dinner by gdf57j


beginning at 5 pm daily
                                                                 CHEESE & CHARCUTERIE PLATE
                                                        please see our specials sheet for today’s selection

                                                                     VEGAN TOMATO SOUP 8

                                                                 SMOKED CAJUN MAC & CHEESE
                                                                       big john’s cheddar 9

                                                                       STEAMED MUSSELS
                                                            tomato, white wine, chili, grilled bread 13

                                                                    ALBACORE TUNA TARTARE
                                                    japanese hot mustard aioli, cucumber, crispy seaweed 15

                                                                          POLENTA CAKE
                                              olive oil poached tomatoes, wild mushrooms, goat cheese fondue 12

                                                                GRILLED KOREAN BEEF SKEWERS
                                                                       soy sesame glaze 11

                                                                           KALE SALAD
                                couscous, shaved apple, sweet potatoes, yams, hazelnuts, sun ower seed crusted chicken 17

                                                                    FRESH VEGETABLE SALAD
                                             edamame, fresh corn, haricots verts, jicama, red bell peppers, avocado,
                                     toasted cashews, hemp seeds, daikon sprouts, rosemary vinaigrette half 9, full 15

                                                                     CLASSIC CAESAR SALAD
         spanish white anchovies, reggiano parmigiano half 9, full 15, add grilled chicken breast 4, or grilled shrimp 8, or grilled atiron steak 6

                                                                     BUTTER LETTUCE SALAD
                                     buttermilk blue cheese, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs, smoked bacon half 10, full 16

                                                                   CRISPY CHICKEN SANDWICH
                                               barbecue sauce, arugula, provolone cheese, french fries or salad 16

                                                              SPICY CUBAN STYLE PORK SANDWICH
                               braised pork, house made porchetta, gruyère cheese, mustard, pickles, french fries or salad 16

                                                                    BLD VEGAN BURGER
                          jalapeno cashew cheese, alfalfa sprouts, tofu bell pepper aioli, whole wheat bun, french fries or salad 14

                                                                GRILLED TURKEY BURGER
                                choice of cheese (gruyère, aged cheddar, blue), house made pickles, french fries or salad 16

                                                                      GRILLED LAMB BURGER
                                           feta cheese, tsatsiki sauce, grilled marinated onions, french fries or salad 17

                                                                  BLD HOUSE BEEF BURGER
                                                oven dried tomato pesto, aged vermont cheddar, wild arugula 16

                                                                    FRESH TAGLIATELLE
                               wild arugula, goat cheese, oven dried tomato pesto sauce 17, with italian chicken sausage 21

                                                                     LINGUINI WITH CLAMS
                                                     pancetta, spinach, red fresno chilis, white wine broth 18

                                                                          CRISPY TOFU
                                              lentils, oven dried tomatoes, vegan coconut curry broth, cashews 19

                                                                  SEARED ALBACORE TUNA
                                      couscous, pea tendrils, jalapeno fennel cream, cilantro vinaigrette half 16, full 24

                                                                    PAN ROASTED SEA BASS
                                                    herb gnocchi, wild mushrooms, red chard, carrot nage 27

                                                              BRAISED MOROCCAN SPICED LAMB
                                                    chickpeas, kale, preserved lemon gremolata half 17, full 25

                                                                      BEEF SHORT RIB
                                     grafton cheddar cheese grits, wilted arugula, tomato con t, beef jus half 15, full 23

                                                                GRILLED NEW YORK STEAK
                                       truf e pasrnip puree, sauteed spinach, point reyes blue cheese herb butter 29

                                                                   SELF CONSTRUCTIVE DINNER

                                                                          ADD    2 SIDES
                              CHOOSE PROTEIN                             wild mushrooms                            1
                                                                                                              AND SAUCE
                         Hemp Seed Crusted Tofu 17                         garlic rapini                      arugula pesto
                               Grilled Salmon 25                         brussels sprouts                  parsnip sage butter
                  Grilled Free Range Jidori Half Chicken 23            anson mills polenta                   red wine sauce
                        Grilled Prime Flatiron Steak 25             roasted ngerling potatoes                  garlic nage
                                                                           french fries

                                                                chef de cuisine Diana Stavaridis

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