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									William W. Cope, Jr.,
PO Box 825
Thomson, Ga. 30824
Cell Phone. 706-466-4052


   Position Requested: .Maintenance Planner
                       .Preventive Maintenance Coordinator
                       .Preventive Maintenance Parts Coordinator

   Diploma, Portsmouth West High School, West Portsmouth, Ohio, 1964
   Quality Improvement and Cost Reduction Seminar, 1972
   Plant Vickers Hydraulic Training, 1975
   Delphi Maintenance Systems, Maintenance Systems Training, 1976
   Doctor Demming Quality Improvement Seminar, 1978
   Management Skills for First Line Supervisor, 1980
   Quality Control Seminar, State University of Iowa, 1981
   Syska and Hennessy Seminar on Maintenance Planning and Scheduling, 1981
   Wright State University Seminar on Maintenance Planning and Scheduling, 1985
   In Plant QS9000 Systems and Audit, 1994
   Clemson University Seminar on Maintenance Planning and Scheduling, 2001
   Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Workshop Life Cycle Eng. 2006

   My Main Experiences Has been in the following areas:
   Maintenance Mechanic, Maintenance Clerk and Data Collection, Maintenance Planner and
   scheduling, Parts Ordering and Expediting, Maintenance Foreman, Maintenance Planning
   Supervisor, Pollution Control Maintenance Supervisor. Setup and operate a Complete
   Computerized Maintenance Systems.
   My greatest strengths are in my ability to work with others in harmony while accomplishing
   set goals in a professional manner.

Dec. 2007 to March 2009 TRW Warrenton Casting Center. – Warrenton, Ga
Reason for Leaving: Plant Closing due to Automotive Cutbacks
Assist in implementation of QAD EAM System. Maintenance Planning and Scheduling of
Thirty Maintenance Employees on a three-shift operation. Set up Equipment list and schedule
Preventive Maintenance Work Orders and Corrective issues. Parts Ordering and Expediting.
Set up, order and expedite Predictive work on Plant Equipment.

May 2006 to June 2007: Life Cycle Engineering, Inc. – Charleston, SC
Reason for Leaving: Cut back on employees
Subject Matter Expert in Reliability Maintenance Management Consultant
Assist in the implementation of Reliability Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Management.
Responsible for the planning, implementation and execution of maintenance operations in
customer client facilities. Assist in development of maintenance management course materials,
the presentation of the materials in classroom, individual, and group training sessions. Asssisting
client in writing Preventive Maintenance Tasks.

Feb 2003 to Mar. 2006: WWG Company LLC – Warrenton, Ga
Reason for Leaving: Plant Shutdown
Maintenance Planner / Stores Room Manager
Manufacturer of Brake System Parts for Automotive Market.
Set up, operate, and supervise four Stores employees, and work with computer programmers to
Write a complete Preventive Maintenance Operating/Stores system, develop work flows to allow
the system to accommodate QS 9000 regulations. Set up complete asset, and critical equipment
list. Write complete daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and etc. Preventive maintenance work
tasks, and scheduling system. Set up work packet system to provide crafts with work orders.
Operate and run maintenance stores for plant, which included meeting with salesmen and
ordering of parts.

March 2002 to Dec. 2002: US Pipe Foundry – Birmingham, AL
Reason for Leaving: Better Job closer to home.
Maintenance Planner
Manufacturer of soil pipe.
Operate MP2 Maintenance System. Further advance use of PMC Maintenance system (DPSI)
To schedule Daily PM & Predictive Maintenance Work. Working with Steering Group to solve
Problems in Stores, and implementation and Maintenance flow problems…
1998 – 2002: Wheland Automotive Industries – Warrenton, Ga.
Reason for Leaving: Plant Shutdown
Maintenance Systems Coordinator
Manufacturer of Brake System Parts for Automotive Market
Work with Computer Programmers to write a complete Corporate Wide system to operate
a complete preventive maintenance and stores system, converting a partially used
MP2 system to a new program. Set up and operate Predictive and Lubrication Maintenance
Systems to accommodate QS 9000 regulations. Our plant utilized 98 Percent of the system.

1997 – 1998: Hoist & Crane Service Group- Chillocothie, Oh
Reason for Leaving: Better Job Offer
Pull Monthly and Annual Preventive Maintenance Inspection on Cranes and Hoists at Client
Sites. Paper Mills

1968 – 1997: Dayton Walther Corporation – Portsmouth, Oh.
Reason for Leaving: Plant Shutdown.
(Varity Corporation, Lucas Varity Corporation)
Maintenance Planner Supervisor
Manufacturer of Brake System Parts for Automotive Market
Hired in as a Laborer in a Green Sand Foundry and worked for two years. I then moved into
the Maintenance Department as and industrial mechanic. After a few years I Started the Job
as a Maintenance Clerk and Data Collection. After a short time I took over the duties
of Maintenance Planner. I set up a Reliable Maintenance System using a Delphi program.
As our Plant grew I took over as Planner Supervisor were I had one to two planners directly
under my supervision. I also had other duties at different times as a Maintenance Supervisor
over pollution systems and Maintenance Industrial Supervisor.

       Sam Greene TRW Site Manager 770-965-5880 ( 15 Years)
       Rick Roberts TRW HR Manager 770-965-5883 (6 Years)

American Foundry Assoc.
Angels Among Us Ministries of Georgia.
We Care Ministries of Ohio


MP2        MS PowerPoint
MS Word    MS Excel
Visio      QAD EAM and Inventory System
CMMS Systems

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