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Today you will have a chance to show off your marshmallow shooting skills and join in the marshmallow challenge. Using the materials provided, work together with your group to build a device that will launch a marshmallow.

MATERIALS:      4 Rubber bands 2 Popsicle Sticks 6 inches of Masking tape 1 Plastic Spoon 1 Cardboard Shoe Box

RULES:          You may practice without the target as many times as you like. The location of the target will not be disclosed until you are ready to launch. You will have 3 chances to hit the target. Only the closest 2 will count. The winner of the first challenge will be the group whose marshmallow is closest to the center of the target. The winner of the second challenge will be the group whose marshmallow travels the farthest distance. Everyone will launch from the same location. Draw a picture of your design in your lab notebook. Complete the backside of this paper as you go along and attach it in your lab notebook. Launching will begin in 45 minutes.

Name ______________________________________________

DEVICE CONSTRUCTION What is going to cause your marshmallow to go forward?

How are you going to make your marshmallow travel different distances?

Which marshmallow needs more energy, one going a short distance or one going a long distance?

Where does it get energy from?

READY SET LAUNCH! Marshmallow #1 – Marshmallow #2 – Distance from target: _______________________________cm Distance from target: _______________________________cm _______________________________cm ________________________________ m

Average (mean) distance from target: Convert your mean distance into meters.

What could you change to get better results?

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