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9/08/05 9:30 PM Intro Comments

Kim welcomed everyone to the call. Kim wanted everyone to keep victims/families of
Hurricane Katrina and its devastation in their prayers. If anyone can help them, please do so.
We received word that Doc and Carol from Gulfport, MS are okay.

There was a delay in Wednesday’s processing. We were trying to pay residual commissions that
were over $1 and under $25 that hadn’t been paid yet. The reason it has to be over $1 is that
Stormpay requires that it be at least $1 before they will even process it. If you had E-gold as
your choice for receiving money, but also had an IntGold account, the money was sent to
IntGold because we no longer send money to E-gold. If you had a Stormpay account, it went to
Stormpay. If you had an Egold or IntGold account that wasn’t valid, then we sent it to Stormpay
via your registered email address. This process has taken well over 40 hours to do because of
errors that people have made in entering their data into their profile. If there was no valid
account or email address that we could find, the money went back into the commission’s payable
account. As a result, Wednesday’s processing will be done Friday and Friday’s processing will
be done on Monday.

For the next 2 Thursday conference calls, Mike Hamilton will be answering questions since Kim
and Mark Boike will be in Australia and then New Zealand. At the Australia meeting, it is
being catered so we have to know how many people are going to be attending and they have to
pay in advance. For those attending, time is running out to confirm your seat on September 24.
All guests must’ve paid their fees in advance and be registered at least 2 days before the event.
As such, walk-ins will not be permitted, so book early and guarantee yourself a seat. Details for
this are at .

Jim Reynolds and others have been creating websites to help build your advertising business. If
you take advantage of it, is feeds the commission’s payable account. The website is found at . Several people have had questions about how to host a website. We
now have a full featured hosting account, 250 mb; that is big enough to hold hundreds of pages
and several files. We also have unlimited auto responders. We have ad trackers and a multitude
of other tools available. It comes complete with video training. These videos are for those who
know very little about building web pages. It has an editor that lets you build your pages from
scratch. Jim’s theory is that if you can build a web page you can build a web site. Having your
own website has many advantages. If you already have your own web site, it can easily be
transferred to our hosting account. There will also be a live training via Hot Conference, where
live workshops will be held.

We also have Site Studio which is a website builder. With a little guidance, Jim believes anyone
can get a website up quickly. It’s pretty much fill-in-the-blank, choose templates, etc. There is
a demo available for this as well. If you decide to become an affiliate of Ymwebtools and
advertise this elsewhere on the internet or share with non YM members, you can earn 25%
affiliate commission. Ymwebtools is managed separately so all support will be done in-house.
That means questions or assistance should not be sent thru the YM Help desk. There is a
separate place for questions pertaining to Ymwebtools. Soon we will have an e-product (video)
sales page that you can put on your own website. This does not take the place of the official
affiliate gateway pages that Mike Hamilton and folks of the Retail Site have created. This
can work in conjunction with those official pages; it can work to build credibility; you can have
articles on your website that point people to the official pages, but this is NO way replaces them.

Kim wanted to remind folks to visit .

The development of the new website and back offices are on schedule. Mike will be sharing the
latest information on the Retail Sales managers’ positions next week. If you’d like to get an
idea of what the retail pricing might be like and the number of EPC’s that will be required for
advertising, you can visit . If you are a brand new member
you can visit and you can view a list of important sites and a
walkthrough of each one. Don’t register at the site!!

We know that you'll have questions and we'll try to answer these on weekly conf. calls. Please go
to to submit your questions.

Questions/answers with Kim Inman:
Q: We have 16,000 affiliates who've taken the survey and some 9,000 who have not. The glitch
in the survey program not withstanding, we are well beyond the absolute date for completion.
Why do the 9,000 continue to cycle as if nothing has happened? When will these folks be
A: Not sure where these figures have come from, but the vast majority of the affiliates that
didn’t take the survey have been de-activated. You can assume the rest will be by the end of the

Q: In the new system, payouts will be made when commissions reach $25. Will we be able to
buy with the money in our accounts before it hits the $25 mark? Example: If we had $13.09 in
our accounts could we use that to buy a $10 EPC?
A: No – The money must go into V-Cash or IntGold before you will be able to make a purchase
with earnings. By the way, the plan is to no longer use Stormpay with the new system. When we
first started at looking at different payment systems, we wanted something that could ensure that
the people who were getting paid were the actual YM members who were supposed to be getting
paid and not someone who had stolen their email address or account information. Since we
started moving in that direction, IntGold has stepped up to the plate and requested picture id’s
and other security related standards. With E-gold, once the money is gone, it’s gone and never to
be returned, which is why we stopped using them. Stormpay hasn’t stepped up either, which is
why we will stop using them when the new system comes up. The new accounts won’t
necessarily require a picture id. What will happen is that when we submit your information,
they’ll match it against various public sources, like telephone numbers, addresses, alias lists, etc.
Then those will be submitted to us to follow up on if there are discrepancies or questions. With
that said, we had originally wanted to go with just the one payment system, but because IntGold
has done such a great job stepping up to the plate and earning our trust, we are willing to stick
with them also because we believe they are trying to do things right. That gives the members
another opportunity of moving your money so that you aren’t locked into one thing.

Q: Will there be a way where we could have an option for our weekly pay to automatically or
manually purchase EPC's without having YM send the money to our payment system?
A: No, for a very good reason. You are receiving income. It goes into your account. Anything
that we did would begin with that fact. It's your money. You earned it. You will still be able to
do subscriptions using one of our processors.

Q: If we have another natural disaster....will there be an exception for the members who can't
read and is there some way for them to get paid anyway?
A: Well, first of all, God forbid. But if this happened again, yes, of course I would make
exceptions as we are doing this time for those that are in the disaster area. We are making sure
that those in that disaster area are not deactivated for not reading ads. Payments would be
automated; I wouldn't be able to hand the payments to them, but they could get them by
accessing their accounts.

Q: Will there be a simple layout of the payouts, and times to get those payouts, in the new
A: You will be paid weekly on Wednesday, I believe. I am not sure what you mean by layout --
each person will be paid according to their percentage of all credits within the Reader's Fee
Account. I think that is reasonably simple.

Q: I have 1 year old EPC’s, is it possible, since we are so close to the new system, to hold onto
these so that I can use them for ads on the new site? Or do I need to go use some of them now?
A: In terms of EPC’s as credits for posting ads you can use any that you have in the new system,
regardless of how long you have had them.

Q: What is the latest update on the NECC wireless phone and Long Distance Company?
A: Look for more information on the . When we started looking at
NECC, it had 2 services we were interested in: wireless and long distance. The long distance
was for your home phone where you could choose your carrier. Well, you’d get a 30 day
payment plan but once you received the bill, it was due almost immediately. Then fees would be
tacked on. We had 3 cases of that and all 3 cases were remedied with a phone call. It was
issues on their end that they’ve worked through. We haven’t begun using their long distance
side yet because we don’t think it’s robust enough yet. But you need to understand that if you
purchase an NECC cell phone and service, that contract is between you and NECC. I use NECC
and I love their service. I’ve used Verizon and Cingular and anywhere I went, I couldn’t get a
signal to use the phone, even in airport. I’ve never had that problem with NECC. Between here
and the airport there is probably a 5 mile area that I don’t get a signal, but the rest of the time it’s
great. Even if the signal is low, the connection is perfect. The quality is the best that I’ve used.
I even use their long distance service for connection to other countries. With a cell phone,
normally that would just cost a fortune and I pay a monthly fee of $2 or $3 dollars. I can call
Great Britain for like $.05 to $.07 per minute.

Q: Can we get a precise and thorough listing of the fees that will be charged by V-cash as
compared to IntGold and a comparison of their services so that we can make an intelligent
consumer choice before the new payment system begins?
A: A listing of the fees will be provided to help you with your selection.

Q: When will affiliates with multiple accounts be able to combine them?
A: There are not plans for merging accounts anytime soon. All available resources are being
allocated to the development, testing and implementation of the new Retail Site and
compensation plan.

Q: Will we be able to electronically transfer (ACH) funds from our V-Cash accounts to our bank
accounts? What other methods can we withdraw funds from V-Cash besides loading to an ATM
A: This was not my understanding, but after double checking you will not be able to ACH funds
from V-Cash to bank accounts. You will be to withdraw funds from your V-Cash account using
one of the following options: You can request a wire transfer or a cashier's check, you can use a
debit card, or you can transfer your funds out using e-gold. We hope that eventually they will
offer IntGold as an option as well, but that is currently not available.

Q: Will the term "EPC" still be used or will it be replaced with "ad credit"?
A: We will still use the term EPC or electronic posting credit.

Q: Currently in the ad forums, affiliates themselves place their ads. In the new retail site, is the
procedure the same - for all ads?
A: The procedure will be similar in the sense that affiliates are responsible to post ads, but there
will be major changes in how this is done. There will be at least one basic form or template that
will apply to most ads. There will be many more categories and sub categories to choose from.
Affiliates who wish to purchase larger or longer-lasting ads will be able to do so either using
EPC’s or purchasing ads at a discount affiliate rate. The ads will be vetted before they are posted.
We have a staff in place already that will be responsible to help facilitate a move to the new

Whether you post a relatively simple ad, or a more complex 'quadrant' ad, the process will be
automated. It goes back to the talk when we first hired Mike, and our goal to make this one of the
Easiest companies to deal with. And we're getting there.

Q: Kim, can you workout a deal with V-cash, so that we don't have to pay any monthly fees?
A: While that would indeed be ideal from our perspective, we must also ensure that the
relationship is fruitful for our partners so that they will continue offering the type of service we
expect from them for a long time to come. While we may not be able to eliminate the fees, we
have put together a package that should reduce the fees that most users are paying now. The
monthly fees to V-cash are only if you use an ATM or debit card.

Q: Will our payment system be connected with MasterCard or Visa for our deposits and
A: The payment system will not be connected with MasterCard at all. There is an optional Visa
debit card that can be used for withdrawing your funds which will allow you to use the cards at
locations other than ATMs or locations that have POS systems. Examples include hotels and

Q: Can we have weekly or monthly updates that tell us which income streams are contributing
to the CPA and how much?
A: The important thing is that the funds are coming in. The problem that we run into is that there
are still copy-cat programs cropping up and we have no desire on helping them to structure their
business plan around what we have found that works and what doesn't. I am quite fond of letting
them make their own mistakes. That’s information that we hold very close to our chest and can
not afford to give our competition.

Q: Who will be our special guest for the coming conference calls while you and Mark are in New
Zealand and Australia?
A: Mike and perhaps some of our new Regional Sales Managers will be doing the honors. We
may be able to chime in at some point also.

Q: Have you considered the creation of a 'YM Search Engine'... by which we could advertise to
potential well as Paid Insertions from our own membership? In addition to the
A: Yes. You will see a hybrid of that in the new Retail Site. It will be a very miniature version of
what we eventually will do in the months ahead. We're not afraid to take some of the larger
companies head on. But if and when we do, we have to do it right. So don't expect it before the
end of the year in the full blown version.

Q: Will the new pay system be in place as soon as the new system is implemented? If not, how
will affiliates receive their weekly pay?
A: Yes. I believe it will be in place, but you will still have the option of IntGold.

Q: With the new V-Cash Debit Card what are the costs for depositing into the account, monthly
account maintenance fees, and the ATM withdrawal fees?
A: A complete list of fees will be forthcoming.

Q: What is the shelf life for an EPC / ad credit in the new retail site?
A: There is no current limit on the time to use an EPC. In the future we may implement a shelf
life for the EPC’s for when we are up and running at full speed, but it is not a priority right now.

Q: At one time you had stated that YM was going to establish the V-cash accounts for the
members. Has that changed to where it will just be a website that we will go to and sign up on
our own?
A: No. Anyone who is a YM member will get a V-cash account. That information will be
mailed to the YM member. Whether they use the V-cash account or the IntGold account is
entirely up to the member.

Q: If I already have a V-cash account, will I get another one?
A: My off the cuff answer for the first question is probably. The reason is that we want to
assign that account to you and make sure that you are the person for that account. Unless V-cash
comes up with an alternative, you will most likely be issued a new account.

Q: How are things going with the servers?
A: Things are going really well. In fact, when we process now you can make purchases. The
issues we have encountered the last couple of days were related to the 3% residuals and the
inaccuracy of the account/e-mail information that members had in their profiles.
Q: What is the process for the beta testing on the new website? Who does that? Is it some of
the members? How does that work?
A: First we’ll start with some of our contractors. Then we’ll use some of our forum, conference
and ad moderators. We have to be careful who we let into those site because we have had some
people trying to do us harm.

Q: Would you let some long term members be involved with the testing of the new website?
A: Sure, if we know who you are, have your address, can call and talk to you etc. You can
submit your name into the Helpdesk. Put attention Kim-would like to test software in the subject
line. We’ll do a background check on you just so you know.

Q: IntGold is a separate business and is therefore not secured in our platform. Will V-cash be
secured on our platform or is it also a separate entity? I ask only because there has always been
this mention of an ‘in-house’ system and my interpretation of in-house means that is was
developed by our own people and would be secured.
A: V-cash is an outside system. They have had a track record for a number of years of being
successful. The account actually goes through Wells Fargo so you have their security and then
V-cash’s security on top of that. Then we have a layer of security as well. Is there a time when
we want to move everything in-house? Yes, but I think that has to be when we establish our own
bank. We were trying to find something that was secure which allowed us to meet all the
requirements of those regulations that are out there. IntGold has met that through our own pain;
V-cash does it through software that is tied into various data banks. I will be meeting with
various government agencies ensuring them that we are meeting the requirements. To bring this
system in-house right now—I don’t think we are big enough and have the capital to do it YET.

Q: Have we had any of our good computer experts try and hack it?
A: We don’t have to. Believe me, there’s good computer people trying to hack it everyday.

Q: If something should happen to me, how do I pass on the EPC payments to my wife?
A: The simplest way would be to have the account in both names. You can make that change

Q: When I first joined in 2003, we used to be able to see everyone’s positions, which made me
feel part of a group. Now, I feel like I’m by myself. Why can’t we see the others’ positions any
A: First, we couldn’t display it all even if we wanted to because of the number of records. But
the main reason we can’t display everything has to do with privacy. We had situations where
members’ usernames were being recognized by outside people that the member didn’t want
known. We had occurrences where this information being publicized caused members to be
harassed and pursued legally and otherwise. So for everyone’s personal security and safety, only
yours is displayed.

Q: I have an IntGold account, but I’ve had more problems with them than I ever had with
Stormpay. Do I have to stay with IntGold?
A: It sounds like you will be a V-cash customer. I have had nothing but good experiences with
IntGold and just the opposite with Stormpay.

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