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									                                                                                                acta upg | february 2003 | volume 2 | no. 1 | page 1

                                                                    The Newsletter for the University Program in Genetics Community
       D U K E U N I V E R S I TY

                                                     thoughtful researcher. Long gone were the                         The restaurant is located in a new brick
Commentary                                           days when he could take any textbook or lec-
                                                     ture, consume the offered knowledge and re-
                                                                                                           building in the 9th street “north” district. Let’s be
                                                                                                           honest, if you blink, you may miss “the north” dis-
                                                     gurgitate it, all in a period of 12 hours of sleep-   trict so a more accurate map is that it is just north
Daniel Colón-Ramos, an old and wise UPG student in
                                                     deprived cramming. Oh how he longed for the           of the main 9th street strip on your left hand side.
the Department of Pharmacology & MCB, advises new    monthly evaluations—the friendly pop-quizzes,         The restaurant itself is small and quaint, elegant
students about graduate school                       the curved midterm exams and the carefully            enough to take a date. There are booths and
                                                     graded problem sets—to soothe his need for            open tables. The waiters are courteous and po-
After the overwhelming success of the Peer
                                                     reassurance!                                          lite. The real treasure in Dale’s restaurant is in
Advice Panel in the last UPG retreat, the edi-
                                                                 Grad school can become one con-           the selection of food and how well it is done. Most
tors of Acta have decided to cover, in a series
                                                     fusing intellectual shock. During the first year      of the food is considered North Indian cuisine but
of columns, shared peer advice on topics of
                                                     it is kind of a hybrid system between undergrad       Dale promises that his Dossa’s, traditionally south
common interest to all UPG graduate students.
                                                     and an apprenticeship. The occasional lec-            Indian, are divine.
We invite the whole UPG community to partici-
                                                     tures, graded midterms and problem sets could              Claire Aldridge, (Ph.D. 1996)
pate in this forum by volunteering their own ad-
                                                     give the neophyte the impression that gradu-                      I think of my experience at Dale’s res-
vice, rebutting the advice offered by another
                                                     ate school is just the continuation of under-         taurant like a first date. It began innocently
columnist, or requesting advice on specific is-
                                                     graduate education. Initially, it might seem like     enough. I started with the vegetable samosas.
sues. I do not claim any higher knowledge on
                                                     the only difference is that this time you are re-     They were light yet spicy, and made me think, ‘I
the issues we are about to discuss, but in the
                                                     ally going to have to memorize the properties         wonder what else she has to offer?’ I decided
absence of another immediate option, I have
                                                     of all 22 amino acids. But the main difference        not to waste time and get straight into it. I or-
volunteered to moderate the forum. And what I
mean by this is feel free to relieve me from this    Commentary (continued on page 4)                        Restaurant review (continued on page 6)
duty at your earliest convenience. In order to
break the ice and open the doors to the discus-
sion, I will offer my two cents on this first col-
umn, entitled:                                       Restaurant Review                                                                 Contents
     Metamorphosis—A rip-off on Kafka
            As Gregor Samsa awoke one morn-                                                                        Commentary
ing from uneasy dreams he found himself trans-       Dale’s: The Kama Sutra of Indian Cuisine                      Daniel Colón-Ramos gives advice to his fellow young
formed in his bed into a gigantic insect. What
                                                     Indian cuisine is an old and rich gustatory mar-                                                                  Page 1
has happened to me? he thought. It was no
                                                     vel that has been influenced by a number of                   Restaurant Review
dream. Once the brightest scientist in his high
                                                     different traditions. I would liken it to a rela-             Shahid Nimjee looks for love and romance, or at least spice
school, then a diligent and well respected tech-
                                                     tionship—it can be complicated or very simple;                and flavor in a local Indian restaurant
nician at his college institution, now he was no
                                                     aromatic or pungent; warm or cool; sweet or                                                                       Page 1
more than a fly-in-the-wall graduate student.
                                                     sour and thankfully, is almost always spicy. It               Get Outside
From Genetic Analysis to the prelims, the old
                                                     can be the best thing in the world while you are              Carla Rydholm looks ar some of hte options we all have
tactics of “cram or be crammed” were not work-
                                                     eating it but can give you a big stomachache                  outside the lbab right here in Durham.
ing anymore. Professors smirked at him, an-
                                                     after it is over! Like finding that special some-                                                                 Page 2
nouncing their open-book exams, as if know-
                                                     one, a good Indian restaurant, especially in                  Faculty Profile
ing that no advantage would be enough to help
                                                     Durham is tough to come by. At least until                    Michelle Turski interviews Amy Bejsovec from the
him out of this one. What was happening to
                                                     now—my fellow lovers in the University Pro-                   Department of Biology
Greg?                                                                                                                                                                  Page 4
                                                     gram of Genetics: I present to you romance in
            He was undergoing the painful, but                                                                     Acta UPG Love Survey
                                                     rasmalai and love in a mango lassi. Dale’s In-
necessary metamorphosis of becoming a                                                                              Jennifer Lin collect the best data in grauduate school yet
                                                     dian Cuisine is, in my 5 years here in the dirty
graduate student (or the more flattering job                                                                                                                           Page 5
                                                     south, the best Indian restaurant in Durham and
description of “researcher assistant”). He was
                                                     a great choice for a little romantic outing for
quickly transforming from a lean and mean
                                                     Valentine’s Day this year.
undergraduate machine to a meticulous and
                                                       Get Outside!
                                                       Carla Rydholm shares her experiences outside the lab
                                                       I must admit that it is cold outide. Tempera-
                                                       tures as of late still require one to dress with
                                                       the strategic intent to stay warm. This said it
                                                       seems okay to launch into an appeal/ sugges-
                                                       tion/request that you all go outside. Just for a
                                                       bit. Walk, run or bike to enjoy a bit of stress
                                                       management midst your harried week spent
                                                       toiling in front of the computer and at a lab
                                                       bench. Liberate yourself from the notion that
                                                       there is nothing to do in Durham and enjoy
                                                       some wintertime recreation. Ward off a bout of
                                                       winter blues by taking in some cool February
                                                       air and enjoy the clear, bright sky.

                                                        A surprisingly fun place to spend leisure time
                                                       is downtown Durham. Because businesses are
                                                       rather spread out, a rigorous exploration ne-
                                                       cessitates that you walk a lot or bring a bike
                                                       down to cruise those cobbled alleys on two             Biking in North Carolina: While this may not be the tobacco trial,
                                                       wheels. Like everything here you have to work          the short winter and abundance of greenery offers the active per-
                                                                                                              son a number of different options to stay fit
acta upg | february 2003 | volume 2 | no. 1 | page 2

                                                       a bit to find spots but suggested combinations
                                                       are as follows: Saturday brunch at the YMCA
                                                       Soul Goodness café (healthy and southern and
                                                       vegan) then walk to the various secondhand
                                                       stores. Try the Scrap Exchange or the antique/         railroad route that once brought tobacco crops         good country roads. The area I know best is to
                                                       heritage furniture and home-wares stores by            into Durham. It runs paved from a Morehead             the west of town, between Durham, Chapel Hill,
                                                       the Bulls Stadium. Explore the menagerie of            Avenue trailhead near the Durham Bulls Park            and Hillsborough. Roads like Mt. Sinai, Old
                                                       specialty art supply stores and small galleries        down to Cornwallis Road and from here con-             NC 10, Kerley, 751, NC 86 and Old 86, St.
                                                       like Amano or the Seesaw Art Gallery. En route         tinues south, running parallel to Fayetteville         Mary’s and Pleasant Green all wind their way
                                                       to a coffee at the Blue Café or Fowler’s, you          Street for another few miles. The trail is ten feet    around sections of the Eno River State Park
                                                       can walk over the train tracks and take photos         wide and very well maintained. A forest buffer         and various sections of the Duke Forest. There
Acta UPG

                                                       of the water towers. Run the bases of the old          flanks both sides of the trail but as it runs liter-   are lots of options on just these roads alone,
                                                       Durham Bulls stadium. If you see beauty in             ally through the neighborhoods of southern             leaving it entirely up to you to navigate a bike
                                                       marvelously decrepit old buildings, ride your            Hiroaki you can
                                                                                                              DurhamMatsunami see businesses and houses              ride of whatever distance you want. If you con-
                                                       bike past the landmark that is the Heart of            for much of the route. Really, only during             tinue to head west, the areas around Carrboro
                                                       Durham Motel then zoom down back lanes of              stretches of the first mile from downtown can          are wonderful, and full of road bikers on a nice
                                                       the tobacco warehouse district. Do you know            you not see someone’s backyard. By riding,             weekend morning. On a warm and sunny day
                                                       where Durham City Hall is? Have you ever been          inline skating or running/walking on the Tobacco       ride out to Mapleview Farms for ice cream. To
                                                       to the Durham Library to check out books or            Trail you gain a unique vantage point from             the east of Durham, your best bet is to head
                                                       movies (the ones donated by the former Caro-           which to see the merging of some of Durham’s           towards Falls Lake, in the area where Durham,
                                                       lina Theater Video Store)? Have you ever made          oldest and newest neighborhoods. This trail            Wake, and Granville Counties come together.
                                                       a purchase from a Durham business nestled              also provides an easy way to have a fresh air          Roads like Boyce Mill Rd, Old Weaver Trail,
                                                       somewhere other than a strip mall? Hopefully,          experience. The trail is pretty busy (especially       and New Light Rd, all follow the Lake and offer
                                                       hopefully, hopefully you are now slightly enticed      the southernmost part) but still under-used so         many options to find loops. (Check out some
                                                       to bust out on an urban and active choose-your-        there is lots of room to comfortably run/walk          cue sheets on in this area and
                                                       own-adventure in the downtown core.                    along with the bikers. For an American Tobacco         around Raleigh).
                                                                                                              Trail map go to                                        The last good area to try is south of town, where
                                                       If you are in a more fitness-minded mood, head          Durham and Chatham counties meet. I don’t
                                                       to the American Tobacco Trail. Cycling the Trail       tobacco.asp#map.                                       have any experience riding around down there
                                                       is fun if you want to visit with a cycle partner or                                                           but have heard only good things from people
                                                       ride it slow enough to look for bird nests in the      Durham is also a great place from which to             who do get out that way.
                                                       bare branches of the winter forest. I would ar-        access longer, more vigorous bike rides.
                                                       gue against riding it at a fast pace. This rail-       Most of the road bike routes I take are things I
                                                       trail is a city-sponsored project to develop a         just make up. There are a couple of generally
                                                       multi-use recreation path that follows the old         less populated areas around Durham that have           Get Outside (continued on phage 5)
Faculty Profile                                                                                acta upg | february 2003 | volume 2 | no. 1 | page 3

Michelle Turski sits down with the ‘fly lady’, Amy                                                         While studying genetics at Cornell, Amy decided
                                                      Ah, Amore
Bejsovec, PhD.                                                                                             that she wanted to get her Ph.D. in genetics and
                                                      Amy went to Cornell for her undergraduate            become a professor with the hope that one day
                                                      education where she went through a number            she could return to Cornell to teach. So she
                                                      of majors (sound familiar to anyone else?) in-       began her search for graduate schools, which
                                                      cluding pre-vet and biochemistry but eventu-         she described as her “random walk through sci-
                                                      ally settled on genetics after taking a class in     ence.” I can only imagine how this was accom-
                                                      the subject. Actually, Amy admits that she           plished in the days prior to the Internet Revolu-
                                                      would’ve loved to have followed in the footsteps     tion, but Amy did a pretty smart thing: She sim-
                                                      of her first true love, Jacques Cousteau (women      ply took a look at where the Cornell Biology pro-
                                                      just love that French accent), and become a          fessors got their Ph.D.’s. A quarter of them (you
                                                      naturalist/behaviorist but thought it might be too   should all be thinking Punnett Squares right now)
                                                      difficult to find a job in that field.               hailed from the University of Wisconsin, Madi-
                                                                                                           son and this ended up being where Amy, her-
                                                      “Amy does a random walk through science.”            self, obtained her Ph.D.

                                                                                                             Bejsovec (continued on page 6)

Dr. Amy Bejsovec is probably known by many                HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY
                                                        From the people at Acta UPG
here at Duke in a couple of different ways.
Some may know her as one of the foremost
authorities on wingless signaling in specifying
the pattern elements of the Drosophila embryo.
For the more inquisitive and investigative, they
may know that Dr. Bejsovec was trained under
the Nobel laureate, Eric Wiechaus. Others may
simply know Dr. Bejsovec as ‘the Fly Lady’ or
as the Duke professor with that cute little black
dog in her office (his name happens to be Willie
by the way). I, however, had the pleasure of
knowing Dr. Bejsovec as just Amy over the
course of my second rotation. During my rota-
tion with Amy, I developed a real sense of re-
spect for her as a scientist who demands the
highest standards in her own research as well
as in the scientific output of others. I recently
sat down with Amy to learn about her personal
journey into the world of science and any ad-
vice she might have to give to those of us only
just embarking on this extra-ordinary path.

The Early Years
Amy credits her mother, a biology teacher, as
the person who exposed her to science and
inspired her to pursue a life in science. Her
natural propensity for science was recognized
early on when she won first prize in ethology
for her study on the Territorial Behavior of Her-
mit Crabs. Now here is the truly unique part of
this little story. For first prize she won a calcu-
lator, which she has a ‘museum piece’, it is still
a working calculator and I have no doubt she
continues to plug n’ chug away on the little thing
to this day!
                                                       Commentary (continued from page 1)

                                                       in graduate school is that we go from consum-        At the University of Wisconsin, Amy studied the ge- no to everyone (including Mark himself) the first
                                                       ers to producers of knowledge in less than one       netics of muscle development in C. elegans in Dr.   time! Amy writes the paper Mark encouraged
                                                       semester. And that changes everything. No            Phil Anderson’s lab. Judith Kimble, a very well     her to write, Amy gives the paper to Mark, Mark
                                                       longer are you supposed to sit in lecture taking     known C. elegans developmental geneticist, served   gives the paper to Eric and tells Eric Amy would
                                                       in information and memorizing pathways. Now          on her committee. Amy describes her graduate        really like to finish up her post-doc with him,
                                                       you need to question the professors you have         school project as a great project from which she    Eric invites Amy to join his lab after reading her
                                                       learned to respect. Question their assumptions       learned a lot. She basically started off with a mu- paper, and poof! The rest is history really. Amy
                                                       on how nature works, question their experimen-       tant phenotype, and using a combination of molecu-  finished her post-doc in Eric’s lab and then went
                                                       tal biases, but more importantly, question all       lar and genetic techniques, found the gene respon-  to Northwestern for her first faculty position.
                                                       the pathways they had you memorize as an             sible for the phenotype, and characterized the gene When she came up for tenure, she actually re-
                                                       undergrad. And harder than all, you have to          and its encoded protein. This process is virtually  ceived tenured offers from 3 different universi-
                                                       question yourself. Graduate school is the meta-      identical to what Amy’s lab does now with the only  ties: Northwestern, Rochester, and Duke. Amy
                                                       morphosis of the trusting student to the critical    differences being the mutant phenotypes she stud-   decided to come to Duke for a couple of differ-
                                                       thinker, a leap of faith into your own capacity to   ies and the system in which she does her work: the  ent reasons. “I liked Duke so much. There
                                                       produce original ideas that might help human-        fly.                                                was just no question if I got tenure here, that I
                                                       ity better understand how everything around us                                                           would leave Northwestern. The science is so
                                                       works. And that task, as exciting as it is, can      Fly Envy                                            much better here.” Amy is also closer to her
                                                       be a daunting one.                                   “ So the whole time I was in graduate school, I al- longtime friend and collaborator, Mark Peifer,
                                                                   I have heard plenty of horror stories    most had fly envy,” Amy tells me. This was about who has a lab at UNC, Chapel Hill.
                                                       on preliminary examinations go awry. They are        the time that Eric Wiechaus and Christianne
                                                       the urban legends of our UPG community,              Nusslein-Volhard had finished up their famous mu- Eric Stories
                                                       crafted to seed fear in the impressionable hearts    tagenesis screen and Yasushi Hiromi had gotten the Okay so now I wanted some serious scoop on
acta upg | february 2003 | volume 2 | no. 1 | page 4

                                                       of first-years. But as an equally impression-        first RNA in-situ hybridizations to work. Amy was what it was like to be a post-doc for a Nobel
                                                       able, but a bit more experienced fourth year         intrigued by the striped patterns in the embryo and Prize-winning professor. Amy pointed out that
                                                       grad student, let me assure you that nobody          by the possibilities that the mutagenesis screen although Eric won the Nobel prize a year after
                                                       that I know has been asked to write down the         opened up. “If you wanted to study development, she left his lab, he won the prize for work he
                                                       Krebs cycle, or to calculate how many net ATP        here was a system where somebody had already had done 10 or so years earlier but still, inquir-
                                                       molecules are produced during photosynthe-           done a systematic screen for mutations that disrupt ing minds want to know right? Amy described
                                                       sis, or any other questions you might find in an     development. So they were all there waiting for Eric as one of those really creative people who
                                                       everyday undergrad biology exam. And if they         people to work on.” And so Amy decided to do her gives the impression of being on a different
                                                       have been asked, they have not been failed for       post-doc in flies.                                  planet most of the time. In fact, Amy says that
                                                       not knowing the answer to that question. In-                                                                   some people think that Eric is a ditz or not very
Acta UPG

                                                       stead, people usually have the hardest time          Fly Lore and Laureates                                    smart “because he cultivates this absent-
                                                       when discussing potential experiments and            Amy wrote to Eric Wiechaus and asked him if she           minded professor persona.” However, Amy is
                                                       model hypotheses. Questions such as: “Why            could do a post-doc in his lab, but he turned her         pretty convinced the whole absent-minded pro-
                                                       did you make this and that assumption?” and          down. She ended up moving to Cambridge and                fessor bit is an act to get Eric out of responsi-
                                                       “Pretend you do that experiment and you get          began her study of wingless in the fly embryo. She        bility. In fact one of the pieces of advice Eric
                                                       the following set of results, now what?” are the     got interested in wingless because “it was clearly        gave Amy before she left for her first faculty
                                                       ones known to make or break the prelim. Ques-        doing different things at different times in terms of     position was ‘don’t be too good at committee
                                                       tions intended to measure how well you can           specifying cell fate.” After spending a few years in      work’. Amy tells me the following story that
                                                       think critically about a given problem.              Alfonso Martinez Arias’s lab Amy began to think           exemplifies what Nobel laureate, Eric
                                                                   So here is my peer advice to my fel-     about getting a job, but thought that being in En-        Wiechaus, is like. Eric comes in one day and
                                                       low UPGers: Knowledge is important, but if           gland it might be difficult for her to get a job in the   his hand is bundled up in paper towels and
                                                       you made it this far, you are probably an excel-     states. It was at this time that Amy met a fellow         blood is seeping through the layers of paper.
                                                       lent consumer of knowledge. Now is the time          scientist who would serve and continues to serve          He is looking extremely embarrassed and at a
                                                       break free from the cocoon, to transform from        as mentor, friend, and collaborator. Mark Peifer was      loss as to what to do. Another post-doc in the
                                                       an automated data processor to a renaissance         a post-doc in Eric Wiechaus’ lab who had come to          lab takes Eric to the infirmary and Amy remains
                                                       (wo)man. To transform from a fly-on-the-wall         Cambridge in his PI’s stead to speak at a meeting.        in the lab to inform the student who had an
                                                       graduate student, to a fly-on-the-wall graduate      Amy revealed to Mark some of her findings regard-         appointment with Eric that he would have to
                                                       student with a PhD.                                  ing wingless function in the developing embryo and        reschedule. When Eric returns from the infir-
                                                                                                            Mark, recognizing the importance of her findings,         mary Amy asked him how he had hurt his hand.
                                                       ! Daniel Colón-Ramos                                 encouraged her to write her results up in a paper.        He had left the blade of his paper cutter up and
                                                                                                            Now this is where things start coming full circle in      while in the process of talking/ thinking to him-
                                                                                                            Amy’s life. She also mentions to Mark that she had        self he had sort-of wildly swung his hand out
                                                       Faculty Profile (continued from page 3)              wanted to do her post-doc with Eric but Eric turned       and cut it on the blade. “Can you imagine that,”
                                                                                                            her down, to which Mark responded that Eric says
                                                       Worms in Wisconsin                                                                                             Continued on page 6
Get Outside (continued from page 2)
                                                                                                            acta upg | february 2003 | volume 2 | no. 1 | page 5

I don’t know much about off-road biking and so                                                     Acta UPG Love Survey
I have asked mountain bike enthusiast Dan           Latex or nitrile?
Catron to give some input as to where one could     -Latex                                                             53%
go. He graciously agreed and so here is what        -Nitrile                                                           35%
                                                    -People who like to live on the edge and said “neither”            12%
Dan wrote about one of his favoured rides…
                                                    Hot or not? The next time you have a bad day in lab, take comfort in the fact that at least you are part of the best looking
                                                    department around. (Be sure to mention this fact to the recruits coming in this weekend.) Average “hotness” scores follow
There are some great places in the Triangle         with the correct spelling of department names this time. The closer to 1 the better, the closer you are to 10 the more likely
                                                    you are to be Immunology.
for mountain biking. Most know about the Wil-
liam B. Umstead State Park, but there are other     -UPG
places to consider next time you head out. My       -MGM                                     4.5
                                                    -Pharm. & Molecular Cancer               4.0
current favorite is the Hill Demonstration For-     -Immunology                              5.7
est, which is managed by the NCSU Depart-           -DCMB
ment of Forestry. It covers about 2,500 acres       -Biochem                                 4.9

and has a decent mix of hills and trails of vary-   Where would you take a first date in Durham? The more useful answers include these specific and general ideas:
ing difficulty.                                     -The Green Room                                                    -Duke Chapel
                                                    -Sara B. Duke Gardens                                              -Raleigh
                                                    -Chapel Hill                                                       -Bullocks
Finding it is a bit tricky so bring a map just in   -Elmo’s                                                            -Melting Pot
case my directions are lacking. Start out where     -Starlight Drive-In
                                                                                                                       -Pao Lim
                                                                                                                       -Dinner and a movie at South Point
North Duke Street crosses over Highway 70           -Romantic walk around UNC campus                                   -The Dog House (for those of you have some sort of hot
                                                    -And the most ambitious, if not the most useful                    dog fetish)
(this is adjacent to the Northgate Mall). Note      answer given: “My house”
your mileage, or reset your trip odometer, as       When was the last time you went on a date?
you cross the Highway 70 overpass. You will
                                                    -In the last month                                                 53%
travel approximately 12 miles before your next      -In the last three months                                          6%
turn. Continue north towards the little town of     -In the last year
                                                    -Sometime before I discovered the joys of graduate school
Bahama (which is pronounced Ba-hey-ma).
                                                    So it looks like the majority of people are actually doing something other than working in lab all the time. (Another good thing to
North Roxboro Road will merge with North Duke       mention to the recruits.) For those of you who are not in the majority please see question 3 for inspiration.
Street. You will pass a Kroger grocery store        A magical genie appears in front of you and tells you that he will immediately grant you either your true love or your Ph.D.
(right-hand side) and Northern High School          tomorrow. Which would you rather have?

(left-hand side). Later you will pass Bahama        -True Love                               53%
Road (right-hand side) at approximately 9.2         -Ph.D.
                                                    -People who are lucky enough to

miles from your starting point. Continue north      have both already and would like
                                                    to negotiate with the genie for a
and you will pass Quail Roost Road on your          new car instead                          6%
right. You will turn right onto the next road,      Have you ever surfed for materials of “your choice” on the lab computer?
Moore’s Mill Road (SR 1601), which is about
                                                    -Yes                                                    53%
12.4 miles out. Travel 0.2 miles to the second      -No                                                     29%
dirt road on your right (don’t go down the drive-   -Maybe
                                                    -People who deemed this question below them
way), which is SR 1614. Drive about a mile
                                                    What percentage of UPG students do you think are single?
down the road and find a suitable place to park
along the side of the road. There are trails in     There was quite a wide range of estimates for this question. Probably why the average turned out to be 51%.
                                                    The actual percentage of single students is in fact 41%.
nearly every direction from this point.
                                                    Who in your opinion is the cutest prof associated with UPG?

Remember to stop for horses as they have the        The big winner for this question was Marcy Speer with 29% of the vote. The runner up was Andy Amalfitano with 12%. In a five-
                                                    way tie for third place with 6% of the vote each were (in no particular order): Hubie Amrein, Robin “What a hottie!” Wharton,
right-of-way and always wear a helmet. I have       Doug Marchuk, Steve Hasse (aka “the new yeast guy”), and Dan Kiehart. The percentage of people who refused to even venture
                                                    an answer was 41%. The level of sarcasm involved in the responses to this question could not be accurately quantified.
not found a suitable place to get water, so be
sure to bring enough for your ride. If you’re       Choose from the following Valentine Day fantasy gift options:

adventurous and lucky, you might find the chain     -Someone else does PCR for you all day long                        0%
                                                    -Someone else reads all the papers you haven’t
of beaver dams.                                     gotten to in the last two months and concisely
                                                    summarizes the main points in each paper for you                   71%
                                                    -Gourmet coffee and hand/back massages all day
For other great rides, see the Triangle Moun-       long as you do your lab work because pipetting is
                                                    hard work and you’re not built for this kind of labor              6%
tain Biking Association’s web site: http://         -Prime parking right in front of your building                     29%                               Please note: IACAC guidelines were not followed in this study. The identity of the survey subjects was mostly confidential. The
                                                    numbers and percentages provided are not statistically significant in any way. The error range for percentages calculated in survey
                                                    is probably huge due to the relatively small sample size. Many thanks to the people who participated in this study, and in particular
See you on the trails!                              to those who gave very amusing, if not entirely useful answers.

! Carla Rydholm                                     ! Compiled by Jennifer Lin
     Restaurant Review (continued from page 1)                Faculty Profile(continued from page 4)                 Advice for all Graduate Stu-
                                                                                                                         dents courtesy of
     dered the Chicken Jalfrezi and in order to mea-          Amy says to me, “to actually be able to dam-
     sure the true merit of north Indian food, also           age yourself because you’re so wrapped up in
                                                                                                                         Dr. Amy Bejsovec
     asked for the Chicken Tikka Masala, which is             your own thought!”
     chicken roasted in a clay oven and served in a                                                                 1. Make friends. Your fellow grad
     spicy tomato sauce. The jalfrezi was excel-              Women in Science                                      students will be/ can be trusted col-
     lent. The vegetables were flavorful without              At this point in our interview I turned serious       leagues throughout your career who
     being overcooked. The onions were pungent                and asked Amy whether she felt there were still       you can always turn to for advice
     and I realized if I was going to make it through         barriers or challenges facing women who want          without worries of getting scooped.
     the date, I was going to need something to tone          to pursue a career in academia or who just want
     things down a little. The natural solution—a             to pursue a career in science in general. “So         2. Train yourself to think critically
     mango lassi of course (I would have two by the           many people think that it’s not a problem any-        and don’t depend on your PI to do it
     end of the night, which can impair one’s judg-           more. How could there still be sexism? But            for you. You have to be the one to
     ment as that mango puree is not something to             even the “enlightened” men do stuff that they         find the motivation and discipline to
     take lightly). The chicken tikka came out still          are not even conscious of and don’t really un-        investigate your research topic.
     sizzling, and was not dry and overdone from              derstand all of the issues that surround being
     being cooked in the clay oven. Now like many             female.” Amy commented that a lot of women            3. Here is an interesting quote that I
     other things, I like my food hot, and Dale ac-           in her generation felt that there was no way          think could also serve as advice…
     commodated me nicely. He does, however,                  you could have a normal family life and suc-                    John York
     season his food to the preference of the cus-            ceed in science and realized that they had to         “I’ve always felt I was not very good
     tomer so for those faint of heart or not used to         make a choice. Don’t get too disheartened,            - not very smart. And I think if you
     those intense moments, all is available to your          though, ladies. Although it is perhaps difficult      don’t feel that way you’re not going
     personal taste. After an episode of hot and              to balance both the demands of a family life          to be a very good scientist. Because
     spicy, I thought to myself, ‘does this date have         and a life in science, it is not impossible as is     you’re going to make assumptions
     a sweet side that I can lose myself in?’ I found         evidenced by several of the husband-wife              about things, and it’s really bad to
     my answer in a bowl of Kheer, or rice pudding            teams here at Duke. Amy really summarized             make assumptions because things
     with almonds and other crushed nuts. I was in            this issue best by saying that “Life is a series of   can fool you. Nature fools you ev-
     heaven. She was everything I thought she                 compromises. It’s a series of choices but the         ery time - every time she gets a
     would be. The tab was reasonable—certainly               choices that face women are very different from       chance!”
     worth what I ate. And hey let’s be honest, love          the choices that face men.”
     does not come cheap. I was happy with my
     date at Dale’s and now the big question re-
     mained, did she like me? I went home and                 ! Melissa Turski
     went to sleep. The next morning I awoke…no

     ! Shahid Nimjee is a third year graduate student and a
     veritable snob when critiquing Indian food                                                                     The “heart” of the planet Mars

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