Central High School Cosmetology Introduction to Cosmetology Course by liaoqinmei


									                               Central High School Cosmetology
                                 Introduction to Cosmetology
                                        Course Syllabus

Title:                                           Salon Practices & Management
Instructor:                                      Mrs. Sophia C. Taylor
Phone:                                           (334) 298-3626 ext. 231
Email:                                           staylor@pcboe.net
Grades:                                          10-12
Credit:                                          1 credit
Classroom:                                       Career Technical Center, Room 501
Class Time:                                      1st, 3rd and 4th Block, 1st & 2nd Semester
Prerequisite:                                    Introduction to Cosmetology
Textbooks:                                       Milady's Standard Textbook of Cosmetology
                                                 Milady's Hair Structure and Chemistry Simplified.
                                                 Supplementary resources provided by the instructor

Students will not be issued a textbook. However, books may be checked out with the instructor. If students
fail to return checked out textbook, they will be responsible for the replacement cost of that book.

Instructional Philosophy
Success in Cosmetology begins with meeting the following expectations:
       1. Students are expected to meet all course and integrated curriculum requirements
       through a combination of theory and practical application.
       2. Students are to follow all safety and practical procedures.
       3. Students are expected to follow a code of professional conduct and ethics.

Program Goals
The goal of Central High Cosmetology Program is to:
      1. To provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to pass the Alabama
          Board of Cosmetology Licensing Exam, thereby equipping them for the
          the professional work force in the Cosmetology Industry.
      2. To empower each students with confidence, professionalism and enthusiasm.
      3. To enhance the Cosmetology Industry in this community through education and
          student involvement in community service.

Course Goals:
This course enables students to:
        1. Use critical and creative thinking and practical study of hair coloring and special
        effects highlighting
        2. Students are able to practice safety and sanitary precaution as they perform hair
coloring and hair lightening techniques.
Course Description:
        Introduction to Cosmetology provides students with students with a study of concepts
related to the Cosmetology profession. Specific topics include Cosmetology History and
Opportunities, Professional Image, Infection Control, Basic Fundamentals, and Principles of
Hair Design. Students also gain initial practical experience in sanitation, shampooing, hair
shaping, and hairstyling. Upon successful completion of this course, students are able to
practice safety and sanitary precautions as they perform basic procedures. Introduction to
Cosmetology is the prerequisite to Chemical Services, Hair Coloring, Introduction to Spa
Techniques, Advanced Spa Technique Applications, Salon Practices and Management, and
State Board Practicum. Students participate in SkillsUSA as an integral part of this instructional

Course Outline:
         Introduction to Cosmetology will include the following major content, but not necessarily
in this order:

       1. Apply mathematical, reading, writing, critical thinking, decision making and problem
          solving skills to perform the work of the Cosmetology Industry.
       2. Demonstrate teamwork and skills necessary for developing long range goals and
          projects that impact the Cosmetology Industry.
       3. Utilize technology and information technology tools that impact the management
          and services provided by the Cosmetology Industry.

   Salon Safety & Sanitation
       4. Apply safety rules and regulations related to Cosmetology, including fire equipment,
          tools, material safety data sheets (MSDS), and environmental protection agency
          (EPA) procedures.

   Cosmetology History & Opportunities
      5. Explain the origin and historical advancements of hairstyling in Cosmetology and
      6. Identify pioneers of modern Cosmetology and their contribution to the industry.
      7. Describe career opportunities available in the Cosmetology Industry.
         Example: Stylist, barber, salon manager, esthetician, nail technician, makeup artist

Professional Image
       8. Apply concepts related to personal hygiene, physical poise, professional dress, and
          workplace ethics in Cosmetology and barbering
       9. Demonstrate effective communication skills while performing duties associated with
Infectious Control, Principles and Practices
        10. Identify types and classifications of bacteria
           Examples: nonpathogenic and pathogenic
        11. Practice infection control techniques relative to Cosmetology, including performing
            wet and dry sanitizing procedures for safety and decontamination.
                  Differentiating between sterilization, disinfection and sanitation
                  Using OSHA codes for infection control and disposal of chemicals in

Basic Fundamentals
       12. Demonstrate draping procedures for hair services
         Examples: dry, wet and chemical
       13. Demonstrate procedures for shampooing, rinsing, conditioning and caring for the
          scalp and hair.
                Identifying various types of shampoos and conditioners, emulsions and
                suspensions, and pH codes
                Analyzing conditions of the scalp and hair
                Applying procedures for scalp massage and treatments
                Examples: hot oil treatments, ultra violet ray treatments

Principles of Hair Design
        14. Explain principles and elements of hairstyle and design
                   Explaining the relationship of facial types to styling principle for male and
                   female design
                   Describing the use of various implements, tools and equipment for hairstyling
                   Identifying the 5 elements and 5 principles of hair design
                   Identifying basic patterns of haircutting
        15. Apply techniques for hair shaping and design
                   Utilizing correct hair shaping terminology
                   Demonstrating how to section hair, including basic elevation, angles, and
                   Demonstrating face shaving and beard and mustache trimming techniques
                   based on facial structure, including final shaving of the face and neck.
        16. Demonstrate methods of haircutting, including clipper over comb, wet and dry,
           arching, scissor cut and razor cut.
                   Demonstrating correct techniques of holding comb, shears, clippers,
                   trimmers, razors and thermal styling tools
                   Demonstrating edge and clean neckline with razor, clipper or shears
        17. Demonstrate hair styling techniques including braiding, pressing, wrapping and
           roller control.
Class Procedures:

Students in Cosmetology must follow the following requirements:
       1. All students must follow all safety and sanitation procedures at all times.
        2. All students must learn and practice professional conduct at all times.

        3. Be on time and prepared for class. Students will not be allowed to go to the restroom the
        first or the last ten minutes of class. (See Student handbook). You are expected to be in your
        seat when the bells rings!

        4. TURN OFF ALL CELL PHONES, iPods, or any other device that resembles these things; put
        them away before entering the Cosmetology Lab.

        5. Class begins and ends with Mrs. Taylor. The bell does not dismiss students from class;

        Mrs. Taylor dismisses class.

        6. Follow all instructions given by your instructor. If you do not understand instructions, please
        see Mrs. Taylor before continuing.

        7. Enter the Cosmetology Lab quietly and report to the classroom and follow the instructions on
        the whiteboard.

        8. Check the dispensary schedule upon entering the classroom daily. All students are assigned
        Dispensary duties on a rotating schedule.

        9. All students are encouraged to ask questions and for help on difficult assignments. Mrs.
        Taylor will address your concerns when they are brought to her attention.

        10. All students must participate in fundraising activities.

       11. Check the white board every morning upon entering the classroom. The morning activity
       will be posted (vocabulary, bell ringer, etc.) These activities will be graded.
Lab Procedures:

   1. All class procedures apply during the lab.

   2. Students are expected to arrive to the Cosmetology Lab prepared to work, and in uniform on
      specified days. UNDER NO circumstances will a student be exempt from lab work because of
      dress code violation. Students will receive a 5pt. penalty from their daily Lab grade.

      SAFETY HAZARD AND VIOLATION OF STATE BOARD POLICY!!!! Students wearing sleeveless
      shirts or tops will be required to wear a lab jacket when servicing patrons.

   4. All students will be assigned a kit and a lock for practical applications in the Lab. Each student
      will sign a kit agreement, agreeing to be responsible for the kit, supplies, lock, and implements
      contained in the kit until it is returned at the end of the school year. The student must replace
      any tools, implements, kit or locks that are damaged, lost or stolen.

   5. All students must be responsible for cleaning the Lab, Classroom, Laundry Room & Dispensary
      Room. Mrs. Taylor will dismiss students from the lab 15 minutes prior to the bell to allow time
      for cleaning. No student leaves class until their cleaning assignment has been fulfilled. Students
      who are held up for cleaning may be counted as tardy and subject to normal discipline.

      OR DISPENSARY!!! Violation of the rules will result in disciplinary actions.

   7. All students must provide proof of insurance for student files before being allowed to
      participate in Lab exercises. Failure to participate in Lab exercises hurt your grades. If you do
      not have insurance, you may purchase insurance from the school.

           a. All students are required to provide payment for the following:
           b. Mannequin-----------------$30.00
           c. Class Fees------------------ $30.00 ($15per Semester)
           d. Uniform---------------------$35.00
   8. LIVE WORK: Cosmetology students who are in their 2nd and/or 3rd year must perform services
      on live models. This is a requirement listed in the Alabama Course of Study as well as a
      requirement of the Alabama Board of Cosmetology. Therefore, students must solicit a minimum
      of 5 clients per 9 weeks, to perform assigned labs. Students will be provided with business cards
      and other marketing tools to attract customers for their assignments. There is a service charge
        for all services performed in the Cosmetology Salon. Clients who participate in the Live Work
        program at Central High School fully understand that all work is performed by students and they
        must sign a release form. There are no refunds and the school, administration or Cosmetology
        Instructor are not responsible for any property lost, stolen or damaged in the salon area.
        Students are also not held liable for any accidents or damage to during services. All services are
        supervised by the Instructor.

                              Assessment Procedures and Grades:

                a.   Uniform
                b.   Professional Conduct                                                     50%
                c.   Dispensary Duties
                d.   Practical Application
                e.   Safety Practices
Special Projects
                 a. SkillsUSA events, Community                                               10%
                    Service Projects, etc.
Class Participation
                 a. Vocabulary building
                 b. Reports & Projects                                                        20%
                 c. Theory & Practical Assignments
                 d. Procedure Sheets
                 e. Class Handouts, PowerPoint
Homework                                                                                      10%
Midterm/Final Practical and/or Written Exam                                                   10%
                         TOTAL                                                               100%

**All Students must pass all Safety tests with 100% accuracy before engaging in the Cosmetology Lab
exercises. Safety test will be given for each content area that requires the practice of safety measures.

                             Attendance and makeup work policy:
Students must have access to internet and an email address in order to complete written assignments
and to access homework assignments.

       Students will retrieve assignments from the Cosmetology website and email assignments to
 staylor@pcboe.net or staylor2Diva4u@gmail.com . You may access the Cosmetology website from the
  CHS website or using this web address: www.chscosmetology.community.officelive.com. If you have
any problems, please notify your instructor at least 3-5 days before the assignment is due. Problems not
addressed within this time frame will not be acknowledged, and may result in student not receiving total
                                       grade for that assignment.

If a student is out of school all day or has been checked out before coming to Cosmetology, they are
considered absent. The student has the responsibility to make arrangements to makeup missed work
within 3 days of return from an excused absence. Otherwise, ANY and ALL missed assignments and Labs
will be graded as zero!

                                      Professional Conduct:

The Cosmetology Program at CHS provides students with the unique opportunity to receive Instructional
hours that make them eligible to apply for the Alabama Board of Cosmetology Licensing Exam. This
means that a CHS Cosmetology student can leave CHS and upon passing the licensing exam, be qualified
to work as a licensed professional in salons such as: J.C.Penney, Dillards, SmartStyle, etc. Therefore,

                      Mrs. Taylor expects each student to:
       1. Respect the rights of other students to learn.
       2. Leave all gossip, drama, and attitudes outside of class.
       3. Come to class prepared to WORK!!!
       4. Be Creative
       5. Treat others the way that you want to be treated!
       6. Put Quality before quantity! Work toward your personal best. Mediocrity is for
          ordinary people. Be EXTRAORDINARY!
       7. Respect other's property. If it doesn't belong to you, don't bother it!
       8. Be a Leader and bring unity among your classmates. Don't be a troublemaker or a
          peace breaker.
       9. Be professional wherever you are. You represent CHS, Career Technical Center, &
          Mrs. Taylor everywhere you go. Make us proud!
       10. Follow all class rules and CHS rules while in the Cosmetology Lab. Bad behavior,
       snappy attitudes and defiance have no place in Mrs. Taylor's Class. If you have a
       problem, feel free to speak with Mrs. Taylor in private. In the event you break any rules,
       expect the following discipline:
              1. Verbal warning
              2. Detention
              3. Parent conference/Referral to office
                                    Certification of Safety
                               General Shop Rules & Regulations

                                     Cosmetology Department
                                   Mrs. Sophia C. Taylor, Instructor

Thanks for allowing your child to participate in CHS Cosmetology Program. I look forward to a very fun
and productive year! I appreciate you taking the time to read and review this Syllabus, Course Outline,
and Lab Procedures.

This is to certify that I have carefully read and have received a Theory lesson on "General Shop Safety &
Sanitation relating to Cosmetology. I have also been instructed in the care, operation and safety relative
to electrical appliances and caustic chemicals used in this profession. By signing this Certification of
Safety, I pledge to follow all safety, sanitation, class and CHS rules while in the Cosmetology Lab, and to
look out for the safety of others.

Student's Name:_______________________________________________________________

As the guardian of above named child, I hereby agree and give permission for them to participate in the
Cosmetology Program. I have read the Course Syllabus, Lab Procedures and Course Requirements. I
pledge to give my full support toward encouraging my child to follow all rules and regulations required
for this course.

Parent's Signature:___________________________________________________________________

Please print this page with your signature and your parent’s signature and return
to Mrs. Taylor for your student file folder. Thanks!

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