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                                                                                                     ADVANCED COMMUNICATION
                                                                                                  FOR COLLECTION INDUSTRY EXPERTS.

LEGEND                                                                              FIRESIDE CHAT
Summer Issue
July 2008 Features:

FiReSide chat                             The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation
letter from the not so oval office.       will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will
Lex Patterson
                                          magnify the inefficiency.     -- Bill Gates

the adViSORy                                                                            automation. the very word invokes a different emotional
BOaRd SPeaKS                                                                            response depending upon your success or failure to utilize
New Members
                                                                                        it. Before you can harness the power of automation you
                                                                                        must streamline the process. to do this you must fully
the deVelOPMent teaM                                                                    understand and refine the rules of the business issue you
SPeaKS                                                                                  are trying to solve. Many times it is better to eliminate before
DAKCS Payment Screen Upgrade                                                 you automate. as william of Occam originator of Occam’s
Randy Lee
                                                                                        Razor (All other things being equal, the simplest solution is
                                                                                        the best.) said “It is vain to do with more what can be done
VendOR cORneR
CompuMail Information Services, Inc.                                                    with less”. Automation success will be maximized only when
Sam Andreason
                                                                                        the task fits into the design. The DAKCS system provides
                                                                                        many automation tools including Intercept, VIC, The Report
                                          Scheduler, and Mag Importer to name a few. These tools are designed to increase productivity and profitability
On the ROad with
                                          and when applied properly will do just that. to achieve the most out of your automation investment we
ScOtt PizzellO
Great New Tools for            suggest you follow these simple rules.
Scott Pizzello

                                              • Understand the business issue or problem
New Version of @Client Services               • Clearly define the outcome
Dax Nelson                                    • Educate yourself about the automation tool capabilities
                                              • Document the process flow
                                              • Measure the results
newS FROM the nOtch                           • Refine the process
Employees’ Thoughts About Process
Steve Smith
                                          Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in integrating automation
                                          into your business, magnifying its’ efficiency and allowing you to
MaRKeting thOughtS                        achieve peak performance.
Deborah Kilroy

                                          A big part of this process lies in educating yourself about the
                                          automation capabilities. What better place to do that than the
exPlORatiOn 2008                          daKcS Summer conference. this year’s agenda is jam packed
DAKCS Summer Conference
Park City, Utah, August 20 - 22           with good information to help you learn about the DAKCS suite of
Denise Green                              automation tools. We will be featuring hands on instruction, round
                                          table discussions and collaboration opportunities. I hope to see all
the lOdge                                 of you in Park City August 20-22 where together we will explore
Hours of Operation
                                          new possibilities that will help you automate and streamline your

the daKcS teaM
• Tenderfoot Guides:
New Employee: Tiffany Bingham
• Master Guides

heRe and theRe
Lex, Chris, Dax and Scott visiting
DAKCS customers around the country
                                                                      Rocky Mountain Region: Amy Canaday of CollectionCenter, Inc.
                                                                      of Rawlins, Wyoming. Telephone # 307 324 6993.

                         New Members                                                       Amy Canaday is the Vice President of
                                                                                           Collections for Collection Center Inc.
As you may recall, in 2006 the Advisory Board added several new                            located in Rawlins,WY. She’s been
by-laws to their constitution. The most important change was the                           employed with CollectionCenter since
introduction of term limits on the Board positions. the terms are                          April, 2000 and has been in a management
now three years; at the conclusion of the term, the incumbent has                          position since July, 2002. Amy oversees the
the option to run for re-election.                                                         collection staff in the Rawlins, WY and the
                                                                                           Ft. Collins, CO offices. She’s also a member
the Board also developed a mission statement.                                              of CollectionCenter’s “Core Management
The DAKCS Advisory Board mission is to promote and improve                                Team” which formulates and implements
DAKCS products and services by providing guidance, offering           policies and procedures within the company, helps set the
feedback and representing the views and interests of the user         company budget, and oversees the growth of the Leadership
community.                                                            Team. CollectionCenter joined the DAKCS family in 1985 as a
                                                                      Beta site, making CCI one of the most experienced companies
As a result of the above, DAKCS recently held an election for three   in the world with a DAKCS alliance. CollectionCenter has a
Advisory Board positions: Northwest, Rocky Mountain and Great         staff of 86 people that uses both Sting version 7.2 and Beyond.
Plains. We were thrilled by the number of candidates that offered     net. CCI has the most current version of the VIC dialer and
to be a part of the Board. We also were delighted that so many of     Amy is quite knowledgeable in its usage and applications.
you took the time to vote, showing once again your commitment to
daKcS and the programs we have created to keep our products           congratulations to all of you! we are proud to have you on our
and services on the leading edge.                                     team. we look forward to a great advisory Board group. certainly
                                                                      the three of you will bring some exciting new ideas and positive
we are pleased to announce the winners who participated in a          energy to the team.
closely contested and hard fought race.
                                                                      Please make a note of these new Board members. Remember, as
Northwest Region: Neal Henning of Industrial Credit Services,         clearly stated in the mission statement, their role is clear: provide
Bellevue, Washington. Telephone #: 541 265 8846                       guidance, offer feedback and represent the views and interests
                                                                      of the user community”.
                    Neal Henning has an extensive background
                    in the collections industry. His career           Call them, ask questions, give them those great ideas you have
                    began in 1979 as a manager at Southern            for fine tuning the DAKCS products and services. They are an
                    Oregon Credit Service in Medford, Oregon.         integral part of what makes daKcS great. Make sure you know
                    Today he is the Vice President of Creditors       your Regional Representative. call him or her today!
                    Collection Service in Newport, Oregon
                    as well as the Owner of Industrial Credit         BOARD INFORMATION
                    Service in Bellevue, Washington. He is            1. Dee Barbash - Far west - collection Service of nevada
                    active in community service and is a city         P. 775-333-5757 E-mail:
                    council member in Newport, Oregon. Neal
is a member of the Tribal Council of the Confederated Tribes          2. Darlene Murray - northeast - windham Professionals
of the Siletz Indians. Neal is married to Wanda Henning who           P. 603-890-4034 Ext. 225 E-mail:
was recently featured on the cover of Collection Advisor
Magazine.                                                             3. Frank Fox - Mid-East - Fox Collection Center
                                                                      P. 800-422-2793 E-mail:
Great Plains Region: Bradley Fudge of Credit Collections, Inc. of
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Telephone #: 405 290 2000.                   4. David Hemrick - Southwest - Pacific Credit Services
                                                                      P. 831-724-6328 E-mail:
                     Bradley V. Fudge (Brad) has been in the
                     collection industry since the age of 7, when     5. Neal Henning - northwest – industrial credit Services
                     he started licking stamps in the mail room       P.. 541 265 8846 E-mail:
                     for his mother and father, Jack & Jo Fudge,
                     the original owners of Credit Collections,       6. Amy Canaday - Mountain – collectioncenter inc.
                     Inc. (CCI). Through the years Bradley has        P. 307 324 6993 E-mail:
                     held various positions, until he started on
                     the sales force in 1986. Brad’s brother, John    7. Steve Norket - Southeast – Park dansan
                     M. “Chip” Fudge, purchased CCI from his          P: 704 864 4341 E-mail:
parents and merged it with his collection company, Account
Specialist, Inc., in 1992. Brad purchased the company from            8. Brad Fudge - Great Plains – Credit Collections, Inc.
his brother in March of 1999. CCI has been a family owned             P. 405 290 2000 E-mail:
business for 41 years, and retains a management staff with 15
plus years of experience. Brad is heavily vested in the day-to-
day workings of the company and still helps out in the sales
     THE DEVElOPmEnT TEAm SPEAKS                                                            VENDOR CORNER

                    Randy Lee                                                      COMPUMAIL INFORMATION SERVICES INC.
     DAKCS BEyOND.NET PAyMENT SCREEN UPGRADE                             This is an opportunity to showcase our vendor partners. Prior to
                                                                         each issue, we will randomly select one or two of our partners who
                     One of the key initiatives of the year was          will be given the chance to write a short article for publication.
                     to establish a Beyond customer forum to
                     gather input on some of the top requests for                              Sam Andreasen
            enhancements. as a result of                                   President and Chief Operating Officer
                     the first meeting, everyone agreed that the                               CompuMail Information Services Inc.
                     Beyond payment process could be easier and
                     smoother. As a result of these discussions,                               Sam Andreasen was promoted to President
                     we have removed redundant demographic                                     and Chief Operating Officer of CompuMail.
                     information and rearranged screen space to                                Monte Bish, CompuMail’s CEO and
                     present information more effectively.                                     Founder promoted Sam late in 2007.

                                                                                            Previously Sam served as General
                                                                         Manager of CompuMail, a position he held since 1999. As
                                                                         General Manager, Sam oversaw all aspects of CompuMail’s
                                                                         national operation. Sam began his career at CompuMail in
                                                                         1997 as Operations Manager. He has 16 years experience in
                                                                         the printing and mailing industry.

                                                                         Some of Sam’s career highlights include serving on the Greater
                                                                         East Bay Postal Customer Council as a Board Member at Large
                                                                         and serving his community as a Reserve Fire Fighter/EMT for
                                                                         the Contra Costa County Fire and Rescue.
We lined up the disbursement grid for better visibility and provide      Born in 1971, Sam is a native Texan. Sam is married to Jennifer
balancing features to make payment posting easy and efficient.           and has one daughter Regan.
We now support both the bar-code and manual “speed pay”
modes. Payments may be easily and automatically disbursed                Sam can be reached at: 925-689-7100 or sama@compumailinc.
across several accounts.                                                 com
Our new “split disbursement” mode allows the clerk to post any           CompuMail, Inc. offers full service collection letter printing and
portion of the total balance to a particular account and automatically   mailing services from its headquarters in Concord, CA. Founded
roll the remainder forward. Edited fields are automatically re-          in 1992, CompuMail began printing collection letters for it’s first
balanced and the remainder conveniently displayed. Contents of           business partner, a DAKCS agency, and maintains strong ties to the
previously posted fields may be duplicated with a “.” throughout         DAKCS user base. CompuMail has grown in the debt collections
the entry screen.                                                        market space because of its leading edge products and outstanding
                                                                         customer support. To keep pace, it has expanded production
Remainder balances can now be automatically moved to and from            to include a Trenton, NJ print facility for improved delivery times
the overpayment field. Keyboard shortcuts allow most operations          and regional sales offices in Orange County, CA, Austin, TX, and
to be completed without ever using the mouse. Edit-fields are            Indianapolis, IN for improved market presence.
skipped on a per-user basis, in both manual and automatic posting
modes.                                                                   compuMail’s collection letter Solutions starting point is our
                                                                         five-step Maximize Your Collection Letter system. This involves
DAKCS is pleased to offer our customers these beneficial changes         incorporating working with our clients to deliver a higher return
as a result of customer input and feedback. Please continue to           from their collection letters. This expertise is born out of years of
help us provide the fastest and easiest collection system on the         market research on the factors that cause debtors to open and pay
market today.                                                            debt based on a letter.

                                                                         understanding that mail is typically the second largest agency
                                                                         expense and that returned mail is quite literally a waste of money,
                                                                         compuMail focuses much of its efforts in this area. utilizing the
                                                                         USPS National Change Of Address (NCOA), Address Change
                                                                         Service (ACS) and Delivery Point Verification (DPV) databases, we
                                                                         are able to significantly improve delivery rates. Coupled with our
                                                                         user-definable Bad Address Filter (BAF), our customers are assured
                                                                         that we’ll get the right letter to the right person at the right time.
                                                                         In the event that a return does occur, CompuMail’s proprietary
                                                                         Automated Return Mail Service (ARMS) will process the
(CompuMail Information Services, Inc. - Sam Andreasen continued)            (Great New Tools for - Scott Pizzello continued)
returns, freeing up valuable agency resources. All of the new               Reports can now be designed to include company logos, report
information is seamlessly integrated into daKcS for automated               run time, specific sorting and grouping options. The ability to
updates.                                                                    customize reports could be that extra edge for closing the deal with
                                                                            prospective clients. we refer to Report designer as DAKCS Query
Staying true to form as a market leader in collection letter outsourcing,   with Unlimited Possibilities. Internal reports can be easily exported
compuMail has released two new services. compuemail is now                  to Excel or delimited files for quick review. Report Designer also
available for debtors with whom an existing relationship exists and         has scheduling abilities which “free up” management time and
who have expressed a desire to communicate via email. Message               provide clients with the information they need in a timely matter.
delivery is available in HTML and PDF formats. CompuEmail
saves time, money, and improves overall customer satisfaction.              don’t miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of these great
CompuMail is also offering Bill Copy Insert (BCI), which gives you          new tools. Contact the sales department at 800-873-2527 today to
the ability to send a cover letter with an attached bill or statement       learn more about and its many enhanced features and
copy. Simply send an image file along with the letter request file and      improved functionality.
we can insert the printed bill. No longer is your customer service
department burdened with this arduous and expensive task.

                                                                                               SUPPORT FOR yOU

   ON THE ROAD wITH SCOTT PIzzELLO                                                       NEw VERSION OF @CLIENT SERVICES
                                                                                                          Dax Nelson

             GREAT NEw TOOLS FOR BEyOND.NET                                                      DAKCS Software has just completed defining
                            Scott Pizzello                                                       the requirements for the next version of
                                                                                                 @Client Services (@CS). The new version will
                     Over the past few months, I have visited                                    bring new features, and enhance the existing
                     many offices where people are enjoying the                                  ones to make @CS even more powerful for
                     benefits of Everyone seems to                                   your clients. The development team is excited
                     be particularly pleased with the power of the                               to begin work on this vital part of the system
                     Cockpit Module. In addition, I have learned                                 and is looking forward to bringing your ideas
                     that many customers are really enthusiastic                                 to fruition. the features and enhancements
                     about the Screen Designer and the Report               being added are based on suggestions from users, customer
                     Designer. However, I have discovered that              focus groups, and conversations we have had with our customers.
these two features are sometimes forgotten once a migration to              daKcS values your input and we have tried to incorporate as has been implemented. We strongly urge agencies                  many of your ideas as possible when designing the new version. A
with to utilize both the Screen Designer and Report              release date has not been set, but it will be soon so keep your ears
Designer in order to experience the many benefits, some of which            open for this exciting new release.
I have highlighted below.
                                                                            @Client Services Version 2 has just passed a security audit completed
Screen Designer is a valuable and useful tool. We recognize that            by a major U.S. bank. @Client Services is certified with end to end
every Collection Agency views collector efficiency as a critical            encryption and passed all tests performed by the auditors. DAKCS
goal. collectors’ time is very precious particularly when talking           is diligently working to ensure all of the programming behind @CS
with the debtor. By using the Screen Designer, managers can make            is certified as well. The security of your data is important to DAKCS
collectors more effective and better equipped to bring in that next         and we continue to strive for improvements to our systems in order
payment by decreasing the time needed to view important debtor              to protect this vital data.
                                                                            you’ve Got Claims (yGC) Interface
Customization of the account screen, for example, can provide
collectors with information on the main account screen that                 Many of our clients have requested an interface with you’ve
they had previously viewed only via the auxiliary screen. Credit            Got Claims and we are happy to announce we are currently
reporting dates can be added to the account screen; any phone               programming this interface. this interface provides a data standard
field from the VIC Dialer screen can be added to the debtor master;         that is compatible with thousands of attorneys, “debt servicers”,
and colors can be changed for easier viewing or to even match               and claim processors. transferring the information via the you’ve
company colors. The account screen can be customized by type                Got Claims interface means the data will be transferred securely via
debt, client, or even business class, helping collectors prioritize         the web, and the interface allows you to send or receive information
their account collection focus.                                             regarding new business, payments, and reconciliations. DAKCS is
                                                                            excited to implement this interface into our software offering! Look
Report Designer is a tool that has endless possibilities. Managers          for more information in the near future.
can create customized reports for internal office use or for clients.
             NEwS FROM THE NOTCH                                         of any differences, and why, such as patches not officially tested
                                                                         by me (and if they still need to be). Sting programs get stripped to
                                                                         identify bad line numbers, and all string variables are matched for
                                                                         some form of DIM, eventually eliminating all error 25s. Non indented
              EMPLOyEES’ THOUGHTS ABOUT                                  programs are run through a code fixer to reblock lines, allowing
            PROCESS IMPROVEMENT INITIATIVES                              faster analysis of code blocks needed to be hit for testing patches.
                                                                         I read the original problem, consult with programmers, and review
                      Steve Smith
                                                                         notes in journals to aid in testing. By the time I’ve passed it, it
                                                                         should work, and I believe our customers appreciate that fact.
                   Steve Smith has been programming since
                   1983 when he first caught computer fever
                                                                         i love making a difference and i love what i do. daKcS isn’t just a
                   on a 64K Atari 800XL PC and surfed the
                                                                         job, it’s a like a second family.
                   phone lines with his 300 baud modem.
                   He taught himself several programming
                   languages before going to college and
                   has experience in over a dozen languages
                   today. He served an LDS mission in Halifax,
                   Nova Scotia, Canada in 1991. He joined
                   the DAKCS family in September of 2000.
An Ogden native, he graduated from Weber State University
in 2003 with a Computer Science Software Engineering BS                                MARKETING THOUGHTS
degree. He remarried in 2006 to Lisa, his lovely wife. They
have two boys: Luke (12), Anthony (4), and a baby (boy?) due
in December. He loves to do things with his family. If he had
any spare time, he would enjoy, camping, hiking, listening to                                      Deborah Kilroy
music, reading Star Wars books, collecting movies, cabinet
making & carpentry, wiring, plumbing, and anything else to get                               “Education is learning what you didn’t even
the basement finished before the baby arrives.                                               know you didn’t know.” Daniel J. Boorstin

Eight years ago I came to work at DAKCS. With a strong background                              as part of the sales and marketing team at
in collections and programming, I was eager to learn more. I told                              DAKCS, I am always thinking about new ways
Lex that within 5 years I wanted to be an integral part of DAKCS,                              we can enhance the customer experience.
making a difference to help the company excel. I moved to my                                   One of our most interesting initiatives currently
first assignment in the Support Team room, the Heart of DAKCS.                                 under final stages of development is a series of
I looked around at all of those veterans, wondering how I would                                webinars for existing customers. Our objective
fit in while trying to learn the inner workings of a four inch thick     is to provide helpful advice and new ideas concerning our key
manual. the real challenge came with frustrated customers calling        products and services. We recognize that many of you, particularly
in repeatedly with the same problems, some of which were more            in this difficult economy, are so busy handling the day to day issues
misunderstandings than errors. I suggested we patch them, or             of managing your business. Often that level of involvement with
better still, thoroughly test new programs and new patches.              operational issues leaves you with little or no time to step back
                                                                         and really evaluate the way you are doing business and using the
Seven years ago, after explaining to yet another customer that           software. Have you looked at your Intercept tables lately? Have
“A missing upload file is not an error just because the words            you thought about your collector queue priority tables? Talked
‘error - missing file’ appear on the screen”, I took the initiative      about the art of persuasion with collectors who are struggling to
to patch the offending program, thereby hiding the bogus error           get payment?
message. Miraculously, all calls for that error ceased. That got me
excited about the difference I could make. I suddenly had visions of     We want these sessions to be an important part of your operational
stripping line numbers, cleaning up the code, and as a byproduct         success. We intend to start this process by scheduling our first
being forced to formally test code.                                      webinar shortly after the conference. Our first sessions will be
                                                                         entitled Making the Most of Intercept. DAKCS Clients will be
Five years ago, we had a three step process to expand files. “What       talking about some of their successful ideas and strategies. In
do you mean XPANDINIT, XPANDEEE, and xpand is spelled without            addition, the DAKCS training team will provide an overview of some
an ‘e’?” It was frustrating for us and for the customer, and for those   tips and tricks that they have learned along the way. Stay tuned for
who got the process out of order, it was devastating. I knew there       the date and time for this low key interactive session. We believe
had to be a better way. I went home one weekend and came back            strongly in the importance of client partnerships: our primary goal
with MAX.COPY, now a one-step universal utility.                         continues to be providing our clients with the tools and services to
                                                                         keep you on the leading edge of technology and therefore ahead of
Two years ago, my comments about testing were taken to heart.            the competition. Upon completion of our first event, with feedback
I was asked to head up the Testing Department, using any tools I         from all participants, we will announce additional subjects and
could think up or develop. I finally got my wish to test the ‘heck’      dates. Please note that these events will be free of charge to
out of our software and make the difference i promised. when a           existing DAKCS clients.
program comes to me for testing, depending on if it’s Beyond core
or supplemental Legacy code, I first run it through a battery of         On another note, we have recently launched a new product
preliminary tests. I make sure the source and compiled object code       campaign. Through our research initiatives, particularly from the
are current and match the patching and testing servers. I’m notified     Kaulkin Report 7th edition, we recognize that the collection law
(Marketing Thoughts - Deborah Kilroy continued)                                        ExPLORATION 2008
firm market, although the smallest segment of the ARM industry,
is experiencing significant growth and change. Since 2004, this
segment alone has seen a compound annual growth rate of 16%. As
a result, we are excited to announce our latest product: RESOLVE:                    DAKCS SUMMER CONFERENCE
The premier legal software solution. We are offering our existing                    PARK CITy, UTAH, AUGUST 20-22
legal package coupled with contingency collection solutions to
meet the needs of the legal community. we are also working on                             Denise Green is one the DAKCS founding
the You’ve Got Claims (YGC) interface that we will introduce during                       team members. Throughout the years, she has
third quarter 2008. Below is the design of the new brochure. If you                       played a very important role in the company’s
would like additional information and pricing, please contact the                         growth and success. She is the creator/ planner
sales and marketing department at 800-873-2527.                                           for all DAKCS conferences. Her creativity and
                                                                                          attention to detail is extraordinary. This year,
                                                                                          she has designed the best conference of all:
                                                                                          Exploration 2008, August 20-22 in Park City
                                                                                          Utah. We know that this event will meet and
                                                                                          exceed all of your expectations. Denise can
                                                                                          be reached at 801-778-2233 or via email at
                                                                      Everyone at DAKCS is excited to welcome our customers to
                           The Premier                                The Canyons Resort for an unequaled meeting experience in the
                          Legal Software                              mountains of Park City, Utah.

                             Solution                                 Practical, targeted workshop sessions will be offered, along with
                                                                      three sessions of Hands-On Instruction, which allow participants
                                                                      to experience the learning process on a live system with the
                                                                      assistance of qualified instructors. In addition to these valuable
                                                                      educational sessions, we are pleased to have Adam Peterman,
                                                                      Director of Government Affairs for ACA International, as a guest
                                                                      speaker. Adam is tasked with executing a legislative strategy that
                                               ensures federal legislators understand the importance of the credit
                                                                      and collections industry to the u.S. economy.

i look forward to meeting many of you at the Summer conference        Widely acknowledged as a top destination for outdoor enthusiasts,
in Park City, Utah August 20-22.                                      Park city offers many choices for attendees to unwind after
                                                                      meetings. Great hiking, mountain biking and fishing are available,
                                                                      and Park city is also a renowned golf destination. For those of
                                                                      you considering making a family vacation out of the conference,
                                                                      activities abound for children of all ages.

                                                                      there is always time for fun at a daKcS conference! the opening
           For information about or comments regarding                reception on wednesday evening will give attendees an opportunity
                                 THE                                  to catch up with friends while enjoying great food in the fresh
                                                                      mountain air. On thursday join us for an entertaining evening of
                                                                      dinner and dancing. Dress as your favorite Indiana Jones movie
                                                                      character, cash prizes will be awarded for the best look-a-likes.
                   Contact Deborah Kilroy, Editor
                                           Make plans now to “make tracks” to Park City for Expedition 2008,
                                                                      august 20 - 22. we are all looking forward to seeing you!

                                                                      (Detailed information on the DAKCS Summer Conference can be
                                                                      found at, click on “2008 Summer Conference”.)

                                                                                          The Canyons Resort
                                                                                               Park City, Utah
                                                                        CONGRATULATIONS TO KELLy PARSONS, COLLECTIONS
                                                                         MANAGER, CB OF FAIRFIELD. FAIRFIELD, CALIFORNIA.

                        THE LODGE



                                                                        As promised, all customers who participated in the DAKCS Year
                                                                         End Customer Survey were entered into a drawing for a special
                                                                          prize. Kelly Parsons was the lucky winner of an iPod Shuffle.
                                                                          Here’s Kelly enjoying her new Shuffle with her finance Bob on
                                                                       their recent flight back from Hawaii. Thanks Kelly. We are listening.

                   THE DAKCS TEAM

                     TENDERFOOT GUIDES
                         new eMPlOyeeS

                       Tiffany Bingham
                       Administrative Assistant

                       Tiffany was born and raised in Ogden,
                       utah. She graduated from Bonneville high
                       School in 1993. A recent newly-wed, she
                       was married in September 2007 to her
                       husband, Justin. They live in North Ogden
                       and have 5 children, Logan 13, Skyler 11,
                       Kylie 8, MaKayla 8 and Parker 5 (3 are hers,
                       2 are his).

                          the kids are very active in sports so they
keep her very busy, but she loves watching their sporting events.                           EXPLORATION 2008
her greatest joy in life is her family. they enjoy playing Rock Band
together. They have their own band called “Waxy Pants”. Her                               SUMMER CONFERENCE
hobbies include watching hockey and playing softball.
                                                                                              PARK CITY, UTAH
Before starting at DAKCS, she worked at Flying J Corporate for 5
years in HR, Recruitment and Environmental departments. She is                             AUGUST 20-22, 2008
currently working on her associates degree at wSu. tiffany is a
very outgoing person who loves being around people and is very
excited to be part of the DAKCS team. She looks forward to getting
to know everyone.
                                                       THE DAKCS TEAM

                                                           MASTER GUIDES
                                                   (Candid photos around the Office)

       Shane Sonognini strikes a pose                                                                     Ryan busy at work

                                                      A candid shot of the support team:
                                                     clockwise from bottom center: Kelly,
                                                   Art, Jared M. Jeff, Bryon, Jared (hiding),
                                                   Celeste, Arch and Spencer. (poor Celeste)

Julie, Reid and Bonnie “smiling for the birdie”.                                                Bryon Gaston shows off the Easy Button
                      HERE AND THERE


                                                                                                                        Lex, JW Blair, and Dax at Online Information
                                                                                                                                Systems in Winterville, NC.

                                                   Marty Huggins, Mellie Grimsley and Lex at South Carolina CIA.
                                                                    Florence, South Carolina.

   Chris, Neal and Wanda Henning, Scott at
Creditors Collection Service In Newport, Oregon.

                                                       Dax, Randy Molony, Kelly Molony and Lex at Credit
                                                        Adjustment Bureau, Charleston, South Carolina.

                                                                                                                   Chris, Wes Fisher and Scott at Credit Associates, Bend, Oregon.

                                                                                                              HERE AND THERE

                                                                                                   LEx, CHRIS, DAx AND SCOTT VISITING DAKCS
                                                                                                      CUSTOMERS AROUND THE COUNTRy

   Lex, Wayne Campbell, Jane Lumsden, JW Blair,
     Pat Hutchins and Dax at the North Carolina
          Collectors Association Meeting.

         Professional Credit of Eugene, OR.
Scott Pizello, Mark Hasson, Joe Haws, Chris Deless

                                                      Pat Hutchins shows off his office thank you board.
                                                     Pat is particularly proud to display all the thank you
                                                        notes he has received from the many debtors
                                                        he and his team have helped. Nice touch Pat!!!

                                                                                                                    Chris’s Lighthouse shot taken while in Oregon.

                                                                    Lex and Dax get around Charleston.

      Lex, Todd Sutherland, Kim and Pat Hutchins
              of Financial Data Systems.


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