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					Name __________________________ Members of your group - _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ Fill in the table. Containers
Least to Greatest

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th

Description of Container

Weight of Rice In Container

Correct Order (Yes or No)

Did you find anything interesting when you were doing this activity? (Be specific.)

Within your group, find a way to calculate how much rice would fit into a new container without filling it with rice or weighing it. _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ Give a definition of volume in your own words. _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ Where might volume (not sound) be important in our school? Tell where and explain why it would be important. _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ In your group, make a list of all the professions that volume would play a part in their jobs. ___________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ Think of one way volume impacted your life today. ___________________

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