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					Adding Data and Producing a Choropleth Map Using ArcView 3.2
1. Open ArcView and within qstart, go to US 2. Pan using the hand button to position the country you desire (US or Canada). Adjust the scale as necessary in order to see the entire country. 3. Highlight (make active) the appropriate country in the Table of Contents (Legend) (US or Canada). 4. Click Theme. Click Convert to Shapefile. Theme x. is listed, click OK. Click Yes when asked “add shapefile as theme to the view.” 5. Highlight (make active) the new theme in the Table of Contents. Click Theme and then click Properties or click Theme Properties Button. Change the name of theme x. shp to an appropriate name. Click OK. 6. Open the theme table by either clicking Theme and then Table or clicking the Theme Table Button. Click Table and then click Start Editing. Click Edit and then click Add Field. In Field Definition Box provide a Name and adjust the Decimal Place information if required. Click OK. 7. Click the Edit button and then add the appropriate data. Hit the Enter key after each entry. Close the Table after all data is entered. 8. Turn on you New Theme in the Table of Content (click the small box to the left of the theme name, a check appears) 9. Editing the New Theme from the Table of Contents: Double click the new theme name and the Legend Editor appears. In Legend Type select Graduated Color. In Classification Field select your new theme. In Classify select Type and then select the appropriate choice (natural breaks, standard deviation, quantiles, etc.). In Color Ramps select the appropriate color. Click Apply. Close the Legend Editor. 10. Printing a completed map: Click View and then click Layout. Click Landscape or Portrait (Landscape fits best). Click OK. Changing Title: Click on the Title to select it. Either double click the title or click Graphics and then click Properties. Change the title United States to an appropriate title. Click Window and click Show Symbol Window to allow you to change the font, size, and style. Click the Text button: Place the cursor in the bottom right corner of the map and click. When the Text Properties box appears, type you name and the date (year). Click OK. Adjusting the position of items on the map: Click on the item to select it and then drag it to a new position. Adjusting the size of items on the map: Click on the item to select it and place the cursor on one of the four corners and click and drag to make the item larger or smaller.

Adjusting the style of the scale bar and compass rose: Double click on the item and then select the desired style. 11. Click File and then click Print Setup. Select the appropriate orientation (landscape works best) 12. Click Print 13. You should now have a very professional looking Choropleth Map.

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