Top Ten Healthy Hair Tips

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					          Top-Ten Healthy Hair Tips
   (NAPSA)—Many women feel
they have to battle with their hair          “We are a nation of
to get it to behave the way they
want. Women don’t realize that             frequent and vigorous
there are lots of easy things they       shampooers, and that can
can do to make it look healthy and
beautiful.                                  be traumatic to hair.”
   According to the hair experts at
the Infusium 23 HaiRepair Insti-         can be stressful to hair. We are a
tute, most women make the same           nation of frequent and vigorous
mistakes. After looking at hun-          shampooers. To lessen the tra-
dreds of damaged hair samples            uma, try a conditioning shampoo
and talking to women about their         such as Infusium 23 Shampoo. It
hair habits, the experts have come       reduces hair-to-hair friction dur-
up with the following top ten tips:      ing lathering to prevent damage
   1. Blow-drying can be a neces-        to the cuticle.
sary evil. So cut down the drying           7. Rinse hair well. There is no
time by patting wet hair with a          benefit to leaving excess rinse-out
paper towel beforehand to absorb         conditioner in your hair after show-
excess water.                            ering. It just weighs hair down.
   2. Handle wet hair with cau-             8. Do not tease or backcomb!
tion. It is three times weaker than      What you are doing is ripping up
dry hair, so be gentle and use a         the hair cuticle. This weakens the
leave-in conditioner to protect it       hair shaft, exposing the sensitive
from damage caused by drying,            inner core and leaving it vulnera-
brushing and styling.                    ble to breakage.
   3. Avoid high-on-the-head pony-          9. People with damaged or
tails—they can pull hair down            unhealthy hair should indulge in
and weaken it at the scalp.              an intense conditioning weekly to
   4. Protect your hair from the         restore moisture. Infusium 23
sun. UV exposure destroys hair           Power Pac Conditioner is very
proteins, making hair brittle and        hydrating.
more easily susceptible to harm.            10. Hair is very much affected
Use a leave-in conditioner with          by general health, diet and exer-
UV protection, such as Infusium          cise. The most important things
23 Leave-In Treatment.                   you can do for your hair (and nails
   5. Wind can be damaging to            and skin) are eat right, exercise
hair. It causes hair shafts to force-    and get a good night’s sleep every
fully rub against each other and         day. Your hair will thank you, but
cause damaging friction that can         more importantly, you may have a
crack, break or even strip the cuti-     long, healthy lifetime to enjoy
cle from your hair, resulting in split   your fabulous locks.
ends. To avoid friction damage,             To request a hair analysis from
wear a hat or scarf over your head,      the Infusium 23 HaiRepair Insti-
and use a leave-in conditioner.          tute or for more information, log
   6. Even the act of shampooing         onto

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