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					History of Ballooning Prediction Guide
Directions: Before reading the article entitled The History of Ballooning, students are to place a check mark next to the statements they believe are true. Following a discussion with a partner and then as a class, students are to read the article handout and amend incorrect answers. 1. ____The first experimental animal used in ballooning was a monkey. 2. ____Most early balloonists were French. 3. ____George Washington was present for the first balloon flight in North America. 4. ____Balloons have not been used in warfare. 5. ____Manned balloon flights have ascended to heights over 100,000 feet. 6. ____The first hot air balloon to cross the Atlantic Ocean did so in 1987. 7. ____To this date, no hot air balloonist has crossed the Pacific Ocean.

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