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									Borrower______________________________________                              Broker ID___________
                                                                (Pending if broker package is pending)

           Income docs reflect the same amount as the 1003 and DU findings
           If NO broker must rerun findings
           Front and back ratios match findings
           Complete 1003 all pages and disclosures (gfe,4506)
           2 years employment, 2 years residence..part time job MUST be 2 years
           Current housing expense
           1003 Assets, DU Assets match
           Credit within 30 days
           Credit score meets guidelines
           LOX for derogatory credit..BK/Foreclosure meets guidelines
           LOX for gap of employment
           2yrs. W-2's
           Recent paystubs
           If comm.2yrs tax returns (minus unreimbursed business exp)
           Self employed last 2yrs returns all schedules
           Rental income last 2yrs 1040's with schedule E's
           Social Security/Pension (award letters and proof of receipt
           Child Support Divorce decree & proof or receipt (MIN 3YRS)
           VOD assets (only 60% of 401k)
           Assets.. bank statement provide LOX or large deposits
           Gift of funds (gift letter with paper trail)
           Purchase contract signed and dated by all parties
           Appraisal no transfers within last 90 days
           Appraisal above average or better condition
           3-4 unit is property self sufficient
           Arm to Fix must have Note

Calculation used     (borrower,co, or both)                     Borrower
HOURLY         X173.330
WEEKLY         X4.33
BI-WK          X 2.166                                          Co


           Please submit checklist with submission sheet and sign.
           If not in submission, your submission will not be set up.
                                          WHOLESALE SUBMISSION SHEET

 Mid-Island Account Executive: Jon Stark FAX TO 631-777-6844          Submission Date:

 Broker / Company:                           Broker Contact:                                      Broker Contact Phone Number:

 Broker Fax:                                 Loan Officer:                                        LO Phone:

                                             Processor:                                           Processor Phone:
 Broker Contact Email Address:               Broker is:                                           Appraiser Name:
                                                Mini Eagle – Sponsor ID #:
                                                NON-Mini (Consumer Direct to Mid-Island)          Appraiser License Number:

 Broker Fees Charged to Borrower:

 Points:              %=$     _ Application Fee: $           _ Interest Rate Quoted:       %      YSP:            % (Mini Only)

 Primary Borrower Name (First/Last):                                   Primary Borrower SS#:              Credit Score:

 Co-Borrower Name (First/Last):                                        Co-Borrower SS#:                   Credit Score:

 Subject Property Address:                                             Application Date:
                                                                       Estimated Closing Date:

 City/State:                                             County:                                         Zip Code:

LOAN LIMITS CAN BE CHECKED AT: https://entp.hud.gov/idapp/html/hicostlook.cfm
 Loan Amount:
 Base Loan Amount: $                    Appraised Value $                                      LTV:            %

 Total Loan Amount: $                        Purchase Price $

 Product Type:                               Loan Purpose:                                       Property Type:

     FHA – Standard                             Purchase                                          Single Family
     FHA – Jumbo                                Rate / Term Refinance                             Units -   2   3  4
                                                Cash-Out Refinance                                Condo
 Top Ratio / Bottom Ratio:                   Prior Bankruptcy:        Yes      No              Income Documentation:

 _             _% /           _%             Prior Foreclosure:       Yes      No                  Paystubs/W-2’s (salaried)
                                                                                                   1040’s (self-employed or 1099)

Complete below section for refinance transactions only:
 Present Monthly P&I                           Present Monthly T&I                             Current Loan
 $                                             $                                                  Full Amortization
                                                                                                  Interest Only
 Owned Property Since (month/year)           Mortgage History:                                 Benefit to Borrower:
                                                  x 30 last 12 mos                             Debt Consolidation
  _      /_      _
 Notes/Comments on Current Loan:

Other Notes / Credit Explanations:

Headquarters: 900 Merchants Concourse, Westbury, NY 11590
Regional Office: 400 West Cummings Park, Suite 3100, Woburn, MA 01801
Licensed in CT, DE, FL, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, VA, VT

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