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									Freelancing is getting increasingly popular way among people of various ages to work upon their
skills and provide service to customers. But most people ask the same question of what is
freelancing and why they do freelance and can I make a living out of it? This article will answer you
frequently asked questions that you always wanted to know about freelancing.

1. What is freelancing all about?

It is when someone offers his or her skilled services for an agreed duration in return for a salary or
fee. Freelancers are independent individuals who are hired for their services. Generally, freelancers
do jobs for a short period of time mentioned in their contract to provide service to their contractors.

2. Can I become a freelancer?

Yes. There are no limitations on who can become a part time or full time freelancer. If you have the
skill or service that a business is in need then you will have the offer of being a freelancer.

3. Who hires them?

They are hired by reputed individuals and organisations, including small start-up enterprises, central
government and public entities.

4. What services do I need to offer?

Freelancers offer a different set of services. There is no fixed list and you need to be flexible to learn
new skills to be in demand. Some services offered by freelancers include virtual IT support &
customer helpdesk service to web development, internet marketing.

5. Which services are in demand?

Demand for services varies according to market economy. You need to research continuously to get
to know the current highest paying jobs.
6. What are the advantages?

There are many advantages like you can be your own boss, getting paid during holiday, and work
from anywhere and most importantly you can earn money quickly with good skill set.

7. What are the disadvantages?

It has some pitfalls also like you need to pay tax and it is not easy to find work as the condition is
very competitive so that you need to continuously learn new things to update your resume and be
attractive to your employers.

8. Where can I get started?

Currently there are many websites receiving your updated resume and they will select you as per
basis of skill set and your past records. Make some dummy projects matching your skill set to build a
portfolio and that will help. You can start building your freelance career as an article writer, data
entry operator as these jobs are more or less easy to get at the start.

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