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									 John K. Hubbard
Elementary School

Student Handbook
John K. Hubbard Elementary                                                  Important Office Information:
         1104 Maguire Road
         Noble, Oklahoma 73068                                              Office Staff:          Betty Thomas and Pam Deaton

                                                                            School Phone Number:                  872-9201
Dear Parents,
                                                                                      Please use this number to notify the school if your child
       Welcome to John K. Hubbard Elementary! The                                                      will be absent.
faculty and staff are looking forward to an exciting and
successful school year. We have prepared this handbook
so that we may bring about a better understanding                           Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. — 4:00 p.m. Monday—Friday
between the school and the parent. Working together as
a team we can provide your child with the best
educational experience possible.                                                     ********************************

       Please take the time to read this handbook
thoroughly. Keep it handy. You will need it throughout
the school year.
                                                                            Helpful Hints for Parents
       We invite you to visit our school, attend your
child’s programs, and become an active member of PTA
                                                                            ~   Is lunch/breakfast money in an envelope with child’s name?
as well as school volunteer activities.
                                                                            ~   Does your child have needed school supplies?
                                                                            ~   Is your child’s name on his or her supplies?
                                             Respectfully,                  ~   Does your child know how he or she is to get home?
                                                                            ~   Does the school know how your child is to get home?
                                             Nathan Gray, Principal         ~   Do you know names of the teachers who work with your child?
                                                                            ~   Does your child know the school rules?
The Noble Public Schools do not discriminate on the basis of race, color,   ~   Do you know the days your child will be in and out of school?
national origin, gender, age, qualified disability, or veteran.             ~   Do you know the school schedule and bus schedule?
                                                                            ~   Do you read the information in the school’s weekly newsletter?
                                                                            ~   Have you checked your child’s Thursday folder for information?
                                                                       Student pick-up and drop-off procedures
Building Access
                                                                       Hubbard has only one entrance/exit into the main parking lot (Ken
Visitors are welcome at Hubbard                                        King Drive). Please use this entrance to pick up and drop off your
Elementary! For the safety of the                                      child. The circle drive at the end of the building is not to be used
students, we do ask that all visitors enter through the front doors    for student pick up or drop off. The doors at that end of the
and sign in at the office. During the school day, all persons not      building remain locked at all times.
employed by the district are considered visitors to our school and
must wear a badge throughout their visit to Hubbard.                   For the safety of the students, cars are to enter Ken King Drive
                                                                       west of the softball field and merge into a single file line around
Visitors, Parents, and School Volunteers must stop in                  the outside of the main parking lot. We ask that students enter and
the school office, sign in, and pick up a visitor’s badge              exit cars from the curbside to avoid traffic.
to wear during school hours.
                                                                       School buses use the same procedures to pick up and drop off
                                                                       students. Please remember that passing a bus in the process of
                                                                       loading or unloading children is against the law and is monitored
                                                                       by the Noble Police Department.
Parent/Teacher Conferences
Parent/Teacher Conference days are provided once each semester
to allow time for parents and teachers to meet together about
                                                                                               How will your child go home?
students’ progress. Please work with teachers to schedule
conference times that you can attend. If you have a need for more
frequent visits, please contact your child’s teacher before or after   Please note: Children will be sent home as directed by PARENT
school hours, or call the office to leave a message.                   NOTE or DIRECT COMMUNICATION with the teacher or the
                                                                       office. We cannot change children’s regular going home plans
        Learning time is important to teachers and                     without a note or a phone call from a parent. Parents must call the
                                                                       office by 2:30 p.m. for changes to be made in how children are
       to students. Please do not plan to conference                   going home.
             with a teacher during class time.
                                                                       All children leaving the building during the school day must be
                                                                       checked out through the office. Please have identification ready to
                                                                       be checked when picking children up at school.
                     School Attendance                                            School Arrival and Dismissal
                                                                                  Please do not drop off your child before supervision begins.
                 Good attendance is critical to your child’s                      Supervision begins 20 minutes before the start of each school day.
                 success in school. Many important concepts are                   The time of day will be announced each school year. It is unsafe
covered as a whole class in second and third grade each day.                      to leave your child at school unsupervised, therefore our building
These are concepts that cannot be made up with pencil and paper                   will remain locked until supervision is on hand.
homework. Student success is dependent upon attending school on
a regular basis.                                                                  Students who arrive late to school must stop in the office to get a
                                                                                  tardy slip before going to class. An absence will be recorded for
When your child is absent:                                                        each three tardies. Checking your child out of school during
                                                                                  instructional time is treated the same as tardy.
~ Please call the school attendance line at 872-9201 by 9:00 a.m.

~ Your child’s homework will be available upon the second
consecutive day of absence. Please notify the school before you
come to pick up homework so your child’s teacher can prepare.

Following the fifth absence within a nine weeks period, a review of
the student’s performance is conducted by the principal and the
classroom teacher. Parents will be informed of the results of that                Closing School / Inclement Weather
review. Continued absences or tardies will result in attendance                   An announcement will be made through
information being forwarded to the District Attorney for Cleveland                television and local news websites should
County as required by Oklahoma State Law.                                         school have to be canceled due to
                                                                                  inclement weather. The school makes
                 ******************************                                   every effort to make decisions concerning
                                                                                  school closings based on the safety of
        Withdrawal of Students                                                    students. The district boundaries cover 144 square miles and
If you are moving and withdrawing your
                                                                                  conditions in one part of the district may be very different from
child from Hubbard, please call or come by
                                                                                  those in another area. Decisions concerning school closings are
the school a few days prior to the
                                                                                  made as early as possible before buses begin their morning routes.
withdrawal date. This will give ample time to complete the
                                                                                  School will not be let out early during the day because many of our
necessary paperwork. Your cooperation with this is greatly
appreciated. Please plan to pay all breakfast and lunch charges and remember to
                                                                                  families depend on bus route schedules to insure that someone is
bring back all library books.                                                     home for child supervision.
                                                                                  Please listen to radio and television stations early in the morning
                                                                                  on bad weather days.
Pledge of Allegiance                                                  Lunch and Breakfast
Hubbard Elementary honors
America daily by reciting the                                         Hubbard serves a hot and cold breakfast and lunch each school
Pledge of Allegiance. Those who do not                                day.
wish to participate are not required to do so.
                                                                      Students may pay for lunches by the day or the week. School
                                                                      board policy does not allow students to charge their breakfast or
School/Home Communications                                            lunches for more than five days. Applications for free or
                                                                      reduced lunches are available from the school office. The
Communication between the home and school is a critical part of       school cafeteria maintains all children’s cafeteria accounts.
your child’s education. Your child will bring a Thursday Folder       Questions about your child’s account should be directed to their
home each week. This folder contains all the important                office at 872-9706.
information you will need to keep up to date on school issues. It
also contains much of your child’s schoolwork. It is important that                          School Lunch Prices
you look through your child’s folder each week and return it to                              Student Lunch            $1.80
school.                                                                                      Adult Lunch              $2.80
                                                                                             Student Breakfast        $1.25
Our school sends home the Hubbard Star each week in the                                      Adult Breakfast          $1.35
Thursday Folder. This newsletter contains information about                                  Extra Milk               $ .35
upcoming school events. Please review this newsletter each week.
This is an important way that Hubbard Elementary communicates         Please send all money to school in an envelope with your child’s
school information to parents.                                        name, the teacher’s name, and what the money is for written on the
                                                                      front of the envelope.
A monthly calendar is sent home with every child in school. All
events happening for the month are scheduled on the calendar.         If your child brings a lunch, please be sure his or her name is on
Please post it somewhere at home so you can stay current on           the lunch box or sack. Please do not send glass containers to
school events.                                                        school.

A monthly lunch and breakfast menu is sent home with every child      Students may visit quietly in the lunchroom while they eat. They
in school. Children are encouraged to check the menu daily to be      are required to pick up after themselves and put up their trays when
sure the food being served is something they will eat.                leaving the cafeteria. Good manners are practiced.

                  **************************                          If your child plans on eating breakfast, and is dropped off by a
                                                                      parent, please make sure you have them here no later than 10
                                                                      minutes before the bell rings.
                                                                                    It is not uncommon for children to bring pocket knives or fake
Sending Money to School                                                             weapons to school without parent knowledge, please talk to
When sending money to school for any reason, please put it in a                     your child about the importance of leaving these at home.
sealed envelope with your child’s name, the teacher’s name, and
what the money is for (breakfast, lunch, books, pictures, field trips,
etc.) written on the outside of the envelope.                                                          School Fund-raisers
                                                                                    Hubbard plans to conduct the following school-wide fund-raisers
                                                                                    this year. Priorities for school fund-raisers are carefully planned
School Pictures                                                                     with input from parents and teachers each spring. Information
                                                                                    with what each fund-raiser is for and how money will be spent will
John K. Hubbard Elementary offers several                                           be sent home with fund-raiser packets.
opportunities for parents to have students’
pictures taken during the school year:                                              School Book Fair
                                                                                    A School Book Fair will be held in February. A traveling
                                                                                    bookstore comes to the school library. Parents and children may
~individual student pictures in Fall                                                select books to purchase. The money earned through this fund-
~classroom group pictures in Spring                                                 raiser will be used to purchase materials for our school library
~individual student pictures in Spring                                              program.

                   ****************************                                     Major Fundraisers
                                                                                    Our school PTA is involved in fundraisers that help not only to
                                                                                    support our school, but also to provide enjoyable activities for our
Bringing “Treasures” to School                                                      students. A Jog-A-Thon, which is our major fundraiser, is done in
                                                                                    the fall of most school years to help purchase the ―extras‖ for our
Students are encouraged to leave toys and other valuable items at                   school. There is also a Fall Carnival each October, which helps
home. We encourage parents to monitor their                                         benefit your child’s own classroom teacher.
students’ backpacks to help us prevent your
student from misusing or misplacing items that                                      Skateland and McDonald’s
are better left at home. The classroom teacher                                      Hubbard will have a McHubbard Night, as well as a Skateland
must be contacted when a child wants to bring a                                     Night to raise money for our school. Teachers, students, family,
live animal to the classroom.                                                       and friends are welcome to come enjoy skating and eating while
                                                                                    earning money for Hubbard Elementary.
Oklahoma State Law prohibits the possession of any dangerous weapon on
school property. For purposes of this policy, dangerous weapons include, but
are not limited to, firearms and knives of any kind, metal knuckles, fist packs
and similar objects, blackjacks, billy clubs and similar objects, hand chains,
mace or pepper spray or any manufactured or homemade objects intended to
cause bodily injury, intimidation or threats. Students in possession of dangerous
weapons on school grounds may be suspended for as long as a year.
Accident – Illness                                                      Appropriate Dress for School
                                                                        The responsibility for proper dress and grooming is
If it is necessary for a child to take prescribed medication during     that of students and parents. Students should wear
school hours, it must be in the original prescription container.        clothing suited to the weather and to good taste.
                                                                                1. Shorts and shirts must be of acceptable length
Medication brought by children must be taken to the office. The                 2. Spaghetti Straps/Halter tops/half shirts/exposed midriffs
parent should send a note or call before the child is allowed to take                are not allowed
this medication.                                                                3. No clothing with inappropriate advertising or language
                                                                                4. Hats are not to be worn in building
Students will not be kept inside during                                         5. Final decisions of acceptable dress rest with the
recess unless we receive a note or call from                                         principal
their parent. Students who have a note to stay inside will be                   6. Flip flops or Platform Shoes are not appropriate dress
assigned a room in which to stay. Students may continue to work                      for school based on safety reasons. Please make sure
on school activities or read a story. Often children who are too ill                 your child has on appropriate footwear for school.
to be outside need this as a quiet rest time.                           As cold weather approaches, please stress the importance of your
                                                                        child wearing a coat, hat, and gloves. As the weather often
If your child is injured or becomes seriously ill at school, we will    changes during the day and we cannot predict when we will be
make him or her comfortable and call you immediately. If you            outside, it is important that you dress your child as if we were
cannot be reached, we will contact the emergency number that you        going outside each day. To help your child avoid injuries,
gave us. It is critical that this information be kept up to date. For   students must wear tennis shoes on the days they have P.E.
your child’s benefit, phone numbers that change must be                 Students who do not have appropriate footwear may be asked to sit
communicated to the school office.                                      out an activity to ensure their safety.

Parents who do not carry insurance on their child are given the
opportunity to purchase insurance through the school. School                               ****************************
insurance packets are available in the first Thursday Folder.
Purchase of this insurance by parents is optional.
                                                                                                  Lost and Found
                                                                               Clothing should be identified with your child’s name.
                *****************************                                  Many coats, hats, mittens, etc. are lost each year. We go
                            School Parties                                     through the lost and found on a regular basis and return
Class parties include Fall, Christmas, and                                     items that are identified by name to their owners.
Valentines. To keep class interruptions to a                                   Students should check the Lost and Found area for missing
minimum, the classroom teacher and principal                            items. Unclaimed clothing is donated to charity.
must approve class parties other than those
listed. Academics will be the first priority in
approving changes in class schedules.
        Field Trips                                                                                   Bus Riders
Field trips are an important part of our
curriculum. We select field trips that
                                                                                Each child will be required to have a parent sign a separate
will provide learning experiences for
                                                                        Rules and Regulations form for Noble Public School Bus Barn in
our students based upon what is being
                                                                        order to ride the bus at any time, field trips included.
studied in the classroom. Parents are
encouraged to join us on most field trips.

Students must ride the bus to a field trip. We encourage students
to return on the bus also. However, if it is absolutely necessary for
parents to take students home in a car following a field trip, the
parent must sign-out the student at school prior to the field trip.
                                                                                                Curriculum Materials
Student who have a failing grade MAY be held in-eligible for class
field trips.                                                                   All curriculum materials are available for inspection by
               ****************************                                patrons, parents, students and the public. Individuals who wish
                                                                           to inspect materials should contact the building principal.
                                                                              Hubbard Elementary has an extensive curriculum guide at
                      Homework is designed to help your student            each grade level that was developed by classroom teachers in
                      be the best that he or she can be. Because           accordance with the State Priority Academic Skills and is
                      reading is extremely important, students             reviewed annually and revised as needed.
should read every night. In addition, it is important to practice
math facts and/or spelling. It may be necessary that some time be                                     Screenings
spent studying for science or social studies tests as well.
Homework will be required in addition to any ―make-up work‖                    Hubbard Elementary has partnered with Norman Regional
and/or ―unfinished work‖ that the students do not complete in the          Hospital to provide Healthy Youth Screenings, free of charge,
time allotted during the school day.                                       at the beginning of the school year. Included in the screenings
                                                                           will be hearing, vision, head lice check, nose, throat, height,
Please become familiar with your teacher’s homework procedures             weight, condition of teeth/gums, blood pressure, pulse, and
by attending John K. Hubbard’s Back to School Night in August.             temperature. A follow-up letter will be sent to parents with the
Back to School Night gives you the chance to become familiar               information gathered about their child and, if necessary,
with the school, to meet your child’s teacher, and to learn the rules      recommendations for further evaluation.
and procedures for your child’s classroom.
                                                                              Speech and Language evaluations are conducted by the
                                                                           School Speech Pathologist.
                      Parents are Invited                                              Parent Teacher Association

Curriculum Nights are held in August. Parents come to the                 A strong Parent Teacher Association serves Hubbard
school gymnasium to meet teachers and review the grade level          Elementary. We encourage you to become involved with the
curriculum.                                                           PTA. Membership dues are $5.00 per year and are collected in
                                                                      the Fall. Our school volunteer program is coordinated through
Hubbard Elementary’s Parent Teacher Association is formed             our PTA. All parents are encouraged to join and to volunteer
each Fall and is led by the PTA President. This meets                 at school. We have many projects to do. We need parents:
throughout the year.
                                                                             Who have time to work at school
Accelerated Reader (AR) Night is a time to share a great                     Who can help with special occasions
evening with a good book, family and friends, staff, and enjoy               To help with special projects at home
refreshments while becoming familiar with your child’s AR                    To listen to our students read
program. Other specialty nights include Math Night and Art                   Pop Popcorn and various other projects
                                                                      A volunteer survey is included in one of the first Thursday
Most Class Trips are scheduled at various times during the         Folders to all parents. On this survey you will indicate how you
school year.                                                       can volunteer to help your child’s school.
Skate Night is scheduled twice a year for great social times for
students, parents, and staff. Come join us! These are such fun
nights and Hubbard receives a portion of the admission fee!

Music Programs are a wonderful way for our students to
showcase their artistic talents in front of an audience. Don’t
miss out on these adorable productions.
                     School-wide Programs

Title I
   Hubbard Elementary is a Title I school. We receive funds from
the federal government to supplement our school program in order
to provide the best possible education for each child. Components
of our school program that are funded through Title I include:
Parent Orientation Night, Teaching Assistants, and Summer
School. We have a Certified Reading Specialist who teaches in
and supervises this program. Students are referred to this program
based on the results of the Fall BEAR test or by their classroom
teacher. Each Spring, teachers, staff and parents review our
existing program, evaluate its effectiveness and make plans for the   Great Expectations
next year.                                                               The teachers at Hubbard have attended one or more workshops
                                                                      presenting the ideas of the Great Expectations philosophy. The
Indian Education Program                                              goal of this program is to insure success for all learners, to build
    Our students who are enrolled in a tribal membership may          positive self-esteem, to develop a climate of mutual respect, to
qualify for additional assistance through our Indian Education        have high expectations for all learners, to believe in the ability of
Program. Parents of students who qualify need to complete an          every individual to learn, to provide a well-rounded education for
eligibility certification form which requires the tribal membership   every learner, and to renew the joy of teaching. This philosophy
number along with registry information. Please contact the school     teaches students eight expectations for living:
office with your questions.                                                To value one another as unique and special individuals
                                                                           To not laugh at or make fun of a person’s mistakes nor use
                                                                              sarcasm or putdowns
                                                                           To use good manners, saying ―please‖, ―thank you‖, and
                                                                              ―excuse me‖ and allowing others to go first
                                                                           To cheer each other to success
                                                                           To help one another whenever possible
                                                                           To recognize every effort and applaud it
                                                                           To encourage each other to do our best, and
                                                                           To practice virtuous living, using the Life Principles

                                                                          Announcements are made each morning. They provide a way
                                                                      to recognize birthdays, events, life principles of the month, and
   Friday Assemblies are a time to renew our awareness of the                          particular action or those persons with supervisory responsibility for procedures
importance of following the eight expectations for living. They are                    and policies in those areas covered in the complaint.
also a time to celebrate accomplishments and be together as a                          Days – Normal working days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
school family.
                                                                                       1. Prior to filing a written complaint, the person making the complaint should
                                                                                          discuss the complaint with the Compliance Coordinator and
                                                                                          reasonable effort should be made to resolve the matter.

                                                                                       2.   If the matter is not resolved, a written complaint may be filed with the
                                                                                            Compliance Coordinator. The complaint will state the nature and date
                                                                                            of the alleged violation, the names of the persons responsible (if known),
                                                                                            and requested action. The complaint must be filed within 30
                                                                                            days of the alleged violation.

                      Grievance Procedure for                                          3.       The Compliance Coordinator will contact the person(s) named as
                 Alleged Discrimination Complaints                                     responsible for the violation within 10 days and inform them of the allegations,
              (for students, employees, and applicants)                                and ask them to:

                                                                                                a.   confirm or deny the facts
ASSURANCES                                                                                      b.   indicate acceptance or rejection of grievant’s requested action; or
Noble Public Schools do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national                  c.   outline alternatives
origin, gender, age, or qualified disability in admission to its programs, services,
or activities in access to them, in treatment of individuals, or in any aspect of      4.   If the complaint is not resolved, the Compliance Coordinator will have 10
their operations. Noble Public Schools also do not discriminate in their hiring or          days to refer the complaint to the employee’s supervisor. If the complaint
employment practices.                                                                       was made by a student, the referral will be made to the building principal.
                                                                                            The Compliance Coordinator will schedule a hearing with the grievant,
In an effort to ensure compliance with and coordination of all federal equity               respondent, and supervisors or building principal.
regulations, the Board of Education has named a district Compliance
Coordinator. This individual is:                                                       5.   Following the hearing, the supervisor or principal will issue a decision to all
                                                                                            parties within 10 days.
         Ann Ewing, Administrative Assistant
         Central Office, 8th and Maguire Road                                          6.    If either party is not satisfied with the decision, they must notify the
         P.O. Box 499                                                                       Compliance Coordinator within 10 days and request a hearing with the
         Noble, Oklahoma 73068                                                              superintendent. The Compliance Coordinator will schedule such a hearing
         Office Phone:      (405) 872-3452                                                  to take place with the grievant, respondent, and superintendent within 10
                                                                                            days of the request. The superintendent will issue a decision within 10 days
DEFINITIONS                                                                                 following the hearing.
Grievant – An employee, applicant, or student who submits a complaint alleging
discrimination based on race, color, national origin, gender, disability, religion,
age, or veteran status.
                                                                                       7.   The Compliance Coordinator will notify the Board of Education via the
                                                                                            superintendent, within 10 days of the request. The hearing will be
Respondent – The person alleged to be responsible for the violation alleged in a
                                                                                            conducted within 30 days from the date of the notification of the Board.
complaint. The term may be used to designate persons with responsibility for a
8.   The Board of Education will conduct the hearing and issue a decision               3.       The right to seek to correct the student’s education record, in a hearing,
     within 10 days. Such decision is final.                                                     if necessary;

                                                                                        4.       The right to report violation of the FERPA to the United States
PROVISIONS                                                                                       Department of Education;
1.    Time limits may be extended by mutual consent of parties involved.
                                                                                        5.       The right to be informed about FERPA rights.
2.       District will provide copies of all discrimination regulations upon
         request.                                                                       All rights and protections given parents/guardians under the FERPA and this
                                                                                        policy transfer to the student when he/she reaches 18 or enrolls in a post-
3.       Grievant records will remain confidential unless permission is given for       secondary school. The student then becomes an ―eligible student.‖
         release. Such records will not be entered into the grievant personnel
         file, but will be kept for three years.

                                                                                                         PARENTS RIGHT-TO-KNOW
        Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
                                                                                        At the beginning of each school year, a local educational agency that receives
Statement of Rights                                                                     funds under this part shall notify the parents of each student attending any
                                                                                        school receiving funds under this part that the parents may request, and the
The parent/guardian of eligible student has the following rights under the Family       agency will provide the parents on request (and in a timely manner), information
Educational Rights and Privacy Act and this policy:                                     regarding the professional qualifications of the student's classroom teachers,
                                                                                        including, at a minimum, the following:
1.       The right to inspect and review the student’s education record. An
         education record is defined as any record (in handwriting, print, tapes,       (i) Whether the teacher has met State qualification and licensing criteria for the
         film, or other medium) maintained by Noble Public Schools, an                  grade levels and subject areas in which the teacher provides instruction.
         employee of the district, or an agent of the district, which is related to a
         student except:                                                                (ii) Whether the teacher is teaching under emergency or other provisional status
         A. a personal record kept by a school staff member which meets the             through which State qualification or licensing criteria have been waived.
              following tests:
         ~if it was made as a personal memory aid:                                      (iii) The baccalaureate degree major of the teacher and any other graduate
         ~if it is in the personal possession of the individual who made it;            certification or degree held by the teacher, and the field of discipline of the
         ~if information contained in it has never been revealed to any other           certification or degree.
                                                                                        (iv) Whether the child is provided services by paraprofessionals and, if so, their
         B. an employment record which is used only in relation to a student’s          qualifications.
            employment by Noble Public Schools. (Employment for this
            purpose does not include activities for which a student receives a          In addition to the information that parents may request under subparagraph (A),
            grade or credit in a course.)                                               a school that receives funds under this part shall provide to each individual
         C. alumni records which relate to the student after he/she no longer
            attends classes provided by Noble Public Schools and the records            (i) information on the level of achievement of the parent's child in each of the
            do not relate to the person as a student.                                   State academic assessments as required under this part; and

2.       The right to exercise limited control over people’s access to the              (ii) timely notice that the parent's child has been assigned, or has been taught
         student’s education record;                                                    for four or more consecutive weeks by, a teacher who is not highly qualified.
                                                                      Larry Canfield, Maintenance Director

               ANNUAL NOTIFICATION                                             Bus Riders Rules and Regulations

In compliance with the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act         Rules defining student conduct are designed to
of 1986 (AHERA) and related Oklahoma and Federal Regulations,         protect the passengers and shall be observed at
we have all Noble school buildings inspected personnel for the
presence of asbestos. We have written a Management Plan which
                                                                       all times. Bus safety rules shall include, but
outlines the potential health hazards, methods of maintenance                 not be limited to, the following:
asbestos-containing materials, and recommended response actions
we shall consider.                                                       1) The bus driver is in charge of students on the bus. Students
                                                                            shall follow the driver’s directions at all times.
The current assessment of the health hazard at each school is
LOW. The condition of the material is good and the potential for         2) Only authorized personnel and eligible bus students
damage is low. With the specific operation and maintenance                  assigned to a specific bus are permitted to ride the bus.
procedures that we will be following, there is no need for concern.
                                                                         3) Busses will stop at established stops only. Students will
All buildings in the Noble school district were inspected for               not be permitted to leave the bus until the bus arrives at an
asbestos and a management plan is available at the main                     established bus stop or the appropriate school. Students
administration office and at each school site.                              shall load and unload at their designated bus stop only.

If you would like to review the management plan, contact Larry           4) Students shall wait for a bus by remaining on the sidewalk.
Canfield at 872-3005 to schedule an appointment.                            If there is no sidewalk, students will wait next to (but not
                                                                            in) the street. Students must wait until the bus comes to a
Sincerely,                                                                  full stop before boarding or leaving the bus.
5) Students will remain properly seated at all times and not
   block the center aisle. Any or all students may be assigned

6) Students must keep their hands, head, feet and personal
   objects inside the bus at all times.

7) Scuffling, shoving, or fighting is prohibited on the bus and
   at all established bus stops.

8) Littering or throwing items inside or from the bus is

9) Students are not allowed to consume food or drink on the
   bus. The use of all tobacco products is prohibited.

10) Students shall not deface or vandalize the bus or related
    equipment. Students that violate this rule will be required
    to pay for damages.

11) Students are not to engage in loud talking, yelling, the use
    of profanity, inappropriate language or gestures, on the bus.

12) Students are not allowed to bring animals or harmful
    objects (i.e. weapons, drugs, alcohol, fire works, etc.).

13) Students while on the bus and when exiting or entering the
    bus are required to comply with and will be subject to the
    Student Code of Conduct/Discipline Rules established by
    the School District.

14) Students, while on the bus, while entering or exiting the
    bus, and while at or in the general area of the designated
    loading and unloading zone areas are required to comply
    with these rules.

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