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    Like Eight Lessons
for successfully executing
  innovation initiatives.
 (These are some really smart critters.*)

*Based on the Key Findings of the Largest and Most
Comprehensive Research Study Ever on Innovation
have little to do with the IDEA.
This workshop is not about creativity, brainstorming, searching for ideas, or selecting the best.

It is about execution. It is about moving from idea to impact. It is about achieving an idea’s full potential without getting
eaten or run-over by the very organization that is trying to bring it to life.

The Inside Innovation Workshop details solutions to make innovation happen inside your organization. Workshop
participants discover a straight-forward approach to executing an innovation initiative involving, in particular, a special
kind of team and a special kind of plan.

There are a few terms that need to be defined in order to make sense of the workshop, such as:

An innovation initiative is a project that is new to a company and has an uncertain outcome. The purpose of the project
could be to introduce a new process, a new product, a new service, or a new business. It is not, however, a small process
improvement that one or a few people could handle in their spare time, nor is it an effort to launch a new product or
service that is very similar to existing products or services.

The Performance Engine, the bulk of any established business organization, focuses on ongoing operations. The
Performance Engine’s driving interests are efficiency, productivity, and profitability. It strives to make every task and
every activity as repeatable and predictable as possible.

There are deep incompatibilities between innovation and ongoing operations. The Performance Engine may be the
master of repeatable and predictable, but an innovation initiative is just the opposite. It is non-routine and uncertain.

Because of the fundamental incompatibilities, each innovation initiative requires a team with a custom organizational
model, the Dedicated Team, and a plan that is revised only through a rigorous learning process.

The innovation team is always a partnership between a Dedicated Team and the Performance Engine - specifically, a
subset of Performance Engine employees called the Shared Staff. The Dedicated Team must be built from scratch, with
it’s own organizational model and performance metrics.

Executing an innovation initiative within an established organization is a complex proposition. Because formal academic
research on the topic is expensive and requires deep access to corporations, there has been little to date.

This workshop is built on the findings of the largest innovation research project ever undertaken. The 10 year, privately
funded, multi-million dollar study conducted by Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble from the Tuck School of Business
at Dartmouth College spans a wide range of innovation initiatives - new processes, new products, new services, even
entirely new businesses. The research has produced two books; the bestselling 10 Rules for Strategic Innovators and just
released, The Other Side of Innovation. Both are from Harvard Business School Press.
                                                                  Key Lessons
                                                                You will Learn:
                                                                {   •   It’s all about THE IDEA.

                                                            s       •   Just MAKE IT HAPPEN.
                                                                    •   Divide the Labor.
                                                                    •   Assemble the Dedicated Team.
                                                                    •   Manage the Partnership.
                                                            s       •   Formalize the Experiment.
                                                                    •   Break Down the Hypothesis.
                                                                    •   Seek Truth.

                                                          Learn more at
                                                             or contact Marti Kaiser at 214-276-6832 or
“How Stella Saved the Farm”, a required pre-read before attending the workshop, takes the key principles from the
research and embeds them in an easy to read and captivating storyline.

The use of the parable is an essential part of the workshop. It simplifies a difficult subject and casts it in a memorable
format. It is a pre-read that people really will read, and that makes time in the classroom much more productive. Finally,
by immersing people in a fictional narrative, it serves to reduce the tension and anxiety that can accompany a workshop
on innovation and the change that it requires.

The parable invites the reader to join a group of high spirited animals who run a present-day Animal Farm. Their success
has been challenged by advances in farming technology and the possibility they may have to sell out is very real. A new
leader hopes to find a way to once again deliver the promise of prosperity to the animals. Something must be done if the
hopes and dreams of the farm are to live again. Join this wild and woolly yarn about innovation and watch as the all too
familiar challenges are confronted and overcome by this very clever group of animals.
WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE?                              PRAISE fOR STELLA AND
                                                     THE WORKSHOP!
You own the plan for the initiative more than any    “Extremely valuable. It really hit the mark for us. As a very
other person - despite the fact that in most cases   large and complex company, we are not short on innovative
you will not have complete control.                  ideas, but the challenge comes in executing across multiple
                                                     organizations. we came away with new insights and actionable
                                                     ideas for us to implement. Your customer service has been
MEMBErS Of THE TEAM:                                 amazing! Thanks for a great experience!”
The best-prepared team members fully                 – Kathy O’Hara, Leadership and Organization Development Manager
understand the challenges their leaders face and     AT&T Consumer IT
what will be expected of them on the frontiers of
an Innovation Initiative, where the trusted rules
                                                     “The Inside Innovation workshop sets up participants for a
don’t make sense.                                    thoughtful innovation process.”
                                                     – Dr. Dennis Peterson, Superintendent, Minnetonka (MN) Public
MID lEVEl MANAGErS AND EXEcUTIVES:                   Schools
These are managers and leaders in the
organization who must understand the foundations
of innovation in order to support the process from   “Very inspiring! The metaphor used engaged the mind. A
                                                     training that makes you want to quickly go back to base and
their position.                                      implement the skills learned. It should be a MUST attend for
                                                     all Managers in the organization”.
SUPErVISING EXEcUTIVES:                              – Amina Usman, Senior Sales Manager (West), Sales & Distribution,
The innovation leader reports to the supervising     MTN Group
executive, someone with critical and demanding
responsibilities in successful execution of
innovation initiatives.                              “Great workshop – entertaining and eye-opening”
                                                     – Gan Chee Keong
                                                     Toshiba Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd
To reach their highest aspirations, CEOs and chief
innovation officers must scale up from single        “I would highly recommend this workshop for anybody that
innovation projects to routine innovation success.   has intent to start an innovation initiative.”
They must institutionalize innovation.               – Loo Soon Kam
                                                     TT Innovation Centre Sdn Bhd
SUPPOrT AN INNOVATION INITIATIVE:                    “Very experiential, no “bored” moment during the workshop –
These leaders must understand the conflicts          it will make you want to go read the books!”
between innovation and ongoing operations and        – Lawrence Kang
how best to support innovation initiatives while     Motorola University
sustaining excellence in ongoing operations.
                                                                            “Good understanding of how innovation
INNOVATION cOAcHES AND                                                       works. Excellent & exciting 2 days
fAcIlITATOrS:                                                                 journey toward innovation for oneself
These leaders facilitate learning the           UPCOMING                       and the organization a person works
foundations of innovation and provide
practical support throughout the
                                               DATES IN 2011                     – Abdul Halim Manaf
                                                                                  Freescale Semiconductor (M) Sdn Bhd
execution of the innovation initiative.            April 6-7
                                                  June 22-23
             INTERNATIONAL                       October 19-20
             THOUGHTLEADER                      November 15-16
             N E T WO R K

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