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									                           Pastor’s Corner                                             “The Third Day” – Performed at Wright Auditorium
                                                                                                A Christian sequel to JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR
                   “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a                               called “The Third Day” will be performed in Wright
                  future!” As the words sink in and begin to resonate                           Auditorium, April 18, 7:30 PM, and April 19, 4:00
                  with our experiences, the truth emerges. As Romans                            PM.         This production, which celebrates the
                  3:23 reminds us, we have all sinned and fallen short                          Resurrection of Jesus and the coming of the Holy
                  of the glory of God! However, Christ died for us                              Spirit, is good for all ages. Admission is free. A love
                  while we were yet sinners. That indeed proves God’s         offering will be taken for the Wesley Foundation (the United Methodist
love toward us. Assuming you want to be, in the name of Jesus Christ          campus ministry at ECU). The cast of over 55 singers come from Salem
you are forgiven!                                                             UMC and other churches throughout the Greenville area, and students
                                                                              and staff from both ECU and Pitt Community College. All ECU parking
I can think of no better place to make a new beginning than Easter.           is open to the public both days. For more information call Rev. Scott
Easter was the time when many people came to be baptized. Easter is           Wilkinson at 916-6808.
still the time when confirmation usually occurs. Easter was also the time                           All About Our Children!
when those who had fallen away or denied Christ in times of great                 We have good news from the children’s front! We continue to have
persecution were restored to faith. God never gives up on you and me.         more and more children at each function. At our Easter Egg Hunt we are
God is always there reaching for us, seeking us, yearning for us.             anticipating 150 or more children! Kids 4 Jesus is prospering and we are
                                                                              introducing children’s church to our 8:45 AM service beginning Sunday
As Easter falls on April 12th, this month is suitably filled with wonderful   April 5th! We also offer a children’s moment at
opportunities for you to experience the joy of Easter. This year don’t just   each early service (Thanks Kathryn!).        We
get into Easter: Let Easter get into you! Take advantage of some or all       Need Your Help! We are constantly short of
of the opportunities that have been prayerfully designed to bring you         volunteers with all our children’s programs.
closer to God who has gone to such great lengths to demonstrate his love      This is your opportunity to meet this need in
for you. God’s gift of salvation is like any other gift: of no value to you   Jesus’ name. No experience is necessary. We just want you to know
unless you receive it and open it! How will you receive Easter this year?     Jesus and love children. To volunteer please see Kathryn Pacha.
                                                                                  Coming this Fall: A new ministry with children called BackPack
Our enjoyment of Easter is multiplied many fold as we share this gift         Pals. This will help feed hungry children at GR Whitfield. As the start
with others. Our Easter drama is an amazing opportunity to experience         up date draws near you will hear more about this joint venture between
and share God’s love. Literally, you will be part of the upper room as        Children’s ministry, Outreach and the United Methodist Women!
Jesus shares his Last Supper with his closest friends. If you invite your
unchurched friends, neighbors and co workers to come with you, we will                            We Have Full Color Brochures!
tell the story of Easter in a moving and powerful way. The same may be                               Marcie and I are inviting you to journey with us
said about performances of Third Day in which many of our best voices                                on a trip of a lifetime: A pilgrimage to the Holy
are raised in chorus to again tell the story of God’s amazing love.                                  Land. Unlike any other trip you will get to walk
                                                                                                     where Jesus walked, sail on the sea of Galilee,
Easter is also a time for service. God has given so much for us and to us.                           visit the spot where Jesus was born and you get to
What might we offer back to God? Children’s ministry is in need of                                   have all these experiences with fellow pilgrims,
volunteers every Sunday. The UMYF could use a hand on many                    many of whom you go to church and worship with regularly! We will
occasions. The Relay for Life is our opportunity to help end cancer. In       spend about 10 days in the Holy Land, worship often, read Scripture at
fact, every Sunday we have opportunities to share God’s good news,            the holy sites and open ourselves to receive something special from God.
experience his love and to share with others as a response to God.            The cost is a lot less than you think! While not cheap it is certainly a
                                                                              bargain: round trip air fare from Raleigh, deluxe (often 4 or 5 star) hotel
Whether or not you have a past, I know that you have a future! I look         accommodations, breakfasts and suppers and major attractions included
forward to serving, worshipping and sharing God’s love with you this          for just $2498. That is about $200/month over the course of a year. We
Easter! See you Sunday!!                                                      would love share more with you about this trip of a lifetime. Give me a
                                Grace to you and peace, Tom Newman            call or shoot me an e-mail (341-4639,
                     Can you believe its spring already!! And with the

                                                                                 Salem United Methodist
                                                                                 Non Profit Organization
                     arrival of spring comes Relay for Life and Rally

                                                                                 US Postage & Fee Paid
                     Day!! It will definitely be different this year as I will

                                                                                 Simpson, NC 27879
more than likely have no hair but it will still be a good time!! Mark your
calendars for the last Sunday in April to come to the church for lunch and
a head shave and then we will be off around 1:30 to enjoy an afternoon
in Rocky Mount!! Before we can go to Rocky Mount though we will pull

                                                                                 Permit #3
another all nighter at South Central for Relay for Life. We will have a
sign up sheet so you can all sign up for time slots to walk during the
night! Remember you can bring your guitars, footballs, games, and
anything else you would like to bring along. You might want to consider
bringing the following as well sleeping bag, pillow, and a blanket or two.
Parents can pick up the youth at 7:00am that Saturday morning, if you
would like them to stay later just be sure to let Matt know!

                   Join us for a Sunrise Celebration!
We will join our friends at Phillippi Missionary Baptist Church at
their church located at 120 W. Virginia Street, Simpson, NC for our
Sunrise service beginning at 7:00 am on Easter morning, April 12th.
This follows a tradition that we have with Phillippi. Every year at Easter
and Thanksgiving we have a combined service. One year we meet at
Phillippi where our church is in charge of the service, our choir does the
music and Pastor Tom will preach and then the following year Phillippi
returns the favor and we congregate together at our
church and Phillippi will be in charge of the service. We
will have a fellowship breakfast following the Sunrise
Service. Salem will hold its regular services at 9:00 am
& 11:00 am as well as Sunday school at 10:00 am. Make

                                                                                                                 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED
plans to join us for this time honored tradition of

                                                                                 Salem United Methodist Church
celebration and fellowship!

       What Really Happened on the Night He Was Betrayed?
                       This year we will continue our long tradition of
                       offering a Last Supper drama begun by Danny

                                                                                 Simpson, NC 27879
                                                                                 The Salem Spirit
                       Hardee. We are doing something new this year!
                       We are offering a drama that will be brand new to
                       us called “What Really Happened the Night He
Was Betrayed!” Come and be part of the Upper Room with Jesus and
                                                                                 P.O. Box 218

the disciples. Come and share first hand what the night may have been
like! Invite your friends and family, neighbors and co workers too!
Tickets are available for you to hand out as invitations. Performances
are planned for Palm Sunday weekend (April 4 & 5) and Maundy
Thursday (April 9) at 7 PM each night with FREE ADMISSION.
You are certain to receive a blessing!
               The Easter Bunny is coming to town....                             Relay for Life April 24TH – 25TH (South Central High School)
                   Salem will host its annual Community Wide Easter                                        The time is approaching! Everyone has
                   Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 4th, from 10-12pm.                                          been working hard toward our goal of
                   We have over 4,000 eggs that will be hidden! In                                         $10,000. So far we have raised $4,000.
                   addition to the egg hunt, we will have games, pictures                                  Matt is about to lose some hair! We have a
                   with the Easter Bunny, live animals, crafts, goodies,                                   little work to do before Pastor Tom will
                   and a whole lot more! Invite your family, friends,                                      have a new look from the pulpit (a shaven
and neighbors to join us in the fun. All children up to 5th grade are                                      face.) There are still a couple of the
welcome. If you would like to help with our Egg Hunt or donate candy                                       upcoming events in which you can
for our goodie bags, please contact Angie Bennett at 758-6842 or             participate. Don’t forget to order your personalized t-shirt that you can
Jennifer House at 329-2705.                                                  wear with pride the night of the event and anytime to show your support
                                                                             for American Cancer Society and Salem United Methodist Church. You
                   Make Room: The Intern is Coming!                          will not want to miss some of the best BBQ in the south- cooked by
It is about the time when Duke will reveal to us who our summer intern       Lyman Hardee. On April 18th we will be selling plates here at church
will be. Please begin praying today for this young person. Would you         for $6. That includes tea and dessert, what a deal!! Then of course- it is
like to house him or her for the 10 weeks of the internship?                 the night of the long waited for event. Many volunteers get involved in
We have yet to determine where he or she will call “home”                    the Relay due to personal encounters with cancer. Pat for her brother
while he or she is with us. Each year our interns give much                  Arnold, Sandy and her family because of Danny, Pastor Tom because of
to us. This is your opportunity to be part of shaping the life               his mother, Danny and Jill for their siblings, Laura, Evonne, Dawn and
and ministry of a Duke student while also receiving                          Polly because of their own experiences. Many of our church members
something beyond words from God. For more information                        honor and remember Karen, Miss Elizabeth and Mr. Worth, Brenda, and
or to volunteer, please see Pastor Tom.                                      so many more. Here are some ways you can help during the night of
                                                                             the event: we will need walkers on the track for the entire time,
                            April Pack Facts!                                volunteers to cook and serve, donations of items to serve (see sign up
                 Congratulations to our newest Bobcats: Aaron Grillo,        sheet on the bulletin board), volunteers to help set up and take down our
                 AJ Stoica, AshtonBlake Topping, Gabe Toriello, Jason        site, and of course prayers are always needed. Remember, on the Sunday
                 Pilkington, Nick Harris, Tim Harris, Tyler Brummitt         morning after the event (April 26) we will have a hair cutting
                 and Zach Lambert. Each was presented with their             ceremony after the worship service. Matt and Pastor Tom are not
                 Bobcat badges at our first family campout held last         worried- they think we will not meet our goal, let’s show them we can. If
                 month. This month we are looking forward to moving          you would like to participate in any way please see Pat Ouellette, Polly
into our new meeting room in The Hut. We appreciate all the hard work        Hardee, or Linda Smith.
that went into providing a terrific space for us to meet. The Pack is also                               Greeters Training
gearing up for the Pitt District Spring Camporee at Camp Bonner South        We would like to invite all persons that are interested in becoming a
near Blounts Creek, NC on April 17th-19th. This is an excellent              Sunday Morning Greeter at 8:45 or 11:00 church services to a special
opportunity for new Cub Scouts to join in the fun us as we participate in    training session on April 19th. We need additional
events such as Archery, BB Shooting, Map and Compass,                        greeters. If you are interested in being a greeter
Communications and a Raingutter Regatta. Scouts will earn respective         and you are unable to attend this meeting, please
belt loops for each event while learning to work together as a unit.         call Betty Wilson at 757-3426 or 714-3530.
Family’s are invited to camp both Friday and Saturday night or come out
for the day on Saturday. Please contact Charlie Davis, Mike Pilkington                                  Congratulations to SPRC Chair Kevin Mayo,
or Mike Hills for more information. As the weather warms we will be                                     his wife Melissa and big sister Allyson on the
adding new events, projects and outings to the calendar so stop by our                                  birth of their new baby boy weighing in at 9
bulletin board for the latest information and don’t forget to bring a                                   lbs. 12 ozs.! Spensor Glenn was born by
friend, neighbor or relative in grades 1-5 to our meetings every                                        caesarian on Wednesday, March 25th. After
Thursday night at 7pm.                                                                                  one tough day for Melissa, everyone is doing
                                                                             well! Especially great grandma Thelma!

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