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					                                                         DELTA COUNCIL
                                                          JANUARY 2010
Council News
Note from the Prez… by Mitzi Reagan
The Holidays are over and we are approaching the back half of our school year. The days are getting longer, and hopefully, everyone is
more energized after the break. At this point, your executive board has gotten accustomed to each other and is in a position to think ahead
to the next school year.

Wait, WHAT?! “This school year is not even close to being over and we have to think about next year?” You betcha!…And here’s why.
Your PTA unit will soon be holding elections in March or April. Nominations committees need to be formed in January or February to have
ample time to recruit qualified and eager candidates. There is nothing more frustrating to an incumbent President than to discover during
the election meeting that there is no one running for any of the key positions. (Remember that Presidents are not part of the nominating
committee.) Starting early also gives potential candidates time to investigate and thoroughly consider the responsibilities of the position if
they are new to PTA. Late spring or summer is an awful time to recruit candidates because people become busy and frazzled with end of
year commitments or are away on vacation. If a really good candidate is approached to take a leadership position when stressed by being
in the middle of large project or event, his or her knee-jerk reaction might be to decline. But, this may not be the case if approached during
a slower time in the school year. Also, many good training opportunities are available in late spring and during summer. There is nothing
more frustrating to a new officer than to be thrown into a position with zero training.

Next, I would like to make a comment about responsibility and fulfilling expectations. Every PTA probably has experienced setbacks due to
a key officer’s life changes. This economy has been particularly hard on our volunteer base. People are forced to resign or cut back on
their PTA commitments due to myriad of life changing reasons, i.e., moving, job changes, illness etc. Whatever the reason, the worse
course of action is hiding or ignoring the PTA. If something happens and it would be difficult to fulfill your obligation, it is perfectly fine to
communicate this to your executive board or to Council. Someone could be appointed to take over until the crisis is over, or until a new
person is elected into the position. Either way, it is important that the unit continue its operation. Please don’t be the bottleneck that
causes your unit to come to grinding halt. If you have overextended yourself, be a responsible board member and keep the lines of
communication open. At the end of the day, our goals are all the same…doing our best for the children.

Several units received “nasty-grams” stating they are not compliant because of non-payment of per capita, insurance, or both. If these
payments are not being made because someone in the unit has created a bottleneck, please let us know. We can work with the unit to get
the “wheels” working again.

Lastly, Delta Council’s Executive Board is not immune to sudden life changes. We lost our VP of Communications to a move, our Treasurer
sadly lost her husband to cancer, and I was laid off and now have a new job with a longer commute and a crazy travel schedule. We may
have to adjust our radar on extraneous commitments, but as long as our core commitments to you and to 32 District are fulfilled, we are
doing our job. This is what we hope you are striving for too.

Thank you for all that you do….
                                                                                               Table of Contents
                                                                                               President’s Message… ………………1
                                                                                               Delta Council Board. …………………2
                                                                                               Membership News…………………….2
                                                                                               Membership Challenge……………….3
                                                                                               School Finance 101…………………...3
                                                                                               Nominating Tips……………………….4
                                                                                               Legislative Conference… …………..4
                                                                                               Reasons for Elections………………...5
                                                                                               Council units……………………………6
                                                                                               Founders Day Award………………….6
                                                                                               PTA Branch of Command…………….7
                                                                                               Important Dates………………………. 9
Name       Last Name                  Position      Phone                          Email
Mitzi      Reagan           President            925-978-1979
Bobbi      Nugent           EVP                  925-240-7912
Denise     Dimock           Treasurer            925-516-6901
Chris      Low              Secretary            925-778-0446
                            VP - Parent
Janto      Widjaja          Ed/Communications    925-234-5463
Bridget    Wimberley        VP- Membership       925-628-3539
Sara       Hall-Cottrell    Historian            925-522-9836
Nina       Maurico          Auditor              925-754-4102
Brenda     Steffen          Advisor              925-779-9718
Annette    Lewis            Advisor              925-625-2915

               DELTA COUNCIL                                               Chairman’s Club
                                                                        (50 members by November 15 )
                                                                Antioch High School PTSA
                                                                Black Diamond Middle School PTSA
                                                                Carmen Dragon PTA
           Early Bird Awards                                    Dallas Ranch Middle School PTSA
                                                                Deer Valley High School PTSA
           Black Diamond Middle School PTSA                     Delta Vista Middle School PTSA
           Carmen Dragon PTA                                    Discovery Bay Elementary School PTA
           Dallas Ranch Middle School PTSA                      Dozier-Libbey PTSA
           Deer Valley High School PTSA                         Gehringer Elementary PTA
           Delta Vista Middle School PTSA                       John Muir Elementary PTA
           Discovery Bay Elementary School PTA                  John Sutter Elementary PTA
           Discovery Play School PTA                            Laurel Elementary PTA
           Dozier-Libbey PTSA                                   Mission Elementary PTA
           Gehringer Elementary PTA                             Mno Grant Elementary PTA
           John Muir Elementary PTA                             O’Hara Park Middle School PTSA
           John Sutter Elementary PTA                           Oakley Elementary PTA
           Lone Tree Elementary School PTA                      Orchard Park PTA
           Mission Elementary PTA                               Park Middle School PTSA
           Mno Grant Elementary PTA                             Timber Point Elementary School PTA
           O’Hara Park Middle School PTSA                       Vintage Parkway Elementary PTA
           Oakley Elementary PTA
           Orchard Park PTA
           Park Middle School PTSA
           Vintage Parkway Elementary PTA
Thank you for the important role you play in the California State PTA. You make the difference in serving children and
enabling the work of teachers and staff. You are the voice for parent education and involvement. You are the advocate
for laws and public policy that ensure the health, welfare and safety of every child. You are the PTA! And your efforts
are enriched when PTA membership is strong ... and growing.

So, let's unite behind a positive resolution for the new year. Delta Council is running a membership contest through the
end of February. There will be 2 categories and two winners and the prize will be paid admission to the 2010 PTA
Convention. The two categories are: highest increase in membership and highest percentage membership increase
over last year.
                                       “Beauty is...!”
Reignite your membership campaign, promote the benefits of PTA to your wider community, and resolve to add
at new members to your PTA in 2010 before February 28, 2010!

                                    The six arts areas are as will be dramatically strengthened to meet the
If every unit reaches out to encourage and welcome new members, we follows:
important goals we embrace for all**Literature **Musical Composition
                                        **Photography **Visual Arts
                          **Dance/Choreography **Film/Video Production
There is no better time than today. In this year of unprecedented school budget and economic challenges, the mission
of the 112-year-old PTA becomes ever more crucial for the future of children in our state and nation. Now more than
                            District Showcase who be January 23, 2010 at
ever, PTA is a rallying point for parents and teachers will resolve to build a stronger and more cohesive school
community and a culture of success for all students.
                                            Alhambra High School
Let's embrace this resolution together! Accept the challenge of a brand new year. Our best wishes as you resolve to
                                           together we will Martinez, CA
support every child with one voice ... and 150 E Street,unleash the power and unlimited potential of PTA
membership.                                           2:00PM

          Confused about why schools have such low funding?
             Concerned about looming cuts to our schools?
   Wonder why you are asked to donate money for basic school services?

                              Attend the 32nd District PTA Program
                                             School Finance 101
When: Monday, January 25, 2010, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Where: Los Lomas High School Cafeteria, 1460 South Main Street, Walnut Creek

RSVP by January 22 to

Learn why our schools receive lower per-pupil funding than any other state in the nation, and hear about
possible reforms.

     The time for planning the election of next year’s
                      Board is now...

   In January, units should be electing their nominating
    committees to have time to find the best and most
            qualified person for each position.

The Right Person for the Right Job

The nominating committee is one of THE MOST
IMPORTANT committees of the PTA. This group of people
must recognize and seek qualified nominees for the
elected leadership of your PTA. The members of the
committee, therefore, have a tremendous influence
on the future of your PTA and should be carefully
selected. It’s not too early to begin looking for qualified
people to serve on your PTA’s nominating committee.
Your members can certainly be recruiting willing
candidates now. Sometimes all it takes is “putting the bug
in their ear” for them to consider serving. Then when it’s
time for the election of the nominating committee, qualified
people will be prepared to step forward. The nominating
committee is the only PTA committee that is not appointed
by the president. This committee is elected by the
members at an association meeting at least two months
prior to the election of officers. Determining when to elect
the committee and how many people to elect is outlined in
your unit bylaws. Don’t forget to elect alternates, in the
event an elected committee member cannot attend the
first committee meeting. Most units should be electing the
nominating committee no later than January or February
for the election of officers in March or April. The
committee needs a balance of newer and more
experienced PTA members, all of whom:

Should be knowledgeable about PTA; are aware of
qualified potential nominees; are familiar with the eligibility
requirements and the qualifications necessary for the
offices to be filled; and, are willing and able to devote
adequate time to the responsibilities involved and maintain
confidentiality. Don’t overlook students (if you have a
PTSA) and teachers. Election of the nominating
committee is not a popularity contest or whoever is willing
to serve, nor should it consist of the PTA executive board.
The PTA president never serves on the committee and the
parliamentarian serves only when elected to serve. The
principal may be elected, but should at least be an advisor
to the group. No person may serve on the committee for
two consecutive years. Be sure to elect your nominating
committee wisely!
                                   Reasons to Conduct Elections

                                     Before the School Year Ends

Bylaws indicate when elections are held; but, WHY is it important to elect new
Officers before the new school year starts? If the new school year begins without new
officers . . .

  1. Four months of transition and planning time is               7. Bylaws state the president-elect is entitled to
  forever lost (April election).                                  represent the PTA at the annual California State PTA
  2. The program and budget committees have                       convention, if the budget allows. The annual
  inadequate time to develop and plan prior to the                convention is always held in late April or very early
  first association meeting, which leaves little time             May.
  to give notice for and present plans to the                     8. Mailings of valuable resources and materials from
  membership for its required approval.                           National and California State PTA are missed.
  3. The PTA executive board must play catch-up. It               9. The opportunity to promote PTA, build a
  can take months to feel organized and prepared to               relationship with the school, and publicize the PTA’s
  effectively lead the association.                               role on campus is delayed and momentum is lost.
  4. Banking, check signatures, and bill paying can               10. Administrators and school staff may be confused
  be impaired if previous officers have moved on                  as to whom the PTA leaders are and how valuable
  and financial procedures have not been properly                 the PTA/PTSA is to the school community.
  addressed at the end of one fiscal year and the                 11. Opportunities for valuable community building,
  beginning of another.                                           networking, and volunteer recruitment, which
  5. The transition of officers and chairmen after an             normally begin when officers take office, are lost.
  extended break loses the momentum of sharing                    12. The membership campaign begins too late for the
  and passing on information and materials. If past               PTA to qualify for Early Bird and Chairman's Club
  officers or chairmen move to another campus or                  awards and may prevent the PTA from remitting
  community, materials and procedure books often                  the first required dues payment on time.
  become lost.                                                    13. Students lose the opportunity to participate in
  6. Newly elected officers miss the opportunity to               Reflections, PTA’s fine arts program, etc. because
  participate in counterpart training provided by the             there is inadequate time to plan, kick off, and
  district and council PTA, as well as convention and             meet entry deadlines.
  other workshops.

The election process starts with the election of your Nominating Committee as early as January. You need to start
early in order to find qualified candidates and have a slate posted and announced 30 days in advance of the
election. See next month’s Mt. Diablo Council of PTAs News for the article on the nominating committee or visit for further information.

                                                        7:00 p.m. Dent Center
                                                     1936 Carlotta Concord, CA
                      This meeting will feature Brenda Steffen from 32nd District to discuss creating positive
                      climates at schools between PTA Units, Principals, Teachers, and Staff. Please plan to
                      attend, and invite your Principals to participate, too. This is a great opportunity for all of
              DELTA COUNCIL                                                     DELTA COUNCIL
                                                                                FOUNDERS DAY
                                                                                AWARDS DINNER

Delta Council will be hosting our Founders Day Dinner on April 22, 2010 at Brentwood Golf Course. We encourage all
units to send a representative. This event is a legitimate expense for PTA units.

Antioch High School PTSA                              FOUNDERS DAY February 17th
Black Diamond Middle School PTSA                      Founders Day is a perfect time to renew the dedication to the Purposes
Byron/Excelsior PTSA                                  of the PTA that was defined by PTA’s Founders more than a century
Carmen Dragon PTA                                     ago. Each year in February, PTA honors the three founders as well as
Dallas Ranch Middle School PTSA                       past and present PTA leaders. Through special programs and events,
Deer Valley High School
                                                      PTA also attempts to increase the awareness of its members and the
Delta Vista Middle School
                                                      community by highlighting achievements, activities, projects and goals.
Discovery Bay Elementary School PTA
Gehringer PTA
                                                      The Founders Day celebration was created in 1910 by Mrs. David O.
Iron House PTA
                                                      Mears, a charter member of the National Congress of Mothers founded
Jack London Elementary PTA
                                                      by Alice McLellan Birney and Phoebe Apperson Hearst in Washington,
John B. Turner Elementary PTA
                                                      DC, February 17, 1897. The Founders Day observance has continued
John Muir Elementary PTA
                                                      through the change of organization names in 1925 to the National
John Sutter Elementary PTA
Laurel Elementary PTA                                 Congress of Parents and Teachers, and the uniting in 1970 with the

Lone Tree Elementary School PTA                       National Congress of Colored Parents and Teachers, founded in 1926

Mission Elementary PTA                                by Selena Sloan Butler, to become the National PTA (A Brief History:
Mno Grant Elementary PTA                              Working Together for Children Since 1987, 1.1.6, 4).
Oakley Elementary PTA
O'Hara Park Intermediate PTSA                         Issues concerning immigrants, homeless children and families, the
Orchard Park School                                   unemployed and the uneducated, and numerous health and safety
Park Middle School PTSA                               concerns still need attention. However, through PTA advocacy to enact
Timber Point Elementary PTA                           and enforce laws, children’s health is better protected and children are
Vintage Parkway Elementary PTA                        better fed, housed and educated, with parents more involved in their
upbringing. The vision of PTAs founders has been realized in many ways, and now it is up to present PTA members to continue
the vision.
These are trying times to be a parent. Every day seems to reveal some new challenge. The PTA, as the oldest and largest nonprofit
organization working on the behalf of all children, will provide you with the tools needed to face these challenges. When you join a PTA in
the Contra Costa County, you become a member of PTA at many other branches, starting with…

                          Unit PTAs/PTSAs at school sites are organized and chartered in conformity with rules and regulations as
                          prescribed in the bylaws of the California State PTA. These units are self-governing bodies for the purpose of
                          planning programs and activities to meet local community needs.

                          Council PTAs are groups of school (unit) PTAs in the various school districts of Contra Costa County. The Council
 Unit                     boards provide training for PTA officers, legislative and parent education information and events, and
                          communication to and from the school district administrators. Many Councils offer high school scholarships for
                          graduating high school seniors.

                          32 District PTA is composed of 6 PTA councils (representing 131 school PTAs) all located in Contra Costa
                          County. The 32 District Board and the six Council presidents meet monthly. Dr. Joseph Ovick, Contra Costa
                          County Superintendent of Schools, is a member of the 32 District Board. District provides training and
                          guidance for unit and council officers, parent representation regarding education issues at the county level, and
                          establishes new units in our county. Student members of any unit are eligible for scholarships from 32 District.
Council                                                                                                                                    nd
                          The Contra Coaster, a newsletter for presidents and treasurers, is distributed 5 times per year. In addition, 32
                          District PTA maintains a website at, complete with parent education information, current
                          events, and deadlines for councils and units.

                          CA State PTA supports and works for legislation on statewide issues that affect the education, health, and well
                          being of children and youth. It provides leadership training at the annual PTA Convention, and services,
                          materials, and publications for all units. CA PTA participates in meetings and conferences of groups with goals
  District                similar to PTA. Their website ( and several publications (PTA in California, The Communicator,
                          and Sacramento Update) keep parents and PTAs informed of its activities. CA PTA meets several times per year.
                          Its officers have many years of PTA leadership experience. Parent, teacher, and student members are eligible for
                          a variety of scholarships from the State PTA.

                          National PTA continues to do all that the state PTA does, except in the national forum. This organization
                          provides information and resources for PTAs throughout the country covering all facets of a child’s life. It works
                          hard on safety issues, and strengthening the partnership between home and school. National PTA supports
State                     public education. Their magazine, Our Children, and award winning website (, Children First, help
                          members and PTAs keep on top of the key issues affecting children and families.

2010 California State PTA Convention

Notes from Convention Chair: Chris Low
CONVENTION UPDATE: The 111 Annual California State PTA Convention is scheduled for April 29 – May 2, 2010. We hope that by
attending convention you will feel energized, inspired and educated from all these wonderful workshops. Our State Convention Commission
has incorporated all the things we loved about past conventions in addition to some new ideas for this year.
As convention Chair this year I would like to encourage all units to think about sending someone to convention. We hope that in attending
convention we are assisting you in the work you do at your school and for all of California’s children.

You’ll be able to select from a multitude of workshops and activities. These will meet your specific needs and provide experiences to
expand both your personal and PTA horizon. Workshop topics include leadership, finance, membership, education, parliamentary
procedures, as well as opportunities for networking with others who share your passion for children and families.

Whether you are a first timer (whoo-hoo!) or a seasoned volunteer, there is something for everyone.
Do you want to get everyone excited about convention? View and promote the new convention video posted on the convention
web page at

The main purpose of your convention, besides offering workshops, is of course conducting the business of the PTA. General Meetings will
be in six (6) sessions. Some of them will be in the evening hours. In these General Meetings, you will see the amazing work/talent of the
State PTA Reflections winners and hear dynamite speakers.

At the 2010 Convention you will also find opportunities for the following.

Training and learning opportunities at more than 70 workshops.
Networking with other PTA leaders from around the state.
Participating in general meetings and share your voice in guiding our organization.
Visiting the Exhibit Hall and the PTA Store.
Joining Thursday’s rally at the Capitol.
Embracing, enjoying and being inspired by Reflections participants.
Becoming engaged in the resolution process.
Getting inspired by speakers.
Being awed by students.

You’ll want to send your board, your students and your members! Convention is a legitimate PTA expense. Your PTA district
may have leadership grants available. Title 1 Parent Involvement funds included in school site budgets may also be available.

Online registration begins February 2, 2010. Register early to get the best discount. Your badge and tickets will be mailed to you. The
Convention Commission can’t wait to meet you in Sacramento.

Look for more details in the next Contra Coaster or contact: Chris Low, 925.778.0446,
    DATE              TIME                 PLACE                         EVENT/DEADLINE
Jan 1            7:00PM           Laurel Elementary, Oakley   Delta Council Gen. Mtg

Jan 23           2:00PM           Alhambra High School        32nd District Reflection Show Case

Feb 2                             Convention                  On-line registration

Feb 7-13                                                      PTA take your family to school week

March 8          7:00PM           Laurel Elementary, Oakley   Delta Council Gen. Mtg

March 22         6:15PM Dinner    CCCOE                       32nd District General Meeting – FREE
                 7:00PM Meeting                               Everyone is invited to attend dinner and
March 26                                                      Founders Day Scholarship app are due

April 22         6:45PM           Brentwood Golf Course       Founders Day Dinner Awards

April 29–May 2                    Sacramento                  CA PTA Convention Sacramento

June 7           7:00PM           Laurel Elementary, Oakley   Delta Council Gen. Mtg

   Workers Compensation Forms                                                         1/1/2010
   Mid Year Audit                                                                     2/2/2010
   Final Remittance                                                                   3/1/2010
   Executive Board Roster                                                            4/25/2010
   Unit Report (volunteer hours)                                                      5/1/2010
   Year End Financial Report                                                         6/30/2010
   Year End Audit                                                                    6/30/2010
          Executive Board Meeting Dates                   General Membership Meeting Dates

                    July 16, 2009                                  August 10, 2009
                                                                   October 12, 2009
                   August 13, 2009
                                                                   January 11, 2010
                 September 10, 2009                                 March 8, 2010
                  October 15, 2009                                   June 7, 2010
                 November 12, 2009
                  January 14, 2010
                  February 11, 2010
                   March 11, 2010
                    April 22, 2010
                    May 13, 2010
                    June 10, 2010

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