be                        Jean Reister                      02/15
counted as volunteer, education or allocated between                     Mitzi Watts                       02/17
the two as needed. Tig Thompson will deal with the                       Tamysia Page                      02/20
allocation.                                                              Carolyn Parker                    02/21
                                                                         Azenath Wright                    02/21
It is suggested that you schedule the 8 HD hours early                   Debbie Clark                      02/22
in the year before the HD calendar fills up.                             Kathleen Johnson                  02/22
                                                                         Nancy Bell                        02/24
                                                                         Norma Babbitt                     02/25
                                                                         Janet Fodge                       02/27
                                                                         Kathy Frazier                     02/28
 8     January 2009
                          DCMG Association Hours Report - Short Form

NAME ______________________________________                 MONTH _________________

        DATE        ID#     VOLUNTEER/EDUCATION DESCRIPTION                                     E     V      HRS

                                                                  Landscape Design School II
Treasurer’s Report
As of 11/30/08
                                                                  February 16-17, 2009

Operating account bal. $30,834.39                                 The Landscape Design School is held in conjunction with
CD $12,965.14 matures 2/15/2009                                   the Texas Garden Clubs, Inc. and Texas AgriLife Extension
TMGA State Conference Savings $1,985.96                           Service There are four courses offered approximately six
TMGA State Conference Checking $250.00                            months apart in the Bryan-College Station area. The courses
Funds Designated for Projects, Memorials, Etc. $16,710.43         may be taken in any order.

                                                                  Landscape Design School II will be held February 16-17 at
                                                                  Christ United Methodist Church, 4201 State Hwy 6, College
                                                                  Station, TX 77845. The topic is “Timeless Landscape
December 8 Board Notes                                            Design,” presented by Mary Palmer Dargan, ASLA of Dargan
A motion was passed to separate Administration and Tech-          Landscape Architects, Atlanta, GA.
nology as Board responsibilities. Jim Dempsey will be Di-
rector of Administration, Marie Devlin, Director of Tech-         Registration is $90.00 (includes 2 lunches), payable to
nology/Development.                                               Landscape Design. The textbook, Stewards of the Land, is
                                                                  good for all four courses and may be purchased for $40.00.
A motion was passed to honor all Past Presidents with ten
years or more continuous certification. They will receive a
                                                                  More information and a registration form may be obtained
special pin and be exempt from dues.
                                                                  at Click on Extension
Brenda Cunningham will serve another term as Secretary            service, then Southern Garden and Landscape Design Study
of TMG. Our senior delegate to TMG will be asked to report        Course. Registration materials may also be requested from
activities to the Board and write an article for HH.              Tammy Landry, Department of Extension Horticulture, MS
The Board voted to approve $260 for setting up a sales booth      2134 TAMU, College Station, TX 77843-2134, by telephone
at the convention in Marshall.                                    979-845-7342 or by email at
Forty-nine graduates, 79 paid registrants and 8 guests at-
                                                                  Only a few spaces are left, so register as soon as possible if
tended the graduation luncheon, which was partially un-
                                                                  you are interested.
derwritten by donations.
A proposal to increase the volunteer hours requirement will        We have 153 people registered and will limit the class to
be discussed after all interested members have an opportu-        175. Anyone interested should reply soon. Thanks for your
nity for input.                                                   help. Nell Zeigler, 3190 C. R. 267, Oglesby, TX 76561. Email:
The convention contract with Omni Mandalay has been      Res. Phone 254.865.2904, Cell
signed.                                                           254.206.0421.
For a complete copy of the minutes, contact Ginnie Salter, Sec-

                                                                                                             January 2009    9
                        Who’s Who
                            2008 OFFICERS
Bunny Williams               PRESIDENT
Claudia Barner               1ST VICE PRESIDENT
Gary Sestito                 2ND VICE PRESIDENT
Ginnie Salter                SECRETARY/PARLIAMENTARIAN
Gail Cook                    TREASURER
Kathy Snyder                 DIRECTOR OF MEMBER ACTIVITIES
Cheryl McCue                 DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION
Kathleen Johnson             Director of Marketing
Tig Thompson                 VOLUNTEER HOURS COORDINATOR
Beverly Sutton               IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT
2009 Helping Hands
The DCMGA Helping Hands newsletter is published eleven times annually.
All items for publication are due by the first day of the month in which
they are expected to appear.

Editor: Mary Ann Moreland
Design Editor: Ginnie Salter
Publication: Judy Smith, Gail Cook, Rosa Schachle, Will Smith, Alba
E-mail Distribution: Brenda Cunningham
Proofreaders: Carolyn Bush, Rick Rosen, Lou Ann Prasifka, Jim Sheperd,
Heather Glenn, Cookie White
Regular Contributor: Carolyn Bush, Risa Coleman, Dick Coupe, Brenda
Cunningham, Dale Groom, Steve Houser, John Hunt, Charlene Keller, Ann
Lamb, Carol Marsh, Glenda McCue, Terri Merrill, Nita Rausch, Janet D.
Smith, Tig Thompson, Marilyn Waisanen, Bunny Williams
Photographer: Annette Latham

                Texas AgriLife Extension Service

                The Texas A & M University System
                10056 Marsh Lane - Suite-B-101

                Dallas, Texas 75229-6006

                            He lpin

   10      January 2009

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