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					                            Jordan University of Science and Technology
                                      Faculty of Agriculture
                                 Department of Plant Production
                                    First Semester 2006/2007
                                         Course Syllabus

                                                Course Information

 Course Title                   Landscape Horticulture
 Course Code                    PP 424
 Prerequisites                  PP 205
 Course Website
 Instructor                     Prof. Nabila Subhi Karam
 Office Location                C4 L2
 Office Phone #                 2-7201000 Ext. 22252
 Office Hours                   Monday 11:15-12:15 p.m. & Tuesday 10:15-11:15 a.m.
 Teaching Assistant(s)          ----
                                                Course Description

 This a 3-credit hour, specialization elective course. It is given as two 1-hour lectures and one 3-hour laboratory.
 The course covers the following topics: goals and principles of landscaping and xeriscaping. A study of major
 landscape plant groups: narrowleaf evergreens, trees, shrubs, hedges and shrub borders, vines and climbers,
 edging plants, and ground covers. Lawn establishment and maintenance. The landscape design process.
 Landscape graphics: freehand drawings, concept drawings, drafting, presentation plans, section-elevation,
 perspectives. Pricing landscape designs and maintenance. Computer applications.


 Title                       Landscaping Principles and Practices
 Author(s)                   Ingels, J.E.
 Publisher                   Delmar Publishers Inc., USA
 Year                        1997
 Edition                     Fifth
 Book Website
 Other references


 Assessment                     Expected Due Date                                                        Percentage
 First exam                     Tuesday 31 / 10 / 2006                                                      20%
 Second exam                    Tuesday 28 / 11 / 2006                                                      20%
 Quizzes                        Expected any lecture                                                        10%
 Assignments                    A file with samples of any 50 plants studied on campus. The sample          10%
                                of each plant should include leaves, buds, flowers, fruits, seeds, and
                                other structures available in the season. Latin, English, and Arabic
                                names should be written for each plant. It is preferable that each
                                sample is mounted on a separate sheet. Scotch tape may be used to
                                fix the sample on the sheet. Samples should be arranged according
                                to alphabetical order of the Latin name. The file will not be
                                accepted if not submitted by Tuesday 2/1/2007
PP 424 Landscape Horticulture                             1
 Lab. final exam                 Monday 8 / 1 / 2007 (2:00 p.m.)                                              10%
 Theoretical final exam          Scheduled by Admission & Registration Unit                                   30%
 Participation                   Students should expect to be asked any question and to participate
                                 in discussions
 Attendance                      Will be checked every lecture. Absence is allowed according to the
                                 university regulations

                                         Course Objectives                                               Percentage

     1.    Determination of objectives and principles of landscape design and xeriscaping                    17%
     2.    Layout of the landscape                                                                            7%
     3.    Determination of the different enclosure and surfacing materials used in the landscape             6%
     4.    Identification of plant groups used in the landscape                                              27%
     5.    Selection of the proper turfgrass, establishment and care of lawns                                13%
     6.    Planting and maintaining the landscape                                                            13%
     7.    Identification of the landscape process stages, drawing instruments, materials, and               17%
           techniques, lettering, labeling, and toning

                                          Teaching & Learning Methods

      1.    Slide and data shows.
      2.    Identification of landscape plants on campus.
      3.    Identification of landscape plants in the Arboretum
      4.    Filed trip to nurseries.

 Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to

 Related Objective(s)                                                                                  Reference(s)

 1                          apply principles of landscape design and list the different practices to   Handouts,
                            establish low-requiring landscape                                          chapters 8, 10
 2                          divide the residential landscape into parts, each with its own             Chapter 6
                            functions, elements, and considerations
 3                          list different enclosure and surfacing materials and determine             Chapters 11,
                            advantages and disadvantages of surfacing materials used in the            12
 4                          characterize and determine landscape uses of narrow-leaf                   Handouts,
                            evergreens, trees, shrubs, hedges, shrub borders, climbers, edging         chapters 7, 9
                            plants, ground covers, and flowering herbaceous plants
 5                          classify turfgrasses, determine quality of good grasses, prepare the       Chapters 21,
                            soil, establish a lawn from seeds, and care for the lawn with respect      22, 26
                            to mowing, irrigation, fertilization, weed control, patching, and
 6                          list advantages and disadvantages of bare-rooted, balled and               Handouts,
                            burlapped, and containerized woody plants. Plant these forms of            chapters 20, 25
                            woody plants. Prune young and mature trees, shrubs, hedges, shrub
                            borders, and ground covers
 7                          interpret drawings of the different phases of landscape design             Handouts,
                                                                                                       chapters 1, 2,
                                                                                                       3, 4, 5

                                                  Useful Resources

 1. Reid, G.W. 2002. Landscape Graphics. Watson-Guptill Publications, USA.
 2. Dirr, M.A. 1990. Manual of Woody Landscape Plants Their Identification, Ornamental Characteristics,
    Culture, Propagation and Uses. Fourth edition. Stipes Publishing Company, USA.

PP 424 Landscape Horticulture                              2
                                                  Course Content

 Week       Topics                                                                                 Chapter
 1          The objectives of residential landscaping                                             Handouts
 1,2        The outdoor room concept                                                              Chapter 6
 2,3        The principles of landscape design                                                    Chapter 8
 3          Analyzing the landscape site                                                          Chapter 4
 4          Enclosure Materials                                                                   Chapter 11
 4          Surfacing materials                                                                   Chapter 12
                                     FIRST EXAMINATION
 5          Plant selection                                                                       Chapter 7
 6, 7       Narrowleaf evergreens, trees, shrubs, groundcovers, vines                             Handouts
 8          Flowers                                                                               Chapter 9
 8          Selecting the proper grass                                                            Chapter 21
 9          Lawn construction                                                                     Chapter 22
 9, 10      Care of the lawn                                                                      Chapter 26
                                    SECOND EXAMINATION
 10, 11     Xeriscaping                                                                          Chapter 10
 11         Installing landscape plants                                                          Chapter 20
 12, 13     Maintaining landscape plants                                                     Handouts, chapter 25
 13, 14     The landscape process                                                                Chapter 5
 14         Using drawing instruments                                                            Chapter 1
 14         Lettering                                                                            Chapter 2
 15         Graphic materials and techniques                                                     Chapter 3
 15         Layering, tone, balance, shadows                                                     Handouts

                                               Material not required

 Topic                                                                                             Chapter

 Details on drawing instruments                                                                       1
 Details on lettering methods                                                                         2
 Details on graphic media                                                                             3
 Comparing sites and analyzing one site                                                               4
 Details on how landscape plants are sold and hardiness zones                                         7
 Material characteristics supportive of design principles                                             8
 Steps and ramps                                                                                      12
 Antitranspirants and problems of arid regions                                                        20
 Calibrating a spreader                                                                               22
 Nutrient analysis and ratio, details on mower types                                                  26

                                                  Additional Notes

 1.    Respecting office hours is appreciated unless they are inconvenient to you due to time conflict with lectures
       or laboratories. In that case, you are most welcome anytime.
 2.    No changes in examination dates. No makeup examinations except with official medical reports.
 3.    Any student trying to cheat is warned only once. Then, he/she is asked to hand in the exam and will be
       reported to the Head of the Department. The case will be treated according to the university regulations.
 4.    Graded exams will be given back to students and the questions will be answered and discussed with the
       students in class.
 5.    Enjoy the course.

PP 424 Landscape Horticulture                             3

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