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					BRIDAL PACKAGES                                   Reflexology                    30 Min R150
- Contact us for a free consultation.
- H&M Wedding photographer available              HANDS AND FEET
                                                  File and Paint                 20 Min R80
IPL (INTENSE PULSED LIGHT)                        Mini manicure no paint         35 Min R90
                                                  Manicure                       60 Min R130
This is the latest, most advanced breakthrough
                                                  Paraffin Manicure              75 Min R150
technology in effective light therapy.
                                                  OPI SPA Manicure               60 Min R170
                                                  Mini Pedi no paint             40 MinR100
Rosacea, Small Facial Veins, Sun Damage,
                                                  Pedicure                       60 Min R150
Reduce Large Pores, Wrinkles, Stretch Marks.
                                                  Heels Only                     30 Min R80
                                                  Paraffin Pedicure              90 Min R190
                                                  OPI SPA Pedicure               90 Min R210
HYDROXPEEL                        R660
                                                  Gel Toes and Pedicure 75 Min   R250
Deep peeling by means of water jets without any
                                                  Paint revanish                 15 Min R50
pain, surgery or downtime!
                                                  File                           15 Min R40

                                                  Eyebrow Tint                   15 Min   R45
Re-sculpt your body 15 sessions@ R2200
                                                  Eyebrow & Lash Tint            25 Min   R80
In conjunction with diet and exercise
                                                  Lash Tint                      20 Min   R60
Reducing the appearance of
                                                  Lip Bleach                     15 Min   R40
cellulite, flab and stretch marks.
Including Fatless brings the amazing benefits
of a full body workout in a few minutes.          WAXING TREATMENTS
Facial sculpting 15 sessions @ R2500              Lip / Brow / Chin Wax 15 Min R50
                                                  Full Face                    25 Min R110
FINISHING SCHOOL                                  Bikini                       30 Min R70
                                                  G- String                    35 Min R90
A five week grooming and modeling course for
                                                  Brazilian                    45 Min R125
girls between the ages of 9 and 18.
                                                  Hollywood                    60 Min R190
Mari Van Eeden
                                                  Arms Half                    15 Min R65
                                                  Arms Full                    25 Min R80
ACRYLIC NAIL COURSE                       R6500   Under Arms                   15 Min R60
2 weeks and case studies hours                    Half Leg              25 Min R90
                                                  ¾ Leg                        30 Min R100
BODY                                              Full Leg              45 Min R130
Algologie/ Moya Wraps from       60 Min R250      Full Leg and Bikini          60 Min R185
Fucus/Herbal Detox/Herbal                         Top Leg and Bikini           30 Min R150
Body Exfoliation                 45 Min R150      Toes                         10 Min R35
Spray Tan                        30 Min R250      Tummy Line                   15 Min R55

MASSAGES                                          NAILS
Swedish, Rungu, Hot Stone,                        BIO SCULPTURE GEL
Aromatherapy ,Pre-Natal          60 Min   R250    Full Set              90 Min R250
Full body                        90 Min   R350    Fill 2 week                  60 Min     R120
Back and Neck          30 Min    R150             Fill 3 week                  60 Min     R160
Foot (Hot Stone)                 30 Min   R95     Gel Overlays                 60 Min     R210
Foot                             20 Min   R75     Gel Toenails                 60 Min     R150
Indian Head                      30 Min   R150    Single Nail                  15 Min     R30
Scalp                            30 Min   R90
OPI ACRYLIC/GEL                                           Chest Wax               30 Min R75
Full Set                     90 Min R310                  Back Wax                30 Min R95
2 Week Fill                         75 Min   R135         Full leg Wax            40Min R145
3 Week Fill                         75 Min   R175         Executive Time Out      180 MinR550
Acrylic Overlay              90 Min R260                  Back Cleanse            60 Min R180
Soak Off                            45 Min   R80
Single Nail                         15 Min   R35          TEEN SPOILS (13-18)
Nail Art                     from R10                     Deep Cleanse            45 Min R100
Weekenders Fibre                                          Manicure                30 Min R80
- No Nail Biters             60 Min R180                  Pedicure                40 Min R110
                                                          Make-up lesson 20 Min   R100
                                                          Brow Wax or Shape       15 Min R30
MAKE-UP                                                   Lip Wax or Bleach       15 Min R30
Day Make-Up                                30 Min R100    Half Leg Wax            30 Min R70
Special Event                               40 Min R180   Spray Tan Parties       120 Min Q
- Including Trial and gift         45 Min R480            KIDDIES - UNDER 13 SPOILS
Make-up workshop                          60 Min R300     Mini Facial                    30 Min R80
                                                          Mini Manicure           20 Min R60
                                                          Mini Pedicure                  30 Min R70
GATINEAU FACIALS                                          Party Groups                   120 Min        Q
Deep Cleanse             45 Min R190
Basic                    60 Min R255                      GENERAL INFORMATION
Fundamental              90 Min R285                      HOURS    Monday - Friday
Combination / Nutriactive /Sensitive                                08:00 - 18:00
Advance                  90 Min R320                                 Saturday
Regenerating/Firming/whitening/Enzymatic                             08:00 - 15:00
Anti-Age                        90 MinR450                GIFT VOUCHERS valid for 3 months.
Malatogenine / Defi-lift
Peel Expert                     60 Min R295               We accept Master and Visa Cards and Cash.
Extras                                                    We do not accept Cheques.
Hot Mud Back or Feet            R80
Ampoule                         R50                       CANCELLATIONS
Collagen Eye Pads               R60                       12 Hour notice of cancellation or charge of
                                                          appointment.Please check in 5 Min prior to
ENVIRON FACIALS                                            appointment .For late arrivals, treatment
Cleansing procedure 45 Min R190                           duration will be reduced.Scheduled course
Vitamin Therapy        60 Min R255                        sessions will be charged in full.
Cleansing Vit therapy 60 Min R255
Moisture /galvanic     60 MinR310                         4 Arauna Street
Optional extra                                            Brackenfell
Decollete treatment    15minR95                           TEL: 021 981 8086
Hands and feet 15minR100                                  EMAIL:
Incl cold paraffin wax                                    WEBSITE:

Environ Facial        60 Min R255
Sport Pedicure        45 Min R130
Sport Manicure 45 Min R100

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