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									                    9th Cross-Cal Workshop – Open Action Items

                 Open action items from 5th Cross-Calibration meeting

CC5-AI-13        to clarify the change of the offset   OPEN
EFW              after the manoeuvre near 12-May-      6th Cross-Cal:. Nothing is seen on HIA
                 2004; is this caused by a change      while something seems to be changed in
New due date:    in EFW or in HIA?                     EFW. This requires further investigations.
10th Cross-Cal                                         For more detail, see Annex 5.
                                                       7th Cross-Cal:. No EFW report received
                                                       so far. New due date 19 May 2008.
                                                       8th Cross-Cal: It seems that the solar
                                                       aspect angle was changed during the
                                                       manoeuvres differently on different
                                                       spacecraft, and it is the SAA that
                                                       apparently affects the offsets of the double
                                                       probe experiment. This requires further
                                                       studies during large manoeuvres in years
                                                       2006-7 where the SAA may have changed.
                                                       9th Cross-Cal: No progress

                 Open action items from 6th Cross-Calibration meeting

CC6-AI-3         to clarify if the case where ion      7th Cross-Cal: It is an isolated event, see
CIS              density is systematically more        Dandouras presentation (Annex 8)
                 than electron density occurs          however it does not explain why the
New due date:    frequently in the magnetosheath       density is systematically calculated higher,
10th Cross-Cal   (as the magnetosheath is often        e.g., does the calculation assumes
                 quite turbulent).                     something about the distribution function
                                                       which is not correct.
                                                       8th Cross-Cal: An explanation is given in
                                                       the CIS presentation on page 35 (Annex
                                                       12). However, it does not address the
                                                       problem where the data points are
                                                       systematically above Whisper-PEACE
                                                       data points. The reference document is
                                                       Annex 1 (pages 41-43) in Cross-Cal
                                                       workshop 5 where HIA on Cluster 1
                                                       observes systematically higher densities
                                                       during 4-8 UT on 16 Jan 2002.
                                                       OPEN. This is due to a variable onboard
                                                       compression rate. This needs to be flagged
                                                       with quality index. The CIS team should
                                                       clarify how this will be indicated in quality
                 Open action items from 7th Cross-Calibration meeting

CC7-AI-1         to clarify the discrepancy on the    8th Cross-Cal: CIS is near the noise level
CIS/HIA          detection of low density.            and cannot measure all ions. This will be
                                                      discussed in the CIS presentation (page 37,
New due date:                                         Annex 12). However, this does not answer
10th Cross-Cal                                        to the discrepancy detected on 2001-229 at
                                                      11:25-11:33 UT when HIA observes a
                                                      constant density of ~0.3/cc and CODIF a
                                                      density of ~0.05/cc while WBD and
                                                      PEACE observe ~0.1/cc.

                                                      OPEN. This event is not related to the
                                                      instrument noise level but occurs during a
                                                      storm interval when SEPs cause a strong
                                                      background noise in HIA measurements.
                                                      Notice that CODIF is less sensitive to SEP
                                                      because CODIF can exclude them thanks
                                                      to TOF technique. The SEPs arrived ~01
                                                      UT on 16 Aug. The noise is very clear in
                                                      the energy spectrograms and this is
                                                      wrongly interpreted as a high ambient ion
                                                      density. Such intervals can be recognized
                                                      only visually/manually. These events
                                                      should be flagged in the moments quality
                                                      index. The CIS should consider if such
                                                      events could be automatically recognized.

                 Open action items from 8th Cross-Calibration meeting

CC8-AI-1         to present a draft layout of the     CLOSED. The inputs have been received.
ALL TEAMS        instrument papers they wish to
                 include in the book. Notice that
                 some of the instruments are
                 encouraged to produce several
                 papers rather than one long paper.

CC8-AI-2         to compare the PP densities with     CLOSED. Three years (2001-2003) of
Whisper          the CAA densities in the solar       WHISPER PP and CAA densities have
                 wind & magnetosheath for years       been compared; for details, see Whisper
                 2001-5 and to present a statistics   presentation in the 9th Cross-Cal workshop.
                 how much they can differ.            Whisper PP densities are determined from
                                                      active spectra, using a rough automatic
                                                      process. They are not too bad but under no
                                                      circumstances they should be used for
                                                      cross-calibrations or scientific studies.
CC8-AI-3         to create a new WBD dataset on          OPEN. No progress. Notice that the files
WBD/ESTEC        WBD densities. Caveat                   contain the low cut-off frequency that has
                 information may be needed to tell       to be converted to the electron density.
New due date:    when the cut-off and the derived
10th Cross-Cal   density are not local.
CC8-AI-4         to produce the tail density files for   CLOSED. The 77 new data files have been
WBD/Santolik     years 2007-8.                           produced and delivered.
CC8-AI-5         to study a few events where E-          OPEN. The task is to see if the s/c
Masson           fields deviate strongly from co-        potential shows any deviations when the E-
                 rotation fields and see if spurious     fields are deflected in high-density
New due date:    spacecraft potential variations         plasmasphere. An interval list was
10th Cross-Cal   occur.                                  delivered to Arnaud Masson.
CC8-AI-6         to present suggestions what cross-      CLOSED. The inputs have been received.
ALL TEAMS        calibration plots should be done
                 (see Review Board 2008/R1
CC8-AI-7         to present suggestions what             CLOSED. The inputs have been received.
ALL TEAMS        survey (1-minute averages)
                 parameters should be produced
                 (see Review Board 2008/R3
CC8-AI-8         to present ideas what data-mining       CLOSED. The inputs have been received.
ALL              options should be provided to the
TEAMS/Perry      users (see Review Board 2008/R5
CC8-AI-9         to present plots they wish to made      CLOSED. The inputs have been received.
ALL TEAMS        available for the CAA users: the
                 most important ones can be pre-
                 generated but most will be
                 available only via on-demand
                 option (see Review Board
                 2008/R6 recommendation)
CC8-AI-10        to prepare the draft answers to the     CLOSED. The answers have been
ALL TEAMS        general team recommendations            prepared.
                 (T1-T5) made by the 2008
                 Review Board

CC8-AI-11        to consider to transfer the caveat      OPEN. No progress yet
ASPOC            files into the CEF format
New due date:
10th Cross-Cal
CC8-AI-12        to explain why axial offset error       OPEN. At least one of the instances of the
FGM              was up to 1 nT as one expect it to      axial offset error (Jan 2003) arose from a
New due date:    be ~0.1 nT and why it was limited       calibration error. However, another
10th Cross-Cal   to only certain intervals. As the       instance (March 2002) does not seem to
                 axial offsets during the tail season    arise from a calibration error and might
                 are based on interpolation of the       reflect a genuine change in calibration
                 solar wind seasons, does this have      parameters. Restrictions arising from poor
                 any impact on other months?           data coverage in clean solar wind might
                                                       make it difficult to improve the calibration
                                                       during this interval. If this is the case then
                                                       caveat files will be supplied for the
                                                       interval, explaining the presence of the 1
                                                       nT spread of axial magnetic field values
                                                       between the four spacecraft.

                                                       We keep this action item open until new
                                                       files are delivered.
CC8-AI-13        to investigate whether it is          CLOSED. The inputs have been received.
ALL TEAMS        feasible to produce the data files
                 from the commissioning phase as
                 it contains important calibration
                 cycles and cross-calibration
                 campaigns that can potentially be
                 very valuable to the next
                 generations of space scientists.
CC8-AI-14        to study the processing details of    OPEN. This is angular correction using
EDI/ESTEC        the pipeline for producing            AEC files. No activity done yet
New due date:    calibrated AED dataset
10th Cross-Cal
CC8-AI-15        to provide the AED files from         CLOSED. EDI ambient electron data
EDI              “dark age”. Such files should have    (AED) collected prior to Oct. 2004 (i.e.,
                 strong caveat statements about the    the “dark ages” data) are considered by the
                 limitations of these files.           Cluster EDI team to be of unreliable
                 However, such files can still be      quality compared to the regular, post-Oct.
                 used for timing analysis, e.g., for   2004 AED data that resides at the CAA.
                 the identification of the location    The “dark ages” data are unreliable due to
                 of the injection boundaries of        a data collection error which substantially
                 electrons in the inner                reduced the scientific integrity of the data
                 magnetosphere and in the solar        product and makes them quantitatively
                 wind/magnetosheath where              unusable in nearly all instances. However,
                 PEACE is often not operational.       it is unclear if these data can be used
                                                       qualitatively for the determination of the
                                                       timing of boundary crossings.

                                                       However, the EDI team considers the
                                                       publication of this dataset to the general
                                                       public to be irresponsible since
                                                       considerable, customized work by EDI
                                                       team members is required to even interpret
                                                       this data, let alone use the data for
                                                       scientific purposes. Therefore, in light of
                                                       these data quality issues, and also the fact
                                                       that the EDI team was never under contract
                                                       to submit this data to the CAA; we will not
                                                       be submitting the “dark ages” AED data to
                                                      the CAA. An example of how difficult it is
                                                      to work with the "dark ages" data is given
                                                      in Annex 1 of EDI presentation in 9th
                                                      Cross-Cal meeting.

                                                      We open a new action item to the CAA to
                                                      identify events where EDI is in AEM
                                                      during dark age but where the data could
                                                      be used for timing purpose.
CC8-AI-16        to produce the files of total        CLOSED. Events in 2004, 2005, 2006,
Whisper          magnetic fields for the dates        2007 were delivered with calculated Fce.
                 selected by FGM and EDI              We will not be able to finish EDI
                                                      perturbations because we must improve the
                                                      software first.
CC8-AI-17        to present a schedule for the        OPEN. New TED module incorporated,
EFW              installation of new TED and for      but bugs still not worked out. Expected
New due date:    the following new data delivery      bug-free in coming months.
15 June 2009
CC8-AI-18        to include the same quality factor   CLOSED. The quality factors are now
ESTEC            to all derived EFW products          included in the EFW products created by
                                                      the CAA. They will appear when the new
                                                      EFW files are produced.
CC8-AI-19        to approve the modified L2_E and CLOSED. All approved and the processing
ESTEC            L3_E datasets; once the delivery     can start when a few issues in the EFW
                 starts, the old files need to be     time stamps are corrected. When all files
                 made inactive due to their           have been processed, the old files are made
                 different content                    inactive, the new files are ingested, and a
                                                      news item needs to be released to the user.
CC8-AI-20        to decide which quality factors are CLOSED. The EFW display will be
EFW/ESTEC        accepted for display of the EFW      changed after the new files have been
                 data                                 ingested. CAA will display data with
                                                      quality levels 2 and above (different colour
                                                      for quality=2).
CC8-AI-21        to specify the frame velocity in     CLOSED. Metadata information added.
CIS/PEACE/       their metadata whether it is
RAPID            inertial or spacecraft.
CC8-AI-22        to include a quality factor to their OPEN. This action item will be closed
CIS/PEACE        moments data to filter out poor      when the datasets get the quality flags.
New due date:    quality data, e.g., when only noise CIS: A preliminary scheme for a CIS data
10th Cross-Cal   is observed by CIS due to low ion quality index has been prepared: separate
                 flux measurements, when one can index values for CODIF and HIA,
                 assume strong noise from             moments, 3D distributions and PADs. This
                 photoelectrons in PEACE, etc.        accounts for two new datasets (one for
                 The quality factor needs to be       CODIF and one for HIA). When the value
                 specified also in the user guide     of the index is below a given threshold, the
                                                      corresponding data will be filtered out.
                                                      Details of how the index is set are being
                                                      worked out.
                                                        PEACE: Relevant flags have been planned
                                                        for some time. Some are ready and some
                                                        are in development (work is on hold while
                                                        we concentrate on commissioning the new
                                                        computer system and delivering products
                                                        to the contractual deadlines). The software
                                                        which generates the top-level quality factor
                                                        has recently been modified to conform to
                                                        the CAA-required format

CC8-AI-23        as C3/CODIF is in high sensitive       CLOSED. Such cases will be identified
CIS              mode and cannot measure well in        with the quality index (see above). Notice
                 solar wind, this should be             also that for this kind of case the data may
                 indicated clearly to the users that    be removed as they are not meaningful and
                 they do not try to draw scientific     the usage of quality is enough. However,
                 conclusions from such data. This       this is not regarded necessary if the quality
                 is suggested to be done with           flag is used: if fact, it may be better to keep
                 quality factor                         poor quality data points (in many units or
                                                        datasets) and update only the quality flag
                                                        for points or intervals where the data are
                                                        found unreliable.
CC8-AI-24        to investigate the EFW                 OPEN. Results of a study are presented at
PEACE            comparisons and to explain the         CrossCal9. In some cases, these deviations
New due date:    particularly large deviations          are due to violation of the assumption that
10th Cross-Cal   during the events on pages 25, 26,     the plasma is slowly varying enough to be
                 28, 33, 34, 37, 42, 43, 45, 47 (see    effectively steady during each spin; a
                 plots in document CrossCal8-           combination of HEEA and LEEA data can
                 Annex5-EFW                             often be used to improve the CAA PEACE
                                                        moments in such cases. Other cases were
                                                        also studied…
CC8-AI-25        to look at individual EFW              CLOSED. Such cases will be identified
CIS              comparisons where CODIF and            with the quality index (see above). These
                 HIA show strong noise. Users           data will be kept in the files but the quality
                 should be able to filter out such      factor indicates that these moments data
                 noise based on quality factor. See     are of poor quality and should not be used
                 examples for HIA on pages 32,
                 37, and for C1/CODIF on pages
                 36, 37, 38, 43, 45, 47 (see plots in
                 document CrossCal8-Annex5-
CC8-AI-26        to study the intervals in the EFW-     CLOSED. Many bad data points are
EDI              EDI comparisons where strong           removed when the data are filtered with
                 fluctuations occur in E-fields         quality flag. However, there is some
                 while other measurements observe       indication of the E-field fluctuations
                 rather constant fields.                during rather constant B-fields, and EDI is
                 Occasionally strong wave               still working on data quality verification
                 emission between 100-1000 Hz           and scientific interpretation.
                 have been observed during such
                intervals. (see e.g. plots on page
                26, 44, 49 in document
CC8-AI-27       to give a priority for the file         CLOSED. All files in years 2001-5 have
ESTEC/EFW       production/ingestion for years          been ingested. There are some time stamps
                2004-5. The files should be             errors that need to be fixed. Some are
                provided and ingested before Dec        corrected very soon and the rest require the
                2008.                                   usage of the new TED.
CC8-AI-28       to investigate the ways of              CLOSED. It appears that the density files
Whisper/ESTEC   ingesting the first release of the      for Cross-Calibration activities and for the
                Whisper density files done for the      CAA are processed in two different ways.
                cross-calibration studies so that all   The Cross-Cal files provided by Whisper
                teams can have an easy access to        are simple text files with a simple header.
                them. The files are currently           At the moment the density files contain
                simple ASCII files that should be       now three columns (time, density, flag for
                converted into CEF.                     passive/active. The density files on the
                                                        CAA are based on another processing
                                                        routine where the input files are produced
                                                        by CNES-Toulouse. It appears not be
                                                        feasible to produce these data in CEF as
                                                        these files require many additional
                                                        variables in addition to the actual density
                                                        values. An effort will be made to include
                                                        more information and quality flags in the
                                                        ascii files.
CC8-AI-29       to investigate the densities on 25      CLOSED. The density files show spiky
Whisper         Feb 2006, 11-16 UT (C3 & C4);           structures that are not correct. It appears
                30 Jan 2006, 8-12 UT (C3); 4 Feb        that the signal is very strong and the spiky
                2006, 10-13 UT (C3). For                structures are not correct. It is unclear who
                reference, see the plots (pages 43-     in LPCE has produced these files. The old
                45) in document CrossCal8-              ASCII files did not contain this
                Annex6-PEACE.                           information. Therefore the new Whisper
                                                        files contain a simple header.

                                                  Whisper reprocessed the 5 magnetosheath
                                                  events in 2006, provided the files to
                                                  PEACE for cross-calibration, and got
                                                  positive feedback from the PEACE.
CC8-AI-30       to investigate the discrepancy in CLOSED. The Whisper densities were
Whisper/PEACE   density on 3 Nov 2006, 15-24 UT. correct while the PEACE densities were
                The wave spectrogram seems to     incorrect because of lack of density files
                suggest that the Whisper density  available in 2006 so that the PEACE
                is correctly determined and so    detector efficiencies could have been
                there must an issue in PEACE      determined. The MOMENTS data
                density determination. The other  assumed the same efficiencies as in early
                example on 5 Mar 2007, 21-22      2006.
                UT, is more complex.
CC8-AI-31        to clarify the definition of Quality   OPEN. This action is related to the
PEACE            Flag, i.e., when does the flag get a   Status_PitchAngleSelection quality flag.
New due date:    value of 1                             The definition of the flag settings has
31 August 2009                                          changed recently and the final definition
                                                        will be included in the second release of
                                                        the PEACE User Guide. The AI will be
                                                        closed when the definition is done and
                                                        included in the UG.
CC8-AI-31        to produce the EFW CSDS/PP             CLOSED. Delivered up to mid-2008 in Jan
EFW              files for recent years that PEACE      2009.
                 can proceed in their calibration
CC8-AI-32        to produce preliminary density         CLOSED. The requested intervals were
Whisper          files in the solar wind &              processed.
                 magnetosheath for a number of
                 days in years 2006-7 and to
                 provide them to the PEACE and
                 CIS teams and to inform the
                 details of the dates in the monthly
CC8-AI-33        to produce the VISR2 files            CLOSED. The script has been completed,
ESTEC            whenever the new EFW datasets         and the production can start when the new
                 are ingested, starting from years     EFW files arrive. The drift velocity dataset
                 2004-5                                in ISR2 is called V3D_INERT in both L2
                                                       and L3 level.
CC8-AI-34        to provide the CIS moments            CLOSED. There was a problem with
CIS              beyond 2004                           CODIF/H+ and O+ and HIA that were not
                                                       fetched from CNRS to CAA. Now they
                                                       have been provided, and CIS moments
                                                       delivery is now in phase with the other CIS
                                                       data products.
CC8-AI-35        to present a schedule for removing CLOSED. The solar noise on C3 for a
RAPID            this noise from the datasets          certain range of SAA values has already
                                                       been removed in the current files. There is
                                                       an error bar in the datasets. If it is more
                                                       than signal, fill value is used. If it is less,
                                                       error bar indicates the magnitude of noise.
CC8-AI-36        to confirm that the noise             CLOSED. Done. The next issue of caveat
RAPID            information about IES is added in files will have it.
                 the caveats; it must be specified
                 which files contain the noise and
                 if the noise was removed from
                 some datasets by ignoring certain
                 anodes it should be mentioned in
                 the caveats of these datasets
CC8-AI-37        to modify the data delivery plan      CLOSED. This has been modified, see the
RAPID            so that the files for the 1st half of modified ICD (v. 3.1a, page 30), also a
                 2009 will be delivered before May slide above.
CC8-AI-38        to add dataset caveats about low-       CLOSED. Done. The next issue of caveat
RAPID/Perry      energy threshold of the lowest          files will have it.
                 energy channel of RAPID
CC8-AI-39        whenever a cross-cal analysis is        CLOSED. This is now the case.
CIS              done, the Whisper CAA density
                 (please do not use non-qualified
                 CSDS/PP data!) should be used
                 and shown for reference on all
                 CODIF and HIA plots. If such
                 data do not exist, CIS must
                 approach Whisper to get the
                 densities for the selected
                 calibration orbits. Ideally this
                 should be coordinated with the
                 existing PEACE-Whisper cross-
                 calibration work.
CC8-AI-40        to use the CAA FGM data for the         CLOSED. CIS PAD is now calculated
CIS              magnetic field measurements used        from CAA FGM data, and a quality index
                 in PAD (not CSDS/PP data!). One         (in a separate dataset) is foreseen. Poor
                 needs a quality index for PAD to        quality flag is used when the count rate is
                 describe when low count rates           too low or when the total B-field is too
                 (i.e. noise) exist or when magnetic     small (magnitude is TBC). The change of
                 field magnitude is too low              B-field orientation is not used as the finite
                 (causing large ion                      time of gyro period (usually of the order of
                 gyroradius/period for energetic         seconds) plays a more important role.
                 ions, so the flag should be energy
                 dependent?) or when magnetic
                 field orientation is changing fast
                 (e.g. more than ~10º during one
                 PAD sample). One should use
                 CAA FGM full resolution or
                 5VPS datasets.
CC8-AI-41        to define/provide a special HIA         OPEN. This dataset is now under
CIS              moments dataset needed with             preparation.
New due date:    caveat & quality index flag
31 August 2009
CC8-AI-42        to provide a more detailed plan         CLOSED. The plan is presented on page
CIS              for the production of the datasets      11 of annex 21.
                 for years 2008-9 June. Notice that
                 all files (up to June 2009) need to
                 be released before May 2010.
CC8-AI-43        Failed time correction results in       CLOSED. This fact is noted in the general
DWP              Fill values: roughly 10% of             caveats for this dataset. After 2007-11-24,
                 intervals are such. Is this an issue;   new procedures used by ESOC and DWP
                 should they be included in              result in a substantial lower occurrence of
                 caveats. How are the teams              failed time correction values. The scatter
                 supposed to handle such                 of points in DIFF represent errors due to
                 intervals? There seems to be          ground station configuration problems.
                 scattered data points in DIFF,        These points are NOT included in the
                 what are they?                        CAA TCOR datasets (see page 9in DWP
                                                       presentation of 9th Cross-Cal)
CC8-AI-44        to give a priority on the             CLOSED. TCOR for 2007 are available.
DWP              production of TCOR data and to        Waiting for WBD inputs from 2008
                 produce them for years 2007-8         (Perry’s comment: they are already in UK
CC8-AI-45        to carry out a cross-calibration      OPEN. STAFF-SA suggests that WBD
STAFF            study between STAFF-SA and            initiates the cross-calibration study
New due date:    WBD as there appears to be no         between STAFF-SA and WBD. However,
10th Cross-Cal   good agreement with WBD above         CAA notes that this is a STAFF issue and
                                                       therefore it has to be done by STAFF, but
                 700 Hz while WBD/Whisper
                                                       STAFF may try to use some of their co-
                 shows moderately good
                                                       investigators to do this task.
CC8-AI-46        to investigate the intervals shown    CLOSED. Many/most of bad data points
EDI              (2003-03-01, 2003-10-01, 2003-        are removed when the data are filtered
                 10-24) where EDI shows plenty of      with quality flag. See Annex 8 of Cross-
                 bursty structures that have no        Cal 9.
                 corresponding signals in EFW. In
                 some cases it has turned out that
                 wave emission at 100-1000 Hz
                 can cause interferences in dc E-
                 field measurements.
CC8-AI-47        to investigate the large variations  CLOSED. These are examples of wakes
EFW              in EFW when EDI shows rather         not flagged in CAA data as automated
                 stable and weak dc E-fields; the     routines cannot find all regions with wakes
                 reference intervals are 2003-3-1,    without discarding an unacceptably large
                 0-1 UT and 2003-10-02, 18-19         amount of data. If much of the nearby data
                 UT, but please extend the analysis   is flagged as wake, then the user should be
                 to both directions of the interval   wary. This needs to be mentioned in the
CC8-AI-48        to investigate the CIS densities for CLOSED. These events are low-count
CIS              the following dates intervals        events that will be handled with quality
                 (2003-03-01, 2003-03-03, 2003-       flag
                 10-19) shown in document
                 CrosscalPlots. Especially large
                 spiky/noisy C1/CODIF data are
                 unclear: are any of the signatures
                 real or are they all noise? Notice
                 that sometimes CODIF density is
                 even higher than Whisper (2003-
CC8-AI-49        to propose the key datasets for the CLOSED. The inputs have been received.
ALL TEAMS        simple products in response to
                 document CAA-EST-TN-017
CC8-AI-50          to check the Dataset Names of all      CLOSED. The inputs have been received.
ALL TEAMS          products that they are all unique
                   and that they describe the dataset
                   properly (see document CAA-

CC8-AI-51          to check, as requested, if the costs   CLOSED. CAA will provide the proof of
ESTEC              could be separated between the         payment and can separate the costs as
                   room & the rest (food + conf           wished.

                 Open action items from the 2008 CAA/CIS Progress Meeting

CIS08-AI-1         to check what the 25 CIS CEF           CLOSED. They were test PAD files and
CAA                files in the drop zone are             the first version of Alain's software. With
                                                          the new organization of the drop zone area
                                                          they have disappeared from the statistics.
CIS08-AI-2         to produce a template for the          CLOSED. The details are given in Annex
CAA                caveat datasets                        26.
CIS08-AI-3         to produce a caveat dataset            OPEN. CIS caveats are prepared and
CIS                                                       available at
New due date:                                             caveats&langue=en. They can be
31 August 2009                                            converted to a CAA format, once an
                                                          example of a standard CAA caveat format
                                                          is provided by the CAA project.
CIS08-AI-4         to check the status of command         OPEN. The files of command sequences
CAA                history files that should have been    are delivered to the CAA, but the content
                   archived among the ESOC files.         of individual command sequence is not
New due date:                                             known yet, and so these data are not useful
10th Cross-Cal                                            yet. The CAA users must receive
                                                          information about individual commands
                                                          that these data could be used in the future.
CIS08-AI-5         to investigate if the HIA              OPEN. Only the January-February 2002
CIS                efficiencies change during all         manoeuvres onboard C1 have been
                   manoeuvres and if all moments          identified, having an effect on the HIA
New due date:      data need to be flagged. Does it       efficiencies. Return to normal values
10th Cross-Cal     concern all regions and how soon       required MCP HV raise. The AI will be
                   after the manouvre the                 closed when these data are flagged (either
                   efficiencies return to their normal    index and/or caveat)
CIS08-AI-6         to investigate the HIA/CODIF           CLOSED. It occurs when the SEPs arrive
CIS                noise during storm intervals when      at the satellite position, and it can happen
                   SEPs can cause a strong                in almost any magnetospheric region, or in
                   background noise at least in HIA       the solar wind. The sharp increase of the
                   measurements. Does it occur            instrument counting rate supplies then a
                   during all storms and is the effect    very accurate timing of the SEPs arrival,
                   important in all regions or only in    useful in checking SEP propagation
                 the lobes where the flux levels are   models.
CIS08-AI-7       to provide a gap file for             CLOSED. Files delivered.
CIS              C1/CODIF LS datasets
CIS08-AI-8       to provide the new datasets on the    OPEN. Under preparation.
CIS              omni-directional fluxes from HIA
Due date:        and CODIF; they will be used for
30 June 2009     the simple datasets
CIS08-AI-9       To provide the estimate how the       OPEN. This will be provided.
CIS              HIA background noise is
New due date:    changing in time. Such estimates
10th Cross-Cal   would be highly useful to the user
                 in order to understand when the
                 count rates are meaningful in low-
                 count rate regions.
CIS08-AI-10      to provide the estimate how the       OPEN. This will be provided.
CIS              CODIF background noise is
New due date:    changing in time. Such estimates
10th Cross-Cal   would be highly useful to the user
                 in order to understand when the
                 count rates are meaningful in low-
                 count rate regions.
CIS08-AI-11      for cross-comparison plots, please    CLOSED. Done. The cl software has now
CIS              separate Whisper active and           the possibility to plot a flag, below each
                 passive data points (use e.g. a       WHISPER data point, indicating active or
                 marker for active points); this is    passive mode.
                 indicated by a variable in the
                 Whisper dataset
CIS08-AI-12      to define the metadata header         CLOSED. The header will be the same as
CAA              template for documentation            the header of the non-cef products. The
                                                       details are given in Annex 26.
CIS08-AI-13      to retrieve the CIS QL plots and      CLOSED. CIS team will deliver the files
CAA              ingest them into the QL database      on the dropzone (see documentation); two
                                                       qualities exist and the better one will be
CIS08-AI-14      to remove CIS-                        CLOSED. done
                 and to replace CODIF/PP with
                 ground moments
CIS08-AI-15      to add new spectrogram plots (on-     OPEN. In progress.
CAA/CIS          demand): (1) PAD (highly useful
New due date:    during cusp and auroral passes);
15 July 2009     (2) some of the spectrogram
                 panels used by the CIS team
                 (sunward, antisunward, dawn,
CIS08-AI-16      for the spectrograms on 6 Jan         OPEN. In progress.
CAA/CIS          2003,12-18 UT, to check the
New due date:     energy of HIA LS energy
15 Sept 2009      spectrogram where the energy
                  seems to be around 200 eV while
                  the CIS home-made spectrogram
                  shows energies peaked around 1

                Open action items from the 2008 CAA/EDI Progress Meeting

EDI08-AI-1        to add the review presentations         CLOSED. All reports and presentations are
CAA               and particularly the EDI                online
                  calibration report online.
EDI08-AI-2        what should be plotted in CAA           OPEN. Plot all qualities, use different
EDI/CAA           graphics: only the values of the        colour for “GOOD”. The reduced_chisq
                  best quality or of all qualities. One   information is already taken into account
New due date:     can also consider to produce an         in the definition of the quality. At the
15 Sept 2009      on-demand panel where two               moment, the CAA graphics and Cross-Cal
                  colours are used to indicate the        plots show the qualities 1-2 where 1 is for
                  quality                                 caution quality and 2 is for good quality.
                                                          Different colour is used to separate two
                                                          qualities in both graphical systems. A
                                                          possible feature for the CAA on-demand
                                                          graphics is a pull-down menu where one
                                                          can select between two options: all in one
                                                          colour (default) or different colours for
                                                          different qualities or only certain qualities
                                                          are displayed.
EDI08-AI-3        to define the coordinate systems,       OPEN. This information is available in the
CAA               as SR2 and ISR2. The right              metadata dictionary but as said the right
New due date:     location is the CAA user guide          location would be an introductory CAA
15 Sept 2009      that tells a number of key issues       user guide.
                  for the users of the CAA database.
EDI08-AI-4        to investigate the presence of          OPEN. MP and PP datasets contain data
EDI/CAA           missing data intervals in inventory     only if beam detection is successful, CRF
New due date:     plots, that is, there is no data        data contain housekeeping information.
15 Sept 2009      (blue) or a data gap (purple). For      However, since all these are daily plots,
                  instance, why the MP data in            the purple bar should cover the whole day;
                  inventory plot on 13 Nov 2004           the periods with data should be overplotted
                  suddenly ends around 17 UT              with blue.
                  while CRF indicates that the E-
                  field mode was ongoing; also PP         C1 MP CEF file for this date ends at
                  ends suddenly.                          16:40:32 → the gap files and the inventory
                                                          plot are coherent with this CEF file.
                                                          However, the file should cover the full day
                                                          or alternatively an empty file is provided
                                                          for the rest of the day

                                                          There are still problems with gap files in
                                                      other dates, detected by Edita (e.g., 2006-
                                                      01-01 where AED and EGD files are
                                                      overlapping which is not possible as they
                                                      are in mutually exclusive modes). Now,
                                                      cefmerge has been corrected and the gap
                                                      files and inventory plots are being
                                                      regenerated at the moment.
EDI08-AI-5      to show examples how/when one         OPEN. Other examples for misleading
EDI             can make wrong conclusions            “dark age” data concerning electron
New due date:   about the boundary crossings          boundary detection are being investigated
15 Sept 2009    based on AED from “dark age”,         by the EDI team. The example given in
                by either saying here is an           Annex 7 does not represent a case of
                electron boundary or by not           boundary crossing.
                detecting a boundary at all
                because of wrong data recording.
EDI08-AI-6      to clarify how to use the quality     OPEN. The reduced_chi* variable was
EDI             information to filter out low-        already taken into account in the quality
New due date:   quality data; also guidelines are     flags. The criteria used for the assignment
15 Sept 2009    needed how to use reduced_chi*        of the quality are described in the
                variable.                             “EDI_PISO_OUTPUT_DEFS.txt”
                                                      document mentioned in the ICD and
                                                      uploaded to the CAA in the EDI_PISO
                                                      software packet and in the Documentation
                                                      area. MPD contains all quality data
                                                      (good/bad/caution) in contrast with PP that
                                                      contains only good/caution. The quality
                                                      info is in the first byte of the status and has
                                                      the values 0/1/2 for bad/caution/good. See
                                                      a more detailed description in the Annex 1
                                                      of the November 2008 monthly report.
                                                      CAA note: it is not enough to put the
                                                      information into an annex of monthly
                                                      report but it must be explained in the EDI
                                                      User Guide.
EDI08-AI-7      to produce a pipeline procedure       OPEN. No progress
EDI/CAA         for the generation of the corrected
New due date:   AED and run it on a CAA
15 Sept 2009    machine
EDI08-AI-8      CDF files should not be listed        CLOSED. Done.
CAA             among simple products, only MP
                and AE. The CDF products
                should be listed among ancillary
EDI08-AI-9      a new order of datasets in EDI        CLOSED. Done
CAA             inventory plots from top to
                bottom: AE, MP, PP, EGD, CRF,
                 Open action items from the 2008 CAA/EFW Progress Meeting

EFW08-AI-1          to investigate why the command-       OPEN. Still an open issue and is under
CAA                 line interface is slower than web-    investigation
New due date:       interface even for a small amount
15 July 2009        of data
EFW08-AI-2          to check the best order of lines in   OPEN. The best solution is still to be
CAA                 EDI-EFW cross-cal plots; it may       decided.
New due date:       be preferred to have EFW on the
15 Sept 2009        top
EFW08-AI-3          to decide the filtering of the EFW    CLOSED. In CAA graphics, all data are
CAA/EFW             lines in plots (CAA graphics and      shown but different line types and colours
                    Cross-Cal plots) using the quality    used to separate different qualities. With a
                    information; e.g., one can use        pull-down menu one can choose different
                    different colour such as first all    plot options. In the cross-cal plots, only the
                    data are plotted in blue and then     highest qualities are shown (Q≥2)
                    the data of the highest quality       including different lines for different
                    (which quality?) in black             qualities.
EFW08-AI-4          to investigate if the non-standard    OPEN. It is not yet decided if these
EFW/CAA             operations information could be       information are useful to the users and if
New due date:       made available to the CAA users       so, what is the best way of providing these
10th Cross-Cal      as a separate dataset (in CEF         data to the users. Notice that any list on a
                    format)                               website is not a solution to the long-term,
                                                          archive. Example of important information
                                                          is the intervals of spin-axis tilting
                                                          campaigns. For reference, non-standard
                                                          operations with caveats are given in xml at
                                                          where the last column gives a quality flag
                                                          which is used in the dataset bitmask
EFW08-AI-5          to produce an EFW HK dataset          OPEN. The team plans to archive bias
EFW                 that contains bias current, puck      current, puck voltages, guard voltage in a
New due date:       voltages, guard voltage. These        new dataset.
10th Cross-Cal      data could be given in their
                    natural 32 sec resolution or
                    alternatively only at the times
                    when their values are changed; the
                    benefit of the latter is to have only
                    a few files, e.g., one file per year
                    per spacecraft
EFW08-AI-6          To investigate why there is an        CLOSED. This is because EDI is not
CAA                 empty panel for C3/EDI but not        working on C4 and for some reason there
                    for C4/EDI (e.g., on 2003-Apr-2) is no empty panel for it. Now the option
                                                          for selecting non-functional instruments
                                                          becomes impossible, i.e. the tick box for
                                                          EDI on Cluster 4 is not selectable and
                                                        some information is given in the panel
EFW08-AI-7       to run a test cycle for transferring   CLOSED. Done. EFW delivers now daily
EFW/CAA          and processing one month of files      files. Notice that this is an
                                                        invisible/irrelevant matter to the user
                                                        because the user gets a data file that
                                                        matches the exact requested interval.
                                                        However, this is an important matter to the
                                                        CAA database as the number of files is
                                                        reduced by a factor of ~15 by this action.
EFW-AI-8         to change the EFW display after        CLOSED. In CAA graphics, all data are
CAA              the new files have been ingested:      shown but different line types and colours
                 By default only quality levels 2       used to separate different qualities.
                 and 3 should be visible to the
                 CAA users.
EFW08-AI-9       to produce an estimate of          CLOSED. The production of the EFW
CAA              processing time of the EFW files   files takes about one month (TBC) for one
                 on the CAA                         year of files from one spacecraft. However,
                                                    the data production is done by having
                                                    several (4-5) parallel processes on a 8-core
                                                    server which speeds up the processing.
EFW08-AI-10      Put the files delivered by the EFW CLOSED. Done. This refers to the order of
CAA              first, and then the CAA calculated datasets in inventory plots.
                 ones and add new datasets
EFW08-AI-11      to solve the timing problem        OPEN. This is related to the installation of
EFW                                                 the new TED (see CC8-AI-17).
New due date:
15 June 2009
EFW08-AI-12      to update the L2_EINERT dataset        CLOSED. Done. The new filenames are
EFW/CAA          to include Ez component and to         called
                 replace this dataset with              L*_E3D_INERT           = 3D E-field in ISR2
                 L2_E3DINERT. In addition its           (L2 and L3)
                 spin-averaged dataset should be        L*_E3D_GSE             = 3D E-field in GSE
                 included and is called                 (L2 and L3)
                 L3_E3DINERT. Furthermore               L*_V3D_INERT           = 3D ExB-drift in
                 similar drift velocity datasets are    ISR2 (L2 and L3)
                 produced.                              L*_V3D_GSE             = 3D ExB-drift in
                                                        GSE (L2 and L3)
EFW08-AI-13      to consider to produce a dataset of    OPEN. This is not an EFW dataset and is
CAA              the spin-axis angles                   closed for EFW. This action is related to
New due date:                                           the provision of the sun pulse dataset.
10th Cross-Cal
EFW08-AI-14      to produce a caveat dataset of the     OPEN. This is listed in non-standard
EFW/CAA          intervals of the spacecraft tilt       operations files on the website which is not
New due date:    campaigns, and/or include the          an acceptable solution to the long-term
10th Cross-Cal   intervals in the user guide            archive but a better solution is needed.
                                                        Also, the user may not be aware of the
                                                        website that may also change in coming
EFW08-AI-15          to consider to show max and min       OPEN. No progress. The CAA plots
CAA                  value instead of average value        display only 1400 points. If the requested
New due date:                                              interval contains more than 1400 points,
15 July 2009                                               averages are shown. It is suggested that
                                                           each pixel shows actually two points, min
                                                           and max values.
EFW08-AI-16          to consider to produce the EFW-       OPEN. No progress, but will be
CAA                  EDI-CIS-PEACE comparison in           implemented.
New due date:        Uppsala style
15 July 2009

                  Open action items from the 2008 CAA/FGM Progress Meeting

FGM08-AI-1           to check the inventory plots as       OPEN. This task is in progress. Data from
FGM                  there are a few missing orbital       Cluster 1 and Cluster 2 have been checked
New due date:        files of full-resolution data files   and missing data files are in the FGM
31 August 2009                                             transfer directory ready for automatic
                                                           transfer. Checks on data from Cluster 3
                                                           and Cluster 4 are pending
FGM08-AI-2           to provide a header file for the      CLOSED. A sample header file for Cluster
FGM                  CAL dataset.                          1 has been prepared and send to the CAA.
                                                           If the header format is acceptable, then
                                                           similar headers will be prepared for C2, C3
                                                           and C4
FGM08-AI-3           to describe the usage of CAVF         CLOSED. These file types are described in
FGM                  and CAL accuracy files in the         the FGM User Guide.
                     user guide.
FGM08-AI-4           to use the most appropriate dataset   OPEN. All pre-generated plots will now be
CAA                  for FGM plots: SPIN files for the     processed with SPIN files instead of 5VPS.
New due date:        intervals longer than 1 hr (TBC)      Still need to work on the on-demand part
15 July 2009         and 5VPS for intervals between        where the source file will depend on the
                     10min and 1 hr, and FULL for          length of the requested time interval.
                     intervals less than 10 min
FGM08-AI-5           to add a notice in the user guide     CLOSED. This information is included in
FGM                  that the power spectrogram can        the FGM User Guide.
                     show spin tone harmonics.
FGM08-AI-6           to compare PP vs SPIN and to          CLOSED. Done. The comparisons have
CAA                  create scatter plot delta(B) vs       been performed and will be presented in
                     SPIN                                  Cross-calibration plots presentation. This
                                                           comparison will become available in
                                                           Cross-Cal plots GUI.

                 Open action items from the 2008 CAA/PEACE Progress Meeting

PEA08-AI-1           to check from ESOC if the s/c         CLOSED. The answer is no because the
CAA                  spin period could be estimated in     star sensor requires the sun pulse
                     eclipse, e.g. using a star sensor.    information.
PEA-AI-2        to provide a script for the            OPEN. This is on hold while we assess
PEACE           verification that the IDFS files       whether all file production can be/should
New due date:   have been transferred properly to      be shifted to MSSL
15 July 2009    the CAA
PEA-AI-3        to provide/install the PEACE           OPEN. This is on hold while we assess
PEACE           software on the CAA server as          whether all file production can be/should
New due date:   soon as possible and at the latest     be shifted to MSSL
15 July 2009    in the end of January 2009 so that
                server the processing of the new
                datasets could start
PEA-AI-4        MOMENTS files seem not be              OPEN. No progress. Chris Perry
CAA/PEACE       daily files, e.g., see 1-4 September   confirmed that multiple, non-overlapping
New due date:   2001. CAA checks this first and        sub-day length files are acceptable.
15 July 2009    informs PEACE about the result.        Moments length vs 3DR length query is
                Notice also that on 4 sept 2001        open
                3DR interval is shorter than
                MOMENTS while they should be
                of equal length
PEA-AI-5        provide the correct order of           OPEN. No progress. It may be better to
PEACE           datasets for the inventory plots       remove from the inventory lots the datasets
New due date:                                          that are empty for the most of time.
15 July 2009
PEA08-AI-6      to describe in the user guide the      OPEN. Some examples are included in the
PEACE           usage of quality information about     first release. Further examples can be
New due date:   how to filter the measurements         included in a further release
15 July 2009    and show an example what
                happens if you do not do this.
PEA08-AI-7      to check (and to correct if            OPEN. The top level quality factor has
PEACE           possible) that the quality             been adjusted to conform to CAA MDD
New due date:   information given in the datasets      rules (we think!). See also CC8-AI22
15 July 2009    follows the MDD rules.
PEA08-AI-8      to show a few examples (dayside        CLOSED. PP vs FGM comparison done,
CAA             & nightside) how large errors can      see Cross-calibration plots presentation.
                occur using the FGM team
                software instead of the calibrated     Notice that the PEACE software uses the
                CAA full-resolution data (FGM          daily FGM cal files and the quality is not
                team may be able to give B-field       as good as the CAA files. These cal files
                in GSE). The PP vs FGM_SPIN            produced in Braunschweig are used for the
                comparison will already give           production of the PP files. Therefore the
                some indication.                       PEACE team uses essentially PP quality
PEA08-AI-9      to test transfer of IDFS files to      CLOSED. MSSL has updated their data
PEACE/CAA       CAA; (2) to decide the date for        processing system and at the moment the
                the PEACE software installation        MMSL will produce the files and transfer
                (as it is now) and to run it under     them on the CAA drop zone.
                Iryna’s guidance; (3) to test run
                the new script e.g. for a month of
PEA08-AI-10         to consider to select the units for   OPEN. This is under investigation and
CAA                 3D distributions by using pull-       requires a Javascript.
New due date:       down menu
15 July 2009
PEA08-AI-11         to change the dataset in the          CLOSED. The software is ready to
CAA                 PEACE omnidirectional                 produce the pre-generated panels, and four
                    spectrogram. Currently PADMAR         spectrograms are available: omni, parallel,
                    is used, but this should be           anti-parallel and perpendicular. The on-
                    replaced with the new                 demand part needs still to be updated.
                    PITCH_SPIN product; this dataset
                    will be used to produce parallel,
                    anti-parallel and perpendicular
                    spectrograms (possibly only by
PEA08-AI-12         to change the dataset description     OPEN. This will be done after all the
CAA                 of the PP panels of                   changes to the new Pre-Generated graphics
New due date:       PEACE/CIS/etc, that these data        have been completed.
15 July 2009        are of preliminary quality and
                    cannot be used for science
PEA08-AI-13         to replace PP dataset with            CLOSED. The script to plot MOMENTS
CAA                 MOMENTS dataset in the                data is ready; the usage of quality factor is
                    PEACE graphics. If quality flag is    not yet implemented.
                    given, only the highest quality is

                Open action items from the 2008 CAA/RAPID Progress Meeting

RAP08-AI-1          to clarify the following              CLOSED.
CAA                                                       (1) the first and longest step of the
                    (1) what is the definition of the     ingestion process is actually performing
                    validation time in monitoring         the validation of the files (coherence
                    plots;                                between the data and the header, coherence
                                                          of the version with the previous file in the
                    (2) RAPID landing area must           DB...). So the validation time is the time
                    contain the files on CAA3;            between when the file is picked up by the
                                                          validation process and when the file has
                    (3) in 6-month plots, what are the    been successfully validated. Then a script
                    8 cef files ingested?                 runs each night that adds the successfully
                                                          validated file to the DB.
                    (4) what are ~1000 non-cef files      (2) done
                    in the landing zone?                  (3) this was a bug in the monitoring script :
                                                          some of the files in the RAPID landing
                    (5) quality of png plots should be    zone had ’cef’ in their name and were
                    improved                              detected by the script even so they were
                                                          not actual cef files. When fixing the bug
                                                          they disappeared from the statistics but
                                                          nothing was ingested.
                                                      (4) These files are deleted. It looks like
                                                      they were old versions of the processing
                                                      software that we had given to Steve. Since
                                                      we now maintain this ourselves on caa3,
                                                      we can get rid of the older stuff.
                                                      (5) they look OK on screen, and not clear
                                                      yet how to improve the png plots. Some
                                                      changes have been made on the plots (size
                                                      of the characters) and in the conversion to
                                                      png (size and quality) but is this enough.
RAP08-AI-2      to add some further caveat            CLOSED. Description of the problem with
RAPID           information; reference. For           IES integration time changes has been
                instance, the 50-ms counting          added to the User Guide. A good
                mode in the radiation belt on C4      illustrating example is found and included
                on 2004-Jan-20 around 20:20 UT        in User Guide. A reference is added to the
                caused suppression of rate in high    caveat files.
                flux radiation belt, see Pat’s
                message to Matt on 7 Dec 2006.
                Detailed information should not
                be repeated in the caveats but a
                reference should be made to the
                user guide. Here one can label a
                caveat in the user guide and make
                a reference to this label in the
                caveat file.
RAP08-AI-3      Some random data gaps exist in        CLOSED. Done. The gaps were failures in
CAA             inventory plots. The ingestion        the RAPID generation process. For
                failure can be caused by failed       generation of several missing files some
                ingestion processes that need to be   changes in the generation program have
                investigated by the CAA.              been done. The problem is fixed.
RAP08-AI-4      to prepare the CAA user guide         OPEN. To be written
CAA             that specifies the usage of the key
New due date:   metadata items, such as the frame
15 Sept 2009    velocity where the use of default
                value is not necessary to specify.
RAP08-AI-5      to prepare a CAA news release         CLOSED. Done.
RAPID           about the ingestion of all RAPID
                datasets for years 2001-6
                including the reprocessing of
                earlier years
RAP08-AI-6      To fix the ingestion bug. The         CLOSED. Done.
CAA             inventory plots show randomly
                missing RAPID datasets in Oct-
                Dec 2002 but then one can find
                both .cef.gz and gap files in the
RAP08-AI-7      To fix the ingestion bug. It          CLOSED. Done. There was a problem
CAA             appears in the ingestion              with the non-cef products appearing both
                 diagnostics plots that a large         as succeeding and failing the validation.
                 number of failed ingestion
                 processes had occurred.
RAP08-AI-8       to consider to produce a script that   OPEN. More or less done, but some little
CAA              checks all missing daily files for a   work is needed. Notice that after the
New due date:    given dataset and reports them.        release of a new version of data files, there
15 July 2009                                            may be missing files and those days should
                                                        be identified
RAP08-AI-9       to consider to produce the survey      CLOSED. The survey parameters are
CAA              parameters for RAPID.                  produced by the CAA.
RAP08-AI-10      to implement a procedure for the       OPEN. See annex 23 of 9th Cross-Cal. The
RAPID            dataset production in PSD units;       AI will be closed when the dataset
New due date:    the status report will be presented    becomes available.
10th Cross-Cal   in the next Cross-Cal.
RAP08-AI-11      to consider to produce partial         OPEN. There are users’ demands on the
RAPID            moments; the status report in the      partial RAPID ion moments. Due to the
New due date:    next Cross-Cal                         donut in the 3D distribution it is very
10th Cross-Cal                                          difficult co calculate. We plan to add an
                                                        information about this issue in the User
                                                        Guide. See annex 23 of 9th Cross-Cal. This
                                                        will be closed when the information is
                                                        added to the UG.
RAP08-AI-12      to use full-resolution CAA FGM         CLOSED. Done. See annex 23 of 9th
RAPID            files for the reproduction of          Cross-Cal.
                 EPITCH and IPITCH; the status
                 report in the next Cross-Cal
RAP08-AI-13      to consider to produce a new           OPEN. See annex 23 of 9th Cross-Cal.
RAPID            product for isotropic background
New due date:    noise; the status report in the next
10th Cross-Cal   Cross-Cal
RAP08-AI-14      to clarify the need of relativistic    OPEN. See Matt’s e-mail: this seems not
CAA              corrections to RAPID                   to be necessary. Pat Daly will give a
New due date:                                           detailed answer on its necessity later.
10th Cross-Cal
RAP08-AI-15      to send some documentation,            CLOSED. The .ceh and .info are uploaded
RAPID            including the instrument user          for one document and we got comments on
                 guide, to the CAA. The                 these files from Chris. The work is
                 documents can written into             continued.
                 /document directory in landing
                 zone (please send a message to
RAP08-AI-16      the 1st release of the RAPID           CLOSED. Done.
RAPID            calibration/cross-calibration report
RAP08-AI-17      the 1st release of the RAPID CAA       CLOSED. Done.
RAPID            user guide
RAP08-AI-18      to define the template of the user     CLOSED. Done.
CAA              guide and the cross-cal/cal report
RAP08-AI-19      The QL of the latest products          CLOSED. the files with wrong filenames
CAA                  have a new filename: instead of       have been made inactive and re-ingested
                     RAP, the filename contains            with the right name.
                     “RAPID”. Note that downloading
                     provides two versions of plots
                     while QL browser gives the old
RAP08-AI-20          in CAA graphics panels use            CLOSED. Done.
CAA                  Dataset Titles instead of Dataset
RAP08-AI-21          to fix the RAPID panel                CLOSED. Metadata were corrected
RAPID/CAA            production. For RAPID to use
                     min/max time resolution correctly
                     and for CAA to find another way
                     of solving the data gap problem in
RAP08-AI-22          to produce RAPID/CIS/PEACE            OPEN. To be done.
CAA                  on-demand cross-cal plots
New due date:
10th Cross-Cal

                 Open action items from the 2008 CAA/STAFF Progress Meeting

STA08-AI-1           The SM dataset requires a caveat      OPEN. To be done. This requires the usage
STAFF/CAA            dataset in CEF that tells the start   of sun pulse dataset or usage of eclipse
New due date:        and end time of the eclipses and a    intervals.
10th Cross-Cal       text string about why SM data
                     should be ignored.
STA08-AI-2           to remove the negative values         OPEN. Negative values will be replaced
STAFF                from the PSD dataset.                 with Fillval. It has been decided not to re-
New due date:                                              process all the data now, but this will
30 Sept 2009                                               happen on the next delivery. Only a small
                                                           part of data are affected but this occurs
                                                           nearly every day.
STA08-AI-3           to study why the ingestion time of    OPEN. Open issue, under investigation.
CAA                  STAFF files is as high as 60-80
New due date:        seconds.
31 July 2009

              Open action items from the 2008 CAA/WHISPER Progress Meeting

WHI08-AI-1           to describe the EDI interference in   OPEN. To be added.
Whisper              the user guide with illustrated
New due date:        example and to tell the user which
30 July 2009         emission lines are artefacts.
WHI08-AI-2           to consider to display the            CLOSED. Done. Overflow bar will appear
CAA/ Whisper         Overflow variable as a line in the    on natural spectrograms and waveform
                     graphics (similarly to a common       panels
                     Whisper team practise). The
                Whisper team must describe the
                issue with an illustrated example
                in their user guide to indicate the
                user which emission lines are
WHI08-AI-3      to describe the 61 kHz                 OPEN. To be added.
Whisper         interference on C4 with an
New due date:   illustrated example in their user
30 July 2009    guide to indicate the user which
                emission line is artefact
WHI08-AI-4      to check if the generation of the      OPEN. ESOC has been contacted and the
CAA/ESOC        spacecraft HK parameters as a          dataset is under progress
New due date:   CEF dataset is feasible.
30 Sept 2009
WHI08-AI-5      to ask the DWP team to contact         CLOSED. The WBD team checks if the
CAA             the other WEC teams for checking       LOG files contain all necessary HK
                and confirming that the DWP            information to the WEC teams.
                LOG dataset contains all
                necessary HK parameters that
                might be needed in the future.
                Check also if some data are
                needed with better time
WHI08-AI-6      to deliver the density files for the CLOSED. The perigee passes were
Whisper         perigee intervals of years 2001-5.   produced and delivered to the CAA in
                                                     January 2009
WHI08-AI-7      to confirm the delivery schedule     OPEN. This is considered as a very critical
Whisper         of density files be feasible, in     item as these data are important to many
New due date:   particular to produce all files,     other teams and their work is also delayed
20 May 2009     including the densities, from years because of this issue. In January, no
                2006-7 before 30 April 2009.         problems were recognized but in March
                                                     monthly report, it is stated that “Delays are
                                                     expected at worst of 11 months.
                                                     Arrangements have been found to speed up
                                                     the production significantly.
WHI08-AI-8      to consider the simplest way of      OPEN. No progress.
Whisper/CAA     making all daily files to cover full
New due date:   24 hr. Currently non-density files
15 July 2009    do not take into account the data
                gaps so that white areas can
                appear in the first or last hours of
                a day if the experiment was off.
WHI08-AI-9      to remind all teams to               OPEN. Will be discussed in the OR-4
CAA             check/ensure that the daily files    review.
New due date:   cover the full 24 hr in inventory
20 May 2009     plots where colour should be
                either blue or purple while white
                indicates that CAA is still waiting
                 data for such an interval
WHI08-AI-10      to clarify in the user guide the         OPEN. To be added.
Whisper          usage and meaning of all quality
New due date:    and uncertainty variables in the
15 July 2009     datasets, e.g. such as those given
                 for the plasma density
WHI08-AI-11      to remind PEACE/CIS teams to             CLOSED. The teams were informed
CAA              provide immediate feedback to            during the progress meetings in December.
                 Whisper about the quality of the
                 density files.
WHI08-AI-12      to add the mode flag in the density      CLOSED. The Whisper team adds now
Whisper/CAA      files to indicate whether the            this information to their ascii files. There is
                 density was retrieved from active        also a short header (non-CEF) that tells the
                 or passive spectrum. Notice that         producer of the file which was missing in
                 the CAA files have this but the          the past. CAA plots all density data in
                 flat ascii files do not have             black and then active part with “+” in
                 currently but Whisper will add           purple
                 this. When showing Whisper
                 densities, active and passive data
                 should be separate in different
                 colours. Tell PEACE/CIS teams
                 to use colours to separate the two
                 cases, e.g., plot first all in red and
                 then only active data in black
WHI08-AI-13      to consider to produce a new             OPEN. This dataset seems to have
CAA/Whisper      dataset that provides the angle          importance to many WEC experiments,
New due date:    between the Sun and two wire             and should be produced.
10th Cross-Cal   boom pairs. The Whisper datasets
                 must indicate which boom pair is
                 used for the measurements.
WHI08-AI-14      Update the Whisper plotting in the       CLOSED. The software to produce these
CAA/Whisper      graphics tool:                           panels have been written and the plots
                 (1) plot a colour bar for overflow;      become available soon.
                 (2) display the Whisper density as
                 a pre-generated product, including
                 the separation of passive and
                 active intervals;
                 (3) display
                 NERGY for on-demand
WHI08-AI-15      to display orbital information on        OPEN. This is to be done. The user needs
CAA              the bottom of the graphics and to        to select the spacecraft at the same time
New due date:    consider to allow the user to select     with the selection of panels (Cluster 1 is
15 July 2009     the orbit information from a list        default).
                 of variables

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