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									Benefits of fruit juice

- Increase endurance
- Lowers cholesterol levels
- Smooth the process of digestion
- As Anti Oxidant and Anti-Cancer
- Accelerate the Healing Process
- Create Awaet Young

Some of the fruits found to contain substances that can
replace the nutrients from foods such as meat.
The combination of mineral salt content and pectin in
apples, as well as the acid content in spinach oksalik form
a unique substance that meets the intestinal walls and
through chemical movement very strongly but safely
"remove" dirt in the colon that has been settled for days,
months and months or even years. The content of pectin
substances in apples are also able to reduce levels of
cholesterol and triglycerides that interfere with heart

Its main function:
- Reduced appetite
- Controlling blood pressure and blood sugar levels
- Cleanup of toxins in the gut

The content of calories, fats and oils high in it not only a
source of abundant energy is needed at the time of
fasting, but also reduces cholesterol levels and maintain
the flexibility of the muscles of the joints.
Avocado Juice
Its main function:
- Moisturize and tighten the skin
- Helps the formation of red blood cells
- Prevents anemia

Soft banana flesh lining the walls of the stomach and
intestines so that it can be a layer of anti-inflammatory.
Bananas are very helpful for those who have
inflammation of the stomach or bowel problems.
Because bananas are very soft flesh, it is recommended
not to serve juice.

The content of beta-carotene, pro-vitamin A,
magnesium, manganese, zinc and chrome on the
cantaloupe can reduce inflammation and heal the hurt
inflammatory intestinal tissues. Natural sugars and
enzymes contained cantaloupe has a function of
absorption or absorption in the intestine due to eating
food in a hurry shingga not chewed properly, eating too
much spicy food, drug deposition, or nausea due to
excessive anxiety.

Orange juice contains vitamin C is very good because in
addition to stimulating the immune system, also
eliminates the blockage of mucus in the throat, nasal
cavity, lungs and stomach. Also useful to clean the liver
and relieve pain in the body due to influenza. The
mixture of lime juice and honey is efficacious cure sore
throat and tonsils. For those who have stomach upset, of
course, choose oranges that are not too acidic.

Its main function:
- Fight infections
- Minimize the risk of stroke and heart attack
- Overcoming the flu and fever
Date palm
Dates High sugar content makes the fruit of the palm
that produces high energy. There is even a legend that
the Prophet Muhammad only break their fast with dates
3 eggs, high-quality course. Palm sugar content helps
heal wounds. Caution for those who have diabetes, do
not consume too much of this fruit.

Papaya and mango juice blend contains high
carbohydrates and enzymes. Fresh juice is useful in
overcoming the swelling and inflammation, indigestion
and fever. Mango juice itself can reduce dehydration and
improving blood circulation. While papaya launched
defecate and overcome constipation.

Its main function:
- Prevent body odor
- Disinfectants for the body and cleanse the blood
- Rejuvenates the cells
Pear fruits help to overcome discomfort in the stomach
due to excessive levels of acids derived from high-calorie
foods, oily and spicy. Pear juice can also be mixed with
apple and lemon.

Its main function:
- Controlling hypertension
- Dilute and remove phlegm
- Overcoming stomach upset

Bromealin enzymes in pineapple dissolve very thick
mucus in the digestive system that can also destroy a boil
when there. Dishes are made with 250 grams of sliced
pineapple, 60 grams of minced chicken meat and then
fried pepper to taste that can cope with the symptoms of
low blood diseases lemasnya feet and hands.
In Iraq and Iran, the pomegranate juice made
mouthwash before you drink to help cleanse the mouth
and teeth, and prevent infection and help eliminate bad
breath odors. Eating slowly pomegranate and remove
seeds can clear a hoarse voice and throat from drying
out. Among other benefits, the content of tannins in
pomegranate substances can anesthetize roundworms,
pinworms and tapeworms in the intestine so that they
can be excreted in the stool. This method is already used
by the inhabitants of Egypt and Vietnam.

Pomegranate juice
Its main function:
- Scrape cancer

Fresh tomato juice helps the formation of glycogen in the
liver. According to research found that tomato juice to
balance liver function rapidly and thus to maintain
stamina and healthy body weight. Mineral salts are rich
in tomato increases appetite and stimulates saliva flow,
allowing food to digest properly. Regular consumption of
tomatoes to help treat anorexia (loss of appetite).

Tomato juice
Its main function:
- Controlling blood sugar levels and
- Invigorate the function of bile and liver
- Improving sexual stamina

Too much consumption of meat, sweets, fried foods,
coffee and soft drinks often makes the blood too much
acid and lead content of red spots on skin. Watermelon
juice will deteriorate the acid content of blood and
improve. For diabetics, eating watermelon juice regularly
can keep your blood sugar rise. Excess uric acid content
in the body that cause arthritis, gout and urea poisoning
can be eliminated by drinking watermelon juice on a
regular basis twice a day.
This fruit contains sucrose, glucose, protein, fat, tartaric
acid, vitamins A and B. as one source of energy, very
sweet fruit that is useful to improve stamina after illness.
Longan is very good to meet the energy needs for
vulnerable pregnant women or after childbirth. Eating
the fruit is sufficiently regular basis can increase appetite,
prevent anemia and premature hair whitening. In
addition to accelerating the healing of wounds. Watch
out, consumption is just enough, if the excess, will make
the body become hot due to the excess energy.

Drinking or eating star fruit and swallow it slowly to
prevent and cope with the mouth and throat infections.
Mixture of star fruit and honey can also help prevent and
cope with bladder stones.

Its main function:
- Lowering blood pressure
- Prevent and treat thrush
- Thin the sputum

In addition to protein, fat, vitamin C, phosphorus, and
iron, lychees fruits contain sucrose and glucose is
abundant. Eating fruit lychees at night can increase
energy reserves for the next day.

Coconut water contains sucrose, fructose, and glucose,
while the meat is in addition to three of the above also
contains proteins, fats, vitamins and of course coconut
oil. Drinking water and eating young coconut meat can
reduce the swelter, dry mouth, fever with thirst and
diabetes. In addition, drink young coconut water is
believed to eliminate toxins in the blood. Attention, too
much to drink young coconut water causes a slight
temporary weakness. For those who have bone disorders
should not consume lots of coconut water.

Its main function:
- Good for eyes kezsehatan
- Rejuvenates the cells and inhibit aging
- Increased sexual vitality

Guava juice
Its main function:
- Lowers cholesterol levels
- Prevent and treat thrush
- Prevent bone loss

Its main function:
- Mengobti urinary tract disorders
- Controlling cholesterol levels
- Relieves joint pain

Fruit is a natural food source the most prepared for
direct human consumption, unfortunately sometimes
forgotten. With the above explanation, the fruit may no
longer be forgotten as the food must be consumed.

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