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PHP Programmer Resume


PHP Programmer Resume, more than 2 years experience

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									                                        PHP Programmer
                                              Albert Diones
                                CAA Las Piñas City, NCR Philippines zip:1740

    2 years of self studying of website development, PHP Programmer for more than 2 years employed (total of 4
years). Primary skills are PHP and JavaScript, and inclined to website security, page loading speed.

   Had experience of handling 2 jobs, full time and another part time web development job simultaneously for 2
months. Handled more than 18 client websites and 31 projects in 2 years of employment.

Job Objective
   Be a part of a competitive company, as a part of programming team or position directly related, that would feed my
addiction to programming and learning more about it.

Work Experience
    Currently working as full time PHP Web Developer at lacartes.com                     | June 2011 to date
    Currently working as part time PHP Programmer on Neotitans Technologies              | June 2011 to date
    2 Years as PHP Programmer at Neotitans Technologies (www.neotitans.com)              | Apr 27 2009 to May 2011
    2 months as part time PHP Web Developer at lacartes.com (www.lacartes.com)           | April 2011 to May 2011

            PHP + MySQL (Advanced) Object Oriented PHP + ADODB + Smarty Template (Intermediate)
            JavaScript + Jquery + AJAX + JSON(Advanced) Mootols (Basics) Prototype (Basics)
            RegExp (Advanced)
            HTML + CSS2 (Above Intermediate)
            Website Optimization (SEO, image optimization, loading time minimization)
            Website Security (Defense Against: SQL Injection, XSS & Holes for hacks)
            CMS ( Wordpress3,PHPBB3, ModX, SMF)
            PHP Libraries (PHPlot, FPDF, OpenInviter)
            APIs w/ PHP Library (Facebook, Google, Flickr, Photobucket)
            UserScripts Authoring (For Firefox+GreaseMonkey / Chrome)

Applications Used/Known
        Programmer’s Notepad / FileZilla / SQLYog / XAMPP
        WinMerge / CS-RCS / Adobe Photoshop

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