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browser-authors lesson plan by steph777


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									Netscape Browser Basics Lesson Plan Grade: 4 Time: 25 minutes Objectives: Students will learn how to use basic browser functions—back, forward, scroll, and one-click to access links, while finding information about the authors they are studying with their primary teacher. Introduction: Briefly describe what Internet accesses—many Websites, browser is like telephone that connects you to different addresses, or pages, on the Web. Demonstrate how to open author hotlist, click once on link to open page, scroll up and down, back and forth (due to small screens), and use back button to return to hot list. Remind them to ignore adds and to skim pages for information about their author. Procedure: After giving introduction, pass out worksheets and have students go to a computer, log-in, and go to author hotlist page. This will automatically launch Netscape. Circulate and answer questions. They will keep their worksheets to help with their author reports. Assessment: Upon observation, are students finding their way to the author sites? Are they able to answer the six questions about their authors?

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