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Ingram Micro Activation Process


									Activation Opportunity: Rugged Handhelds: This document shows individual carrier process flow,
contact info, and selling tips for net new business to business activations of Mobile Rugged Handhelds.

Reseller partners can process Rugged Mobile Computer activations with Ingram Micro Mobility for
AT&T, Sprint, & T-Mobile to Business End users.

The first step with any new opportunity is an account Inquiry on the end user customer.

Account Inquiry Steps

COPY & PASTE INTO THE SUBJECT LINE: INQUIRY – End Customer Company Name (Please also include
the Existing carrier Billing Account Number if applicable and available to you)

Please provide the following end user customer information.

End Customer Legal Name: (If applicable please also include “Doing Business As” name)
End Customer Federal Tax ID#:
End Customer Corporate Address (including: city, state, zip):

Opportunity Specifics: Deal Size, Expected Close Dates, Expected completion date of total opportunity

Existing Customer? (Please ask the customer if they have existing lines with the carrier they have
chosen, having their account number up front speeds up the process) If they are an existing customer
please ask them to provide the following...
         -Existing Billing Account Number (with at least 1 ph# if available):

        -Please verify if there are any Alternate Business Names or Alternate Addresses. This would be
        any address or name EVER used by this company regardless of how long ago even if no longer

Common terms:

DC/POS (Data Capture/Point of Sale) Handhelds, Rugged Handhelds, Mobile Rugged Computers;
Examples include Motorola, Intermec, Psion, Honeywell, Datalogic, etc.
End User/End Customer: Your customer- The final user of the mobile device, and the one billed for the
carrier monthly service.
Reseller/Partner/Sub Dealer: You, your company.
Master Dealer: Ingram Micro.
Co-Sell: Partnering with a carrier employee representative that supports your end customer on carrier
contracting, price plans, and discounts.
Activation- Enabling the mobile functionality of embedded Mobile devices on a carrier service plan
WWAN- Wireless Wide Area Network- The internal wireless radio built into the device
Upgrade-When the end user of the device already has a mobile number and is just changing equipment
from one device to another.
Ingram Micro Specialist: Kristy Gonciarz- 1-800-456-8000 x66673
Sprint Channel Manager: Charlie Benzinger- 716-510-9776

Sprint Process:
    1. Submit the account inquiry to Kristy Gonciarz at
    2. Kristy will work with Charlie Benzinger to research the customer, determine if they have an
        existing Sprint account or a Sprint account team that we need to engage. This also allows us to
        check if the customer is eligible for any special discounts.
    3. We will then set up a Call with you to discuss the opportunity and process. This is the time to
        address any questions or concerns.
    4. Once we have received approval from Charlie to sell into the account, the next steps will vary
        depending on end user.
                      If the customer is an existing customer of Sprint and has a Sprint Account
                       Manager, Charlie will engage the Sprint Account Manager to provide pricing plans
                       for the customer. (This is common for enterprise, government, and public sector
                      If the customer does not have an existing Sprint Account Manager, or is new to
                       Sprint then Kristy will provide you with the Sprint pricing plans available.
    5. Kristy and Charlie will provide you with a “quote” of activation services for the end customer.
    6. Once the customer has agreed to the price plan, we move on to placing the order.
                      Your first step will be to capture the serial numbers (ESN or MEID) from the
                       hardware. Ingram Micro can assist with ESN Capture using our Configuration
                       Center if needed. You will want to let your Ingram Micro sales rep know that you
                       would like the numbers captured at time of activation.
                      You will need to complete the Sprint Activation Request Form (attached) with all
                       required fields and submit to Kristy for order placement.
                          Customer information (including existing Sprint account number if applicable)
                          Serial number(s)
                          Specific User Names (if the end customer requests).
                      Some customers may need to provide funding documentation for the order. This
                       may include a signed and dated Purchase Order Form or Quote form. This
                       requirement will be established and brought to your attention at the time of
                       account inquiry and Kristy will let you know what specific documentation is
                       needed. She can also provide an example form if needed.
                      Once the Activation Request Form and any required funding documentation has
                       been sent to Kristy, she will place the order using Ingram Micro’s online carrier
                       activation portal. The activations are usually completed within 24 hours. After
                       complete, Kristy will send you an email confirming activation along with the newly
                       assigned mobile numbers. This completes the activation process.

AT&T Market Development Specialist: Mike Filbert- 1-800-456-8000 x66054
AT&T Channel Manager: David Krasny- 630-267-2010

AT&T Process:
   1. Submit the account inquiry to Mike Filbert in order to identify any existing accounts and identify
       the correct AT&T sales reps to be engaged.
   2. Send over opportunity information including device type, total number of units, deployment
       start date, and completion date.
             This information will be used to register the opportunity with AT&T and start the
                engagement process.
   3. A co-sell call will then be set up between your company, AT&T, and Ingram Micro.
             This is where we discuss any concerns, questions, and provide updates for the
             If necessary Demo lines can be requested for testing purposes at no or deeply
                discounted charges to the customer.
   4. The AT&T team will present the rate plan options and discounts available to the customer, so
       you do not need an understanding of rate plans or services offered through AT&T.
   5. If your customer is a brand new AT&T customer, Ingram Micro will work with AT&T to identify a
       local account rep and set a corporate discount number or FAN (Foundation Account Number). A
       FAN is required for all business accounts and provides many benefits to the customer including,
       free shipping charges, waived activation fees, and after 5 lines or more have been added to the
       account the end customer will receive a minimum 8% discount on rate plans and features $30
       per month and higher.
   6. Once the customer is ready to begin deployment please fill out the activation request form with
       all applicable information.
             Customer Information
             User Name
             IMEI number (found on device)
             ICCID (SIM number) if applicable. If no SIM number is provided one will be shipped to
                the address identified on the activation form. Depending on the rollout SIMs will either
                be provided before the rollout to the customer or as new activation requests are
                submitted. These SIMs are shipped free of charge with two day shipping, overnight
                shipping can be requested for an additional charge of $14.99)

     ATT Mobility
Activation Request Form.xls
Ingram Micro Market Development Specialist, Mike Mayle 1-800-456-8000 x66021
T-Mobile Channel Manager Ilian Papasov- 443-857-2237

T-Mobile process:

   1. Submit the account inquiry to Michael Mayle.
   2. Michael sends the account inquiry to the T-Mobile Channel Manager, Ilian Papasov.
   3. Michael will work with Ilian to research the customer, determine if they are a new customer
      (Does not require Co-Sell) or have an existing account of if there is an account team we need to
      engage (Requires Co-sell). Here we will determine if the customer is eligible for any additional
          a. If the opportunity requires co-selling with a T-Mobile Direct Sales Representative
                      i. Ingram Micro T-Mobile Specialist will contact the reseller sales rep to fill out a
                         “Co-Sell Request Form” provided as needed.
                     ii. Michael will send the completed form to
                    iii. Request form is sent to the local T-Mobile RSM (Regional Sales Manager). The
                         RSM is responsible for the region where the end customer is headquartered.
                    iv. T-Mobile RSM & Ingram Micro T-Mobile Specialist will work with the partner to
                         assess the customer needs and assign the appropriate direct sales
                         representative for consulting and fulfillment.
                     v. T-Mobile RSM coordinates with reseller partner and T-Mobile direct rep to ensure
                         that customer meetings and request are following process steps to make sure
                         that reseller is compensated properly. At the time of ordering, the T-Mobile direct
                         sales rep will fill out a standard order form with their co-sell dealer code and send
                         to the local RSM and the main reseller partner contact. Any additional customer
                         Terms & Conditions are also completed and returned to the partner at this time.
                    vi. Order is fulfilled by Ingram Micro and the reseller partner using the Co-Sell
                         Dealer Code submitted by the T-Mobile direct rep.
           b. Doesn’t require Co-sell
                  i. With every non co-sell opportunity, you have access to four T-Mobile Field
                      Service Reps who would be happy to assist you with every step of the T-Mobile
                     ii. Once the customer has agreed to activating product you will place an order with
                         the Ingram Micro T-Mobile Specialist for the number of sim cards you would need
                         for the activation. Ingram SKU number is DY7411.
                    iii. When the sim cards arrive you will need to capture the sim card numbers and
                         submit them to Michael Mayle at
                    iv. Michael will place the order using Ingram Micro’s online carrier activation portal.
                        The activations are usually completed within 24 hours. After complete, Michael
                        will send you an email confirming activation along with the newly assigned
                        mobile numbers. This completes the activation process.

                 TMobile Mobility      TMobile Order
               Activation Request Form.xlsx
Ingram Micro Mobility Support Resources

Kristy Gonciarz

Market Development Specialist
Sprint Business Solutions
1-800-456-8000 ext 66673

Michael Filbert

Market Development Specialist
AT&T Mobility Solutions
1-800-456-8000 ext 66054

Michael Mayle

Market Development Specialist
T-Mobile Mobility Solutions
1-800-456-8000 ext 66021

Brad Banas

Market Development Manager
Mobility Solutions
1-800-456-8000 ext 66011

Linda Honsberger

Commission Specialist
Mobility Solutions
1-800-456-8000 ext 31351
How to sell, position, answer questions/objections:

End Customer Frequently Asked Questions/Objections:

Here is a list of objections you may potentially hear from your end customer when asking about
activation services, as well as some responses on how to handle the objections.

End User Objection: I already have an AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile rep that I work with on my activations.
Why wouldn’t I just go directly to them?

Answer: Great! As an authorized Carrier Activation reseller we partner with that person and work
together to get your hardware activated. So your current rep won’t be cut out of the process, they will
be included in the process and compensated the same as if they did the activation without our
involvement. Also in this case we can coordinate the activation and shipment of your device as a team.

End User Objection: I get discounts on my monthly service when I buy from my AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile
Wireless direct representative. Would I get the same working with you?

Answer: You will still receive the same carrier discounts that you are getting with your carrier rep. We
sell in collaboration with that person to make sure you get the best price and promotion available. Also
you may qualify for additional discounts by involving us in the activation process.

Reseller Frequently Asked Questions:

Your concern: What if I don’t have the time to activate, I do not know enough about the carrier offerings
to speak about service to my end customer.

Answer: No problem. Ingram Micro has resources to assist you with managing the activation portion of
the sale and making sure that you are compensated. We will do all of the backend set up and order
processing into the carrier systems for you. Contact your carrier Activation Program specialist at Ingram
Micro with any opportunities.

Your concern: How do I know what products I sell are eligible to activate with the carrier?

Answer: This program is specifically for the Embedded Handheld solutions. The carriers will
cooperatively sell these devices into almost all customer segments and types. Please contact the Carrier
Activation Program specialist at Ingram Micro to assist you to qualify the opportunity with the carrier of
your end customer’s choice. We will make certain that the device your customer is looking at is certified
on the carrier network and compatible with the carrier your end customer has chosen.

Your concern: I did not but the equipment through Ingram Micro, how do I get it activated now?

Answer: Although there are many benefits to purchasing your equipment through Ingram Micro, we can
activate the device on the carrier networks regardless of where you require the handhelds through.
Some of the Buzzwords to look for in the sales cycle are- Activation, wireless service, mobile, light up,
embedded, WWAN, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, HSPA, HSUPA, HSDPA, Rev A, EVDO, mobile data, 3G, 4G,
“outside the four walls”, & broadband.

Question: What are some qualifying questions I can ask my customer?

For Rugged Handhelds
Will the device be used outside the four walls?
Will you need Remote Wireless access to the Internet?
Do you need real time data?
Will you be mobile with this Device?
Are you planning on activating this Device with a Wireless Carrier?
Are you familiar with the advantages of embedded devices?
Did you know we are a Wireless Carrier Partner and can handle the total solution for you in conjunction
with the carrier representatives?

Compensation for all activations is paid out to your company 60 days from the end of the month that
the activation occurred in. You can refer to your main company contact to get a general idea of how you
are compensated. Compensation will be based on the rate plan, features, term length that your
customer agrees to. You can use your compensation as pure revenue profit or to assist you to “buy
down” the equipment to make you more aggressive with the margins.

We offer an On-Boarding curriculum to all new partners that includes a 30 minute WebEx training on
how use the carrier activation portal. This will allow you the capability to place/track orders and view
device information. The goal of the Carrier Dealer Program is to work with the carrier Channel Managers
to promote you internally as a Subject Matter Expert for the Rugged Handheld Solution and position you
for lead exchange with the carrier sales representatives and technical resources.

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